Bonus $400 Good Guys Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ The Good Guys


Hi All

Just received this email this morning.

Receive a $400 Good Guys voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

Total cost works out at $59 x 12 = $708. With the use of the $400 voucher would bring down the monthly cost to $25.67.

Unavailable in metro Melbourne as per terms: As this is an in store only promotion, unfortunately, due to stage 4 restrictions this offer is unavailable for Metro Melbourne customers.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • After seeing the previous JB deal with $500 gift cards, $400 isn't really as attractive :(

    • For those of us that missed the $500 this is not bad though, not sure if we will see the 500 again anytime soon.

      • That's true, was planning to sign up to this too but apparently it is only available in store. This is the only time I wish I'm not in Vic!

  • Are they still doing $800 bonus for $99 plan? Coz I saw in the other post people said they upgraded to $115 plan got no ETC, which Telstra currently has $50 credit off, then it becomes $65 per month with $800 bonus

  • what about us in vic?

  • Telstra currently has BYO 5G 180GB plan discounted from $115/m to $65/m. I doubt TGG or JB will let people sign up on that plan with voucher offer but still worth asking.

    I'm in 30 days cool off period since I ported out of Telstra, still have to wait another week before I can take up one of these deals.

    • Last time my cool of period was 2 days haha. Telstra system are not that great. And I was on jb hifi promo and applied the tgg promo and they use the same system.

    • Is that because you're an existing (were an existing) customer?

      • Yep. I got the $500 voucher deal last year on $65/m 12 month plan. When plan expired, I ported out to Vodafone last month. Just waiting for 30 days cool off to be over so I can sign up on a new plan again and grab another voucher, hopefully $500 comes up again on $65 plan as it's the best value. (65*12=780, -500, 280 over 12 months, that's $23.33 a month for 80GB plan)

        I called JB twice already and they said Telstra system doesn't allow them to complete transaction if number was on Telstra less than 30 days ago.

        Based on other's comments, I guess they might have made that up.

  • Just talked to JB hifi staff, they said they can do $400 GC + $59 plan and give me another $100 credit on anything other than a new iPhone. I showed the TGG $800 deal, they said coz their plan is $89 per month, so they only can do $89
    + $600 + $80 credit to match TGG

  • Don't join Telstra unless they support VoLTE for your phone. See this thread.

  • 69, nice.

  • Tbh, good guys people are generally horrible commission driven assholes. if you want anything done with a little bit of respect, you ask the warehouse people as they are genuine. Huge difference to jbhifi.

  • @OP: when will this promotion end?

  • Anyone know if this can facilitate Telstra One Number for the Apple Watch? Does it mean I just pay $64/month?

  • The website shows only $300 gift card and no $10 credit now?