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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB $1,154 (Save $495) / 512GB $1,329 (Save $570) @ Samsung Education


For a limited time, you can save 30% off the Galaxy S20+ 5G*.

Also stack with $50 newsletter subscription voucher. If you haven't receive the voucher within 12 to 24 hours contact their support for the code.

Price after $50 voucher
128GB $1,104
512GB $1,279

Offer ends 22 September 2020 and is whilst stocks last

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    Stack with $50 newsletter subscription voucher.

    • thanks will update the description

    • I have also heard there is this trick where you order then cancel after an hour and they send a $100 voucher. Not sure if that's a thing in Australia. Anyone got any experience with this?

      • I have a friend in the USA that did this. It works for the USA at least

      • I've cancelled two previous orders for various reasons and not received and additional voucher.

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    Confirmed it's appearing on the Govt EPP store as well.

    $50 voucher brings the S20+ 5G to $1104.30.

    • thanks will update the description

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      Can confirm it's appearing on NAB EPP store as well

  • Exynos and not Snapdragon then?

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      yes exynos

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        Never going to buy a premium phone with premium price tag with inferior processor

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          No more iphone for you.

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            @BewareOfThe Dog: It doesn't matter whether you buy the iPhone SE (budget model) or the iPhone 11 Pro Max (premium model), and it doesn't matter where in the world you purchase it - you always get the same A13 Bionic chip.

            Apple CPUs also consistently outperform the competition, including Samsung.

            • @ppascuzz: I think that's because apple owns the OS, the CPU, and the phone. There are only so many iPhones to optimise for.

              With Android there's millions of different devices.

              It's for these reasons why a MacBook with an Apple CPU will be very optimised.

              Google should somehow manufacture the CPU too, I know Apple uses TSMC.

              Google's pixel phones could be as optimised as iPhones in terms of performance lead, if they are successful. They are already quite optimised software wise as Google owns the OS.

              Then they will become independent of Snapdragon updates.

              • @adamiscoolization: It's more than optimisation. Apple CPUs are technically superior to any other phone processor on the market right now with much greater raw power (optimisations don't affect benchmarks). Optimisation is more related to energy efficiency and more efficient RAM usage than increasing a CPU's raw power.

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                  @Could Be Better: correct me if i'm wrong but how does one "optimise" a processor? The only "optimisation" going on is using a combination of high-power and low-power cores to drive efficiency, not raw performance. It is the software that is optimised maximise efficiency and battery life.

                  In terms of raw performance I think "optimisation" of the OS would be negligible to benchmark results (unless the OS is so bad that it's consuming so much of the available resources whilst the benchmark is being performed).

                  EDIT: apologies for any 'tone' I am genuinely open to learning here if my views are wrong.

                  • @wellzi: That was exactly my point. Optimising the OS (CPU can't be optimised but OS can be optimised for the CPU and other hardware) leads to energy efficiency and more efficient ram usage which can have an impact on overall performance but the capabilities of the CPU stays the same. That's why I said optimisations don't affect benchmarks.

                    • @Could Be Better: Sorry, I tagged you but I was supporting your notion! haha

                      My question was for Adamiscoolization.

                      There are a million different android devices, sure, but regardless of the processor it is still supposed to be "optimised" for the ARM instruction set. I still don't quite see how "optimisation" would beat raw performance tests.

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              @ppascuzz: Not true, the 865+ beats it. Even if it didn't though and the A13 truly was the most optimised processor, it's a good thing you can put all that power to use right? Just unlock your bootloader and… oh wait.

            • @ppascuzz: The consistency is frustrating for sure with Androids.. you can get everything and anything, even within brands.

              But it's worth noting that the Samsung range matches Apple, at least in the Snapdragon 865 range (the Samsung galaxy s20 range) vs A13, if not beats them entirely with the 865+.

              E.g., see:

              • @DingoBilly: A13 beats the SD865+ in almost all CPU tests. Antutu is not a reliable CPU benchmark since it takes consideration of many other components. In this case Geekbench would be a much more reliable reliable indicator as it tests only the capabilities of the CPU. A13 has much better single core performance and slightly better multi core performance.

            • @ppascuzz: I recall Apple having a “TSMC vs Samsung” chip difference issue back in the iPhone 6S days.
              Good thing they’ve moved on from that.

            • @ppascuzz: Agree. Own an iPhone XR and Samsung S8+

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          I concur. My S7 Edge struggled with the most basic tasks after only a couple of years.

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      Only Exynos is sold in Australia with the current S20 line up.

      However, it is rumoured the upcoming S20 FE (Fan Edition) will have the SD865 chip in the 5G variant here.


      • Thanks for the tip on that. I have been waiting for the price drop and probably would have pulled the trigger, but this Fan Edition sounds appealing. I've even been considering jumping the samsung ship and going Oppo just to get the snapdragon chipset…but I can wait just a bit longer til this one drops

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        Just wondering, do we know for sure if the FE will be released in Australia? Or will it need to be imported?

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          Just a rumour at this stage.

      • I sorta have my doubts it will come to australia. The article mentions there being both an exynos and SD variant.

        The FE also sorta looks like the equivalent of the s10 lite and note 10 lite? Which europe got, but Australia never did (probably because we're not important enough).

  • how much is that compared to the usual EPP price

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      the savings are literally in the title.

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        He is asking for the difference between the usual "EPP" price though.

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      Samsung S20+ 5G 128Gb: $1401 ($247 Off RRP)
      Samsung S20+ 5G 512GB: 1614 ($285 off RRP)

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    Anything for the note 20?

    Shame these have Exynos. I don't mind them being slower, but running hotter and shorter battery life really sucks

    • Might be tomorrow or some time in the next few weeks as the current Note 20 promotion ends after tonight.

      • I may pick up the Note 20 if there is a good discount. The news that the AMD chip upgrade won't occur till 2022 has me annoyed

  • Just a question, with the Newsletter subscription, does that need to be the uni email only or any other email. I have tried my uni email for subscription but never received any code in the email. Thanks in advance if someone can explain.

    • Checked spam folder? I've heard it goes straight to spam for some…

      • Not in Spam. I will try my regular email tonight

    • Any email

    • Had same issue with my uni email. Even sent them an email following it up and still haven't received the voucher I applied for 2 weeks ago.

      • +1

        Speak directly to the customer service chat online, they provided me with a Code and it's been months but the online email never followed up my email either even though another customer service told me to email them.

  • I've still got a S8+. Had some issues but still surviving. Isn't the Exynos completely gimped? People telling me not to buy and wait for next year.

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      If you are holding out this long just wait for next year.

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        Yeah cool. Also watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CUSe8kgIE8
        Exynos looks pretty bad

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          You'll likely have to hold out till 2022 for the AMD graphics upgrade

        • Wow… now I can't buy another Exynos, still running my S9+ and been holding off upgrading as still fast and responsive. :( sadface

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      I'm still on my s8+ too. It is starting to become sluggish here and there, and I'm just drooling at all the newer phones with 12gb of ram atm

      I think the s8 was the last year where exynos was ahead (by a fair bit too), it has been downhill since then with the gap constantly widening.

      What I don't quite understand is why other manufacturers never used the exynos chip, maybe if they did exynos might have more money to throw into their R&D. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if they weren't forced to use snapdragon in the US market

      • My S8+ still going ok - I recently replaced the battery. I can hold out

        • I'm not sure why, but once i start opening the ~3rd app things start slowing to a crawl. I gotta constantly close eveything. It would have been nice if we got android 10. Battery is at ~80% capacity after measuring it recently with a meter, so not too bad

        • How much did that cost you?

      • Just for context, my exynos s10e is as fast as my pixel 4xl Snapdragon. Both are way faster than my old note 8

      • Check out XDA Developres. Will need to root the phone but they have agressive memory management apps, and the rooted OS I put on my galaxy note 4 got it very snappy again.

    • +1

      S8+ owner here. I'm holding out for a decent successor and that doesn't include any Samsung with an inferior Exynos CPU.
      If OnePlus 8 Pro was available in Australia, I wouldn't think twice.

  • Is it still possible to signup to newsletter? I don't get the popup on the main page

    • Sometimes you have to stay on the site for a while, definitely u will get it. Other option is trying opening in a new window or different browser.

    • +1

      Open Chrome in Incognito, the voucher almost always pops up…

    • I would just go on chat and asked for the code. Worked for me and the person was very helpful.

    • Just type /sign-up after the first few main components of the store url.

  • -2

    Samsung is good in processing and shipping the order but their customer service is very poor specially at this covid time.
    I have returned my note 20 for some reason, and after around 20 days still struggling for refund. Return processing is very poor.

  • Anyone know once you receive the voucher, how long is it valid for?

    • +1

      I believe the voucher is valid till the end of the year. usually can take up to 48 hours to come through. Or sometimes it never comes but they still send you promo emails. I tried with 2 separate emails.

    • From voucher email T&Cs: "1. Discount off eligible purchases equal to or greater than $350 on the Samsung Online Store (shop.samsung.com/au) or selected Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program sites from 9.00am (AEST) on 27 July 2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 3rd January 2021 (unless withdrawn earlier)."

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    I wish they weren't running on 2 years old CPU gen. you're definitely not getting your money's worth on this.

  • +1

    Hopefully my cracked screen Pixel 2 can hang on to til some information about the 5 comes out. I'm on the fence about the S20 or the Pixel 5. Apparently the 4 is quite the dud so I'll just wait it out for a bit hopefully.

    • I think I was contemplating the Pixel 3 at the time and ended up purchasing the Note 9. It's still perfectly good, especially with expandable storage.

      I would look at some places around town that can service your Pixel 2, at least get a price estimate.

  • Why would they keep giving discounts to devalue their flagship phones? If it doesn't worth that much, just set a lower price to begin with.

    • -1

      Because we have to deal with the sh*tty exynose processor?

    • It's called price segmentation and it's how they get the maximum amount of money from the maximum amount of customers.

      • The strategy may work a few times, but in the long run it damages the brand, I guess many may thing that certain manufacturer makes over priced hardware that retain half of its value 2 months after release.

        • Yeah there's definitely other effects to pricing it this way. LG is a great example, where the resale of it's phones are non existent since the older models sell very cheap.

  • Why there are no S20 Snapdragon deals like it was for S10 last year? Due to Covid?

  • Yeah me too, Will only buy Snapdragon phones

  • Ah I so love working for a government owned corporation. All the ineptitude of government ownership, no .gov.au email address to sign up to Samsung EPP.

    • No (cheap) Samsung for you. :(

  • +1

    I got my S20+ for $790 and I'm loving it

  • A typical strategy before iPhone 12 releases. If Samsung is still screwing Australian customers with Exynos and single physical sim, I would not pick their phone.

  • i would skip this one

  • Is this deal only for people who have an edu.au email address?

  • i'm looking for a mid range phone about $600 ish. The A71 is also on sale with $50 voucher its about $550. Anyone have experience with this phone or have any other suggestions? Im currently on the Samsung galaxy s5 (I know its old lol) Thanks

    • +2

      The A71 is a much larger phone than the S5 so go for it if a bigger screen is what you're after. The lower end A series are also large phones.

      The Galaxy S10e or Pixel 4a will be closer in size to your old S5.

  • +5

    Exynos is not as bad as people think it is, its not the best but due to the several updates Samsung pushed through it has helped the phone

    • +5

      Exynos isn't bad. But Snapdragon is better. Shouldn't be selling an inferior product for the same premium price.

  • -1

    I would go with this Snapdragon for a little extra ($11)


    • why did this get negged?

      • Maybe it was the Samsung reps lol

  • This is dual sim right? So triple with esim?

    • No, dual sim, eSim + physical Sim.

      • I guess I have to get the snapdragon then.

        There are reports of poor camera on these ones. Dust and water inside.

  • Get this or keep using my S8+?

    • I will keep my S8+ until Pixel 5 comes out before I make a decision on my next phone.

  • Won't ever buy another Samsung in Australia until they bring Snapdragon. Even my Note10plus gets heavy scroll lag on ozbargain (not always but enough to be considered frequent). Also has a fun issue where when using Chrome it decided to just freeze and not respond, need to go to the switch app viewer to unfreeze it (to be fair this is probably chrome not the device itself). I do like it overall but def has some characterises of a non flagship device.

  • anyone in SE Vic that has access but doesnt want it able to do me a solid?
    happy to negotiate for their troubles (must be in 5km radius of 3172 though haha)