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Dell 27" Curved FHD 144hz VA Freesync Monitor (S2721HGF) $284.30 Delivered @ Dell AU


Dell sales may start poping up on their AU website, especially seeing that this is only $5 more than the eBay deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565775.

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  • Wow this is really cheap

    • Agreed, Amazing deal, and Amazing monitor!

      Just need to see whats 'new' thats allowed VA panels to benefit from a 144hz controller!
      Lots of negs, but no helpful information yet…

      Nothing stops you enjoying 120hz or so modes and loving a crisper image in the mean time :D

      • They generally use backlight strobing to reduce motion blur.
        Yes VA panels have smudging, but to say that refresh rates above 75hz is just a gimmick is just plain wrong.

        Smudging with backlight strobing usually isn't that noticeable until a much higher refresh rate.
        Look up reviews of the 240hz Samsung G7 & G9, they are 240hz VA panels and are some of the best performing monitors you can buy.

        Generally a lot of negs on here means you are just plain wrong and haven't put the effort into source your comment, rather just spreading opinion.

        Samsung G7 review: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/samsung/odyssey-g7

        No Dell reviews are available to this level, but the G7 one is proof of concept.

        • I'd argue the other way.
          Usually it means the people voting are influenced by reviews or opinion, and lack the test equipment or panel design experience to explain otherwise.

          Smudging with backlight strobing usually isn't that noticeable until a much higher refresh rate.

          Absolutely 100% correct.
          I didn't see that on the specifications though, are you sure it's supported on this model?

          I've managed to overdrive a panel to 270hz with strobing and have it look 'crystal'; but I don't think that applies here.
          I also needed a FRUCKING HUGE heatsink on the FET's to keep the brightness up…….

          I guess it depends what controllers you usually import\use, but honestly, once you get over 90hz on VA panels, humans start to notice fast action blur. Certainly not all of them; but most will notice a softening above 120hz without strobing for almost certain.

          I really think people who neg things without an actual explaination, are inexperienced in development of the product, and are just following 3rd party reviews or opinion.

          If this is using strobing and we can ascertain the brand of controller, I may rethink my statement.

          But in my testing, over 90hz on VA, you're at risk of humans noticing.

        • Regardless, just bought 6 of them, so we'll see how they go in the cockpit simulator.

        • Generally a lot of negs on here means you are just plain wrong and haven't put the effort into source your comment, rather just spreading opinion.

          'public opinion' is easily manipulated and often wrong

          • @abctoz:

            source your comment

            It's also really hard to source yourself, when you're actually the one playing with the technology. lol
            I've had that a LOT online:
            "PROVE IT!"
            "Here's my address, see you soon"
            "I'll show you, see you soon"
            "F YOU!"

            It's far too common.

        • They generally use backlight strobing to reduce motion blur.

          Er no that is only available on selected expensive models.

      • Lots of negs, but no helpful information yet…

        i didnt neg. but i wudnt go with a 27” at 1080p scale.

      • That is a good deal.
        But I got this Dell one because I have to use $100 Dell Reward coupon, work out to be less than $184.

  • No mention here but you do get 6% Dell ShopBack at the moment right?

    If not Shopback, Smart Spending App also gives you 6% at the moment.

  • Is it a good monitor if you don’t play game?

    • at that price point? Yes.

      • You seem super knowledgeable on monitors, would you mind recommending something budget, predominantly to be used for photo editing? Thanks!

        • More the technical abilities than the display side.
          I spent years selling multiple hundred thousand dollar cinema packages, and am a huge nerd who realised that joining cheap 'replacement' panels meant you could put any driver you want with it at all, and get stupid things like 360hz displays at 720p; lol.

          The one bit of advice I'll give you, is to get the same monitor as you intend to show them on.

          For example, if you were to get an oldschool Apple Cinema display and the use an Adobe wide gamut colour range; it's going to look like trash when you show someone the same photo on your laptop later; because it doesn't know those colours.

          Nothing wrong with a VA panel for photo editing, you'll get much truer blacks and better contrast all around; but do your customers have IPS (like, phones or iPads?) then perhaps you'd like to match their display type?

          You get the idea :)

          • @MasterScythe: Ok cheers, makes sense!

          • @MasterScythe: Can I ask you something as well please as you seem to know wtf you're talking about here.

            Looking to upgrade current TV or monitor for the PS5 arrival, IDK how well versed you are with the PS5 but it's going to support 120Hz and 4K. Would a TV capable of 120Hz be just as effective as a 120Hz monitor?

            What monitor brand would you personally recommend?

      • thank you!

  • I don’t game but like to move my mouse around very fast. Is this going to be an issue?

  • +3 votes

    Dell gave me a $30 coupon after my last purchase. Message me if anyone wants it.

    edit: coupon claimed

  • Looking for 24" monitor with speaker built-in. Are there any deals for the same?

  • I ditched IPS Tech 4 years ago due to IPS Glow and after doing some research just now it seems like they still suffer from it. Good thing this is VA, far superior when it comes to overall image contrast.

    • Yeah personally I would take VA superior picture quality with bit of smearing over IPS washed out image. Coming from OLED, IPS 1000:1 contrast ratio makes my eyes bleed. I guess it depends on what your priorities are.

  • Dell also gave me a $45 coupon (minimum purchase $100) after my last purchase. PM me if anyone wants it. First come first serve ☺️

  • I'm tempted to get this one but couldn't get enough decent reviews to help make the decision.

    How is the DELL monitor compared to AOC C27G2 27inch VA Curved 165Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor?

    I'm thinking to buy this for playing FPS game, i.e: Overwatch and do general tasks like work, watching videos, browsing, etc.

  • Thanks. Ordered.

    It's been 30mins but no confirmation email. Has anyone else had the same experience?

  • Thanks so much! I ordered for $164.30 by stacking with a $120 off from a previous Dell order. I had to add the $120 coupon first, and then QUT5 to get it to work. Amazing price with combined discounts.

  • got a $15 off code for anyone that wants it.

  • Dell offered me $50 if anyone interested please pm me.

  • Couldnt find it anywhere on the product page - how long is estimated delivery? Moving in 2 weeks so not sure where to get it delivered.

  • Does this 32inch?

  • I own this monitor and love it. Great upgrade from my washed out 7 year old Samsung TN panel. I don't have the latest PC hardware and don't plan on playing games in 2k or 4k for a while. If you plan on upgrading your hardware soon, wait for a price drop on S2721DGF.

  • 1080p at 27 inches ain’t it chief

  • Thoughts on this for the PS5? considering it likely won't support 1440p)

  • No love for me yet 😂

  • I'd like a code too please?

    To pay it back, I'll help out with Samsung EPP purchases even if it's someone else who doesn't have a Dell code or has provided a Dell code to someone else

  • Looks like delivery is not until next month…

  • Thanks OP.

    Bit late to the party but if anyone has a coupon code that I could use for this I'd appreciate it.

  • Two of these or one Xiaomi 34” UWD?


    • I had the same question. Ended up going with 2 of these for my home office setup.

      • I just cancelled the Xiaomi as the price has dropped and I’m still waiting on my original order from Kogan. They would even honour the new price as it had a code attached but I tried to explain it was my first order anyway, which was the only stipulation to use the code.

        Mine too was for an office setup, so I’m sure these will be an even better option.

        Just need to get hold of one of these codes people keep,talking about!

    • Same situation here. I am planning on going with 2 of these.

  • Has anyone been able to change their delivery address with dell?

  • These Dell VA 21 panels are an improvement over the 19 models. see https://youtu.be/ftB5jQcpc2A

    Reading all those comments saying 27" at 1080p is a no go. I disagree, it's just down to personal preference and bang for buck.

  • Ordered one…. Thanks

  • I placed the order, went through the purchase process but didn't get confirmation email and my card wasn't charged. Anyone experience the same thing?

    • Yeh it's normal - mine took up to 2 hours before being sent confirmation email. Your DELL account should show the order anyways.

      • Yeah my confirmation email took around 50 mins to be sent to me. Seems normal because on the other Dell deal posts many people have had to wait a while to also get their confirmation emails when i was checking other Dell deals.

      • my account doesn't event show the order. Weird!

        • As long as you get the email of the order details, you should be fine. Sometimes Dell sale reps have to check something first before they send out an email confirmation.

        • Yes that is weird. When i ordered last night i paid via PayPal. I got the PayPal payment email straight away then i got an order acknowledgement email from Dell 18 mins later. That email said i will receive an order confirmation email soon. Order confirmation email came again 18 mins after order acknowledgement email.

          Maybe wait until tomorrow and if it still is not showing up on your account then contact Dell so they can track down the order. By tomorrow you should be charged in your back account so at least that proof would be there.

          • @Monty1089: I paid by credit card and it was charged last night, 6 hours after I placed the order (finally). Got the order confirmation today. Probably the orders were overwhelming.