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[eBay Plus] GALAX NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super OC 1 CLICK Gaming Graphics Video Card $584.10 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Another deal on the 2070 Super. Code expiring today. All time low $584.10
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  • Insert 3xxx series comments

  • Ugh, so tempting..

  • RTX 5070 will be out in 2022, dont waste your money on this price will go lower by then

    • +6 votes

      Alright no worries. I will wait until the price is lower so I can finish my build in 2022. Hell, might as well wait until 2025 for the new CPUs to be released too! /s

      • Ugh, don't buy a new CPU in 2025 when a new CPU is gonna come out in 2026. Heard Intel will be finally moving to their 14nm++++++++++ platform with their 3rd Rocket Lake refresh.

    • Why not wait for RTX 5070 super?? Don't waste your money

    • i think it'll be 4070 in 2022. 5070 in 2024.

      • +2 votes

        If you're not waiting for the 10140….you're wasting your money buying a video card.

      • If Huang still believes in Taiwanese tradition, he would skip the 40 series and go straight to the 50 ;)

        In saying that Su has named her next Ryzen CPU 40xx

    • You forgot to neg the deal

    • 2022?! Tell him he’s dreaming. That’ll be the RTX 4080 given Nvidia’s new 2yr cycle.

    • Dont buy everything until 50 yrs from now… in 50
      Yrs all 3k series will be no use

    • Don't wait too long if you want to re-use any parts for value sake.

      Speaking as the proud owner of a first gen Ryzen system. f*&K

      We go through all the teething pain with crap overclocks, and unstable memory, and they still forbid board partners from releasing BIOS with the new CPU gen in them (I'd be more than happy for a one way trip as they did for B450).

    • Oh nice, what price do you think it will be?

    • according to geniuses online i'll be waiting till 2022 for my 3080 anyway

  • +10 votes

    I know I am dreaming, but if it was $499 I would buy it.

    • $500 just feels right anything above that I feel like I'll regret it within a month or two when 3060 gets announced and blows away the 2070 for the same price.

    • I'm with you on that price point… mid to high $400's ..

      3080 is better than 2080ti
      3070 will = 2080ti
      3060 will = 2080S

      That's my predictions.

      • But when ………..

        • If people have waited this long (as I have) and if your livelyhood doesnt depend on the part to complete your pc build, then nothing is going to happen if you have to wait a month or maybe 2… Everyone is treating this bot and out of stock thing like this stuff is some kind of limited edition 1/100 thing that we'll never see again… It's a gpu they'll make more, it's not friking air Jordan yeezys or whatever It is people collect these days loll

      • Agree, - i see alot of dreamers on gumtree expecting 1000+ for a 2080ti holding firm. Could be crying a blood river once 3070 drops.
        In terms of timeframes I have no idea, but historically in these releases a few weeks to a month after release stock starts being available as the old cards are no longer being made and the new ones spin up - and prices become 'reality' based.

        • From the looks of it, 3070 will almost be = 2080Ti at 4K, but slower than 2080Ti at 1440P. But eventually with Asyc compute and further ampere optimizations, both will trade blows depending on res and games. Just a thought.

        • not even 2080tis, but even the low end of the GPU market. 2nd hand 1660supers going for more than a brand new card. What are they smoking???

        • people who can afford a 2080ti arent really crying or anything….

        • Someone in my area was offering a Gigabyte RTX 2080 Windforce for $600 with one year warranty remaining. If the card is in good working condition, would that be a good deal?

        • Only people crying are the one's that can't afford any of these cards at any price.Buy now buy later buy 20XX buy 30XX ultimately it is up to each individual and their own circumstances and bank balances or Afterpay if it's your poison.

      • Is $350 or less for 2060 super (2nd hand) likely soonish does anyone think?

  • Biggest mob lol if you pull the trigger now boys

  • 2 yr warranty not 3

    unless you fight with ACCC under premium product extension angle

    • I was fine with 2yr on my Galax 1660 Super, but once you get into the A$500+ I think 2yr is a bit short, even if I think the price would justify being angry at 3yr 1d failure.

      Generally I would expect a full 5-6 years at a minimum if the card is run at stock settings and the case has reasonable cooling, any less and I wouldn't be buying that ABP again.

      My Gigabyte card died after 21 months, they took 2 months to send it back and it was still showing slight glitching as it did in the months leading up to failure. Gigabyte has been scratched off my list for future purchases and I will be sending that AMD card back in every time I can record it doing that glitch up until the 36 months is up.

      But as for Galax, I couldn't find anything but good things online about the quality of their cards in AU and it appears they have more localized warranty support as apposed to EVGA who appears to be a pain in ANZ.

    • Strangely in SE Asia its 3 years. Not sure why Aussies get FO on warranty ???

  • Forget the 3090, I'm still using my Nokia 3210.

  • Drop down to medium settings to get your FPS up and be patient maybe until after christmas. Or be regretful … Your choice

  • Get a ps5, then u needn't worry about running the latest games for 7 years !

  • +1 vote

    Is Galax a good brand for video cards?

    • They're generally considered lower end, but I personally have a Galax 2080 TI (SG Edition) and I can't fault it. I came from a watercooled Sea Hawk and wouldn't have any issues getting another Galax card.

    • When I bought my Galax card 2 months ago I could only find good things about them, the warranty is 2yr instead of market standard of 3yr, but you really should expect your card to be lasting at least 5yrs.

      That being said, When I went to buy it from eBay I found their official website stated they would not honour warranty from eBay sales, which wouldn't hold up if they wanted to keep trading in Australia, but I opted to go the Umart route to at least have a middle man in the case where I have to send in within the first 24 months. Places like Umart & PCCaseGear have full return AusPost coverage.

      • A$599 @ Umart + Shipping, for piece of mind, but no AfterPay

      • Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn't sell anything itself. It was the eBay seller that sold you the graphics card. If you bought from an Australian eBay seller (highly likely), then that seller as an Australian entity is obligated to deal with any issues. Many big eBay sellers have warehouse/offices in Sydney. You should be able to find out their addresses and ABNs without too much effort.

      • Hi Jim, do you mind to share some info about the noise level on this card? I can't decide between the regular Galax 2070s (two fans) vs Galax 2070s EX gamer edition (3 fans but cost 50$ more).

  • "GTX970 $368 Delivered @ Kogan eBay" - 2016.

  • I'll wait until the end of the year. Plenty of new cards coming out including AMD so these 2070S/2080S/Ti will only become cheaper and cheaper.

    Something like 2070S $400, 2080S $700 or 2080 Ti $900?