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[Preorder] PlayStation 5 (Disk) $749, (Digital) $599 & Get $50 Cashback with Zip Pay Payment @ Amazon AU


PS5 is now available to pre order from Amazon.

Also available is a $50 cashback using zip pay and $30 amazon credit with ps5 preorder
Details on cashback can be found here

Edit: Digital version is not yet listed for sale.
Edit: PS5 Sold Out. PS5 Digital Edition now available

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      Anyone received their credit yet?

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        hasn't been 14 days yet

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          'within' 14 business days. Doesn't mean they'll wait until the last minute.

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    Ordered a PS5 disc edition on 17/09 via Amazon and still hasn't even been shipped, located in Melbourne. Super dissapointed.

    Managed to get 10% off + $80 in credits. Still pissed off.

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      same here, shipped from WA. Finally proceed today in Sydney.

      Discount as below:
      $749-$30 (Prime) -$50(Zipay) -$20(12/11 18:40) - $15(12/11 18:56) - $40 - $10(25/11)

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    do we need to contact Zip?

    • I wouldn't worry just yet. Wait till 14 days after you got your ps5 delivered.

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        rang Zip..14 business days apparantly…

  • been 14 days and still no cash back..

    • 14 "business" days

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    Mine was sent out and charged on the 11th of November, received on the 13th November. Received the $30 Amazon credit but 14 days later still waiting on the $50 Zip cashback. I'm guessing most of us will have to chase it up with Amazon.

  • Anyone received their Zip credit yet?

    I received $50 yesterday, but I'm pretty sure it was for a different Amazon purchase I made on Black Friday - received same day as Zip was charged. This is actually the same experience I had in the past with Amazon + Zip, so it's a bit unusual that the credit hasn't arrived yet.

    Whilst logged into my account, I contacted support from Zip's Customer Care page and they responded with:

    We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us.
    It looks as though the email address you've sent this from is not linked to any Zip accounts or applications

    What!? I'm logged into my account. I can see the conversation still whilst logged into my account. I followed up saying just that and now they want me to call them. Think they're trying to give me the run around.

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    scammeeeedddddd, no 50 cashback, whats going on?

    • 14 business days right?

      • Today is the 14th business day for the majority.

        • after 14 business day…so hopefully tomm the credit will be there…already rang em up n escalated

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            @Aemit: ‘Within’ 14 business days not ‘after’ 14 business days. Regardless, a rep has already commented below that they’re being processed now :)

            Edit: just got mine! Woo!

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    Hi all,

    We've received the list of PS5 transactions that have been processed so far and we're busy applying those credits now, you'll see your credit come through in the next 24 hours.


    • thanks for the update

    • Mine just appeared in my account. Cheers rep!

      • got it thanks

      • Still waiting for mine. Are you sure that wasn't from the Black Friday $50 Zip cashback that Amazon had running?

        • I am sure as I didn’t participate in the Black Friday cashback for the full $50 :)

        • already got $50 from black friday

        • Hi, could you please reach out to Zip support on [email protected] from the email address that is listed on your Zip account? They can look in to this for you.

    • Still haven't received mine yet as well.

      • Hi, could you please reach out to Zip support on [email protected] from the email address that is listed on your Zip account? They can look in to this for you.

        • Thanks for the reply. I have submitted a ticket yesterday to the above email and no reply so far still.

        • Hi Macleancherry,

          Just submitted a ticket as well could you help following it up please? #3096413


        • Actually already sorted, thanks!

        • Hello, I have sent an email too and I have had no response. Can you help me please? Ticket number is: 3091002.

          • @ozzibattler82: @macleancherry

            • @ozzibattler82: Hi all, thank you for providing me with the ticket numbers, I've escalated with our Customer Experience team.


              • @macleancherry: @macleancherry I first contacted Zip Pay in the morning of the 2 December. I am still yet to hear back from someone to solve this except for an email saying

                'we are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of customer contacts, and that's why we have not yet had the chance to respond to your question….'

                Has anyone else heard back from Zip? I can wait but just want to know what the usual response time is for Zip Pay.

        • Hi Macleancherry,

          My ticket # is 3103596


        • Hi @macleancherry can you please follow up my ticket 3096861. I received only a generic response advising I should receive the credit within 14 days.

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    Got my zip money, then paid off my account

    • paid off my account…now there is some credit i can use

      • ?? As is you are up $50? i just "paid" $50 less on the account to make it all zero

        • paid off yesterday so no fees…now need more sale

  • @macleancherry

    I’ve reached out via email and had no response



  • Hi Macleancherry,
    My ticket number is 3104476

  • @macleancherry

    Could you please follow up?
    My ticket number is 3097460.

  • Me too please @macleancherry =)



  • Please assist @macleancherry


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