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[eBay Plus] Galax NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 1-Click OC 6GB $296.10 Delivered @ Futu_online eBay


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Even though high end cards are falling with the release of the new 3000 series, I still think this is a great price for a GTX 1660 SUPER. Might be useful for those that only need a good mid-range GPU for their build. Lowest price around as of today I believe.


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  • People saying 'wait for 3000 series' you do realize non founder 3070's will be over $1,000…

    • Some might but most shouldn't.

      • in the best case they're gonna be triple this cards price for the minutes the stock lasts

        • The 30 series and this card aren’t even in the same range. Obviously the 30 series are going to be more expensive since they’re high end cards

          • @FireRunner: There'll be 30 series all the way down to a 3030, or at least whatever they choose to call a 130 sqmm chip. This line-up should scale that far, and yes, such a card would be around the level of the 2060 in raytraced work loads, but perhaps not quite as good in pure raster.

            Won't appear until next year, but it's an exciting leap for low-end graphics.

        • If you're prepared to wait there should be an Ampere replacement for this GPU in the coming months. The 3070 is only the cheapest card so far.

  • Will this, 16GB DDR4 and a Ryzen 5 3600 play CP2077 1080P 60Hz Medium-High settings?

  • Sold my 1660 (non super) last month for $290 lol

  • Is this suitable for running 2x 1080p monitors at 144ghz?

  • Wait for 5600xt to go cheaper or is this good for the price?

    • I don't think the 5600 is worth the extra money being asked atm

      • Definitely not now but do you think it might drop in near future ?

      • I’d wait for the 5600XT, I own the 1660 and the 5700XT and the latter is a very good performer .

        Additionally the utilities AMD gives you I find much more useful in terms of tuning the fan profile and performance. I don’t much care for GeForce experience by comparison it’s not as useful.

  • I've had my eye on this exact card for my build but I think I'll wait another month to see how low it can go.

  • I am building a pc for my friend, he mainly watches YouTube, will this card be sufficient to push YouTube to maximum potential or should I wait for something like 2060 super to drop a bit further?

    • Not sure if trolling but even intel's onboard graphics is enough for youtube playback at 4k.

      • nah he has a 9700kf, no onboard.
        I know that most cards will be good in youtube but he likes watching things in 1080p60 like toy unboxing etc
        So to be clear, this card is absolutely fine for this? I was thinking at least the 1660ti is better yeah?

        • He means that even onboard graphics can handle youtube playback, so a discrete GPU will be more than enough.
          So yes this should be more than fine.

        • 3070 is the cheapest card to support hardware accelerated AV1 decoding.
          100% overkill but if you are legit looking for cutting edge youtube and futureproof for that specific purpose, that is the cheapest card.

        • If it's purely for media playback (no gaming, no 3D rendering, no scientific simulation, no streaming, no recording), consider getting a much cheaper card such as a GT 1030 (~$120).

          Across all current formats, there should be no difference in quality for YouTube playback even at 4K 60fps between a GT 1030 and a GTX 1660 Super or GTX 1660 Ti.

          If you want to throw in some light-moderate gaming then a 1650 Super or 1660 Super (such as this one) might make more sense.

          • @MHLoppy: For that task, even this would do it for $49 (credit to past deal post but can't find it now)

            • @TheLurker: The GT 710 doesn't hardware-decode HEVC or VP9. High quality YouTube videos already use VP9, so I wouldn't recommend the 710 if the specialised use case is "high quality youtube videos".

              Although I suppose you could just CPU-decode it. It's not like it won't actually play, it'll just hog CPU.

              • @MHLoppy: Good tip, though I'm surprised it doesn't include VP9. I'm guessing YouTube would be fullscreen so CPU work may be acceptable. Up to moez54 to decide; assuming not trolling

    • Thanks for the giggle.

    • For anybody actually wondering about this: neither the 16 or 20 series supports AV1 decoding, so that's probably something to consider for a PC build going forward.

      There'll be a 3030 card most likely, which will be an interesting proposition for small and cheap builds.

  • Bought this from Shopping Express for $363 inc shipping. Any idea if they will accept change of mind returns?

    Savings of whopping $60+.

  • hello,
    I know we are talking of a different range of products, but do you believe it's worth the extra 100$ with that card? https://www.mwave.com.au/product/sapphire-radeon-rx-570-puls...

    (I'm interested only to play World of warcraft, counter strike and some old shits like that, but if you believe there is a huge gap between those products, well I can get the 1660s)

    • I would spend the extra $15 and get the RX580 for $224 delivered from Computer Alliance on eBay if you’re seriously thinking about the RX570. If you can up the budget some more for this gtx1660 super, I would do that, especially ur gonna be running 1440p resolution.

      • oh that sounds a sweet deal! Im not into serious gaming at all, I've been playing the same stuff for a decade with a 1080p monitor, but 15$ is doable, thanks Mingles :)

        • furthering that I would recommend a 2nd hand GTX 970, similar performance to a RX 580 but you can get them for around $150 from Gumtree or whatnot. Otherwise if you want new that RX 580 is ideal.

    • edit: actually nevermind

    • I just upgraded from the 570 to 1660S, as the other guy said the 580 for $224 will be the best per dollar, but that Turing card should do you well for longer if you can do the $296, eBay has AfterPay btw.

  • Might return the 1650 Super I got for $209

  • Every time I see a GPU deal now I check for Price drop protection for my 2070 S 🤣

  • Is this a reasonable upgrade over a rx470 8gb? Using it for casual gaming at 1600p (predominantly epic free games).

    • I went from the RX570-4GB to GTX1660-Super-6GB and it was a nice +50% boost, at 1080p/75Hz I am not getting full use of it.
      At this price it is about equal performance per dollar over my 570 which was 199.

  • How is this compare to GTX 1070 8GB?

  • Could this be combined with the below deal for an additional $20 off?

  • If anyone has purchashed or received their card, could you please let me know if it comes with an 8pin adapter. Thanks