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60 Day Amazon Australia Prime Free Trial (Extension to Initial 30 Days)


It has been more than 6 months TA repost this deal.

A good reminder for everyone who use Amazon Prime, I have just extended with this method.

Happy shopping online, beat the lock down for VIC.Enjoy.

This option reported with high success rate
Option 1:

Opt in for 30-day Prime trial.
3 days before trial ends, go to cancel and when a message to change a plan appears, click the button to switch >to annual ($59).
A day before trial ends, go to cancel and when a message to change a plan appears click the button to switch to >annual ($59).
Right after changing the plan go back to cancel the plan again - a message to extend the trial for another 30 days >will appear.
Click the button to extend the plan.

Option 2:

Update 03/05/19. How it may also work:

Opt in for 30-day Prime trial.
3 days before trial ends, go to your account to cancel membership.
On the second page of cancellation process, notice an offer for a 30-day extension and accept it.

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    tricks for more than 60 days free trial?

    Use s&s without prime?

    • +1

      Use s&s without prime?

      I dont think this is working anymore

      • S&S is still has free shipping for me at least for the month of Spetember. has anything changed?

        • +1

          I tried but no matter what it require postage, how did you make it work?

          • @SnoozeAndLose: honestly, i don't know how/why. it's just works for me. I just add an item to s&s and looking at the amazon invoice no delivery fee was charged.

            Can someone else confirm this as well?

            • +4

              @tgame: Can confirm free delivery is no longer available on S&S order under $39 (Before discount)

              • +2

                @TanedaR: thanks

                ah, i think my total S&S order was more than $39. that could be why it come up as free shipping for me.

            • @tgame: what did you order? I was trying to order some nivea products via S&S and it required shipping fee.

              • +2

                @yummycoot: tissues, nappy and laundry/cleanning.

  • +2

    I didn't get the extension when I tried last week. Couldn't get another free trial on a new account also :(

    • Yeah a family member also missed out on the 60 day trial. Didn't allow them to extend

    • Same for me, didn't work.

  • I'll try if it works

  • +1

    cbf, just make another account

    • +1

      amazon just blocks the account once it detects same card was used😪

      • +7

        It's more than that, they don't even offer the free trial before you even give a card number so they are looking at IP address, device IDs and cookies etc

        • Is this true? I'm thinking to create new account…… I can use different credit card but it's the same laptop

          • +2

            @ChiMot: Most subscription services have implemented checks like this now for their free trials, like Netflix. I'd be surprised if Amazon hadn't.

            IP Address, device ID, cookies, browser version, installed plugins, your OS - is all information that is generally passed over the internet as defined by various protocols such as HTTP. Add payment details and address to the mix and it's pretty easy for them to identify you.

            If you can't get another free trial - try using your phone, on mobile data - with a different credit card as well, I'd be surprised if it doesn't work

        • IP address, device IDs and cookies are easily bypass. They mostly look at shipping address and card payments.

      • +2

        Interesting, I'm onto my third new account with prime using the same credit card.

        • +2

          I just signed up different email, same card and same address and it allowed me a new trial!

          • +1

            @iNeed2Pee: You would think address is a poor measure - what if you're in a shared house? You'd think Bezos would want all of them to get hooked.

            • @y2k: Bezos doesn't even flush his own toilet lol

        • +1

          I'm on my 5th new account using same card, address and emails with +1,2.. Dunno if another +5 would work again, but ill think id pay for prime since its worth it

          • @soggypotato: That trick email plus one only works with Gmail right? Not Yahoo?

            • @ChiMot: Looks like Yahoo supports disposable emails though, and it's a bit more elegant than the + notation.
              I personally use email forwarders on a custom domain which works pretty well too. Although you can't beat free with gmail and Yahoo.

              • @TheBooleanOne: wohoo will try to make 2nd account today to get free trial..


        • +2

          I think they have a 5 account limit, before the system starts flagging for dodgy stuff going on.

          Getting around 5 new free trial accounts was easy for me. After that, it's now become progressively harder and harder for me to get new free trials, to the point where I've almost given up.

          The last time I got a new free trial, I had to use the following convoluted method:

          (1) Create a new email account
          (2) Go to Amazon & use the Firefox Quick Cookie Manager add-on to: (a) Search for amazon & clear all found cookies (b) delete current site cookies (c) delete current context cookies.
          (2) Close the current Amazon tab. Do NOT use Private window. Use a new normal Firefox tab.
          (3) Go to Amazon again. Click on "Try Prime" and then the "Amazon Trial" box
          (4) Sign up for a new account. If everything is going OK, then it won't ask for a mobile phone number.
          (5) Use https://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/AU_Real_Random_Address to put in a fake address and phone number

          After following the above steps, I got another free trial.

          The next problem I came up against was that I bought a box of Coke using a $20 gift card (and of course, the shipment address was my real name and address). I had originally bought the physical gift card using another one of my Amazon accounts (which was under my real name).

          After a day, not only was my order cancelled, but Amazon also 'seized' my gift card balance. The email claimed that I was suspected of having 'bought' the gift card from someone else, and the gift cards were supposed to be non-selleable to other people.

          I dunno. Maybe, I might have been more successful using a new credit/debit card, but I haven't tried since then, because the whole experience left me a little bit upset with Amazon, and I now do most of my shopping of small items on eBay.

          The Prime video inclusion is no use to me because I can get a much better selection of shows on Pir^te B^y, and shipping is free anyway, when I buy a large item above $39.

          • @vikvance: damn it asked for phone number and then send OTP

  • +7

    Prime day is coming up soon

    • +1

      13th and 14th Oct

  • Thank you!

  • +2

    Perfect timing. My free trial was ending tomorrow. I changed to monthly and then it came up with the 30 day extension offer.

    Thanks heaps for re-sharing!

  • +1

    its asking me to pay. no trial period.

    • I think once youve used that option you wont get it again

  • ye i found this out by accident, pre good lol

  • Does this stack with the 3 month Audible deal?

  • +1

    I noticed some times need to try a couple times for the second trial to show up.

  • Doesn't seem to work anymore?

    Followed the first method, and it worked. Awesome!

  • Why is it 3 days before the plan ends? Does the extra 30 days start from the day you extend or does it start from the original last day ?

    • I did it when it was due to expire tomorrow and it worked for me.

    • I went to check after seeing this. End of trial is today. Cancelled and got the extra 30 days

  • Thanks OP. My trial is expiring tomorrow, changed billing to yearly went to cancel but didn't work so changed billing to monthly and tried again, it worked.

  • I just did it and it worked :D

    Perfect timing for prime day !!

    Cheers mate 👍👍

  • +1

    Is express shipping really express shipping in Vic?

    • I find their estimate arrival time is quite accurate compare to eBay.

      • +1

        ebay? Delivery: Estimated between Wed. 4 Nov. and Tue. 1 Dec.

  • Is the cancel button the "end membership button"?

    Edit - Never mind, i just clicked on it and it worked. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Can I get a free trial if i already had one in the past?
    Because I can click through to the start free trial page but I am concerned it will charge me anyway.

    • Only 1 for each email address. Even if you get charge, contact CS they will refund you if you did not use any prime Benefit

    • +1

      I just did another free trial with the same account after leaving a gap of around 2 years since leaving Prime; I was offered the chance to test Prime membership at that email address after around 9 months.

      • Same here but couldn’t get the additional 30 days second time around

        • +1

  • it worked for me just now

  • +3

    Just tried on my account, I previously cancelled prime trial instantly (when joining). But then just continued membership after seeing the deal. I then clicked cancel membership and switched to yearly. Then I clicked cancel again, and was offered 30 day extension.

    Note: I had 5 days left on my trial.

  • +5

    Just missed this. Signed up for a year @ $59 the other day. Even though that’s full price, I think it’s pretty good for what you get. Much cheaper than Netflix and you get more than just endless true crime!

  • my trial ends today, it didn't work for me

    • What have you tried not working?

      • tried to switch to annual as stated above but it didn't allow me to do it, perhaps I left it until too long to try and cancel.
        Just cancelled with the hope it would come up with the extension of trial but unfortunately nothing, it just cancelled.

        • i just use it with 1 day left today

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Maybe it makes a difference if it ends today :(
            When I try to switch to annual plan I get the following message:
            "Important Message: Due to a technical problem, we could not process your request completely. Please check after a few minutes."

            I was actually considering keeping Prime also, but the extra months trial would've been great.

    • +1

      I thought mine wasn't working as my trial ends tomorrow but eventually it did. What worked was was to cancel my membership, come back a bit later and sign up for the yearly billing, attempt to cancel again and then it offered me the cheeky 30 day extra. good luck.

  • fuc****** created new email, join amazon and not even offered trial.
    may need to try from different computer/browser

    2nd attempt, different browser same computer.
    this time asking for mobile to send OTP which i dont have second number. argggh

    • You need to clear browser history and cookies, try to use incognito window

      • Incognito window doesn't seem to work for me. (Maybe it's just some Firefox quirk.)

        But deleting Amazon cookies works.

        You don't need to delete browser history. I don't think an external website can check this.

        • still not going to try from mobile, with mobile data , with new browser (no cookies yet)
          new email
          update:edit: again, asking for mobile number….

          maybe it recognise yahoo disposable format?

    • +1

      Just use your phone until you have get prime trial working, then you can order on whatever devices. Much easier

  • AMAZON AU: I was played for a sucker

    • +3

      I get your points but potentially 2x$5 saving

    • +2

      Would you save $6.99 for 15 second effort? I would, not sure about you.

      It is the principal not to pay for prime and get prime Benefit. Sour grapes?

  • Just a heads up guys. I had Amazon Prime free trial for 60 days (including 30 days extension) in 2019. Today, logged into Amazon AU and one of the front page banners said take your 30 day free trial and they again gave me 30 days free trial again. I used the same credit card as I used previously.

    You can also try and update it here. If it works, someone can also post this as a deal.

    Getting ready for Prime Day!

    • Not for me, unfortunately. I get prompted to pay.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. My scenario was a combination of Options 1 & 2.

    3 days before trial ends, go to cancel and when a message to change a plan appears, click the button to switch >to annual ($59).
    1 day before trial ends, go to your account to cancel membership.
    On the second page of cancellation process, notice an offer for a 30-day extension and accept it.

  • +2

    Thanks to "acceptAndExecutePromotion()"

    All 3 days out
    Just try to cancel, take them up on Annual offer.
    It says successfully changes, but after your free trial you will be billed.
    Then go and modify -> Click cancel -> Offer of promotion just for you will be shown. Accept the extra 30 days.

    Do it all on the same day.

    • +1

      Did this today with 1 day until my first 30 day membership expired and it worked. Many thanks.

  • +2

    Thanks! My prime expires in 3 days & could extended for another 30 days.

    I first tried on app, switched to annual payment, proceeded to 2nd step of cancellation but the extension offer didn't show up. I then switched to monthly payment and followed the same step, but no extension offer. (Repeated 3-4 times by switching annual & monthly)

    It worked when I changed the payment on Internet browser (on Safari), proceeded to 2nd step and there came the 30 days extension offer!
    So people who can't see the offer on app, try on internet browser and see if it works.

    • Did you mean change payment card for prime?

  • +1

    My free trial expires tomorrow. Cancelled it then got a 30 day extension.

  • Didn't work for me. Went through a loop of canceling and extending to yearly payments about 4 times but never got a message for a 30 day extension.
    Have just left it to cancel in 2 days.

    • Wait until the last day

      • 1 day left and still doesn't work for me. Just an endless cancel - switch to annual - cancel - switch to monthly loop. Never gives the option for another 30 days. So I have left it to cancel in 1 day.

    • Worked for me in app

  • Second method didn't work but the first did!

    • +1


      Option 2 didn't come up, Option 1 worked.

      The process is:

      Cancel trial subscription, then switch to Annual Payment $59, then Cancel again and the Extend for another 30 days shows up.

  • Thanks 1 method worked for me

  • Yep, the 1st method just worked for me too


  • 1st method still working.

  • I had 5 days to go still but thought I'd try it out.

    • Changed to annual payment
    • Clicked End membership
    • Clicked continue to cancel
    • Got offered an additional 30 days of free trial. Now my trial ends in 35 days.
  • i paid for yearly prime on one account last year, and few days ago created new email/account to get new trial.

    register all good, but when i go to the prime section i dont see any "trial" being offered.

    went to do a chat, the staffs said dont worry just click join, put your credit card, and i will credit a month fee to you, therefore you get 30 days free trial.
    now when i go to my account i can see:
    prime plan monthly aud 6.99
    renewal date 3 Dec 2020
    and i dont get any charges on my credit card.

    is this normal?

    • You may see it in a few days but you can always ask CS to refund.

      You need to clear cookies before you sign up

      • ok i'll watch my CC statement out for the fee.
        it was brand new laptop - worked out okay it didnt ask for SMS during signing up

    • if no trial is being offered on a new account, it means amazon systems detected multiple accounts had been created on the same device / ip address / credit card / address

      • brand new laptop / ip is dynamic / different cc / havent put the address yet i think.

        for anyone who sign up for month to month, do we need to pay in advance? no charges yet on my CC already a week.. hmm ok will do online chat

        • either you have signed into your other accounts on the same device so it's detecting that also. no idea how it works but if you have multiple accounts then that's the reason it's not being offered.

          and yes, if you sign up month to month, it will charge you on the day of signup and renewal.

          • @skido: nope, this is brand new laptop i had intention to get second trial so didnt use to log with old account previously.

            alright, now after going to the tax invoice section i can see a refund on the same day as my signing date, so the staff must be able to remove the charges before it hit my credit card.

            so yeah, same thing, free one month.
            will see early next month if i can get second one or not, probably not - if not then i drop prime on this and just re-join/pay for a yearly on my old account