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Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $139.99 @ Google Store


Google just announced the Chromecast with Google TV for $99, but a little less known is a deal that allows you to tack on 6 months of Netflix ($95.94 worth of credit) for a grand total of $139.99, bringing the effective price of the Chromecast to $44.05.

Seems to be a long-running deal (through to December 31, 2021).


  • If you're a Google One subscriber, you'll get 3% back in store credit if you're on a 200 GB plan, or 10% back in store credit if you're on a 2 TB or higher plan.
  • You can purchase three of these bundles per Google account.
  • The deal is available to both new and existing Netflix subscribers.
  • The 6 months of Netflix offer is based on a Standard plan ($15.99/month). Netflix works off a dollar-based credit model, so if you're on a Basic plan ($10.99/month), you'll actually get 8.73 months worth of credit, but if you're on a Premium plan ($19.99/month), you'll get 4.80 months worth of credit.
  • If you've redeemed the Netflix offer, but end up returning the Chromecast, Google will refund you $99; meaning you'll still have scored $95.94 worth of Netflix credit for $40.99.

Note: Previously out of stock, and now back in stock! If it goes out of stock again, keep refreshing the page as Google has progressively added stock on previous occasions.

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  • Title says out of stock but I just bought the snow version.

  • Wanted to upgrade my Chromecast to a 4K capable one, but this seems like a good QoL upgrade to avoid having to pair mobiles with the TV.
    6 months of credit for the existing Netflix account is an awesome bonus.
    Snow, delivery expected 23-26 Oct.

  • I pay around $7.86 with the sign up via VPN. Am I losing out on the freebie here?

  • Anyone had any luck in the last 5 mins?

    Been refreshing the page but nothing :/

    • +1

      Back in stock again. Get your order in!

      • Got it into my basket, wouldn't let me check out, and emptied out of my basket…is this some sort of sick marketing ploy from Google or what? lol

  • +1

    It looks like you can use these for Xbox Cloud streaming (no Xbox console required; coming in Australia in early 2021).

    See here:

  • Purchased just now. I had to click a few times before it went through.

    • What were you clicking to get through? You mean just clicking the refresh button for the page?

  • Can I connect my bluetooth speaker with this ?

  • Can we use this for Zwift?

    • Wow this would be awesome…. also keen to know

      • Why not check on the Zwift site rather than ask here? I did and it clearly starts that it…………….. :-)

  • How are we getting $95 credit from this deal? Netflix in Australia is $10 per month at the basic rate?

    • The Standard plan is $15.99/month. You'll get more mileage if you're on the Basic plan.

      • Oh, my mistake.

        I had assumed the when it said six months, they'd just give us the cheapest plan available.


  • Just got it, had to refresh a few times, but also click 'checkout' a few times once it was in my cart.

  • Just got my order in, delivered expected 2nd-3rd of November.

    Also, by taking the Netflix deal, we lose access to the $15 refund deal, which means we have to deduct that amount from the profit of the Netflix deal.


    Just got my order in, delivered expected 2nd-3rd of November.

    Also, by taking the Netflix deal, we lose access to the $15 refund deal, which means we have to deduct that amount from the profit of the Netflix deal.

    • What $15 refund deal?

      • You get 15% back as Google Store credit.

        • Ahh, yeah don't use Google Store. Will wait for future deal on this Chromecast.

        • Do you have a link for this 15% deal?

          • +1

            @titan0r: You don't need a link, you just have to purchase within the preorder period. The store credit will be credited to your google account after the return period elapses.

    • What refund?

  • Does anyone knows whether this device support Dolby Atmos/HDR?

    • Under Tech specs is says

      Up to 4K HDR, 60 FPS
      Supports resolutions up to 4K and high dynamic range (HDR)1

      Video formats
      Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ for stunning picture quality.

      Audio formats
      Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos (pass-through)

      HDMI to plug directly into the TV
      USB Type-C power

  • +1

    Just keep refreshing guys lol. I got one

  • pink one back in stock

    • Gone within seconds

      • Do you need to refresh the page, or does the stock update automatically?

        • +1

          Refresh like crazy! I keep getting white and blue pop up every now and then, but once I go to cart it says its unavailable already.

  • I would like an orange one please

  • So basically if you don’t need Netflix at all, this deal means nothing to you?

    • yes.exactly.
      I didnt bother as I already have chromecast and have been paying roughly $8 for premium.

    • yeah…. you can get a 15% credit deal

  • Same here mate…feels like I'm at a virtual ALDI special buys event.

  • Would installing a VPN on this and Netflix'ing (is that a word?) to another region (US) and watching shows work? Getting tired of using HDMI from laptop-to-TV.

    • You would need to install your VPN on your router and then connect to the same network using this

    • Edit:
      Yes as mentioned above.
      Use vpn on your router

      • is there a way you can only maintain specific applications to go through VPN if you install it on router? Since we use work machines to connect to wifi.

        • It will depend on what the wifi network settings are. I don't know if at a router level you can select a VPN connection for a wifi network unless it is default across that network.

          I know I used to have two routers set up with two different networks one for VPN and one for normal.

  • You guys think we can stack the Netflix subscription?

  • Netflix bundles are all gone

  • +2

    How can a preorder be out of stock ffs. That's the whole point of a preorder!

    • +2

      Limited supply? Look how the PS5 and Xbox sold out for pre-orders too.

    • pre-allocating stock.

  • Could put the word “preorder” on a half peeled orange these days and the hoard will snatch it up ha ha.

  • Hi guys, retail stores are going to start stocking these from October 15 in white only.

    Sunset (Pink) and Sky (Blue) are limited to the Google Store.

    I haven’t had much luck in securing one in the last hour. Please keep us updated as I’m keen on a Sunset coloured one.

    • Back in stock for non Netflix bundle 👍

      • Oh, so it is! I really wanted in the bundle as I am paying for Netflix already anyway.

        Wonder if the Netflix bundle will come back around.

  • Can you pay using Google Play gift cards for this device?

    • You can't buy hardware with gift cards

      • Ok thanks.

  • -3

    WTF even a Chromecast Pre-order is going OOS, reselling is a full time recession job market now ! Already on Fleabay and Scumtree!

    • +3

      Are you on drugs? I just checked eBay and Gumtree and there’s not a single listing Australia wide. Ease up salty boi, it’s not our fault you didn’t get one.

  • +7

    $49 in the US $99 in Aus. When did we get back to the old days? Should be $69 or $79

    • -4

      Still out of stock, selling for 100s of $ on Fleabay and Scumtree, this is the new COVID normal.

      • -5

        The new covid normal is a grown adult in hysterics because he or she didn’t get what they wanted are DAMN WELL ENTITLED TO. Truly pathetic

        • -1

          I’m terribly sorry for offending you all :’(

      • That is secondary market. The original comment was in relation to official retailers and standard RRP price reference.

    • Patience.

      Give it a month for hype to die down and the specials will come.

  • +9

    I dont need one.. theres no need….. log on OZbargain…. Honey I ordered a new chromecast —- its awesome its got a remote :P :P

  • +1

    This new device looks neat.

  • Does anyone know if you can have audio from Netflix and other TV apps to other Google Home (1st gen) or Google Home Mini (2nd gen) speakers with this Google TV?

  • +1

    Definitely getting this when back in stock, looks a good replacement for the bedroom Mibox and no brainer as currently paying for Netflix anyway. Better option for Australia than the fire stick lite and much easier to sideload. Glad it's got a white remote, can never find the shield or mibox remotes in the dark.

  • Preorders now available at both the JB HiFi and The Good Guys website for $99. Both state “Chalk”. I believe “Snow” was their intention.

    Please note: No Netflix offer applicable.

    • "Snow" makes this deal sound like it's for Netflix and chill. Wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea.

  • whats the point of colours if the unit will just sit at the back of the TV gathering dust?

    • +6

      the remote wont

      • Correct, the remote will gather dust buried in your sofa. I love how there are 3 colours: one will appeal to stereotypical baby girls, the other one to baby boys and for the remaining 99% of the population, there's white!

  • +4

    I like how I only received the google marketing email about this 1 minute ago and it links to an Out of Stock page because ozbargained already!

    • +3

      What kind of ozbargainer are you if you are waiting for emails about offers? :)

  • +5

    Thank god out of stock, saved some $$

  • Anyone know if I can use the chromecast on a Sony Android TV that already accepts casting?

    Basically my current Sony TV is slow and laggy..

    • Yes, as long as you have a spare HDMI port then you can use this on any TV

  • Anyone know if you can plug this in a HDMI port of a monitor without sound output… And add it to a home group (or mini or nest) so you can have the video on the screen and stereo audio through a mesh of Google home/mini/nest. Cause if so, then I'm sold 🙂

    • Hmmm "Group Chromecast with your Nest speakers or displays to fill your home with sound." Does that exclude old gen home/mini?

      • +1

        Can't answer the old gen question as mine are all nests but I can't seem to manage to get a chromecast to play audio through the speakers with the video on the TV. I can play spotify through them all without a hassle but can't get youtube/kayo to play video on tv and sound through speakers.

        • Were you able to add the Chromecast + nest in the same group? Do you mean you can play Spotify through video and audio?

          • +1

            @ShouldIBuyIt: Yeah can create a group with them but can't cast video to the group. Casting spotify to the group plays the audio through to the tv and the speaker with a spotify placeholder as the video on the tv. I want to do the same thing as I want to put a chromecast in the projector in the pool and the audio to come through 2 JBL link's for dive in movies with the kids.

  • +3

    Was refreshing for an hour and managed to get an order through.

    • Did u manage to grab the one with Netflix bundle or just the chromecast by itself ??

      • netflix bundle

    • Wow, dedication…

  • How does it compare to Vodafone TV? Does it actually offer anything more?

  • Yay, another remote to lose or break

  • Google's exchange rate is like x2.
    This Chromecast in the US is $50USD RRP.
    In Australia it's $100AUD.

    Meanwhile PS5 and Xbox series X are x1.5
    ($500 USD = $750 AUD)


    • Because they know people will still pay.

    • AU$99 = US$71.
      That $99 includes GST. So the dongle is approx 32% more than US price, excluding GST

  • +1

    Chromecast TV on it's own only (no netflix bundles) are back in stock this morn (for anyone that just needed the cast and didn't care much for the Netflix offer).

    • +1

      so hard to justify the non pack one in comparison….
      Did anyone confirm if the netflix stuff is basically just money into your account…? so if you currently have a Ultra 5k sub, it just uses the money in your account to pay for it…? Also, what happens if you are going through a cheaper country like Turkey…? Guess we shall wait and see

  • Is it worth getting this Google Tv at $99 or wait for price dropped for Chromecast Ultra. I am not a Neflix user. Is the 6 Months of Netflix given as google credit? Cheers

    • This now makes the Ultra obsolete.

      • But this does not have ethernet port isn't it?

        • No. But adapter can be purchased separately if needed.

  • Pretty annoying you can get the non bundled version but not the bundled version on a pre order… surely they should either both be available or both not… guess I have to sit there refreshing the page every 15 mins or so…. :(

    • That's what I'm doing! Maybe Google only had a certain amount of Netflix codes to give out?

      "Offer applies only to the following SKUs while supplies last and subject to availability"

    • surely they should either both be available or both not

      No, the whole reason that we all want this Netflix bundle is that it's at a discount. Someone is paying for that out of their marketing budget, either Google, Netflix or both together. That's why it's limited. It might come back, but it will always be limited because someone is losing money on it.

  • Have been intermittently refreshing the page for an hour or two this morning, nothing. Is anyone else finding that they have restocked today at all?

    • +2

      They have every colour available without the Netflix bundle. Nothing with it unfortunately.