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Bonus Xbox 7-Day Game Pass Ultimate Code with Specially Marked Pringles Can (Max 2 Per Person)


Purchase any Pringles specially marked 134g can with a unique promotional code on the seal from any store in Australia or New Zealand that sells the Participating Product then;
b) visit www.pringles.com/anz/xbox;
c) follow the prompts to the Promotion entry page; and
d) fully complete and submit the online entry form with personal details as requested and enter the promotional code from the Participating Product purchased.

All entrants who complete the above will also receive a bonus 7 Day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code sent to their email address specified on entry. Maximum of two (2) 7 Day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes permitted per person. Limit to receive one (1) 7 Day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code per valid entry form submission.

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    I've got a feeling the 7 day game pass will be for new accounts only.

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      Nothing mentioned in the terms and conditions, and it says max two per person so I'm feeling confident this will not have a limit to new accounts only :) Will find out tomorrow though!

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        It's sounds great and I will be checking it out.

    • +2

      That would be a bit crap since they offer $1 for the first month

    • yeah i thought anything less than one month is a "trial" only and cannot be stacked on accounts with an existing sub. Happy to be proven wrong, i guess we'll see.

      • +1

        I've brought uk 14 day codes from Ebay to stack up to convert and they worked bought 3 years worth lol

        • Can you still do this? How much did it cost? Keen to know how!

          • @roby21: Some sellers advertise x-month subscriptions and present them as 14-day trials, redeeming them one at a time.

            For example, a 12-month subscription is broken down to 24 (or so) 14-day trials.

    • +2

      yeah xbox has a habit of saying free month etc with no t&c and then when u go to redeem it will say invalid, new accounts etc. accc should do em for false marketing someday.
      of course this may be valid for existing accounrs…will test

    • Per email after entering:
      "If you are already an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold member, any days remaining in your membership(s) will be converted to Ultimate using a conversion ratio. All conversions to Ultimate are final."

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    Xbox going all in on game pass

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    Game pass ultimate is amazing value imo. I've been an xbox live gold member for 14 years or so. I bought a bunch of 3 month game pass gift cards from big w when they were cheap, advertised on here. I'm paid up until October 2021 now, soon to be more with the inclusion of EA Play (formerly EA Access).

    • Yeah I did the same with the $1 conversion and stacking of gold/game pass so got near max 36 months.
      Also to touch on EA Play, apparently if you have a sub to that it’ll convert 3 to 1, so 12 months EA Play to 4 months GPU

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    Game Pass is cheap as chips

    • -4

      pringles aren't chips

      • +2

        Not when you're high

        • not according to their advertising over the years

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    Bought a pringles today, underneath the foil seal is a faint print of what seems like a coupon code. I assume that's all that's needed to enter the promo

      • +4

        Did you just go through his comment history because you like Pringles so much to prove a point?

        Bro at least those child labourers make good products unlike Pringles

        • Nope, just went to the Voted section of his profile. I'm recently unemployed due to covid so I had time to spare. I don't really care, just wanted to meme him.

  • +1

    Forgive my ignorance but would this “deal” not constitute a competition as opposed to a “deal”?Have not negged this post, just want some insight as to how this “deal” might vary to something such as, say, opening a loot box - apologies if this comes across as a bit condescending. I would just like to understand.

    Nevermind, I’m an idiot. It appears the “specially marked cans” contain a confirmed code entry. Sorry!

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    For those wondering, the regular price of a can is $4 at Coles and Woolworths and 7-days of Game Pass Ultimate goes for about $4.

    At RRP, it's Pringles with a free subscription or subscription with a free can of Pringles.

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    Pringles are 50% off at woolies!

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    Does ultimate include Xbox Live? I presume you can space out your two 7 day blocks? Perfect for me as I barely play but every now and then want to get online to chat and play with friends.

    • +3

      Yes, it includes Xbox Live Gold.

      (Game Pass Ultimate bundles the two subscriptions, Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold).

      You’re most likely able to do space out the subscriptions.

      • +2

        Nice. Will pickup two, shame there's a cap.

        • If you have gmail you can put dots anywhere in your username ex [email protected], [email protected] and so on

          Can use that to claim multiple times. Not a huge deal if you don't plan on buying some chips though as a 7 day games pass ultimate renewal is worth $4 normally and pringles sell for $4 a can.

          • @Agret: But does that mean you need to also make a new Xbox profile with the new email address? Only want to use my normal profile.

            • +3

              @Dan83: No. The gmail dot trick (aforementioned) is only used to redeem more Pringles cans. They are not tied to your Xbox account whatsoever.

            • +1

              @Dan83: You redeem the code from your pringles can on the pringles site which is limited to 2 codes per email, once you redeem there you are given a 7 day games pass coupon redemption code to activate onto your xbox account. No limit to how many of those you can use on your xbox account, no need to make any new xbox live accounts.

              • @Agret: Thanks for the helpful info everyone, will grab a bunch of Pringles cans and useful to know if the Gmail trick.

                • @Dan83: And if anyone is planning to do the same, note the codes expire 15 March 2021.

              • @Agret: Yes there is. It's stated on the Pringles promo code redemption once you register the code. Only 2 x 7 day codes per Microsoft account. So you can't stack any more than 14 days worth of these Game Pass promo codes.

          • +1

            @Agret: With gmail you can also use + and then any string you like

            So [email protected], [email protected]….

      • yeah just use one mid month to get the 4 free games

        • If not mistaken, you'll only be able to keep any original Xbox or 360 games offered and you'll lose access to Xbox One Games once the trial expires.

  • Would you still get the 3 months free discord nitro with this?

  • +1

    Just did it, and they gave me an already used code hmm

    Edit nevermind, I think the Xbox site freaked out. It definitely added 7 days to my account. Nice!

    • Were you already a member?

      • Yeah I had GPU up til mid 2022

  • If you can keep stacking then not a bad deal. I might buy enough to get a years worth, even though I hardly have time for games these days and haven't turned my Xbox on in months.

    • OP said max of 2, so dont go buying 50 packs of pringles!

      • +1

        Above others said if you use the gmail trick (or another email) you can get more.

        I picked up 6 Pringles. I think you need to get the code by mid Nov (so lots of pringles eating). And then it seems they changed the goal posts though in terms of using the code, with redemption going from 15 March 2021 to 31 January 2021.

        • ahh i see, nice, thanks!

        • +2

          But it seems you can only redeem two of these 7 days codes per Microsoft account. 14 day max per Microsoft account.

      • Well i think Pringles wouldn't mind the extra profit. Still only two codes can be redeemed per Microsoft account.

    • +1

      Instructions listed on the Pringles promo page after you redeem the Pringles code states that you can only redeem 2 x 7 day codes on the Microsoft redemption. So don't waste your time with any more than two codes. You can only stack 14 days max worth from these Game Pass promo codes on a given Microsoft account. Luckily i only bought two Pringles for $2 each at Woolworths. So that's my 14 days max worth.

      Only problem is the Xbox 360 games given away this month on Xbox Live Gold is not the best.

      • +1

        But, has anyone tried? In some past promos, multiples could've been redeemed despite the limitations.

        So, who want's to try this and buy more Pringles cans than needed?


        • yeah good idea you buy 50 and let us all know…many thanks

        • +4

          I can confirm that I've redeemed three codes at the Pringles website and for the third code it recognised that I had exceeded two redemptions and only gave me an entry in the draw for an Xbox Series X, but no code.

          Now whether you can redeem more than two codes on your Xbox account I guess still remains to be seen - no doubt someone else will be able to give feedback on that in time.

          • +1


            Now whether you can redeem more than two codes on your Xbox account I guess still remains to be seen - no doubt someone else will be able to give feedback on that in time.

            That is what I was looking for.
            Thanks for reporting back 👍🏼

      • Yeah, worth checking out the comment above RE my questions, but yeah not sure which answer is right, I guess I'll find out eventually if it works or not… :)

  • I already have a non ultimate sub running, what happens if I add the code to my account?

    • Remaining sub gets converted to Ultimate using some kind of conversion

      • i see, thanks

  • +1

    I already have Ultimate, so unneeded codes:



    • Just FYI, they stack on top of an existing Ultimate subscription (so long as you're not at the 3 year limit anyway).

      • Yeah I am at the 3 year limit.

      • Here’s a code if you want it


    • +2

      Best to Message people with codes otherwise freeloaders come along and use them all without even saying thank you :)

  • None of the Pringle's at my local woolies or Coles have this promotion :(

    • Give it a few days. The boxes are probably buried out the back and would take sometime to work through.

    • Seems like a certain amount per box, there was 2 in a newly opened box at my coles

    • Living in FNQ Far North Qld so some southern promos take 1, 2 weeks or even ¾ of a month - at least it lasts till november. Missed single month promos before.

      Woolies has P's at $3 - they say ½ price (would never pay $4). Darrell Lea has Big Orange Balls etc for $3 ≈$1.69 per 100g cheap for them, runs out today in Woolies Qld.

      Also chocolate gift boxes dearer for Xmas - Target has 3 x 200g Toblerone (longer, longer, longer in metre plus outer cardboard) for $14 so not too bad.

      • Went to Woolies - only non comp Pringles. Walked into Halloween section found an abandoned XB comp can - comp cans were just behind two rows of normal P's in a separate carboard box.

        So maybe 1 box behind max assuming your store sells less P's.

        And other comments above ↑↑↑rules on can say 2 max per person (sign a seven person family up through MS accounts and swap main accounts every 2 weeks till finished??)

        Yeah, I'm paid/MS Rewarded with Ultimate till May? 2021. BUT the best prize is the XB Series X console, Ultimate is just a small bonus on top. Missed out on entering Aust. Taco Bell - trying Every comp since. 🌮😓

  • From the Microsoft site…

    "Get a new code

     This one's already been redeemed"


    • +1

      I've had that pop up a couple of times, but the extra days still applied to my account.

      • Ah, OK, I'll check, thanks.

  • Does this work on PC xbox ultimate?

  • +2

    Registered at site and put in my first code and got no xbox ultimate code back, it said "YOU HAVE REDEEMED YOUR MAXIMUM OF TWO (2)
    '7-DAY XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE CODES'." Nothing in email.

  • Yeah,
    Codes are ****ing hard to read their A's look like R's (four dots top left side, 3 dots top right side) and their 8's look like B's (very little difference like 2 dots either side of middle). 6's are atrocious, top curve is very angled, not like a curve at all.

    Rookie mistake - Don't lick/wipe the foil seal - maybe pat dry with paper towel, combo of Salt and Oil is like sandpaper to printed code. I licked 2nd one - almost completely illegible - 1st two chars visible - if I hold a bright torch there are flashes from the other characters dots at maybe 20° angle. So a hires continuous/video shot with flash on from mobile might work (go through each single frame and try to read different characters). Site does say take photo and send in - guessing there's only limited character combos OR they have colour changing software if the pic is high res enough.

    And XB gave me a "Code already used" for 2nd legible code - it took so long I tried using left-right and mucked up response (they need a circle animation for code verification). Tried entering again "Problem with code check information that came with it" - checked subs it worked Now I'm good til 5/5/21.

    Trying for Series X win (odds suck, I know) going to buy a certain amount of P's until Nov 14, maybe 1 or 2 a week - 3 max, keeping receipts and only entering once daily (does say daily winners - no sign of any so far, website ganked?).

  • +1

    Man, winners list is slow - barely showing 4 October when I last entered.

    Woolies is running out of XB Comp Pringles too - large W had one of those large, hexagonal cardboard boxes on the floor with ⅓ (⅔ normal P's) Comps P's - Salt+Vinegar, Original & BBQ - No SourCream+Chives like I bought 1st time.

    Smaller, closer W had 4 packs of comp BBQs - and that was it - All other P's were non-comp.

    EDIT ↑S C + Onion (thinking of Smiths?) P's Website bit the big one when entering last code - tablet took about 1½-2 mins [thinking??] came up with server error, IP address and client screen - hope that wasn't a daily winner - 'cause code is now entered/defunct. Sigh…

  • Merged from Help! Xbox One - Pringles Promo Problems!

    Hoping someone can help. Just redeemed the Xbox $1 Ultimate Game Pass thingie and then added two Pringles free 7 days of Ultimate to it. How do I see the new expiry date? You can tell I'm not a gamer - it's for my kids! Help!! Thanks in advance :)

  • Comp (Daily chance for Series X) finishes today - End date: 15/11/20 at 11:59 pm AEDT ← don't forgot to convert AEDT time for all states.

    Also allowed to enter more than once a day, obviously new tag/lid for each entry (read "one daily prize win per person" & thought it meant enter only once per day - wrong).

    Found a whole box (9?) of Comp Pringles at Supa IGA the other day for $2.50 each - didn't buy 'cause I had enough for each daily entry - darn it. IGA serms to be having delivery issues, lots of empty shelves, in re-fridgerated section And frozen section.

    So thinking about going to Supa IGA earliest this morning and buying those cans for final last entrys - daily winners are determined automatically once a week.