iPhone 11 Pro 64GB $1549 (Was $1749) @ JB Hi-Fi (O/W PB $1,471.55)


A decent discount on the base iPhone 11 Pro model of $200 off RRP. Even cheaper than Costco and Big W. Higher storage models do not seem to be discounted.

Pro cameras. Pro display. Pro performance.
5.8-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display
Water and dust resistance (4 metres for up to 30 minutes, IP68)
Triple-camera system with 12-megapixel Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras

*** UPDATE OFFICEWORKS NOW $1548 *** below no longer applies

Potential to get this for $1,471.55 at Officeworks with their Price Beat policy.

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  • iPhone 11 64Gb dropped back to 1099 with the good guys.
    might be an option for some if they have a price guarantee policy with credit card

  • But iPhone 12 coming, announcement on Oct 13th.


    • I got the 11 Pro max for my wife last week, I thought for months should I wait but in the end the reason behind not waiting was mainly around the 5G in the iPhone 12.

      No 5G is anywhere near us, it looks like battery life will be reduced with 5G. Id rather more battery than a chance of going faster with downloads for Youtube :) And finally I believe 5G plans are more expensive with less data 😳.

      • The battery life can easily be solved by turning off the 5G in settings, and generally with a faster chip and adjustments, there probably isn't much of a difference even if you didn't turn it off. Optus and Telstra are not currently charging more for 5g plans.

      • i think the reason why we wait for new iPhone 12 because once it is released the older version of iphone price will go down slowly

      • I got the 11 Pro max for my wife last week,

        Return it and wait. Save hundreds of dollars

  • What's the price drop usually like when Apple launch new products? They should be out in the next few weeks (although the 12 Pro is rumoured for November).

    While the rumours are suggesting this won't be much of an upgrade (60hz screen, A14 chip a bit of a dud), it seems worth waiting a few weeks for a better price drop.

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      iPhone XS 255gb retail was $1879. I bought it for $1429, on Black Friday 2019 at JB but three weeks later it dropped to $1129 (40% off). And I got the series 5 watch a week ago for 25% off

  • iPhone 12 series will be released in 2 weeks with a base model of 128gb. 64 gb is not worthy

    • I don’t know why not. 64gb is plenty for me, I store everything in the cloud, literally just apps and WhatsApp media data stay on my phone.

      • Also corproate phones don't need that much storage I guess. But 64gb is still too little, my music collection is about that size.

        • My music collection is 400gb and it’s all stored in the cloud. I have no need to store stuff locally on my phone. Especially with most people just streaming through Apple Music and Spotify

          • @TightTerry: Well, not everyone wants to pay Apple Music or Spotify every month. Plus extra memory doesn't cost that much for Apple.

            • @blackmam8a24: Not everyone wants to purchase their music out right either.

              Extra memory doesn’t cost much from Apple? It’s literally the most expensive storage expansion available.

              • @TightTerry: Who said I purchased from Apple? You don't need to purchase music from Apple to be on the iPhone.

                Exactly, that's why we think consumer should be getting more storage for what they paid for.

                • @blackmam8a24: I never said you purchased from Apple?? If you’re not streaming your music via DSP’s then you have purchased it out right.

                  • @TightTerry: You have your own use-case for your phone, other people have their own user-case. Alot of people prefer not to use data on to go and avoid the costs, or don't have the option to stream it (e.g. on the airplane, or remote camping). What's the point of arguing 64gb is enough. it's enough for you, not for others.

      • Even though I store everything in the cloud too, the combination of 4k recordings, music cached, and multiple apps has caused me to get to the 64 GB limit easily. It does take time to upload the recordings, and longer recordings take up more space before they're uploaded.

        • I think that would be the only way I could go over my local storage by taking a heap of videos a day and not being on wifi. But I’ve always got a good 20-30gb free

    • Now days don't even need to store mp3's, since Spotify and Soundcloud.

      • I download a store a heap of songs from Spotify. Not always in a position where there is signal.

  • There won't be a 5.8' for people that like that size, will have to go smaller or bigger, 12 pro will be at least $350 more than this office works price match, and won't do anything different/better.
    64gb is fine if using iCloud.

  • Not cheaper than Costco. Online they’ve been discounted since Apple’s last announcement. 11 Pro 64GB $1548.97. 256GB $1798.97. 11 Pro Max 64GB $1698.97. 11 Pro Max 256GB $1948.97.

  • 64gb so 2012

  • It's quite disgusting that apple still release 64 gb phones.

    • Wait till you hear about the 32GB iPad they just announced.

      • Theres nothing wrong with 64GB offload apps and cloud a great way to promote cloud first storage

        • Promote or force?

        • The wrong part is you’re getting ripped off, 64GB is a joke for a $1500+ phone, it’s not whether you need more storage it just should be more for the price you’re paying

    • 100% disagree. Been using a 64gb iPhone X for 3 years - it is no where near full. Just because you load up your phone doesn’t mean that everyone does.

    • My son's iPhone (both 6s+) only has 16Gb and the other 32GB - they have to learn how to manage the capacity.

      Same with 4G data, they used to have 1GB a month with Belong until i switched them to Boost 80/year. If they use up all the 80GB in less than 12 months, they won't have any more.

      Good way to teach the kids to learn how to manage…


    • There's nothing wrong with 64GB phones, as long as you have an SD card slot and they're priced appropriately.

      • lol, nothing wrong with it. Everyone has their own usage. But since the price of storage has come down dramtically, we expect the vendor to pass on the benefits. Especially when they jack up the price from around $1k to $2k.

  • Any chance of getting these on a reduced telco plan before the iPhone 12 is released? I switched to Apple for my current phone, but it's frustrating having to pay these prices when Android was half the cost for comparable hardware.

    • Hard to compare Android and iOS. It's either you go for one or the other. Cannot compare what's on paper because the iPhone will lose but in practicality it wins most of the time.

  • Still do not have enough motivation for spending more than $1.5k for a 64GB phone.

  • Beautiful phone with a ridiculous price and meagre storage in today’s standard. Perfect size for one-handed use with excellent battery life.

  • I hope SE Plus comes soon lol

  • Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR; iPad Mini 4, 5; iPad Air 2, 3; iPad Pro

    Call of Duty: Mobile DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch

    Mm I guess it does, but everyone knows the best phone in the world is asus Rog 3

  • Who in their right mind pay $1549 for just 64GB. Pro users will use camera and recording a lot and paying monthly for cloud is not cheap either.

    • It can still use expansion slots, so stil value, and if you drop the iPhone you can migrate Important information to the external SIM card, especially if your not tech savvy enough to fix it..
      There's pros and cons to everything…

    • It’s not a deal for everyone, I personally would prefer a 128gb iPhone 11
      Pro for $200 off.

    • Can't believe how much that costs for only 64GB. This shouldnt be more than 1200 (yes, I'm adding the apple tax).

    • So they arnt backing those photos up at all? Most iPhone users who are storing a large amount of photos are also paying for iCloud storage on top of that to then back that up.

  • "64GB & Pro" is oxymoron.
    Don't mention cloud when you have to record HQ videos/pictures where there's no WiFi - mobile is meant to be on the road. At home you better use larger screens.
    For 1/2 price you can get superior capable PC ;)

  • 64gb is the perfect size for everyone

  • My friend just got the 11 pro max 3 weeks ago for 1200

  • Every time an Apple post gets uploaded I feel like I’m reading a Facebook comments section. As seen above, for a lot of people 64GB is fine with cloud and streaming services. If the base model was to change to 128GB, there would be a lot less people willing to upgrade to 256GB and they are also paying for a more expensive part than the 64GB.
    We are customers at the end of the day. Apple are not here to please us all, just to maximise revenue from us.

  • I feel like iPhone just got left behind generation by generation. One day all the legacy left by Steve Jobs will fade away and nothing but only shit left

    • Don’t really get what you are saying when Apple hits $2 trillion company

      • You wouldn’t. I’m talking about the innovation and company culture and you are talking about capital market.

        • If Apple is so bad at innovation, then how come they are hitting all time high profits in their history and became $2 trillion company? Sure they are doing something right and customers are buying their products.