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YouTube Premium INR ₹129/Month via YouTube India (VPN Required, Single ~$2.48/Month, Family ~$3.64, Student ~$1.52)


Too good a deal not to repost for those unaware you can access YouTube premium at a fraction of the price it normally costs. The stronger exchange rate means even lower monthly rates than last time. Also doweyy suggested in a previous post you can get it even cheaper as a student (certainly worth a shot). Instructions are a direct copy paste from previous deals so kudos to the OPs. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Google has finally launched YouTube Premium in India for INR 129 and Family Membership for INR 189.
Comes with YouTube Music, No Ads in YouTube as well as Google Play Music.


Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions.
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline.
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off.
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app.
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost.

Current pricing is $14.99 per month in Australia. This workaround should work for new and existing customers.

Again, the trick to making this work is having access to a VPN service. If you're signed up to one, then the rest of the process should be fairly simple.

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India (I connected to Bangalore).
2. Click on Paid Memberships (youtube.com), then click on Learn more.

Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.
Termination takes place under this link (music.youtube.com)
Example of an address in India:

Name: Blank
Address line: My Place
Town/City: Mumbai
Postcode: 400070
State: Maharashtra

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  • Still on YouTube premium. Great service and can comment it works, the only difference is your explore section will be full of Indian songs recommendations, if you can live with that, then all good.
    I suggest using a new account and not your main google account as it conflicts with the services that uses the location services like google pay.

    • I have my Indian YouTube subscription on an alternative Google account, then invited my main Google account as a family member.

      So far, I haven't seen any Indian suggestions!

      • If you press the 3 dots that appear with the video, you can choose option 'hide' or 'not interested'; do that a few times and eventually your YouTube recommendations will stop showing them !

      • -12 votes

        This is designed for Indian content and I could not even invite/add to family anyone from an Aus account
        From memory it required an indian mobile number to create an Indian account (which meant jumping through more hoops for me) wonder how it has worked in your case.

        • It took an arm and a leg to get this to work. I signed my wife up using vpn and a new gmail account then 2 fam members in Indonesia, for some reason they got it to work with their existing Indonesian email accounts. I added another in Perth and I had to create a new gmail and added that.

          Adding family members is a bit of a pain, maybe I'm the odd one that had this much difficulty.

        • You can add in family email account with no issues

          • @asa79: Hasn't stopped me from trying, i still can't use my main Aus account, when i click the invite it does not work
            "Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager."

            Oh well i can just keep using the seperate account for now. Would have been handy if it worked with my main account :(

            • @jetabe: that is strange as i have multiple family members connected to my google with no issues

            • @jetabe: Had the same problem. The issue for me was the payment profile. I had to create a new Indian payment profile and change my address to the same one in the primary (Indian) account. Then I had to delete my Australian payment profile and it finally worked.

              • @The Fuzz 83: Aha thanks, i will give that a try sometime

              • @The Fuzz 83: Could you then delete it again once added to the family group and go back to a normal Australian payment profile? Or are you then stuck using an Indian payment profile?

                • @brad1601: That's the great mystery I guess. I'm gonna wait until the first payment comes out to check that everything goes smoothly and then I'll muck around with it and try to get it back to my aussie details. No rush for me but if someone here knows then please enlighten us.

                  • @The Fuzz 83: Haha fair enough. For me personally it doesn't seem worth the stuff around to not have Bollywood recommendations all the time…

                    I just cancelled my legit Aus YouTube premium membership to go to this one, which it looks like I'll now also cancel… So YouTube vanced it is!

                    • @brad1601: I'm using my regular account though so no Bollywood recommendations for me. I've changed my region, VPN etc back to Australia, it's just the billing address deep in the settings that's still from India.

                • @brad1601: You can't. I can't even see Aus-only apps on the play store.

                  After my current Play balance finishes, I am going to setup new gmail accounts for the whole family.

              • @The Fuzz 83: Did you change your payment profile (of the account u r trying to add) in youtube or google?

          • @asa79: how to add family email account?

      • That's a great idea. this may be a stupid question, but do you need to be connected to the VPN to watch youtube after signing up this way, or just works as normal? cheers

      • if I have relatives in India, can you ask them to take family membership and ask them to add me? And can I watch it over here?

      • I tried to do that but when I click on the accept invite and log in with my main google account, it tells me I cant join the family as I am in a different country ??? This is whether I have VPN on or OFF.

    • Can't you change the location in settings after?

    • Yes this, took me a while to get everything working across 3 locations (India, Singapore and Australia).

      • can you please share how you did it? I am trying to connect my other accounts and it is keep on giving the family in other location error.


    • you select the type of music you like and that will change

    • I haven’t had any location issues with Google Pay using my main account.

      • can u please share what u did to avoid getting location issues? ty!

        • Tbh, nothing. What issues are you having? I use my main Google account as the main family member of the YouTube India account and that's the account I use when I set up my phone. I didn't change any settings at all as I wasn't expecting there to be any issues with Google Pay, and there isn't for me.

          • @Slave1: i was just gonna use my main acct and set up as an individual acct. so will that be problematic and a family acct is recommended?

            • @jussie2000: I don't see any issue with an individual account but for the extra $1 or so a month it may be worthwhile to then set up with a different account and add your main account as a family member. My wife is on my family plan as a member and uses Google Pay on her Pixel 3 without any problems either.

    • Do we need VPN only for sign up… or every time we access the service?

    • Go to settings and change Country from India to Australia. It'll then show you trending videos in Australia.

    • +1 have no Indian content on mine. Been subbed for over a year. Pay $3/m and get 4 mates to send you $12 a year. Profit

    • Some bollywood music is actually quite nice. The women are nice eye candy =p

    • I've been using Indian Premium for years now and have never had anything foreign in my suggested.

    • I like Indian songs! They used to show Indian movies all the time on TV when I was a kid growing up in China. The movies were basically all like musicals.

    • I’ve had the Indian YT premium for ages and never see any Indian suggestions.

    • I don’t see any Indian content in the explore section. Once you are registered you can change your location back to Australia and you will only see local content.

    • That's interesting. I got myself onto premium india after stupidly being on the Aussie one for the last 3 years. Haven't noticed any change whatsoever, no indian recommendation.

    • I have all 6 accounts filled on my Indian Youtube Family account, all live in Australia with Australian Youtube/google accounts. No issues whatsoever :)

      • I think if you have an Australian payment profile set up then that's where you can run into problems. At least that's what happened with me. Had to get rid of that before I could add myself under the family plan.

    • you just have to turn on VPN to add them in the family . once that's done you no longer require VPN

    • People are stupid for down voting you.

      If you get a VPN and join using your main Google account that account will have country as India and you can't change that for a year.

      As someone said, create a new account but your comment is not wrong.

  • oooof, thanks TA. My free trial ends soon so this will be great to jump on to continue my membership!

  • this has been the best thing ive signed up to!
    add free youtube + google music for less than the cost of a coffee!

    • Why should people in Australia pay more just because they have higher average incomes. The price of a service should be determined by how much it costs to provide the service, not by how much a company can milk the customers for.

      If they can provide the service to Indians at a certain price, they can afford to provide it to everyone at that price.

      • How much it costs to provide a service is linked to people's incomes in the country that the service is provided to.

        I.e. the the cost of providing the service will also be lower in a country like India compared to Australia

        • How much it costs to provide a service is linked to people's incomes in the country that the service is provided to.
          I.e. the the cost of providing the service will also be lower in a country like India compared to Australia

          Lol, maybe the bandwidth will cost them more in Australia when I’m streaming. But somehow I think Google will manage.

        • @Crimzin Very true, but as every company seems to outsource whatever they can to India to save money, Google included, why can't we save money and "outsource" our YTM to another country!!

      • no the price of the service should be determined by what customers are willing to pay. not by the cost.

        having said that, some people like you are willing to pay only 129INR, so its good for youtube because they still get 129INR from you rather than $0. =)

      • Not necessarily true, there's a massive fixed cost in these services based on the cost to actually develop those systems. The Indian price might only be covering the marginal cost (bandwidth, royalities, etc.) while our price includes paying that fixed development cost.

      • I think you are questioning the very fundamentals of business. Say for example Wine is cheap in Aus but very expensive in India. It is all question of demand and supply (and taxes). Say iphones are cheaper in USA as company is based there whereas it is almost 1.6 times that price in India. It is all based on what the country is good at and what it is able to trade and what its citizens are willing to spend(which is the demand).