This was posted 1 year 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Star Wars: Squadrons $34.95 (After $15 off Coupon) @ Epic Games


Star Wars: Squadrons is $34.95 at EGS if you still have the $15 coupon from Rocket League deal or MEGA Sale.

The coupons did not work until now as pre-orders were ineligible.

Note: activation of game from EGS on Origin is currently broken. Seems to be affecting everyone. No fix yet.

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    Aquiring this coupon is the deal. A game you can use it on is not.

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      How many people used their coupons? Happy for you to show me a better deal if one exists ;)

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        i have 2 coupons still. running out of time to use.

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          Same here, a good time to use it for this game.

        • I'll take one :D

      • If you use your $15 coupon, it will renew itself until expiration date

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      If I hadn't already bought the game yesterday on steam, I'd have appreciated the heads up on getting a new release at this price.

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        Just cancel your order and get a refund? Steam are generally quite good with refunds

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        How is this targeted? Anyone can get the coupon from Rocket League.

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            @shamowfski: That anyone can get for FREE. Nobody can not get it.

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      I would thought many Ozbargainers would already claimed the free copy of GTA V back in May, they would still have that $15 coupon in possession. The deal has 2k+ up votes and was clicked nearly 21k times. The coupon keeps nenewing each time you use it and will be expired in November.

      Not to mention the most recent Rocket Leagues coupon

      Acquiring these coupons are almost a given. Unless you're not a frequent Ozb user or first time visiting this website πŸ™ƒ

      • Got the free game but no coupon? Help please ? Wouldnt mind trying the game for $35.

        • +1

          Contact Epic support?

      • Have you actually tried this? I think this might be wrong.
        The coupon kept renewing itself during the Mega Sale (and did also in the previous Mega Sale) but after the sale ended once you use the coupon that is it. No more renewing. That was the case in the last Mega Sale and I would be surprised if this was any different.
        Please report back once you used the coupon you had and let us know if you automatically got a new one.

    • -7

      I agree. Voting this down on those terms

    • -8

      I agree, the coupon is the deal, not this. This is a suggestion on to how to spend a coupon, it is not a bargain itself.

      • +4

        Where were you guys when these "suggestions" were posted?
        Example 1
        Example 2
        Example 3
        Example 4

        The list goes on..

        • I personally didn't see them, it doesn't invalidate the point being made though does it? This post, and your examples, are how to spend coupon from another deal, it isn't actually a bargain itself. I think it would make more sense to have a list of games that are now cheapest with the codes, rather than individual games.

          Though thinking about it, in the past I've compiled a list of games that are on sale and got next to no upvotes, then someone takes one game out from the list and makes it a post and it gets tons of upvotes. Perhaps highlighting individual popular games is just the way people prefer it. To me, a list seems more efficient. Hmmm.

          • @FabMan: Personal reference is hardly the common goal.

            • @Scythic: "Where were you guys"

              I can't speak for everyone else, so I answered as I could. Don't ask questions if you don't want answers.

      • +2

        With you guys, not a deal. Its standard pricing.

        You could literally post the same deal for every game on EGS.

        • well you could, but the voucher doesn't work for games priced under $22.99

    • By itself the coupon is not a bargain. It has to be combined with a purchase to make it a bargain

      It's like the eBay coupon codes that get posted here and then followed up by suggestions on what to use it on to get a "bargain".

      • +1

        So did you downvote the coupon deal for not being a bargain?

    • Already pissed off, ordered through Amazon, but will not receive until OCT 14 purchased Sep 30th.

  • Thanks. I bought a number of the purchases back in May and still have the $15 coupon…hadn't even thought about it.

  • +5

    Is anyone else having issues redeeming? I bought within epic but it launches Origin, then just pops up with enter cd key for 'un-named' or something similar

    edit - and it shows as 'unavailable' on the epic store now?

    • +4

      Yeah not working for me either. Multiple threads of people having the same problem on /r/starwarssquadrons

      EA or Epic didn't do something right.

    • Okay I'm glad I'm not alone on this one! Maybe we have to wait for it to unlock for US?

    • same issue here

    • same boat. nothing in the email from epic either

    • Me too!
      I'm getting as far as:
      Epic games launcher > SW squadrons > click install
      automatically launches Origin
      Origin complains:
      "Unable to Redeem Product Code"
      "Sorry, there was an issue redeeming your code. Please try again in a few minutes."
      can't get any further.

    • This has been resolved now (I'm downloading the game atm), just restart your EA client and it should work!

  • Just be aware, several people including me have reported an issue with activating it on origin at the moment via Epic.

    • +1

      Maybe they use US time, so it means they're still 1st Oct over there, maybe you should be able to activate it tomorrow, which will be 2 Oct release date in the US? As on steam still showing pre-load order atm.

  • The coupon wouldn't activate for me WTF?

    • Argh now it's applying on checkout after I already purchased from EA.

  • Nice deal, though Origin is such POS. Intentionally avoided it for this release. If not for the killer price here getting via Steam is preferable.

  • +2

    Thanks for reminding me about my coupon. Bought it but having issues with Origin….

  • had two coupons and used it on this early this morning .. hehe great minds :)

  • darn just bought for 49.99 on Steam

    • +3


  • Damn, I was hoping you could stack coupons. Getting it anyway :D

  • Thanks!!!

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    How does this work when using VR? I plan to use HP G2 HMD and hotas to play this, will it work okay?

    • Pretty sure you can use it via SteamVR even though its on Epic.

    • I was going to use th is coupon via Epic, but Epic doesnt have VR integration like Steam VR. So I ended up buying in Steam.

      Not sure if the game would appear on your steam list if in Epic. Didn't want to risk it.

      VR for me so no compromise.

      • +1

        There are tutorials online for SteamVR thru Epic.

    • +1

      FYI majority of negative steam reviews appear to be around HOTAS and VR issues

    • A friend said he had issues with targeting and the reticle lining up on a reverb, I had nothing like that.
      I did get stuck on the 1st rebel mission where the next mission way point wouldn't trigger, and the guy I had to follow ended up looping around me as I was following him.

      But - looks amazing in vr but chews the 2080ti processing, rtx memory and cpu not so much.
      Also when locked at 90fps some of the fighting ships definitely not flying around my fov at 90.

      Edit: yeah pita setting up my hotas warthog and pedals….

  • If damn Fallen Order would Drop to $50 i'd love to use my coupon on that

    • I bought this recently for around $35 - when I checked out it said I had a coupon (wasn't complaining - no idea how it happened) - perhaps have a crack? Haven't played games in years, but the story in Fallen Order (and the visual experience) is better than the last 6 Star Wars Movies (except Rogue One - that was great)!

  • Down to 39 in the line for EA support boys! Will let you know how I go.

    • behind 38 other people with the same issue I suspect!

    • Meh EA Support were useless. They ignored the fact it is a widespread issue and told me to talk to Epic Games.

      • +1

        Hilarious and expected. Hope you were able to squeeze in a rant about EA being a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

        • +1

          Epic told me to talk to EA lol

  • +3

    (Once it's fixed) Can someone confirm if the Epic version works with VR?

    • Can't see why it wouldn't

    • The Epic Store listing states "Supports VR", and other Epic Store games have no prob. Usually they'll just boot up Steam VR when you launch the game.

      • that's good to know! I've been playing this morning through a Steam copy, with a Logitech Pro Joystick, picked it up for this game… my gosh it's breathtaking to fly around in an X-Wing in VR with a joystick, so immersive :D

        • what joystick do you recommend for this?

          • +3

            @plentifoo: I can't really recommend as it's my first ever joystick and owned for less than 24 hours, but I grabbed the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick as a lot of reviews said it's pretty much the nokia of joysticks and never dies

            I got the amazon deal a few weeks back but it was still on backorder yesterday, so I cancelled it, went to JB and got them to take $10 off, $79 and has provided an excellent amount of fun so far.

            • +2

              @camshandez: Can't believe that's still in production! It's literally their most recent joystick and came out in 2003!

              • @AXiS: yeah I was seeing reviews for it on YouTube from back then thinking "am I missing something" but yeah I figured if anything was going to have out of the box support that model must haha

                • @camshandez: Does the new version still require LGS 5.x? (Meaning I have three different versions of LGS installed at the moment).

                  • @WarWraith: umm I checked and I have v 9.02 installed but that's for my G502 hero mouse… the joystick doesn't even show in that, and I can't see any older versions installed.

                    In Control Panel it shows Game Controllers > Logitech Extreme 3D, seems maybe Windows 10 just natively supports it by downloading basic drivers.

                    • @camshandez: what do you use for the throttle then?

                      • @plentifoo: There's a black flappy thing at the front. You can see it on the front of the Joystick. That auto maps as throttle, and just stays at the amount it's pushed to.

                • +1

                  @camshandez: I've had that joystick for at least 12 years and it's still going fine.

  • +4

    Also the Total War: Troy Amazons DLC is out if you haven't claimed it free yet.

  • Title should include price without coupon first, then coupon price.

  • i have a quest 2 pre-ordered - this sounds like it'll be fun

  • Is this game good? Would like some OzB opinions.

    • +1

      It's good.

    • its

    • Yes, as someone old enough to have played and finished all the old original X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, and X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter games from the mid 90’s this game feels to me like a modern remake by using mostly the same game formula as those. The briefing rooms, the ship mechanics of selecting between shields/blasters/engine during dogfights, the inspecting of cargo ships, the lengthy missions are all pulled directly from the originals. The formula worked well then as it does now. Add in the story and it’s a very good game. Bringing the joy of the originals to a modern audience.

  • -1

    I have a feeling this sale price for DRONE is related to the launch of Squadrons, A$6.87 seems like a great price for a game still in Early Access.

    • the devs of drone seem to have just bought lots of positive votes and comments on r/gaming. very, very shady

  • +3

    So does Epic support this game in VR or not?

    • I heard not (at this stage), but was a bit wishy washy. Would love solid confirmation

  • having troubles installing this. epic made me install origin but after i've created an account in origin, it is asking me to provide a product code to install an unindentified game. anyone?

    • Yes many people including myself are facing this issue - see above.

    • Don't bother talking to EA support cos they're (profanity) useless

    • ah right, i'll just try tomorrow then :)

    • It isn't Epic making you install a competitors service, that is EA making you install Origin.

  • +2

    Any1 found a good HOTAS deal to go with? :D

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