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Ozito 2400W 3 in 1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher $19 @ Bunnings (in Store Only, Limited Stock)


$16 price drop from the previous deal.

The Ozito Blower Vacuum BLV-2401 provides a complete solution to your garden maintenance needs with the 3 in 1 blower, vacuum and mulching functions.

It is ideal for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks and footpaths. The variable speed ensures greater control when blowing different material.

~* Price changed to $19. Thanks jj1~

~Back to $29.~

Back to $19 now.

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    Damn, already claimed price protection when it was $35 :(

    • +2

      Assuming you're talking about 28 degrees? You can submit multiple claims. You just have to tick the box that you've already made a claim and they will work out the difference

      • Yes, I’m with 28 degree.
        There is a $10 min price drop requirement though.
        Unless they meant agaisnt the original price and not between claims?

        • +16

          Can confirm it's against original price, not last claim.

          I may or may not have once claimed a $1 reduction literally the day after submitting a $20 one for the same item…

          • +17

            @Shekster: If that doesn’t earn you an Ozbargain badge I don’t know what will.

            • -2

              @zonra: You may or may not be able to calculate his hourly worth from that figure…

        • There is no minimum drop value for price protection.

          Merchandise protection has a minimum $10 item value.

    • That's nothing to worry about, I'm fairly sure this thing was like $69 or $99 when i bought mine!!

      • +5

        I think “normal” is $49
        Blower is ok for a combo apparatus.
        Won’t help if you’ve got large leaves (umbrella tree in my case)
        I ended up buying an ozito mower on gumtree for $20
        Blow leaves into pile, mow pile, empty catcher into compost bin.
        Much more efficient

        • Just to add, the muncher part kept choking and after a year of clearing it with my arm or a stick it stopped munching anything. I don’t think it and I were ever meant to be.

    • Hi
      Can you advise how you did that? I bought mine for 49$ around two months ago! Can I still claim it?

  • will these sufficiently blow leaves and 10c sized tree pellets that fall on the ground. Seems a lot of previous negative feedback. Its seems reasonable for $29 but is it enough?

    • +1

      Yes and yes and will eat up kilos of possum shit too. If sucking up eucalyptus leaves will act as eucalyptus air freshener too + makes good dirt piles of everything it grinds up.
      I had an old GMC 1 which was dealing apart that 1 of these replaced, almost identical apart from the voltage regulator they installed for variable speed in comparison. Same body mould just different branding and colour nothing's changed in 10years it looks like. If it blow up return for new if still in warranty.

      • +1

        IS this good for cleaning out the PC?

    • +10

      I had this model for about 3 years, no issues with the blowing capability at all. I only used it 2 times in 3 years and it stay on the shelf all the time. Because it is a cored blower, I will have to prepare 15m extension lead before using it and put the lead back after a 3mins use, spending more time than using a broom, so I just use a broom instead. Sold on gumtree as it absolutely useless to me. Now I got a cordless blower, slide the battery in, job done. Spent more money, but use it every week.

      • +2

        30 seconds to wind up an extension cord, 5 seconds to throw it out…
        It's not that hard!

        • +5

          Not hard, but tedious depending on the property. I have this and the ozito jet blower and there is no comparison as far as blowing leaves n crap goes. As a blower this is last option, but everyone has their own use cases.

        • +10

          Yeah, I have the opposite view on cordless. I do not understand the cordless tool obsession these days.
          I've ditched my cordless drill, cordless whipper snipper, cordless work lights, cordless blower etc, and loving the extra power and simplicity and better value for money of corded.

          • It's far more of a pain in the ar$e to make sure the batteries are charged and d!ck around with them and 25 other li-ion ones for everything else to make sure they don't die from sitting idle etc.
          • Then cordless ones go flat when you are 80% of the way through the job (a bit of work to do on a large block - cord still doesn't bother me though as I have outdoor points all around the house) - so you need spares and/or some exy matching set of tools with compatible batteries - $$s and extra charging hassle or a bunch of random chargers plugged in around the house, and problems as they get old.
          • Power cords are simple and the tools normally more powerful and no fuss and last a lot longer.
          • If the power socket is not available (e.g. out in a paddock, building site), my ideal idea of a cordless tool suite for working remotely is a bunch of good corded drills, saws etc and a nice quiet little generator to sit near when you want to work. But that's rare, I find power is sorted out most places you want to work

          This mulcher does make quite a lot of dust when mulching …its fairly good / powerful though. Previously I would use a proper respirator mask… but seems wrong with the masks being such a hotly needed COVID commodity right now so I've not been mulching with it.

          • +2

            @MrFrugalSpend: As far as gardening tools you are spot on. Except that having a cordless drill and a spare battery makes so much of a difference when getting something done imo.

          • @MrFrugalSpend: Battery tools might get there one day, but at the moment petrol is the way to go. Power + freedom.
            (But for things that don't need much power, like a screwdriver, cordless is king)

            I don't think a generator and extension lead is the same mobility I have in mind.

            • +1

              @SlickMick: There are good options nowadays for OPE.

              Ego makes a good line.

            • +2

              @SlickMick: na - not for me. especially not if it is two stroke - I'm up to whipper snipper number like 6+, I've ditched at least 3 petrols and 2 cordless - now I've got a powerful Ryobi corded line trimmer and it is ZERO fuss and more powerful than my father's Stihl that cost him 4 times as much. I can knock down really thick brushy weeds twice as fast and as I have 2x 25m HD power cords end to end, I can get all around my large block with ease. I switched the crappy bump feed out for heavy quick feed from a cartridge of pre-cut lengths too. It's great.

              Same with the blower - he's got that common stihl 2 stroke, bastard is a pain to start then dies when its cold. Loud enough to hear it 2 suburbs away, smells, doesn't do the mulching as well as blowing - and he's asking to borrow my Ozito (like this deal) that cost less than his petrol can!

              I've got a thing to wind up the cords neatly and quickly, it takes no more than (or less than) the time wasted fueling / mixing at the start of the petrol job.
              Way less time considering going to the servo and getting fuel / oil, not to mention needing to shower due to the stink of 2 stroke exhaust blowing on you, the noise, the extra vibration, the occasional burns when you touch the exhaust, and the periodic hassle when they need servicing cause the bastard won't start - I seriously have tried them all and the corded is sooo underrated people don't know what they are missing.

              I have no need for generator with my 50m of cord reach at home. The generator comment is a reference to the regular occurrence to have a genset at a building site for example where power hasn't been connected yet to power the site (and you can't leach off the neighbours). My point being, for 95%+ of the population (e.g. unless you are a farmer or something), power is always on hand for what you need these/most tools for and cords are no where near as much fuss as looking after batteries that always need charging and die after a few years etc.

  • +1

    I bought it yesterday! Could have saved some sweet $6

    • Return it! If unopened

      • +6

        Even if it is opened, don't worry buy another one and retun new one with old receipt.

        • +1

          nice thinking - true OzB that is

  • Wonder why the price drop? Aldi selling similar one soon?

    • To coincide with today’s Coles Best Buy catalogue.

      • +1

        Hey EmCKay,
        Do you have any idea why this model: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-brushless-jet-...
        Dropped by something like $100 and is everywhere?
        Did somebody over-order tenfold?

        • +1

          The system says that the item is on promotion status. That’s all I can tell you at this time.

        • You should post this. Fantastic bargain. Just bought one

          • @rdhupar: yes its already been posted

            • +2

              @King Tightarse: Just realised I had also upvoted it but didn't buy it thinking it's a clearance item in store. But ordered click and collect straight away today.

        • Could you please suggest a good battery pack to go with this one? 2amp enough or is the higher capacity ones required.

          Already bought the corded one at $35.

          • +1

            @pauper: When this was done as a kit, it came with 2 x 3aH batteries which seems about right.

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: Thank you.

              Got the skin and now will wait for a sale on the batteries ☺️

        • The manufacture date on these is 2017 (based on the one I got and some other comments).

          I assume they are dirt cheap to make, plastic shell and a brushless motor.

          So it's a bit of clever marketing really. Flog off some old stock, and since they take 2 batteries I'm guessing that they'll pick up a fair few sales from those that are enticed by the cheap blower but need to buy a second battery (or both and a charger)

          Of course once you're in on the PXC system there's a good chance you'll be buying more of their tools too.

      • A bit like the Heatbeads why do Bunnings need to bother matching Coles all owned by the same mob?

        (Not that I'm complaining!)

        • It is all for the customer’s benefit. Enjoy!

        • Coles has been a separately listed company for the last couple of years.

          It's not part of Wesfarmers anymore, unlike Bunnings, Kmart, Target, Officeworks etc.

    • +1
  • is this any good for drying car after a wash?

    • +4

      Sure, if you want to blow crap all over the car after it's just been washed….

    • Only use a blower that is never used for vacuuming or else it will scratch the paint by blasting out loose dust that is in the tube and bag.

  • Aww mine is waiting for me to pickup, ordered it when it was $35.

    • +10

      You are more than welcome to return and repurchase for the cheaper price. You can do it at the same time as picking it up.

      • I bought it yesterday for $29. Can i cancel the click and collect and how? Bought it as guest.

        • Absolutely. One way of doing it is to call the customer care line and give them your order number starting with W. The phone number is in your click and collect confirmation. You can also call the store that you ordered it from and ask them to cancel it or explain to them that you’d still like the machine for the cheaper price. The team member should be able to change the pricing for you before the invoice is printed. The refund or refund balance would be processed back to how you paid.
          Another way is to create another click and collect order and refund the other one when you pick it up.

      • I'm in VIC, shop is closed. How can i return it?

        • There is no time limit to return something with Bunnings. As long as you have your receipt then we will return it. I’ve had customers return things from years previous. If it’s still in the Bunnings system then it’s all good to be returned.

          • @EmCKay: Are you representative of Bunnings or giving advice to support us ? Just curious as I never see store reps from big shops here

            • +1

              @arsetight: It says Employee next to my name. That’s what I am. 6 years and counting.

  • wonder how it would go sucking leaves and dried debris out of the roof gutters. Blowing it out makes a large mess

    • +7

      Yeah should work fine if you don't die after getting tangled in the power cable and getting pulled off the roof by it as its a normal sized 1 not a mini sized version.
      May want to fashion some sort of funnel nozzle to get right in the gutters to speed things up…

  • +1

    Thanks OP - bought one.
    Was about to buy yesterday (was already added to cart) but then forgot about it :)

  • Got the last one left at Randwick NSW :). My 5 year old $44 one performed well for small dry leaf vacuuming on a pebble stone path many times per year. The plastic mulcher/fan has virtually no fins left.

  • I have a very dirty outdoor area with cement. It's filled with leaves, sand, stones, rocks. It can never be clean. Does this help?

    EDIT: I've been using a broom. I've also tried spraying water to get rid of the sand. Doesn't help much.

    • it should. I have a pebble back yard and pine trees. It was digusting. Never knew how to clean it without picking up all the pebbles. This blows most of the pine needles into a corner. Then I sweep it up.

  • wondering if i purchase one and it’s not strong enough, can i return it to bunnings?

    • +8

      Once it’s used, it’s used. We are unable to resell second hand goods. Please do your homework before purchasing to see if it will suit your needs.

  • I bought one. The wheeley thing was broken so I had to bring it back and wait in drive through click and collect to exchange.

    It's powerful enough to blow leaves, pine needles and most debris. Has different power settings which I like. Not quite powerful enough to move my 10cent sized pebbles easily. Cleaned out my garage good though.

    The blower tube is very long compared to other blower only model. Not sure if it is because it vacumns too.

    I havent tried vacumn option due to aforementioned pebbles.

    For $35, it's money well spent. For $29, it is even better.

    • Bah, click and collect not available for me, yet it's in the local store 5 mins away - except I can't get there this morning and I bet will be sold out by the this afternoon!

      • Give it a try. My bunnings had 72 in stock as of yesterday.

  • Cheers got one , have some leaves that need cleaning up

  • Bought one !!! Thanks OP

  • Will it suck up the dog poo off the lawn…

    • +1

      My dogs eat their own poo.

      • FYI, pretty sure that can be bad for them

        • Pretty sure it is. But they are both 14 and still alive… So can't be that bad

    • +2

      It might seem like a good idea at the time, but I think it make the bag stinky… 💩

  • +1

    I hate people who uses these blower. So bloody noisy, disturbing the peace…notice it more now that I work from home

    • +7

      Yes, annoying the neighbors is a side benefit of these

      • +2

        omg my neighbours have been annoying me all this time. Now its my turn, payback time!!!

    • Still better than a lot guys with SDS my neighbourhood who do nothing but drive their deliberately loud cars in the neighbourhood almost all day everyday, even past curfew hours.

    • Get an ANC headphone.

    • +1

      I have a blower, do you have a dog?
      Its amazing the number of people who allow their dogs to bark at neighbourhood disturbing frequency and volume and don’t seem to notice/care.
      Does my head in with working from home and in my area beats hands down the occasional noise from garden Vac’s.

  • +4

    Put mine on the front lawn hoping someone would take it. Still sitting there…

    • Share address. Ozbargain community can help :)

      • 3690 I will go see if it's still on the lawn this morning lol

        • haha some honest person put it at my front door overnight!
          My FIL puts stuff on his lawn in Bundoora and no matter what it is it's gone in under 5 mins.

  • Thanks op. Got one.

  • Looks like a great deal but it's electric. I would have bought one without hesitation if it's cordless.

    • +1

      Mate it would've been an obvious price error if it was cordless :P

    • Cordless runs on electric too

  • Oddly enough just borrowed this off a relative and just tried it out. The blow function is fantastic, but the vacuum is pretty weak. Very noisy. Well worth the price here.

  • lol $6 drop convinced me enough to order one as a backup after all … then spend an extra $30 on the jet blower too.
    Go figure … >_<

  • I have one of these units, bought in 2015. Does the job but the bag has started disintegrating. I only used it 3-4 days a year. Replacement bag costs $27.50!!!!!

    Time to make a decision! New Bag for $27.50? or New Blower Vac for $29.00?

  • You'll spend more than $30 on replacement bags lol

  • Had experience with Ozito years back, the product (battery hedge trimmer) lasted all of 15 minutes before the drive gears disintegrated, absolute crap!!!

  • +2

    Finally something that blows and is cheaper to maintain! ;-)
    Thanks op.

  • This is a good buy. Just checked my receipts. I bought one of these in a June 2019 for $49.
    Probably use it about once a week and it’s still going fine. Yes it’s noisy, wear ear muffs, you should have some of these anyway for use of the mower, power saw etc. Needing a cord is a hassle but if you don’t want to spend the $ on a petrol one getting a corded one is the only way to get enough power for a really strong blow. For a petrol one you also really need to spend a decent amount or in 12 months you will be fighting with it each time to get it started.

  • +1

    I need some advice on which one is better this deal or the link deal i’ve attached below. Which one is more powerful which one is less powerful? I don’t want the hassle of using a cord and pouring petrol all the time although i would consider it if you guys think the petrol one is better. I have no idea so which one is cordless and which one uses a cord and petrol? I want to use it for blowing leaves sand and grass clippings. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


    • Thanks for the link, i ordered the cordless one. .I got 2 4amp batteries.. My requirement is to keep the garage clean and blow away grass clippings.

    • The jet blower will move a lot more air at 810m³/h. This one doesn't even quote air volume, but I'm assuming it's the smaller tube at the bottom that is blowing, which means despite the higher air speed, it's not going to be able to move a lot of air through it.

      I have the jet blower and it shifts sand no worries, moves small rocks too though so depends where you want to use it.

      This one is corded, the jet blower is cordless but requires two batteries.

  • +2

    Bunnings website now shows it's $19.

    • +1

      Updated the price

  • Thanks OP. Just added to click and collect, checkout price is $19