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[eBay Plus] Samsung 860 EVO SSDs - 1TB $164.32 ($135.32 after Cashback), 500GB $90.85 ($76.85 after Cashback) @ Futu Online eBay


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  • Please update with the Samsung promo link https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-upgrade-cashback/

    Just bought two days ago.

    Will Samsung consider this is a separate deal from last promo? Because of they limit 3 claiim per account.

  • I don't see Futu Online posted as a participating store in the Samsung link.

    • Please refer to this comment.

    • You'd want to be very sure they invoice under that K.S Computers ABN listed in the participating resellers list. Samsung won't pay the cashback if they use any of their other ABNs. Worth asking the question first IMO

      • they do - Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty Ltd T/A Futu_Online - on the invoice. Same logo on the invoice as their website.

      • Confirmed this with Samsung. Items from Shopping Express not eligible for cashback.

        Strange because on their eBay listing it is referring to the promo.

        To be safe, I've decided to return it (once it arrives), and ordered another one from Futu.

      • Refer to my posts here:

        Indeed the invoice name and ABN are different to the one listed in the Samsung T&Cs. I did ask and Futu Online eBay confirmed they are eligible even though their trading name and ABN is not listed. It is also listed in their eBay description.

        Just to add to all the confusion, I received my item today which was boxed in Shopping Express packaging!

        • How did you get the invoice?

          I ordered Thursday night and still only have the ebay confirmation and can't find it anywhere on the ebay site.

          • @ACHT: You'll have to message the seller to send you an invoice.

            • @RichardL: I did last week as soon as I ordered - you'd think with the cashback so prominently advertised they'd do this automatically…

          • @ACHT: Are you saying the invoice didn't arrive in the package with the drive ?

            If that's the case, you will need to contact the seller - but check the packaging carefully first, because that's where you should expect to find it !!

            • @Nom: That's right - literally just the drive plus an empty padded envelope.

              • @ACHT: Futu won't post the invoice, they will email you the invoice but most of the time gone into junk folder.

                Lately couldn't even receive it in junk, they have to attached the image in my eBay message.

                • @superforever: Just received an ebay message:

                  Thanks for your message. Tax invoice will be emailed to you in the next 2-3 business days

                  Please check your spam folder if you have not received it in your inbox

                  Sorry for the delays.

  • Pity I got one in between these last two cash backs, not on purpose but due to stock issues

  • How does this compare with the MX500/P1 from yesterday? Sorry haven't looked into SSDs much but am looking to buy one for an upcoming build.

    Hoping someone who's done their research can share their wisdom - thanks.


    • Don't think the MX500 is NVMe, comparable to the 860 evo (slightly slower)
      Crucial P1 is NVMe and has a small DRAM cache, significantly faster than the above 2 but is QLC memory
      Kingston A2000 uses TLC so should last a bit longer and is a bit faster again.
      I'd say the A2000 for $149 here is worth the little bit extra with noticeable boot speed and minorly faster across the rest of the board

  • I just bought one from ebay futu store. I am on the samsung page and I cant figure out how to do the redemption. I have a Samsung account too. Anyone?

  • Can this be used for an external PS4 HDD?

    • Yes, but you'll need an enclosure for it. Games running from the external SSD is faster than from the stock internal 5400 RPM HDD.

  • Can I install into my MacBook Pro 15” early 2011.?

  • Just built an UnRaid system over the weekend. Is there any advantages of having 2 SSDs as cache drives? Many thanks.

    • Redundancy incase one drive fails.

      • Would you go for that vs adding more storage to the drive?

        • It's upto you. I have a small 250GB SSD as a cache drive and I won't be terribly upset if it fails and I lose the data from it before the mover does its thing. If reliability is important and you plan to have lots of data on the cache drive, such as VMs and lots of docker appdata then it might be worth the redundancy

          I will probably upgrad ethe 250GB SSD to a larger one at some point, but I can live with it for now.

          • @ozb1986: Cheers, got a 250gb too. Will stick with that for now. Just been enjoying tinkering with the system during the trial.

            • @monchee: I just purchased the full version about a week ago after a 45-ish day trial. Pretty happy with it so far, had a lot of issues initially with stability but it turned out that this machine had faulty RAM for years but when it had Windows on it, it never showed any problems. Had some issues with my Windows 10 VM on it as well with stuttering but now that's resolved everything seems to be running very smoothly now.

  • Hi guys, any recommendations for 2.5' enclosure to fit this 860 evo? Thanks.

  • The new 870QVO is roughly the same price as the 860EVO.

    The EVO still has the longer warranty and higher TBW but it seems the QVO is incrementally faster read/write.

    Which is better value for a storage drive?

    • Longer warranty imo.

    • Evo is TLC Flash and has a higher write endurance. QVO is QLC Flash.

      Depends on the application. If OS Drive or write heavy workloads, go the Evo.

      If it is pure data storage with minimum writes, like games then go QVO.

  • Such a good price. Although I'll wait for 2TB drop

  • Does anyone know if this harddrive is good for booting operating systems?

  • Good deal, had some GC available, even cheaper.

  • Been holding out for one for a while, finally pulled the trigger. Thanks!

  • So glad I held off from getting it earlier :D

  • How is this one compare to Crucial MX500 1TB in terms of gaming performance?
    I am hoping to upgrade an Dell XPS17" that I bought in 2012… Thanks in advance!

    • No difference but the 860 evo from Samsung is more reliable, it has larger TBW (i.e. 600 TBW compared with 360 TBW for MX500 ).

      • Bought 1TB from shopping express. Hope I can get cashback. Thank you :)

        • I just chatted with Samsung, they are saying Shopping Express won't be eligible as they are not on the list.

          Even though they are the same company, usually Shopping Express is listed as a separate retailer on promotions they are eligible for.

          Now that there is another deal with PARTY21 / $10 cashback from Shopback, I am ordering another through Futu and going to return one I bought from Shopping Express.

    • However, MX500 get a 1.8m MTTF, while 860 evo get a 1.5m MTTF.
      If you aren't going to write 300TB in 5-10 years. MX500 may be a better one.

  • Is this the same company as pcbyte?

  • Everyone beware you can't stack $50 voucher from signing up to ebay plus with this deal. That caught me out. Best I could get was $86 from computer alliance.

  • great deal

  • Thanks for posting! I have been using this 1TB SSD since 2018 which was $259 from futu at the time, it's fast with no issues and a long warranty. I will purchase another one just to have as a clone backup.

  • Computer Alliance $166.50 before cash back 1TB EO 850