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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $66,900 + On Roads (Was $73,900 + OR) @ Tesla


Greetings everyone, this was originally posted on the weekend but was removed due to a lack of information, but thought it was best to share again as it's a substantial discount :)

As per the Drive Article:

The price of the Tesla Model 3 has dropped substantially for the Australian market, in line with upgrades to the electric sedan's interior and exterior design and technology features and claimed electric range figures.

The base Standard Range Plus model is now priced from $66,900 before on-road costs – representing a decrease of $7000 on previous pricing – while its quoted range has received a 30km boost, now extending to 490km on a single charge (according to the NEDC test).

The mid-spec Long Range variant has dropped to $83,425 before on-road costs, a price cut of $6000, while its quoted range has climbed to 657km, up from the previous 620km (an increase of 37km).

Finally, the top-of-the-range Performance variant now costs $92,425 before on-road costs, or $5000 less than before, and offers a claimed range of 628km – marking the largest range increase in the line-up with a boost of 68km.

Surprisingly, while prices have decreased, the level of standard equipment on offer has been either upgraded or revised.

All prices listed above exclude on-road costs, but include Tesla's mandatory $150 order fee and $1375 delivery fee.

As always, enjoy :)

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      • +5

        how far do you need to go?
        where do you drive most to now?
        Do you leave everyday with full tank of petrol basically before you go?
        How hard is doing a long trip with designated breaks every 2-3 hours?

        I think the range concerns aren't a big deal even on the standard..

        I'm by no means a long haul driver but i do a trip 1-2 times a year syd to bris and would currently stop twice maybe three times on the way for meals and fuel.. i'd just have to extend the stays a big longer.. tesla trip planner says 4 stops. with each stop being 20mins approx max.

        not bad.. long range sure prob reduces that concern i guess but i dont think it's needed for a big majority of people..

      • +1

        All depends on your use case. 300km real world range and fast charging rate would suit me. Does your bladder last >3 hours?

      • +1

        People are saying 300km. Well that's the same as a motorbike and they get around just fine. If you're going long distance then do what the riders do and stop at the bakery and recharge both yourself and the car :)

      • PHEV is your answer. I do round trips to work daily purely on EV. Every 2nd month I have a 1000km commute. Avg 6.2L / 100km.

  • Novated lease is tempting. Or a Kia Stinger GT. Tempting…

  • -2

    Do these take eneloops?

  • +2

    I was seriously dead set on a BMW X3 and awaiting stock arrival, and damn now this is tempting.

    • +2

      This is a better car than an X3. And an X3 for this money would only be a 2.0 or 2.0d. You need to step up to a 3.0i/d or 40i to get a decent amount of kit. The 2.0/2.0d are just there for the pretenders.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I've been looking for a car that is an investment with a high yield to impress my clients since I left uni, this should do the trick!

  • +1

    Sucks that Tesla doesn’t get their model imported from China.
    In Shanghai, the RRP is around 250k rmb(50kaud) + free car plate.
    A car plate usually cost 20kaud and you have to be lucky to obtain one if you are buying petrol cars.

    • +1

      Free car plate in Shanghai? This is even better than the car itself.

  • Tempting but the Model Y is more practical with its hatchback boot.

    Will probably be close to $90K though when it eventually launches though?

    • +1

      No RWD so around the Long Range price is expected starting price here.

  • Random question do any of you guys think there will be a day when self driving cars won't require the owner to have a license as someone that is unable to get a license I dream of this

    • +1

      Yes, computers will be safer than human error

      • +1

        Okay now I'm having flashbacks of that TV show upload

    • Watched Tony Seba presentation on YouTube?

    • Yes. But when that happens why bother owning one? There'll be plenty to take you where you want to go.

  • When did they launch model 1 and 2?

    • +6

      S 3 X Y

  • +1

    Saving my money for the Plaid Model S. Good deal though.

  • +1

    no buy save $66,900!

  • Came in just for the comments..!

        • +1

          No, it's made up. Or maybe you just live in dumpsville?

        • +1

          RAC in WA is $880? Hardly 4-5k is it?

  • Is phone fine?

  • I am not buying the car, I'm buying the Vision.

    • +1

      LSD will give you vision at lower cost 😂

  • +12

    Have you guys realised there are already 54 ozbargainers who already bought a Tesla and put the referral codes here?

    If you are really going to order one please click on one to help out your bro/sis and also yourself for extra 1500km supercharger credit to be used for first 6 months.

    • +1

      Just saw in my tesla app loot box that each car referral also has a chance to win a model Y monthly or a roadster supercar quarterly!!!

    • PIN THIS

  • Really?? Hasn't been ozbargained??

  • anyone else thinking of putting this on novated lease/salary sacrifice? Not sure if worth it.

    • +1

      Is it worth salary sacrificing an electric car since you cant take advantage of salary packaged petrol.

      • +1

        Exactly what I'm trying to figure out. Don't think it's worth it unless you can claim electricity cost. No government incentives either.

      • Generally speaking, no.

        The FBT (or Employee contribution, if using the ECM) basically knocks out any 'savings' on the vehicle itself.

        Pretty much all the value for a novated lease these days comes from the running costs, which is obviously a lot lower for an electric vehicle.

  • +2

    Does it comes with a full tank of premium petrol?

    • -1

      Uhhh yyeeaahh….

    • This car is powered by electricity from the finest gold-plated poles and wires

  • -1

    Afterpay possible? :p

    Just thought I'll join the party.

  • I wish…

  • To buy a Tesla… or to buy a lot of eneloops instead…

  • +2

    Tesla price drop is due to Lucid entering the market

    Musk reacts to Lucid Air “gauntlet”, promises to drop price of Model S

    • +1

      No it's not. Lucid isn't even in production till the end of next year at best, if at all, and is competing with the Model S, not the 3.

      • +1

        That doesn't mean that Tesla isn't reacting to Lucid's anticipated arrival. They are.

        • +1

          The Model 3 does not compete with the Lucid Air.

          • -1

            @DisabledUser100949: The move came the same day that Lucid Motors, a luxury-EV startup, announced that its base Air sedan will cost $69,900 after federal tax incentives.

            • +1

              @watwatwat: No. You are confusing them dropping the Model S price in the US to $69,420 with the adjustment of the Model 3 price in Australia. Different cars, different markets.

  • +1

    I have a dream that one day this …..price is for Model Y

    • +1

      No RWD planned, but if there was the prices should be similar due to lower production costs on the Y.

  • -1

    I can’t find instruction on YouTube for changing engine oil on these?

  • i guess we all want a tesla…

  • Is this a run out model now?

  • Can I charge with my BlitzWolf USB PD fast charger?

  • +1

    Keen af

    Just wondering how many nits is the display?

  • in for two

  • Wasn't the other post on this a couple of days ago deleted?

    Invest in eneloops with the money saved to upgrade basic model to extended range

  • There’s a Volvo Polestar 2 which is meant to be a real contender to Tesla. Unfortunately it’s been delayed in Australia until next year.

    • +2

      It's also not as good.

      • -3

        What it can’t even beat Tesla’s poor build quality and unreliability ?

  • -1

    Any cashback deal sweetner?

  • -1

    5% pricebeat at OW

  • -2

    Perfect timings, bought few for X'mas presents.. Thank-you

  • Would love to buy one still trying to weigh up the pro and cons tho..

    I've driven for Uber now for over 5yrs and average $9k in fuel usage yearly… So full electric would offset that pretty substantial I would assume , need to dig deeper into insurance costs and service costs to factor in if the benefit is there yet..

    In saying that a mate of mine spotted a silver service taxi at the gold coast connected to a Tesla supercharger (model3)

    So I'll take a guess it must weigh up beneficial over 5+ yrs , I usually do 60,000km ~ 70,000km yearly any input would be awesome 👍

    • +2

      Try making a spreadsheet in google sheets or excel. Calculate your current yearly costs like fuel, maintenance, average repair cost/year, insurance etc. Then compare the same with an EV using you current electricity cost/kwh, maintenence, insurance etc.
      Work out the total cost of ownership over 5yrs for both cars.

    • +3

      Electricity costs are a quarter that of fuel. Powershop are the only retailer offering super off-peak rates between 12-4am (off peak 10pm-7am), but you must prove you own an electric car to get them.
      Maintenance costs are effectively non-existent, even for your amount of driving, except for tyres, air filters & brake fluid. Brake pads won’t need replacing due to one pedal regen driving.
      Depreciation is the best of any car & model, such as Porsche (excluding collectables which appreciate) - plenty of research articles on this.
      Additionally, battery degradation is less of an issue on SR+ because they are being made in China (which has better build quality than America), which have started utilising LFP batteries which can be regularly charged to 100% - hopefully these get exported to Australia.
      Be aware that your job may be robotaxi redundant within 5 years. But at least your Tesla will make you money in the Tesla network

    • +1

      You can contact Peter through PlugShare if you want.

  • +1

    Please support my share price by buying this car :)

  • This car should really be 50k.
    Weak AUD and tax is killing it

    • +5

      We have fossils in government voted in by fossils who want to make Australia 1950 again. Most countries offer substantial subsidies to buy EVs

  • -1

    Don't forget Shopback and LatitudePay

  • -2

    Love these cars, but not the price….after import taxes it works out to be $16k dearer than US pricing (in AUD terms). Top of the range model price tag you can buy a Land Rover Discovery 5 for that price :(

    Gotta love the Australia tax

    • +1

      What are you talking about? There is no Australia tax on Teslas. It's US price + tax + import costs. No mark up.

      • -2

        Tesla model 3 us price is usd$35k - convert it to AUD at $0.71c exchange rate =$49k

        Tesla standard model advertised here AUD $67k.

        So $17k diff before on road costs for the same car. Not sure it costs $17k to ship a car over from the US.

        That’s what I’m talking about

        For higher priced models >$75k they also attract luxury car import tax - read this

        • +5

          Because GST doesn’t exist? Jesus buddy. Tesla are transparent with their pricing policy. It’s a hedged currency rate + taxes + import costs. Nothing more. The reason we have a price drop now is they’ve locked into a new lower hedged currency amount because of the improving AUD. And Tesla doesn’t export the SR, they only export the SR+ and higher. So the starting price is $37,990, which is $AUD 54k, so cost before import after GST is $59400. Import costs and port fees and shipping insurance are probably in the $3-5k ballpark which means it’s $63k at best, but probably more like $65k. That extra $1000 is probably what they hedged at.

        • I think you find each state in the US will also add a Sales tax component on top of the $35k, so dont think the final driveway cost in the US is that different

          • @Squeezy: We don't get the $35k Model 3 here. That's USA only and off the menu.

    • +2

      Who is cross shopping a Tesla Model 3 and a Land Rover Disco? (honest question!)

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