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MSI GeForce RTX2080Ti GAMING X Trio 11GB GDDR6 $1089 + Delivery @ PLE


Tempting but i think im going to hold off for the 3080. Ive seen many people buying second hand 2080ti for $900

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    Thanks bought 10.

    • go go go go help PLE clearing their stock shelf for the new 3000 series LOL

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      I honestly get up earlier out of bed in the mornings for the ozbargain comments.

      • you and me both

      • These comments had me in stitches

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    I'm really not sure how this is tempting at all in light of projected RTX 3000 series prices and performance.

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      I'm finding it tempting because of the concern around stock levels and how that will affect pricing in Australia.
      My 1060 doesn't run 1440p 144hz very well haha…

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        I doubt that there are any stock level problems. They want to shift the cards before Big Navi and the next gen consols come out. Far more comeptition out there than 2 years ago. And looks like mining is best on 3090.

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          Also its not like everyone actually has a budget around $1000 for a GPU, so it's not like there should be any FOMO. If we all spent that much we would all be referring to our 2080 Supers that we already bought with our huge GPU budget, not our 1060 etc.

        • I really hope you're correct.
          I'm lucky this wouldn't fit in my case otherwise I probably would have bought it haha.

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            @Jacobbby: Yep … people need to upgrade to 750W power supply. Maybe new connector cables (or a stupid adapter) and maybe even a new case. Are people willing to buy a 3080 + power supply and new case? But for this reason the 20series could hold up a bit better than we expect. When you are in the market for as new PC it's definitley a new 30series card. For upgrading a 20series is still a good option. Maybe even used.

            And they will make you want to believe there is a stock shortage. They want to sell as many as they can before the next cards and consoles come out!

            I actually will wait for the consoles and see what is the best value proposition. It's not a NEED right now … more a WANT. And with hardly any income this year because of these lockdowns I am anyhow a bit on a budget and might skip the whole purchase completely … it's not a NEED!

            • @mini_wombat: Yeah i'm waiting until Feb/march before making any decisions. I wanna see how everything plays out first. consoles have driven prices down in the apst, and who knows what AMD will pull out of their arses- probably won't have the same effect as their CPUs, but who knows really.

            • @mini_wombat: I thought we do not need to get new Power supply?
              The AIB cards use the same connector (Except the founder edition, which we will not get here in Australia) :/

              Its time for me to rest my 980.

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      This is an extremely unwise investment at this point in time.

      You could either:
      1. Wait for 3xxx series drop and buy a cheaper card that performs just as well for less money.
      2. Buy a second-hand 2080Ti when the early adopters start to sell off in order to upgrade.

      Every generation, towards the end, people talk about waiting to purchase but this really isn't a normal year for Nvidia. There is going to be a huge jump in power at a much cheaper price point this year and if you can wait, it will likely save you a lot of money.

      • Yeah if you can get a 3xxx series.

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    Even if $750 it isn't worth it

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      id buy at 750 could easily make money on them lol

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      True! just wait for cheaper & better 3000

      • yea im trying, problem i have is my current gpu is having issues so i really need one. Just hoping we get enough supply of the 3080 on release. Dont want to wait months.

    • i think im going to buy with that price, do you have it?

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    Posting 2xxx deals takes courage, good on ya OP

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      I will stand with OP πŸ’ͺ

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    Looking for a 2060 super for $300 hopefully they will dump them soon. I only do 1080 so don't care about 300x

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    Eagerly await the disappointment when people realise their not getting a 30 series card at launch or at RRP

  • Here for the β€œiT wOuLd bE TeMpTiNg aT 7o0” comments.

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      It would be

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      Here for the "Here for the β€œiT wOuLd bE TeMpTiNg aT 7o0” comments" comments

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    That's gonna be a no from me, boss

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    You're a brave soul OP wading into these waters.

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    with 300 bucks more and wait for one or two months, can get one rtx 3080

    • -1

      More likely $500

      • +1

        on first week would be…. then price could become reasonable

  • But of a plane crash of a deal.

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    Unlike the 2070 deals some posters have been trying to pass off, these at the very least are heavily discounted. So while I wouldn't partake in this 20 series lovefest myself, it doesn't deserve to be negged like other ones.

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    People should get the 3070 instead?

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      For $200 less and for better performance yes, they should.

  • Wow, already at $1090…
    I sold the exact same card about a week ago for $1200 on gumtree lol
    RIP to that dude

    • What card are you running now, integrated graphics until 3080 arrives?

      They say 3080 will be double the speed of 2080. But we don't yet know how much faster than 2080 Ti it will be.

      • Around 25-30% without RTX

  • Another day another 2080 post. A week before the 3080 is due to launch and everyone's rushing to dump their stock.

    PS no one is buying the 2080ti for $900 anymore. Prices on gumtree have come down. Pick one up for $800 now. $750 go pretty quickly.

  • +3

    And I love it how the OPs all start off by saying "I'm going to wait for the 3000 series"… but this is a great deal for the rest of you.

  • Huge gamble. On one hand you can base your findings on the recent benchmark leaks from independent tech reviewers, but these are binned cards and clock higher. Overclocks better than your average Ti. So there is a small window when that benchmark comparison comes out (in particular against 3080) against a top end 2080Ti overclocked. Hang on to your wallets…

  • Do people actually believe the pricing and performance differences given by Nvidia? Jensen himself quoted the "starting at prices", just like the 2060 ko had a great price that was never met.
    Plus the cherry picked performance numbers given by Nvidia. Sure every company does I am not picking on Nvidia but wait for some independent reviews before mortgage the house lol.
    Plus what ever AMD has up there sleeve obviously freaked Nvidia out enough to pull this stunt. Nvidia didn't lower prices because they care about there customer it's cause they had to.

  • Guess retailers have found the magic number <1100 seems to make these things disappear. Be interesting to see how peoples gambles pay off next week.

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