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[SUBS, Prime] Knives Out, Bloodshot, Jumanji, Dolittle + More @ Prime Video


Seems like Amazon has added a few new movies, free with prime subscription. This includes:
Knives Out
Jumanji: The next level (2019)
Cats (I know it's crap)
21 Bridges
Charlie's angels

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their deals customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. are considered additions to subscription services. You can also block seeing deals from certain stores or users by hitting the hide button below. Discussion Thread

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  • free with prime subscription

    So it's not free then, is it.

    • +17 votes

      with a Prime subscription it is

      • +22 votes

        Lol paying for something and believing it's free, you really are the perfect kind of customer

      • Bloodshot was streaming on demand just a few months ago for over $20. Even if you signed up to Prime's trial, you'd watch it legit for free.

    • I agree with you on principle, but I also feel the same way about a number of deals posted on OzB for gift cards that you only have access to if you’re a member (i.e. health insurance). Yet those posts don’t seem to get the same reaction.

  • I thought prime generally add new movies overtime

  • This isn't a deal, it's just information about the latest films on Prime Video.

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    More movies on prime using vpn.movies in australia available for rent or purchase on their store while same movies free to watch on their other countries store.

    • It's like Australian Netflix vs overseas. Reminds me of staying over at a friend's place and they had a better video store.

    • I think you need international prime membership to get prime video access from another country?

      • I can sometimes get the overseas content to work via desktop, but it gives me a message saying "you are traveling so you can enjoy a limited library" or something, but the few US things I've wanted to watch have been available. No luck at all using smart dns on a tv or full VPN on phone, app just stays in Australia.

  • Dolittle at the box office more like.
    Also, I don't know that this is a bargain; although these are movies not released on any other service that some people may have otherwise paid for so I'm undecided.
    I throroughly enjoyed Knives Out, recommend.

  • Good post to mention in the Forums.
    Not for an actual bargain.

    • -2 votes

      You have a good argument to create a forum post about. Not to complain in the comments section on a deal that Ozbargain allows.

  • Not to be harsh mate, but this is like saying a new movie coming out on Netflicks is a deal…

    It's part of a paid service; Amazon Prime membership.

  • Streaming service adds movies. Ok.

  • In that case I have to post every movies from Netflix.

  • Don’t see how this is a bargain in any way.

  • +18 votes

    They add movies every month. No one created a deal when joker was added.

  • Mods won't remove post either.
    Unfair to OP who now cops all the negs.

    • +3 votes

      Hiding the "mistake" won't let future OPs learn. The feedback (good or bad) are helpful.

    • A neg is just someone’s opinion. Is there any downside to copping a neg?

    • Unfair to OP who now cops all the negs.

      Some people dont care about internet points

    • I'll survive :)

      • +2 votes

        OP, I noticed back in April you had comments on another SUBS post with this comment “Good movie, but is this really a deal? I wouldn't expect someone to post something that's new on Netflix or Stan or Prime that aren't available on other platforms and then call that a deal.”

        I see the votes on that post is very similar to this, except you have surpassed it on + and - 👍

        • I had a feeling someone would mention this. I only posted this because these are movies that are relatively new and not created by Prime themselves unlike the Disney deal. If I posted the Old Guard was released on Netflix for free then obviously I’d expect backlash, but these movies cost money on other platforms and I only subscribe to Prime for the shopping benefits, so the movies are a bonus in my view.

  • Can we add a new post for every new show or movie from any subscription service! Where do we stop with these posts! This is a great forum post and nothing more!

    • Looks like the majority of people disagree with you.
      Deal or no deal, I don't understand why people care. If you don't like it, skip the deal.

  • Well I was considering paying to rent Knives out, so having it added to Prime is quiet good for me

  • Thanks OP, wanted to watch Jumanji. Seems a bit harsh with all the negativity when OP is just following the rules.

  • Updates to streaming services shouldnt be posted… Otherwise we'd be spammed each week with netflix, stan, prime, disney+, hulu "deals"

  • It's funny how things added to prime video attract neg votes but not for prime gaming. And people can simply block seeing these post instead of complaining with neg vote.

  • Sorry not a bargain, its like posting netflix has added more content, free for subscribers, but i wont neg you for it.

  • OP missed the release of the latest 2nd season of The Boys which is worth a looksie
    - a series about a group of Super Heroes that is not the normal schmaltz but has an edge ~my2cents

    • Instead of a neg for the OP I'll just add a few TV shows to watch on Amazon prime. We need all the content we can get now.

      Star Trek Picard
      The Tick
      The Purge
      Good Omens
      Battlestar Galactica
      Tales from the loop

    • They didn't release the whole season 2.

      Amazon for whatever reason has reverted back to ancient broadcast TV type release schedules of an episode (or a few) per week.

  • Thanks for this, please disregard all the negs.

    • +9 votes

      Agree. I suspect most people pay for Prime for the shopping benefits rather than for Prime Video. This isn't like my Netflix subscription, where I go into the app every day to see what's new for myself. I barely look at what's on Prime Video, so personally, this post is helpful to me. So thank you OP.

  • +7 votes

    How come no one ever negs PS Plus freebie deal posts but this one is so hugely controversial? PS Plus is a subscription service. You get free games every month.

    • Has been explained on the site a bunch of times but basically the difference is:

      PS Plus / XBOX Gold monthly games must be claimed onto your account during that month and afterwards are yours to keep forever as long as you have an active subscription, you have a limited window to redeem them onto your account. They are an additional benefit of your subscription that is primarily paid to have access to online gameplay.

      Netflix / Stan / etc. additions are not "value adds" as they are the primary portion of the service you are paying for, you don't have a claim window and they are active for everyone subscribed to the service and will disappear once the rights have expired. (Although I pay for Amazon Prime mainly for the shipping as that has paid itself off very quickly and the Prime Video is just a bonus that I rarely use)

      • +3 votes

        Thanks. I think the main purpose of Prime are the free shipping/returns benefits so I am seeing this as a windfall benefit a lot like my PS Plus freebies. So for me at least anyway, they are similar in terms of being a side benefit rather than primary service that I paid for. I appreciate others might use these services differently.

        If the main difference seems to be that for PS Plus, you have to claim the games within a certain window, I get that. Not sure that it makes PS Plus freebie posts so much more worthy than this one.

      • This argument falls over when GamePass comes into it though.

      • One could argue that Prime content has to be "redeemed" (watched) as well, as Plus and Prime both have content accessible for a limited time.

        Both require a subscription to access so there's no difference.

  • You can pass on charlies angels was only able to stomach 2 mins of it

  • …what the?
    Let's make a post every time Netflix adds new content.

  • You can use the app JustWatch to get to know updates on streaming services Library. No deal!!

  • +3 votes

    Despite all the negs and the members reporting this deal, it stays up. Must not breach Ozbargain rules. Move on complainers

  • Yes, it’s probably not a deal.

    But this service is way better than Netflix in Australia regarding movies.

  • bargain /ˈbɑːɡɪn/: a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.
    "those eneloops were a real bargain"

    Considering the addition of ho-hum movies to a movie subscription service is what I'd expect… I'm siding with the no-bargain camp.

    • A movie I can literally watch for free now, instead of renting or buying, only brought to my attention because of this post. Didn't know my prime subscription even covered this.


      • If the post was a reminder that your Amazon Prime subscription included access to streaming movies, then that's probably OK once every 6 months, but in context, the OP is highlighting the fact that 7 movies were added to Prime which sets an annoying precedent - one which means any movies added to any streaming service warrant a post as they potentially save people from otherwise renting/buying it had the new additions not explicitly been brought to their attention.

  • As someone who actually wonders if Prime Video has any worth after watching the few things I could find I both:
    a) find this post helpful information but also
    b) not in the right section of the website (although I never really check the forums much)

    Thank you for posting OP, but I feel to positively vote the deal would be to incentivise these types of deals getting posted from everywhere.

    • Interesting you say that about forums - my behaviour is alike.

      Maybe OzB Admins/SiteOwner/Mods can look into this type of postings, as the “rules” (and those wanting to help enforcement) in OzB maybe no longer suit. see OzB was established 2006, such services didn’t exist back then.

  • The deal is wait for it……. legendary…. At least that's what OP (NEIL PATRICK HARRIS) wants us to believe.

  • +3 votes

    Great! Make ozbargain great again. Soon FTA summer blockbuster movies and tv schedules will be out soon. hope someone highlights that soon

  • Only took them 3 months to add something new.

  • Can we start posting everytime something's new on Stan/Hulu/Disney+/Spotify too? Game subscription deals as they are limited to the month..

  • This post has been helpful. Thank you.

  • +6 votes

    I have Prime and even I don't want to see this on the front page. Sorry OP, I think this is just more suited for forums. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to make a dedicated thread on the forums for all new Prime/Netflix/Stan/… releases?

    • +2 votes

      Exactly! I get it if it's a discount to the sub or a limited time offer but this isn't whirlpool and at best this should be moved to the forums.

  • There should be a dedicated section for subs in the forums rather than filling up the front page..

  • Not a deal. Just BAU.

  • Yay bloodshot. Thanks op

    Knives out is an enjoyable movie.
    "My House, My rules, My Coffee" lol

  • This is equivalent to spam – why not publish each new movie Netflix adds too?

    And adding "SUBS" to the front page customisation settings doesn't stop me from seeing it in my Twitter notifications, which is how I primarily browse OzBargain.

  • The Boys season 2 started yesterday, at this rate we should have a post for that as well

  • Post new Spotify content too?