Telstra Essential Smart PRO (4GX VoLTE) $79 (Save $50) @ Woolworths In-Store


My 4th Ozbargain Deal Post,.. Thankyou

Telstra Essential Smart PRO (4GX VoLTE) selling at Woolworths In-Store for $79 (Save $50)

Another 10% off using this posted Ozbargain bargain deal here requirement need too be on a Woolworths mobile plan

Budget 4G mobile phone at a reasonably discounted price, Telstra Website RRP is $129

Though locked to Telstra has few plus features like Face unlock, big 5.45 inch screen, 720p screen, Android Pie OS and most important with budget mobiles has reasonable 2GB RAM with 16GB storage expandable to 256GB

Also very important this 4G mobile has VoLTE so will carry on working with calls over 4G even if Telstra closes down it's 3G network (I think in 2023)

This phone has been on special before and $79 looks to be the cheapest deal so far

Most interesting feature is the CAT6 LTE (upto 300 Mbps download speeds) so great for a reasonably fast 4G LTE pocket WiFi data modem
Click here for more detailed specs from Telstra Website

EDIT: Actually this mobile is manufactured by ZTE
And is called the ZTE Blade A5 (2019 model),
Click here for more detailed specifications from ZTE official Australian website
Click here for official user guide manual

Few members have posted here (Thanks),..
THIS MOBILE CAN NOT BE UNLOCKED,. so can only be used with Telstra mobile and Boost mobile simcards

Noticed this at my local Woolies store, checked online
Only available in-store and at limited stores too,..
Click here to search your local Woolies store for stock availability

• VoLTE (4G Voice Calling)
• ViLTE (4G Video Calling) and better security, VoWiFi
• 5.45” crystal clear screen
• 18:9 HD+ (720p Resolution)
• Quad core MTK Quad Core 2.0GHz (MT6761)
• 2GB RAM, 16GB memory
• 8MP AF rear camera with flash
• 5MP front-facing camera + flash
• Photo multi-shot mode
• Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct®, USB and Bluetooth tethering
FM Radio, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, A-GPS, 3.5mm ear/mic jack, VPN
• Bluetooth 4.2 with stereo headset support
• Android P OS system
• Face Unlock
• Memory expandable to 256GB
• Weight 160 grams
• Colours Grey
• 2600mAh battery (user replaceable)
• Stand-By Time up to 17.5 days (4G)
• Enhanced RF with Telstra Blue Tick rating

Telstra Blue Tick phones offer better coverage in rural and regional areas

Click here for a list of various ZTE Telstra & Boost mobiles available

Enjoy 🤑🤪😃👍

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  • Cue mediatek and 2gb haters in 3,2,1….

  • Anyone know where the USB connector is on this model?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive phone that I can add a QI wireless charging receiver to, but the size and shape of the receivers means they are only suitable for phones with their USB socket on the top or bottom edge.

    I'm also assuming they can be unlocked, I'm currently using a Telstra mobile that I unlocked via an Ebay unlocking service.

    • Most mobiles have their port in the middle i have Optus Power or the Optus Spirit both unlocked for cheap

    • Since I'm awake dare I say I'm addicted too Ozbargain,..

      This mobile is actually manufactured by ZTE link here about details


      This mobile is called the ZTE Blade A5 (2019)
      Going by the above manual the micro USB connection is on the side, note:like my Note 4 which is designed for one too place a QI wireless receiver within the Note 4 as the Note 4 has special power pins internally (instead of using power of USB port) of phone, example link below
      Maybe you should find a budget mobile that has that same feature or I have a feeling you've already searched and isn't a feature with budget phones and the USB connection type QI wireless receiver is only possible on budget mobiles

      • I have a feeling you've already searched and isn't a feature with budget phones

        Spot on. I found that wireless charging doesn't exist unless the phone has NFC, and not always then. Even looking at phones sold into the Chinese market, I was unable to find a mobile with inbuilt wireless charging for less than AU$200. I also found that every phone with inbuilt wireless charging has a non-removable battery, which is a deal-breaker for me. I want to use the phone for 5+ years, which is at least one battery change.

        the Note 4 has special power pins internally

        I didn't know that. I did know the Galaxy S3 and S4 have internal pins, because I saw their receivers while I was searching:

        It frustrates me that it obviously costs less than $5 to add wireless charging to a phone, and nobody is doing that for low-end phones. So, like you said, I'm looking for a cheap phone, and I'll add the receiver pad myself via the USB port


        • Funny i have a wireless charger sitting on my bed side draw and hardly ever sit my Note 9 on it, as I ended buying a 2 metre usb-c cable of eBay (one with a 90 degree end at USB-C end for comfort when i hold my Note horizontally) as 2 reasons 1st I spend long hours on it before sleeping and 2nd while sleeping i have wired noise canceling in ear headphones connected too my Note 9 all night,.. so it needs too beside me and continously charged which is not possible with wireless charger, (but saying that,.. there is available or will be soon available wireless chargers that can charge meters away)

        • Actually found this micro usb wireless usb receiver on eBay this has a long, longer and flat thin (aka: neck) lead from the receiver too the micro usb connector, as in the past ive installed dual sim card holders with a similar long thin neck which one could fold.and bend drastically to a point without damaging the neck lead,..
          eBay link too Micro USB A & B reciever

          So try too picture folding the neck at 90 degrees at one point (creating an upside "L" of the neck so then the usb connector now points towards the mobiles usb connector actually at the right height too side of mobile, also since the back cover of this mobile is plastic (like my Note 4) and big enough for room easily fit receiver (5 incher) don't see why you just can't place the receiver behind the back cover and might be enough room so you dont need too drastically make the fold/bend, you might just need too cut a fine cut out (width of neck) of the back cover so the back cover will clip snap and close neatly

          Note: there is a Micro USB A and Micro USB B being sold on this eBay sale,.. there the same receiver but the Micro USB is at 180 degrees from the other looks like the receiver needs too face one certain way/direction

          Dare i say jump too your local Telstra store too check out the mobile too see what you can play with, though i doubt they display budget mobiles

          Edit: looking at the picture of reciever again I think best find one with a longer neck

          Have a look at all pictures of this eBay posting the coil is literally at the end/bottom of the reciever and the rest might be empty space, so you can pretty much cut into plastic reciever I reckon too give you more length of the neck, costs $6.15 anyway lolz

          • @Italkdigital: Thinking about your post, I had a look again, and these ones from Fasttech have the "cable" offset to one side (note prices are in USD):

            So they may be more suitable for your "folding" idea. However the "cable" appears to be flex-circuit PCB, and that could cause problems. Usually flex circuit has a thick plastic layer, with copper tracks on both sides, and a thin plastic insulating layer over the tracks. For simple purposes like this, it is probably thick plastic layer, tracks, thin plastic layer.

            Copper tracks don't stretch well, so if you fold the flex circuit in the way that stretches the tracks, you have a fair chance of breaking the tracks. If you fold it so the tracks get squished, probably all good.

            With your idea of putting the QI receiver inside the case of your phone, it depends how much space is available and how thick the receiver is. I just tried on my old phone with some bits of cardboard, and one layer of thin cardboard is okay, but with two layers (about 1mm thickness) I can't get the case to close.

            • @Russ: True youll need few mm thickness gap too play with the more the merrier as reduces damaging the neck when folding

              Though if by chance you damage the neck, USB wiring is actually very simple consisting of 4 wires, wiring diagram here, one could possibly wire the wireless coil receiver directly within the mobile (if one could be bothered) as one might need too pull the phone apart further and wire it in parallel directly within the phone probably too the back of the existing phone female micro USB port and even do away with the thick film neck and wire directly too the coil

              Great finds you found @ fasttech website I love Ozbargain as these finds like yours are bookmarked for life for me too come back too on Ozbargain

              I'm tossing between this Telstra Essential Smart PRO now here @ $79 and the Optus X Power 2 @ $39 here, im more favoured too the Telstra one as has Cat 6 LTE modem over the Optus Cat 4 LTE modem (note: I've come across reviews on the Telstra one having great reception with fast 4G speeds through tin sheds (as Cat 6 LTE technology usually uses LTE aggregation and MIMO antenna setup), also the Telstra one is a lot cheaper too unlock by a mile costing few dollars, other specs are pretty much the same with similar 4G bands, wish this Telstra one was under $50 again thanks too your great find now something for me too tinker with 👍

    • Overall not a bad budget mobile important it has VoLTE & 4GX, I've posted more info in my description
      Click here for more detailed specifications from ZTE
      Click here for official user guide manual**

  • What's the cheapest way to unlock it for other networks?
    Also, anyone knows, whether this works for Jio network of India?

    • Hi satyag, happy to help you with a few details. As per ZTE's official website, this phone has the 4G bands:
      B1, B3, B7, B8, B28, which is common for Budget Phones made/sold in Australia

      B3 is primarily used for 4G coverage in India, so the phone should work, as such, on 4G networks.
      However, Jio, in India heavily relies on B5, B40 based on the circle you intend it to use. Hence, it is advisable you take a phone with B5 and B40 if for use in India.

      Band 5 (850MHz) will be used by Reliance Jio and Reliance Communications in ten circles. If you're interested in purchasing a handset to access 4G connectivity, make sure the phone supports Bands 3, 5, and 40.

      ZTE Specifications Source:

    • Placed link in description someone on eBay does cheap unlocks for ~$1.13

      Thanks to djoz search, If you need Band 5 (850MHz) for Jio Network in India and your after a budget mobile best get a locked Vodafone mobile reason why Band 5 (850MHz) is missing is Telstra/Optus both dont use this 4G frequency for there network while Vodafone does

      Edit: whoops you also require Band 40 which Vodafone doesn't use for there network, saying all above some locked mobiles support all Australian frequencies matter of finding one that does

      Band 1 (2100MHz), Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
      Band 3 (1800MHz), Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
      Band 5 (850MHz), Vodafone
      Band 7 (2600MHz), Telstra, Optus
      Band 8 (900MHz), Telstra,
      Band 28 (700MHz), Telstra, Optus
      Band 40 (TDD: 2300MHz), Optus

      • I purchased from that eBay seller you listed and they couldn't unlock. I'll have to find another seller, but it's not looking promising.

  • +2 votes

    According to PriceHipster, Woolies have been selling it for this price for ages. Was $129 for a few weeks in Jan-Feb, but since then (and before then) it was $79.Is still cheaper than other stores seem to be selling it for.

    Link to reviews by owners (2.5/5):

    Link to review by Finder (I particularly like the comment "It would only go fast if you dropped it off a cliff"):

    • Link to review by Finder (I particularly like the comment "It would only go fast if you dropped it off a cliff"):

      Some say the harder you throw it the faster it goes.

      • can I place that in my description lolz,

        Interesting way too test which budeget mobile is faster,.. drop a few budget mobiles off a cliff see which gets too the bottom faster 😃👍

        PS: wondering how are you format quoting someone's post as format help below is very basic, wouldn't have a info web link too Ozbargain list of formats

        • PS: wondering how are you format quoting someone's post as format help below is very basic, wouldn't have a info web link too Ozbargain list of formats

          Greater than sign then what ever you want in the block quote. I copy paste just the bit I need.

          Note. If you have a paragraph you need another greater than sign at the start of each paragraph.

    • Wrong phone. This is the pro, not the plus.

  • User replaceable battery. Me like

  • +1 just for the effort

  • How's this for a dedicated 4g LTE modem?

    I assume you can't hotspot a 5ghz wifi signal and electricity usage would be a lot higher than an actual 4g only modem?

    • Best bet would usb to a Asus or similar router, I do that currently.
      New android might include Ethernet tether but doubt this phone will get that update

    • I doubt it be much higher power consumption then a dedicated portable 4G mobile modem/router or could be less or pretty much the same

      And between a dedicated home say NBN/Adsl/4G modem the latter would use more, have a look at how far the WiFi extends on your home WiFi modem over your mobile WiFi hotspot, takes power too extend that far

      Saying all above im sure power consumption is close well costs difference would certainly be fractions of a cent, you can roughly figure out which uses more by there source 240v wall socket powersupply which usually outputs between 5V to 12V DC usually at 1 to 2 amps, ok our high end mobiles have quick charge and have higher rated amps powersupplies though once mobile is quick charged, there then only using a trickle of power to stay charged at 100% charge

      Edit: I doubt this would have 5ghz Wifi band for hotspotting, well my Note 9 doesn't and even my Alcatel portable 4G modem doesn't have it either too

  • Odd use case but would this be any good to take to the drive-in movies and then hook up with a pair of Logitech UE Booms?

    • Well the mobile has a built-in FM radio and 3.5mm head jack so I dont see why not well especially if your car radio doesn't have a 3.5mm audio output jack this actually would be a perfect alternative case scenario

  • This will be bin worthy in a few months of use - most Telstra labelled phones are

    • The ZTE ones have worked well in our household - had a few when the kids were younger, their untimely death was generally due to teenage wear, a washing machine, lost on a bus, etc etc. Got an average of a bit over a year for each one, then in a bag to Planet Ark for recycling.

      FYI ViLTE also known as VoWiFi

      • Thanks though dont know why on ZTE website they place in quotes (4G video) next too ViLTE anyway thanks stuck VoWiFi in description

    • Honestly some of my cheap mobiles have out lasted my high end mobiles, some are on 24 hours as a Wifi hotspot, though doesn't help when your high end mobile is made out of all glass, glass and high heights dont seem too mix well, oh well they tend too slip out of your hand easier too lolz

  • Has anyone unlocked this using the link in the op?

  • Does this phone allow apps to be installed to the SD-card?
    16GB can run out fast with bloated the size of apps these days.

    Still, if the unlock works, great value.

    • +2 votes

      Ability to install Apps to SD Card was done away by Android from Kitkat 4.4, and its not a Manufacturer tweak. The last I could install Apps on SD Card was on Jellybean 4.2.1.

      Of course, they may be custom ROMs which allow installing on SD Card, others may comment on the same, but well, this phone is Mediatek again. So that limits custom ROMs as well, right?

      • I believe "move to SD" has still been partly available using "Adoptable Storage" until Android 9.
        It depends on the phone, on the app, and has limits.

        I certainly used it on Android 6.

        • this has Android 9 not sure though is the GO edition, you'd think they'd have that feature as thats the whole point of the GO edition for the Android OS to run on budget mobiles

  • Looks like no Google pay / NFC support?

    • your asking for alot for a budget mobile phone lolz but why not 😃👍

      • Not really..this is a phone deal from a couple of years ago that I use as a comparison. NFC, all bands etc..and had a $40 starter pack.

        There was also the Alcatel 4G for $27. So this and the recent Y5 hasn't buttered my parsnips!

        • Hi wouldn't have web links for the 2x above mobiles? sounds interesting, certainly NFC would be a great bonus though wouldn't trust using google pay rather Samsung pay more secure after what happened to a friend

          edit: prefer too to keep my budget buy mobiles under $50 but sometimes worth paying the little extra like the Samsung A20 I think at Target for $80 is one example, that was a big miss opportunity bargin

          • @Italkdigital: Not sure what you mean by weblinks? But here are the two on Gsmarena.


            Basically every phone I've ever owned had to have all current network bands, excellent offline gps and be under $100.

            Huawei Y550 (was a ripper @ $45) ..but it got stolen.

            Then the Alcatel 4.5 (SD card solder joint came away), camera was rubbish, microphone horrible.. but it was $25 but functioned smoothly. Dropped that off a boat. Dried it out, still works. But needed a better used exclusively as a fishing GPS/ ipod.

            Sony E4G $79, did everything reasonably well..accept the HJs shake and win app didn't work (due to no accelerometer) and no NFC. Kept for 3 years until…

            Enter the Nokia 3 $45 (got it as it had NFC) Updated to Android 8, does everything well. All bands. Battery life is 2 days with Android 8, so haven't updated to Pie. But, it destroys the USB/ charge port. Bought a few for $2 each of Ali express. Can charge, but no data via usb. Got no more spares, so time for something new..

            Considered the A20, but the GPS issue put me off. I use Here maps all over the globe. Need it to work. FYI, The Nokia 3 gps performance was far better in New York than my partners iPhone 6s.

            So currently waiting for the next full network support / NFC phone under $100 ;)

            • @tunzafun001: Bought mum the A20 though she has no idea about mobiles so hasn't used Maps/GPS feature though have used find my device and can see her moving while driving on Google maps lol, it has had few updates though i think your stating gps is a hardware issue, reason why i like her phone its pretty much has got same Samsung UI as my Note 9 and been loving it, I like too have my main mobile were i customise the hell out of it and Samsung UI has been moving in the right direction for that, certainly a big difference from touchwiz UI days,..

              Umm yeah been hanging out too try a Nokia mobile, my mate has got a 7.1, these Nokia 3s still manufactured? and for sale? will keep an eye on one, well having NFC etc not bad for a budget phone, do you really need too update too Pie is it that worrying too use an older Android OS well if you don't put any risky apps well ive never had any issues on any of my Android mobiles some are years old

              So what was your meaning about the USB port on the Nokia 3? destroys the USB/ charge port? Plugging it in and out i guess, that would be a Micro USB port?

              • @Italkdigital: Don't think these nokias are still sold. As for the USB ports, they just stop working all together (can't charge/ no data access).
                So Ive been buying these and replacing the USB module. However, only charging works, data is still dead.


                • @tunzafun001: Well I never use a budget mobile for data use through the USB ports so in my case not needed

                  I'll have too check what other current budget mobiles Nokia have hopefully ill post a deal on one on Ozbargain

                  Funny how the USB module port just dies on the Nokia 3 wonder if this is an issue on there other models? Maybe these modules can not handle the current from the wall charger over time

                  Thanks for your opinions too 😃👍

                  • @Italkdigital: No probs. Btw, by no data via USB I mean I can't connect my Nokia to a laptop/ TV etc for moving MP3s, playing movies, USB OTG etc.

                    So been using airdroid for the laptop and Bubbleup for streaming movies to the TV.

                    • @tunzafun001: I try too get the most out of my budget mobiles either for a mobile too make/recieve calls/SMS (seperate number biz use) or for using as a pocket wifi modem (various Ozbargain near free data deals) but you beat me with moving movies and mp3 well just having those in a budget mobile

                      Not that there is anything wrong I have a feeling you use these budget mobiles as your primary mobile and do away with owning any expensive high end mobiles (or maybe work provides you one 👍 bonus)

                      Well I'd save maybe a lot of money if I stopped buying and updating with the Samsung Note series but im sucked into Samsungs Note eco system, though my reasoning for owning a Note is its one of my primary hobbies and I actually use it definitely more over then my other devices, PC, laptop, tablets etc and also its the Note 9 8/512gb version and im sure for example saved lots on electricity/time ease and wear and tear on my expensive PC etc as I actually use it too cough cough numerous DLing off large torrent files too it 24/7,.. 512gb storage is certainly handy on a mobile

                      • @Italkdigital: Yep, these budget phones have always been my work horses. It's a phone, internet browser, GPS, wifi hotspot, mp3 player / media streamer, downloader, torch, baby monitor, electric car communication device 24/7. Never saw a reason for anything more.

  • Appreciate the details in the Description, OP. Quite informative. Would suggest lesser usage of bold formatting though, for a better presentation.

    • still learning as this is my official post the bold print trying too highlight the best features of this mobile so wondering you viewing this post on the Ozbargain webpage or mobile app?, me through my mobile Android app

      ps: I've up voted everyone so thanks for your posts 👍

      personally I'd buy this mobile if it was priced below $50

  • Coles also have it for $79

  • Do you need to unlock to use with AldiMobile (uses Telstra network)?

    • Yes most likely needs too be unlocked for Aldi Telstra and Belong Telstra (though test first before unlocking) yet should work fine locked with Boost Telstra,..

      But this particular ZTE mobile model is very cheap too unlock ~AU $1.13 on eBay here

  • Everyone addied too description another 10% off $79 price using this posted Ozbargain bargain deal here

  • Any suggestions for cases?

  • Unfortunately this phone is not able to be unlocked via the ebay link listed above. :(

    Their response was "sorry not supported"

  • Price has dropped further to $69.

  • This model can't be unlocked cheaply. I've contacted 4 online services. Only unlock options are pay Telstra or phone store $45 for physical unlock.

    • Not that I have but did you try the eBay one in description?
      ~AU $1.13 on eBay

      • Yes, that was the first one I tried.

      • Why did you ask that when about 4 members have already commented it doesn't work, including rokufan? Plus mods have added this note under the link in the description.

        (Note: commenters have reported that this seller is unable to unlock this device)

        Just remove it all together because it's misleading.

        • I think better too change description and state it can not be unlocked and can only be used with Telstra mobile and Boost mobile simcards, less misleading

          Unless you know somewhere were it can be unlocked please let us all know?

          edit: done so no more confusion 👍Thanks 👍

          Hey got too ask also as you seem to be an expert as this is my 4th Ozbargain post and still learning a lot here on Ozbargain, I can see scrimshaw moderator under revision tab has changed something how do I see what was changed, im guessing its what you stated above, cheers

          edit: All good found and see moderators scrimshaws revision yupz under link (too eBay unlock link) reported not possible by members,.. cheers