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Target Type-C USB PD 18W 12000mAh Powerbank $14, Ultraslim Micro USB 6000mAh Powerbank $7 @ Target


Fast Charge Powerbank 12,000mAh $14

Was $39, then $20, now $14. Price Hipster

Available in 2 colours. Link to green

4 LED power indicators
2 x USB output ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously
Type-C to Type-C cable included
Capacity: 12,000mAh
Input: 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 12V=1.5A
Output: 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 12V=1.5A
USB-PD 18w Max
Model TC-12

Edit: USB-PD stated on box. Thanks coxymla.

Edit 9/10 1145am: The 12000mAh may no longer be available online, check with your local store as stock is still around.

Also available:

Ultra Slim Powerbank 6000mAh $7

Was $29, then $25, then $10, now $7. Although previously seen at 1 store on clearance for $5

Four LED power indicators
Rubber coating and ultra slim design
USB to micro USB cable included
Input: 5V-2.1A MAX
Output 1 & 2: 5V-2.4A MAX

This one looks older, no USB-C cable and it's 2.4A not 3A.

Available for C&C (+$3 or free with $20 spend) or in store.

Thanks to Pricehipster

Edit 26/10: Now down to $10 & $5

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +9

    I can justify this from my other 5 power banks I've already got because this is a high capacity USB C type. Thanks OP.

    • Don't forget 4% cashrewards

      • +2

        0.6% for electrical

  • +1

    The box does claim USB-PD on this.

    • so the unit can charge laptop with it?

      • Unlikely, most laptops won't charge off 12V profile.

  • +2

    WA stock levels:


    In Stock

    oh, the stock levels are different between the 2 colours. Brown has a few more stores with Limited stock. Good hunting!

  • +4

    Bought. Picking up from Southland.
    Showing stock in Chadstone and City.
    Please avoid Chadstone if you can. As there was an outbreak of coronavirus.
    Stay safe.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed 1.

  • Got both. The most impulse buy I have done all year.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought it simply to get the Type-C to Type-C cable!

    • any idea of length?
      going by the pic on back looks like the short one C to C

      • +1

        about 40cm. flat type so can be neatly wrapped around batterypack. feels thin but supports fast charge as well as data transfer

        • -1

          oh so you got it? which one

          • @capslock janitor: yes, the 12,000mah. that's the only one that comes with a C-C cable. i believe the 6000 has the old mini-USB cable

    • funny thing i dont even have TypeC walladapter XD

  • Thanks OP!

  • That colour is "Pink"..?! is my display failing me

    • +1

      It doesn’t look pink from what my display is showing too. If you are afraid it is really a pink colour, get the green.
      I am more afraid this powerbank would fry my devices :)

      • After the Kogan recall of their 20000ish mAh battery, I'd be more afraid if elcheapo batteries frying the house.

    • Yes, colour listed on the back of the box is pink (picture 6).

      • +1

        yeah thought it should be in the product header, but i found it in the "Check stores" button so weird

    • +1

      Just picked mine up. Can confirm it’s a very pale pastel pink.

  • +5

    The $20 threshold for Free Click & Collect is a killer for me. Why Target would disincentivise people purchasing from them by charging a $3 'administration' fee is beyond me. Target used to be a store of the people. Now it's only a store where big $20+ cashed up spenders can go.

    • +4

      Just buy anything to make up the amount and return it when you pick up your order.

      • is this missing a /sarcasm

        "big $20+ cashed up spenders"

        I mean really?

    • Because it actually costs money for their emoyees to do pick up the products off the shelf package it up for you and get it to you when you arrive. The other option is to just have a $20minium.

      • The upside for the merchant is that they get the customer into their store where they may make an impulse purchase. Surely that's worth more than the cost to pay their minimum-wage employee to pick and process the order.

        • Unless, you live in Melbourne where you can't physically go into the store. Under non-covid times I could understand it, but when there is no choice to go into the store and grab something off the shelf for a few dollars then businesses need to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase products and remove any barriers for purchasing. I can guarantee that it's not good for Target to have people wanting to buy something from them but not doing so due to a small item purchasing fee (which is essentially what it is). Target's business model relies on large sales of both low cost and mid cost items. It's not a boutique business that is providing specialist advice and that preferences less frequent large sales at the expense of lots of small ones. If Target execs are looking for ways to increase customer engagement then removing the fee would be a good place to start.

      • +1

        I ordered an $11 item from Big W and collected Free of charge.

        Target's cousin "Kmart" are also doing that stupid admin fee iirc

  • +1

    Ordered one of each. Thanks OP!

    • dammit missed out the Green while tossing up

  • Thanks OP!

  • Great price for a fast charge powerbank, ordered two (to get around the $3 "delivery" charge).

    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. I had a Target giftcard with a small balance left and could never find anything I wanted there any more.. so this was a great way to use it up and to buy a few gifts for family..

    A powerbank with a USB led makes a great emergency torch for summer (and lasts a lot longer than the AAA driven torches..)

  • +1

    Thanks op bought 2 of the $14 but only pink one which looks orange is in stock the green one I have to wait

    • looks orange is in stock the green one I have to wait

      Looks brown to me… why have to wait how's that work?

      • It’s actually a very light pastel pink colour.

      • So I can pick the poo colour one but wait for green to arrive another day

  • Ordered 2 for CnC from Unley (SA)

    • +1

      Online listing of stock isnt correct >> Unfortunately, due to stock availability item(s) within your order are not available from your selected store and will not be ready for collection within the estimated timeframe.

  • Thanx OP just bought 4 CnC $14 ones from Marion SA store - cheap Xmas prezzies :) - Let the Xmas shopping begin!

  • seems to have disappeared off the website for me. but even when it was up, stock was inaccurate. showed only pick at my local store but when i went there they had 2 green and stacks of pink (still there even after its off website for me). so if you're really keen on one, worth visiting the local store just in case.

    • Not showing in Search results.
      But I re-opened both from my History.
      My 2 closest saying "Limited stock" probs inaccurate like the peeps above.

      Click and collect
      Estimated ready to collect Friday 16 October
      Subject to availability. Out of stock items will be ready in 3 - 7 days.

      I took the gambles anyway, one of each.

  • I can see 12 mah online and got two from Target Marion, SA


  • Surprising!

    Good news XYZ, your items are ready for collection
    Ready to Collect
    Fast Charge Powerbank 12,000mAh
    Item Code: 62533386
    Qty: 1
    Fast Charge Powerbank 12,000mAh
    Item Code: 62533393
    Qty: 1
    Three simple steps to collect your order
    To support Stage 4 COVID restrictions, contact-free car park Click + Collect is available across all Target Melbourne metropolitan stores. Please contact the store upon arrival in the car park, and a team member will assist. More information

  • Last Target one (with wireless charging) died in 3 months. Not falling for the trap again. Would rather stick to Romoss/Xiaomi.

    • Yeh the Romoss is great value especially the 20000mAh SW-20 one. If the price drops down to ~$16 like back in September I will definitely grab one.

      • LINKY PLS

        • +1

          This deal, but it’s expired now. The current deal is $27.99. If you want to get it for below $20, you might have to wait for a better deal.

    • REFUND?

  • Just got my "Your order has been cancelled due to insufficient stock" email! Placed order last night. Hopefully others are more successful.

    • Same here cancelled no stock

    • I ordered same date when this posted. Just found get cancelled in the email not even has a reason…

  • If you're around the Sunshine Coast area, there's plenty at Sunshine Plaza. Got the green 12000mAh one and the slim 6000mAh one today.

    • How y'all how when the 12K unit is charging - does the lights do something?

      Also how long from 0 to 100 for the unit itself?

  • Ordered last night and picked mine up in Canberra today. Does anyone know how to get the power bank charging via USB-C to USB-C on macbook pro? Mine doesn't seem to charge the power bank and when I disconnect my USB-C power cord it starts charging the laptop :/

  • +1

    Scored one of these, quite impressed, supports quick charge on my Xiaomi redmi note 9pro, but not turbo charge, but that's 33 Watts anyway
    Charges quick to off Xiaomi power supply
    Very good for 14$👍

  • I picked up my what I now can say is a sort of a pastel summer tangerine colour.
    Now what a pleasant surprise: it is a USB C power input. Powerbanks triple the price of this still using USB B to input power now this thing uses USB C to input power - very progressive, this also mean that the power gets fed in much faster than a USB B and you can snap the USB C cable in either direction you won't damage anything.
    SO good is this I am getting rid of my HTC trusty 6000mAh power bank back then it was considered a gem when HTC phones ruled the world, yes it was umpteenth to the power of nth years ago and I got a Jackery one at 3000 mAh in a tube like mentos design for convenience from JB that was $39.95 and it was USB -B and only 3000mAh so yes this one is a really good purchase decision for me, good price and high power and USB C power input - makes all the difference

  • omg update
    safety hazard
    I was charging it and 2 LED lit and the 3rd flashng as it charges the powerbank but suddenly smoke came out and I immediately pull off my USB cable and then I could see red light coming out and the plastic casing slowly deformed and I could see fire coming so I threw the damn thing into the sink and turn on the tap and water washes it hiss hiss smoke everywhere
    OMG no wonder it was $14
    I will be taking this back to Target tomorrow

    • Any pics of the fried powerbank and are you still going to get the green one?

    • Wow

    • +1

      Damn that's alarming!

  • well I am not sure if this is a lemon or they are all lemons
    I can take a pic

    • I wouldn’t risk it. A $14 powerbank or a burnt house.

  • The whole apartment still smell burnt smoke of plastic, I have sprayed air freshener and turn fan and burn scented candles still smell like burnt plastic

  • +1

    Check this link




    • Interesting.

  • The first deal for me from Ozbargain from the depths of hellfire and brimstone!

  • Normally I don't even watch when powerbanks are charging but this one has flashing LED and luckily I was watching TV as it was charging on my wooden study table!!!!! eek!!!!
    I acted fast threw it into the sink and poured cold water
    otherwise what would it have been?

    The deal of a lifetime (Ozbargain told me to buy it) to remember!!!

    • +1

      Hope this is only an isolated incident otherwise they will need a recall.

  • +1

    So I went to return it to Target on Sunday and the minute I open the package the girl at the counter could smell burnt plastic right away ( so imagine my entire apartment) so they will give me a refund but not on the one that is coming due to no stock but I am able to return them soon as I go pick it up, just the way the system is they cannot do refunds or returns or cancel in the store for online purchases let alone things that have not even been received yet. Imagine how busy the store would be if every online customer comes in to get a cancel change of order want a refund etc - this is simply not possible !

    Next they filled out a form that got my details as it is a safety issue
    the general idea I got was ' no no…heavens no, absolutely not, we never have any complaints about these $14 powerbanks no maybe the $3 ones but not these expensive $14 ones, never this is the first time, it wil be recorded and until multiple people have been set alight and made it to complain to us then it will be put on a recall to the manufacturers meanwhile better luck next time for you, so sorry but no there hasn't been multiple lives at risks yet just one is not enough to initiate a recall.'

    In other words, we want to see blood before anything will be done. Typical response, why am I not surprise, customers beware that's all.

  • Anyone else found that they cannot charge it off a computer?
    Tried my laptop's USB-C port and a TB3 dock.

    • Mine charges fine via a USB-A to USB-C cable connected to a PC. It's slower than charging via a proper USB-C adapter though

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