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Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Model B $106.26 Delivered @ RS Online


I was looking for RPI 4 8GB model and plan to use it as a desktop PC.

It seems to be the lowest price I can find at the moment.

Update 1: I got extra 10% off with the code.
Update 2: When checkout, it doesn't show 10% off. But it should be 10% off after the confirmation of payment.
Update 3: Make sure that it's the first order from a new account.

Warning: The terms of the 10% off first purchase state:

This offer is NOT applicable to Test and Measurement, all Fluke, Raspberry Pi branded products and 3D printers (3D Brands include RepRapPro, Ultimaker, 3D Systems). 3D printer exclusion extends to Scanners, Software and Filaments from RS, Verbatim and 3D Systems.

Please be aware that the orders may not be honoured. Credit to colaman.

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    You must have a very small desk

    • +13

      It's not about the size

      • +5

        I dunno, I think the 8GB would certainly be more fulfilling that the 4GB.

  • +20

    OP you'd be much better off with an ex-corp SFF.

  • +3

    It is good for many purposes, but desktop pc, really? For over $100?

    • +3

      I guess for some people like myself it's the novelty of the thing. It's far from perfect but good for tinkering with.

      The Pi 3 running quake at 100fps @720p:

      Very keen to see what they get out of the Pi 4.

      • -2

        Quake is an old game

        • +1


  • +2

    Not really into these kind of technologies but was just wondering what people use these for? Mainly just curious about the stuff you can do with these little things 🤔

    • +1

      what people use these for?

      Kitchen timer.

      • +10

        Only timer that takes longer to set than to go off

    • +6

      This litteral gets asked every time a Raspberry Pi deal is posted. I suggest reading past deals, or Googling "uses for a raspberry pi".

      It's a small Linux PC, so it can be used for countless things.

      • Or you could just answer him nicely instead of the douche reply

        • +3

          Umm my answer was nice. Both my suggestions will provide some examples of the limitless uses of the device.

    • +12

      Web server
      Plex media server
      Print server

      Just to name a few projects.

      • +7

        Using mine just for Pihole at the moment and its amazing! Wish I'd done it earlier.

        • +1

          wasn't aware of Pihole until now, thanks it looks like something i dearly need.

          • +8

            @PrasangaD: Just note that the pi zero W for $20, or even the $10 pi zero with a usb ethernet adapter ($10-15) also run pihole perfectly well.

            • @DisabledUser58080: Thanks for the heads up! 8GB or even 2GB would be an overkill for that I suppose. I’d go for the cheapest with Ethernet port already on it. Cheers!

              Edit: just got what you meant, W means only wireless. That should not be a prob

              • +1


                just got what you meant, W means only wireless. That should not be a prob

                That's not quite right. The "W" adds wifi connectivity to the normal Pi Zero. They both can use a wired connection, if you have the right usb-ethernet adapter.

          • +3

            @PrasangaD: PiHole also runs very nicely in Docker on a NAS or server, if you already have the hardware.

            • +3

              @Judicat0r: I was concerned that pi-hole logging prevents the HDDs from sleeping, so instead I use an rPi zero W and log2ram to minimise sd card write frequency.

              • @lunchbox99: Good point worth considering. I have a large SSD cache so not a problem in my circumstance. Thanks for pointing out a potential limitation for others.

            • @Judicat0r: I do have! few of em lol..thanks for the tip! I need to do more on my pihole research i guess.. but i wouldn't mind spending $20 for a pi zero w just for the sake of having my first pi!

          • +1

            @PrasangaD: You can also run pihole on Debian/Ubuntu if you have an older machine already doing other things.

            • @JPerez: looks like i don't need a pi to have pihole at all… lol thanks!

        • +1

          You can set up pihole in the Google Cloud for free, then you can use it on any internet connection

          • @frazel: Can you please elaborate on it? Any step by step guide?

        • +1

          you able to block youtube ads ? I m having a hard time

    • +2

      I used mine for various small projects such as a torrent box, Chromecast audio alternative, surveillance camera, pihole (ad-blocker), TV server, media server and retro gaming console. But, these days my Pi just sits in the drawer collecting dust.

    • +1

      I refurbished an old radiogram and have a pi in there to allow streaming/ airplay. I am currently in the process of building an arcade cabinet and will have a raspberry pi in it running retropi. A mate of mine has one that he is using to run Home Assistant at his house. You're really only limited by your imagination with these.

      • +2

        A workmate uses his raspberry pi to automate the lights at his house.

        • +1

          I do the same. Home Assistant has an image for raspberry pi's. Not exactly user friendly but it works. I even have it turning the room lights off/on when I play/stop movies on Plex.

    • +1

      You can load Chromium OS via FrydeOS builds directly into the 4, to give you the equivalent of Chromebox functionality including web apps, Android support and more.

    • +5

      Mine is collecting data from electricity meter (counts blinks with the light-sensitive resistor) and solar inverter (via RS232) for the last 5 years. And then posts it all to

    • Home assistant, it can't really do much more while running it but it handles all the home automation.

      • IDK why home assistant would use much resources.

        • It's got a lot to keep track of I guess
          I've got 3 blinds, ~20 lights, 3 ceiling fans, temp and humidity sensors, door sensors, cameras, climate control, speakers, tvs, IR blasters, RF blasters, wall plugs, plant monitoring, pc monitoring, zigbee, plex and spotify all running through it.
          Basically it has to connect/monitor the state of all those things so any automations can run so it chews up a lot of memory and cpu doing so.

    • Home automation (Home Assistant), Retro Games (Retropie, Recalbox), Octoprint (3D printer control), Media player, Ad remover (PiHole). Just to name a few.

    • +7

      I currently have nine of these (Pi's, not pi4s - altough I do have three of the 4s) - What do they do - 1 is a Pi-hole - it's. an ad-filter for the whole of the home lan (about 35 devices). then I have a PBX - all calls come in, so no voice spam from india (This also backends to a cloud based PBX - so that when on the road, I can have full home phone functionality. one is an SDR (software defined Radio) - I listen for air-plane signals and stuff on it. another front ends my 3D printer. another is set up as a Docker Server to handle small bits and pieces around home automation A lot of which I run on docker on my Synology NAS, but might get a NUC to offload to. Another is configured as a Travel Router. When I travel, it's both an access point, vpn tunnel to home etc. makes public wifi safe(r). Another is a general development server - I am thinking about having it set up with ML to recognize people around the house and act accordingly. THen I have a hacking/pen testing pi - running a souped up Kali install. Lastly I have an old original model Pi One - I am "old school" IT - learned my craft on PDP11's and VAXs - it is set up as an Emulator, running Operating Systems that were around before MS was a fart in Gates' brain. One of these? Maybe a desktop - my normal desktop is a macbook pro, but a Pi4/8 is seriously grunty - THere is a mob out of singapore that do a nice case which includes a Sata Adaptor, a chip cooler etc for about $50 - that, a Pi 4/8 and an SSD, and you have some serious horsepower.

      • PABX any good on the Pi ? I use to run a Asterisks box on an old AMD XP1700 but havent got it up and going again after moving hours 8 odd years ago.. just use my Sipura ATA

        • I have Pi2 running Asterisk with Huawei dongle with simcard in another country and use the app Zoiper on my phone. I can place/receive calls/SMS quite convenient, this app supports push notifications.

    • media center mostly - and learning how to use Linux etc.

    • NAS and Plex or Jellyfin media server.

  • -3

    Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Model B $118.06

    Rumors from Cupertino that there might soon be an Apple Raspberry Pi…

    • +6

      An Apple Pi you say?

      • +3

        If you sideload Android 9.0, it is Apple Pie.

        • Pie flavoured Pi aye

  • 8gb seems overkill for the power of the ARM cpu? Curious to what memory intensive tasks you would throw at it that wouldn’t be bottlenecked by the cpu? I’m running a PI 4b with 2GB of ram to run a Plex server and Homebridge server and it’s awesome! Can even transcode a few streams at once. Doesn’t even max out the 2GB. Much cheaper too.

    • +1

      my plex setup on the pi4 2b is abysmal.
      using roku4 plex player, streams 10 seconds, buffers 20 seconds. both are connected via ethernet.
      is there a wiki page to troubleshoot my issue?

      • +2

        Oh really? Are you running headless? I'm running raspian lite in headless mode on a 32gb good quality SD (plex needs a quite a few GB for library files), a simple mounted external USB 3.0 drive with all my content. I can play content with no buffering on my Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and windows laptop (browser), all of them transcoding 1080 h264 content…. haven't started collecting 4k content yet if that's the issue for you? My family also remotely connect from interstate without issues too.

      • +2

        You must be transcoding (a lot). Pi4 uses software transcoding and it can struggle and buffer if pushed hard. I previously run Plex on Pi3 with no problems either (when not transcoding).
        I use Plex on Telstra TV2 (Roku 4 - 47000TL) and my server is Pi4. Files are stored on ancient (12 year old) QNAP NAS - mounted as a share on Pi4. So all the content is pulled over ethernet by the Pi4 from QNAP and then streamed to Plex on Roku (wi-fi).
        As added degree of difficulty, the same Pi4 is running Homeassitant controlling heaps of Smat Home devices - mix of straight wi-fi, MQTT and Z-wave (eg. sockets, light switches, lamps, thermostats, sensors, garage opener, roller shutters, door lock…).

        I have no problem playing 1080p - even simultaneously to 3x Telstra TVs. I've set Plex client to force "Direct Play" and try to always use x264 files when possible (to avoid transcoding). x265 videos can also play but they invoke transcoding and Pi4 can only cope with a single stream. Subtitles can also be a problem - use only SRT or download subtitles directly through Plex client to avoid transcoding.

        Anyhow, try the following settings in your Plex client on Roku:


        • Direct Play: Force
        • Allow Direct Stream: Tick
        • Maximum H.264 Level: 4.1


        • Burn Subtitles: Only Image Formats
        • Thanks mate.
          that did it.
          it's not running headless but now it plays smoothly.
          also installed pihole while I was tweaking 😁

    • +7

      You could run these and more in Docker with a 64bit host.
      Home assistant
      Node Red
      Blue Iris

      And any service that is on demand. You don't use all these at once, but you can have them all available at the same time.

      • I believe Home Assistant doesn't work with 8gb variant of the Pi - but would it be able to run on an 8gb with Docker?

        • It does work with the 8GB variant now.

      • noob question here, how does docker compare to just running the app directly on raspian? Like I have an old Pi 2 which just runs Pi-Hole but I've never played with docker, I just installed Pi-hole from a repo.

    • Exactly what I thought. I always run out of CPU before RAM

  • +4

    esxi arm fling here i come

    • Such good timing.

    • thats what I'm here for as well!

  • +2

    code not working anymore …. comes up as $118 inc gst

    • I got the same using the guest checkout - maybe you need to set up an account for the discount?

    • It was shown $118 inc GST when I made the payment.

      But the confirmation email only said $106.26 after 10% code.

      Confirmed with my credit card charge

  • +1

    I am still waiting for the "Fast Tech" shipment to get here from this deal
    If only I had not ordered that one, I would have preferred this 8GB

  • I mean this or SFF. I just want to run Pi Hole or something for these invasive ads on a teeny weeny mobile screen!

    • +3

      for pihole. This raspberry pi 4 with 8GB of ram is overkill. Even the raspberry pi 3b with 2GB ram will do.

    • +1

      If it's just Pi Hole, this (or a cheaper lower spec model) is way smaller than even the smallest SFF. You can tuck it away pretty much anywhere.

    • +2

      as mentioned in earlier comments, a Rpi0 is plenty for Pi Hole

      • Yup, my Pi-hole is a Zero (plain) with an edimax dongle. Serves a home lan of 35 devices (where did they all come from…)

      • My pi-hole is an old raspberry pi 1b (with 2 X USB ports, not 4, and a full size SD card). It also runs PiVPN OpenVPN server with zero issues at all.

        But my NEW project from this weekend was using a Pi3B as a Hyperion (Ambilight) controller - LEDS around the outside edge of the TV are awesome.

  • Code working for anyone ?

    • It should work. Check my updated comment.

      • So it shows that Total amount is $118 but will charge only $106 ?

        Payment typeMasterCard, Ending with 5278
        Promotional Code FIRST10 10% off your FIRST order

        Goods total $107.33
        Delivery Free
        GST $10.73

        So even if it shows $118.06 it will charge only 106.26 ?

        • Yep $106.26 was what I was charged

  • Placed an order, confirmation email still shows $118.06 ! What did OP's email say ? Hate communicating with seller if this is not honoured.

    RS Stock No. Qty Unit Price Goods Value Description
    182-2098 1 $107.33 $107.33 Raspberry Pi 4 B 8GB
    Running Total $107.33  
    Delivery charge $0.00  
    GST $10.73  
    Order total $118.06  

    Grand total: $118.06

    • same amount came up for me too

    • Did you use a new account to checkout?

    • My email from them

      Raspberry Pi 4 8G Model B
      Stock no.: 1822098
      Qty: 1
      Your Part Numbers:
      Cost centre:
      Fulfilment Country: GB
      Delivery Date:
      1 Delivered 15/10/2020
      Running Total $107.33
      Discount -$10.73
      Order Total (excl. GST) $96.60

      • Yes i made a new account and added the promo code which is even listed in the confirmation email i received back but the Grand Total is still $118.06

        • Yep new account and coupon applied successfully !
          OP, can you try with a new account and see what it says !

      • You were lucky. It goes against their t&cs that you got the discount. I don't think you should list this as a bargain because you got lucky.

    • GST!?

  • It seems like there's no way to add the promotional code on the mobile site, you need to use the desktop site. Still shows the total amount at $118.06 though, fingers crossed that it worked.

  • Does this come with a power supply and a case? Isn't it cheaper to buy these together with the board?

    • +2

      very rarely are "starter packs" good value for money.

  • Argh, just bought a 2GB model last night for $80…. sigh

    • +2

      You saved $26 !!!

      • 2g model is ~$66 on element14

  • I'm struggle to see why this is a good deal. IMHO, perhaps, it's a good deal for anyone who already has other accessories for a Pi (e.g: power supply, fan, case, etc.). Because I can easily find a Pi 4 8Gb kit (including a bunch of "must-have" accessories) at ~$150 on Amazon. Am I right or missing something here?

    • +1

      Thats a 4GB kit, the 8GB kit uses a new version of the motherboard which have the USB and BT issues fixed. So $20 or so premium for 8GB is really worth it. You cant have enough RAM, 8GB means you can run all of the homebrew you want :D

      • Ah yeah, your right. I definitely cannot read. It all makes sense now.

      • what about choosing a case & PSU ?
        will this new RPi 4B need heatsinks and the like ?

        how to get the 8GB kit as a bundle ?

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