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YouTube Premium INR ₹129/Month via YouTube India (VPN Required, Single ~$2.48/Month, Family ~$3.64, Student ~$1.52)


Too good a deal not to repost for those unaware you can access YouTube premium at a fraction of the price it normally costs. The stronger exchange rate means even lower monthly rates than last time. Also doweyy suggested in a previous post you can get it even cheaper as a student (certainly worth a shot). Instructions are a direct copy paste from previous deals so kudos to the OPs. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Google has finally launched YouTube Premium in India for INR 129 and Family Membership for INR 189.
Comes with YouTube Music, No Ads in YouTube as well as Google Play Music.


Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions.
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline.
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off.
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app.
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost.

Current pricing is $14.99 per month in Australia. This workaround should work for new and existing customers.

Again, the trick to making this work is having access to a VPN service. If you're signed up to one, then the rest of the process should be fairly simple.

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India (I connected to Bangalore).
2. Click on Paid Memberships (youtube.com), then click on Learn more.

Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.
Termination takes place under this link (music.youtube.com)
Example of an address in India:

Name: Blank
Address line: My Place
Town/City: Mumbai
Postcode: 400070
State: Maharashtra

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      Windscribe has a "Build A Plan" option where you can select 2 premium locations for $2 a month.
      I used that to add India to my VPN location list. Works well, also to access other India-based sites, that are otherwise geo-blocked.

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        all good now - used NordVPN which has India in its list. First week is free so will cancel the subscription soon.

        Somehow i was getting AED and not INR prices when i selected India.
        I have to choose server#63 and then i was able to see INR prices.

        • I spent the last 2 days removing payment options and addresses, gps spoofing etc because I had that (And I remembered it being so easy before). Thanks!!!

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    I just tried it, and I could join the family account to YouTube Premium, but I couldn't add my account as it says the family manager is in another country.

    How do you change the country of the family manager?

    • Were you adding the family member while you had the VPN on?

    • Same here. Can someone help?

  • Can confirm INR 79 for students. Been on this for half a year now

    • How do you verify you’re a student? I’m not a student but would like it even cheaper.

      • You'd need to verify by providing an email with a .edu format I think. Also note I was on the student plan for Australian Premium before I switched over to India

  • Which free VPN can I use from iPhone or windows laptop? I’m getting all dodgy or paid VPNs.
    Student deal how does that work for non students?

    • I don't think it does…

  • do you need VPN running all the time to watch after sing up?

    • nope just to sign up

  • who remember the name of that vpn that was free a couple months ago? had something to do with Beirut.. signed up an account but forgot the name of it haha

  • If you can join a family it works out to be cheaper.. Check the classifieds (usually $12/yr).

  • Signed up for student, haven't been at uni for 3 years lol

    • Mate care to fill us in? 😁😁

      • My login still works so i guess the $40k hecs paid off 😂

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    Trying to invite my family member and got this "Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager."

    • Same, not sure how to proceed past this.

      • I tried various methods and none worked so ended up cancelling the whole thing :(

        • Something to try is to remove the google payments profile from the account you're trying to add, create a new one at the same country as the family manager, and try to add again. If successful, add a new payments profile for Australia, and set up google pay again. I haven't tried it as the warning says you'd lose any balance remaining in google payments, ie. Google survey rewards.

          • @darkness: Thanks for this! I removed my current payment profile and created a new "indian" one and it worked perfectly after trying other methods for a couple hours.
            Note to anyone else doing this: you will lose your Google pay balance. All your subscriptions will be cancelled.

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      Same here.
      The only way to do it is to create your family group and join all your members first with the AU trial subscription before switch to India one. That how I did it and have 3 members in my group work ok. Cannot add anymore member after that

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    Tried VPN and dont get the option.

    Is it because I have had a previous subscription?

  • As someone who already has YouTube Premium on my Aus account, what's the best way to transition over to the Indian payment plan? Do I have to create a separate account to use or something, or can I cancel my subscription, do the whole VPN thing, and then change my country back to Aus after it's all done?

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      Cancel your Aus premium, go to google pay profile delete your current payment profile and you're good to join our india journey

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    Just an fyi - was using NORD VPN and kept getting AED rates - switched to ivacy and showed in INR - sorted

    • what ivacy?

      • another VPN provider

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      same - have to change the server to server#63 and i can see now INR.

    • Signed up to the Family plan a year ago but I remember I had this same thing. I changed the Indian server I was connected to in NordVPN at the time and then it showed the INR rate

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      NordVPN will work.
      Search for india, then click the 3 dots, then select let say server#63.
      When i just clicked India, i was connected in Bombay and was getting AED prices. So try above server.

  • Does anyone know how to upgrade from Single to Family? Couldn't see the option to do that anywhere

    • Buy family - you'll only be charged the price difference between individual and family

      • thanks mate. worked great!

        • How did you do it? I don't get it. I only the option to deactivate my single membership

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    Anyone got a workaround for this to work with g suite google account?

    • Looked for one quite a bit when I joined previously. So far no solution found yet.

      Ridiculous that they don't allow it to work with their own GS product.

  • I've been using the Family Indian account for a while now. I don't know what I have done, but my recommendations are based on my previous AU profile, not Indian content. I've been a Google Play Music Youtube Premium subscriber for years, so maybe I have enough likes and playlists for Google to know my taste.

    I used the Urban Free VPN extension (Edge) to change the payment profiles. I keep the Indian payment as my primary, and all family members have the same primary address (India). Google says somewhere on the website they can check the address every 30 days and exclude unmatched users.

    On Google Play, I have this Indian account, and other two AU and US accounts as some apps are restricted by country. What I've noticed is that many other apps and subscriptions are cheaper when bought using the Indian account. Quick example: TrueCaller in India is IRN 529/year (around AUD 10).

    • How do you add your credit card to an Indian payment profile though? I can't seem to get it to verify with my "Indian" address

      • When I did that months ago, I used my actual street name and number and found a similar post code in India for the city/state (Google). My Amex was accepted.

    • Hi. Will using the login of someone who is in India work here in Oz please? I could ask a relative to subscribe for me and pay for it there and get the login credentials (or i give them my newly created gmail just for this) ? Many Thx

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    While you all are at it, must I suggest using Argentina over India as it works out even cheaper. Save about $0.40 or so for the family account..

    • Showing $4.99 US for me.

      • From the looks of things, it doesn't look like you are properly connected to Argentina via VPN. Otherwise, currency should should in ARS (Argentine Pesos)

        Which VPN are you using?

        • PIA, I'll try their old gen or a different protocol to get a different exit IP

        • Still getting 5 USD even with a different IP. What is my IP shows me as Argentina. I'm trying to sign up using the iOS app. How did you sign up and pay ARS?

          • @sween64: I used NordVPN and one of those address generators to get a local address in Argentina.

            Used Australian Visa Debit, billing and physical address use Argentina one..should be good to go..

            • @BargainHuntahh: But what device? iPhone? Android phone? Desktop?

              • @sween64: Chrome browser on Android

                • @BargainHuntahh: Thanks. Finally worked for me using Chrome on iOS. Interesting the prices are different via the iOS app.

                  • @sween64: Glad to have had helped! Yep prices are indeed very different and very affordable as opposed to what one would directly pay here in Straya..

  • How do you bypass sheerID verification for student membership?

    • I don't think you can

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      Travel to India, connect Wi-Fi to a university’s network. Signup through sheerID

  • I previously had premium yt on the phone iOS app. Even thugh the Indian offer pops up on the screen - when I select, it says I can't get the Indian yt because my iTunes a/c is set to Aus.

    Any advice welcome thanks?

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    Lots of people just moved into My Place, Mumbai

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    I got the 3 months prepaid one for 399 rupees! Thanks for posting. Works fine.

    1. Download and Install Turbo VPN
    2. Set location to India
    3. Click the link : https://www.youtube.com/paid_memberships
    4. Click Individual/Single account
    5. Select 1 month/3 month prepaid
    6. In payment screen just select any Indian state and pay. Done

    • Is Turbo VPN trial free?

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        It will ask for signup for free Trial, just cancel that and just go to Globe on right top corner and select India

  • What credit/debit card is everyone using? Every card I have doesnt work.

    • Am using ANZ visa debit

      • Any extra cost for using ANZ Visa debit?
        Can I use Combank Debit

        • +1

          Just 0.10 overseas transactions fee. Lat month I pay $3.73

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        How did you get the Aussie card to verify on an Indian payment profile with Google? Keeps rejecting my fake address in the billing page for my credit card.

        • I'm getting the same thing too. Tried with 2 ING cards as well as my 28 degrees card… no luck. Anyone have any advice?

    • I am using Qantas Money card, its works with google and I get qantas points.
      Downsite is Qantas exchange rate sucks.

    • I am using my Up MasterCard

  • Opera with acceptable ads disabled does the trick on my mobile phone.
    My TV's YouTube client however…

  • The only problem I noticed is you will be getting Indian songs recommendations most of the time in google music.

    • Don't use Google music then….Use Youtube music.

  • Thanks OP and everyone!

    I have been wanting to subscribe to Premium but at $15 a month that's not worth it. Happy to contribute this to Google.

  • I am using Nord VPN and I connected to India Server. But when I go to paid memberships page, it keeps asking me to pay AED 23.99/month :(
    what am I doing wrong here ??!

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      Choose Server India #63 from NordVPN and it will work. Screenshot here :)

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        Thanks TA……. it's weird but that did work!!

  • Music Premium is different to Youtube Premium?, went to individual plans and could only see Music…

    Now that I subbed to Premium Music, it says Youtube Premium is no longer avaialble…

    • Yeah it's different and different pricing too.
      When you press learn more on the screen, make sure you select youtube premium or refresh screen and it will bring Youtube premium after refresh.

    • From what I know, if you get YT premium, you will get YT music bundled with it. Or alternatively, you can get YT music as a standalone service (without YT Premium and offcourse at a lower price point)

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    Thanks TA for the reminder! I've been signed up with the Family membership but my partner doesn't use it… so switched to the Student pass as I have student card which is still in date.

    Note: Tried both services on NordVPN but kept coming up as AED currency. Switched to UrbanVPN (which is free) and worked first time.

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      See here re NordVPN settings.

      • +1

        Ah thanks! Will note that for next time. :)
        Think I connected to #89 and #64.

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    If anyone cares, YouTube Argentina works out a little cheap (2.17) compared to India(2.48)

  • Thanks for re-posting this. Just got off my 3 (or was it 6) months free trial and can't stand the ads. Will try this today.

  • been using it since the last popular deal. Amazing price

  • Any free VPN service that allows to connect to India?

    • +4

      It's Google. If they wanted to sell Ur details, they would've done it around the world, not just in India…(and maybe they already have, but that's a different matter, not a country thing)

      I hope you're trolling, coz that's a very uneducated comment.

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    Greet deal but be careful. My google play store is now stuck in India - and apparently u can only change it once a year. If you get the family account, you'll discover that you will have to delete Ur members' existing payment profiles (if they already have one set up) in order for this to work, otherwise you'll encounter an error stating you are in different countries.

    And when you create an Indian payment profile, this changes most of Ur google location settings to India - and all Google apps that has payments associated with it.

    On hindsight, I would've created an Australian payment profile immediately for myself and the members in my family group after ive successfully signed up for premium so my location stays in Aus.

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    when I try to add a family member, I keep getting the following error:

    "Problem while joining family group
    Looks like you're in a different country from the family manager."

    anyone know how to fix this?

    • Primary payment profile for all members must be Indian, and you should use a VPN while making the changes. That's it.

      • somethings borked. I'm gonna try again. I have 5 real people in my family, all set to an Australian account. I plan to create a 6th member/new account, and add them to the family. then that new member will set up an Indian youtube account. will that work for everyone?

        • No this wouldn't work. You basically have to login to each members google account associated with their YouTube account and delete any semblance of an Australia payment profile. Then create one based in India while on a vpn set to India.

          It's a pretty cumbersome process but well worth it because of the savings. That said, please refer to my post above yours in regards to country settings - if you're not careful you may end up affecting all other google apps that require a payment profile. Eg play store. Bought a new phone and I can't even download Australian bank or finance apps.

          • @plentifoo: hmmm bugger! thank you, but I think I'm probably screwed!!

            I need to continue my Ozzie account as I have a google nest subscription for cameras/ doorbell- I don't want to stuff that up by deleting payments (even though they are just annual).

            I'd really like this as I have a multitude of google speakers that all of us like listening to music on. I might have to create a whole new family in India only in order to not mess up my Ozzie stuff.

            unless anyone has any other ideas?

            thanks again!

      • How do you add an Australian credit card to pay for it on an Indian payment profile though?

        YouTube keeps asking for card details and location of billing address is perma set to India so the card doesn't verify

        • Pretty sure they don't check billing address against your credit card details. Never have for me. Doesn't make sense if you wanna use an Australian Amex if you were on holiday in India. Same concept applies to visa and mastercard.