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Bonus $250 Credit when You Apply for / Refer a Friend to a Home Loan Application @ Athena


Both the referrer and referree get $250 each with Athena home loans.

Description provided by Athena Rep:

Long Running deal. Athena customers can earn $250 for every mate they refer that settles with Athena. After they settle, you'll each get $250. This is paid into your Athena redraw accounts. Referral bonus is uncapped. Referrals must include the referral code in their Athena application. If your mate has multiple properties and submits applications for all properties at the same day with your unique referral code, you will both get $250 each for every settled loan.


Conditions for Referrers (Existing Athena Customers)

You must have at least one open settled Athena home loan to participate in the Ultimates Referral program and have your Refer-A-Mate code remain valid.

A $250 bonus payment will be paid to the referrer when the person they refer submits an Athena home loan application with their Refer-A-Mate code and becomes an Athena customer when their loan settles. An additional $250 bonus will be paid for each additional loan application submitted at the time of the referral, so if the person you refer is a new customer, submits 3 loan applications at the time of referral and these loans all settle, you'll each receive a $750 bonus payment.

Conditions for Referees (Your Mate)

Referees must be new customers that have not settled an Athena home loan before. A $250 bonus payment will be paid to the referee when they submit an Athena home loan application with a Refer-A-Mate code and become an Athena customer when their loan settles. An additional $250 bonus will be paid for each additional loan application submitted at the time of the referral, so if you are a new customer, submit 3 loan applications at the time of referral and these loans all settle, you and your referrer will each receive a $750 bonus payment.

Refer-A-Mate Codes

Payment of referral bonuses associated with Refer-A-Mate codes will only be paid on settlement of the referee's (your mate's) Athena home loan and satisfaction of qualifying criteria as detailed above.

Refer-A-Mate codes may be cancelled at any time after they are issued, at our sole discretion.

Mod Note: Athena Home Loan has been added to the Referral System.

Referral Links

Referral: random (124)

$250 Credit for both Referee and Referrer, credited after referee settles on a loan using the referral code. Referee must include the code in their Athena application form.

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  • +2 votes

    Referrals are allowed from my understanding? I just need a mod to add the referral section?


      No. Put your code in the database and cross your fingers.

      Of course, youre the only one in the database so..

      • +2 votes

        Yes, I was meaning there wasn't an entry for Athena referral codes prior to this post for the database.

        Thank you for clarifying.

    • I've added Athena Home Loan to the referral system.

      You may also request an addition to the Referral System here.


      user name checks out

  • +3 votes

    Can vouch for Athena. No fees and recently just dropped my rate due to their new rate structure. However I think there are lower rates around but in terms of service I'm pretty happy


      Their signup process is simple and good. But they are also turning to be like rest of the mob. Get a big loan book with low rates initially and stay put. There are better alternatives considering their current rates. But as they say “Love us and/or Leave us”, leaving them is also simple and easy with no fees which is a big tick.


        Agreed - Athena lost all their credibility when they moved to this new rate structure. The annoying aspect about it is that they're keeping to their double speak and still claiming they will pass through all rate cuts. I'm sure they will, but only if your LVR is good enough.

  • +2 votes

    I'm still young, but when/if it comes down to mortgage/home buying time I will most likely go with either Ubank or Athena. I like having a simple loan, no frills, low rates.

    • +1 vote

      I agree, personally I setup my repayments over the maximum term so the minimum repayments are low if in the future I need that but then pay extra every time because they have no limit or fees on extra repayments.

      I didn't find many other options that didn't have a limit or fees on extra repayments.


      Tic Toc is worth a look too, and the are an ADI.


        I went all the way with them and backed out last minute after reading reviews and Adelaide bank reviews. That was a few years ago though so it may have gotten better.

        • +1 vote

          The underlying bank infrastructure is still a horror show, but generally speaking most people would be putting expenses on a credit card while using an offset so it's not that much of a big deal.

  • +2 votes

    I refinanced with Athena from NAB and do not regret it. Refinance process was very easy (It was a straight forward re-finance though). They keep me up-to-date regularly. I was an early adopter so got an extra 0.10% off which they continue to honour. They have redraw but no offset so not for everyone but have a look if you are considering a refinance. I think they are hard to beat.

  • +1 vote

    still waiting for them to introduce an offset account. then they will be the best of the best in my books