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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB (Cosmic Grey/Black) $1039.10 Delivered @ The Good Guys


Seems to be the new lowest price. Thanks to Dealbot for the heads up to the promo. Also don't forget to use your gift cards, though I think there might be a limit online. Looks like also Delivery only.

If you use Shopback you'll get 2.5% back therefore $1013.12 total. Thanks again to dealbot.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Don't forget 1.5% cashback via Cashrewards (category C)
    The voucher is listed on Cashrewards' site, so no reason it won't work as far as I can see

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    What are the options for buying the S10E these days? I want a small phone. It seems that it's unavailable at most places now? This is pretty much the best I could find….. https://auspost.com.au/shop/product/unlocked-samsung-galaxy-...

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      I can sell mine ;)

    • Refurbished phones will likely be the most common and easiest option.

      Get a Snapdragon one too while at it

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      Personally I wouldn't recommend buying an older Samsung since we're stuck with the exynos processor. I bought my s10e last year and its already showing signs of slowing down. If you'd like a small phone that'll last you a while, the new pixel 4a seems like a good choice.

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      I'm in the same boat, looked at the Auspost version but they only offer the exynose version have better deals on Snapdragon on Amazon and eBay (little more riskier) IMO

    • Why not buy newer Pixel 4a or iPhone se if you're looking for a small phone?

  • Thanks guys! I know it's not snapdragon but i pulled the triggered at the end.

    I also used RACT 4% gift card (twice), together with the 1.5% cash reward (which I have received confirmation that they have tracked it), I think I'm paying about ~$985 for this phone. Comparing that to about ~$1300 only 2 months ago, or ~$1100 on Samsung Edu portal, recently at JB and HN, I think this is a great price. Thanks Op for posting this.

    • Nice deal. Are you sure its $985 total. What value gift cards did you use?

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        I think it is. I used 2 $500 The Good Guys gift vouchers I bought from the RACT Gift Card Portal (you need to be a member to buy them). Here's the link: https://www.racq.com.au/membership/what-you-get/discounts/ho...

        They are currently 4% off, and I paid for 2 x $500. So that's $40 off.

        I then got an confirmation email from CashReward that i got $14.09 back. I should have gone with Shopback, but I only noticed that comment after I have made my purchase.

        I then on top paid $39.1.

        So all in all. I paid $480 + $480 + $39.1 - $14.09 = $985.01

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          are you sure gift card or part of gift card payment would be eligible for cashback? also, Suncorp should have 5% discounted gidt cards

          • @webtherapist: Well. I already received the email from Cash Reward saying that I will get $14.01. Weird thou that they are paying me 1.5% on $939.64. I don't know where they got the $939.64 from but at least there will be $14.01 in my Cash Reward account soon.

            • @MonkeyRum: It will be deemed invalid later as you have used the gift card.
              Also, I think they calculate the amount excluding Gst.
              Thats why you got 939.64.

              • @fantoo: Really .. I have never thought of that. Thanks. So that takes me back up to $999.02 … LOL.

        • do you need a racq acount? could you make one for free

      • Looks like there are 5% off e-gift cards for TGG from Suncorp Rewards if you're an AAMI insurance (or another Suncorp brand) member.

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    curious to know how many people who own a 5g phone are actually using 5g service?

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      I keep a phone for about 3 years and my cycle had me upgrade this year. I picked up a 5G phone on the assumption that the 5G rollout will likely expand within the next three years.

      Granted, this decision was made pre-pandemic, but I have no regrets.

      • that makes sense, I just hope they make 5g available for Prepaid users also

  • Anyone else thing Samsung is worried about the Pixel 5 coming out so is trying to sell as many as possible before then?

    • Pixel 5 does not have flagship CPU and 120Hz screen. Would say it is a mid tier one but probably at a similar price compared S20+ 5G at the moment.

      • True. I just see all the rumours about Pixel 5… and Samsung is now discounting all their phones.

        Or maybe they are trying to lock people into contracts/new purchases before iPhone 12 comes out.

  • Samsung increases the price significantly which stops people from buying it. Then they decide to clear the overstock by slashing the price before iphone 12 comes. Finally, everyone expects the huge price drop and won't pull the trigger until it happens.

    • I just companies like Optus incorporate the price drop.

      • What? Your keyboard at some words.

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    have a feeling iPhone 12 5.4" would be $1099 for 64GB

  • just got it. thx so much for the post!

  • This, or a Reno 10x zoom or Reno 5G for half the price… or wait until September 30 for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G launch… its great to have choice but its doing my head in.

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      This! Use a gift cards to bring the price down further. Samsung has increased software support with 3 years of OS updates. Oppo's track-record for OS updates is poor.