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Apple TV 4K 32GB $159 (Was $249), 64GB $199 (Was $279) @ JB Hi-Fi (Available In-Store and Online)


Available in-store and online (price confirmed in-store)

Apple TV 4K 32GB
Model: MQD22X/A
SKU: 505393

4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality

Apple TV 4K 64GB is $199 (normally $279)

Full details at Apple: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-tv/apple-tv-4k/32gb

Cheaper than Apple TV HD @ $209

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    Good deal, mine still going strong after 2 years nothing wrong with it, non 4K still 209 lol should be under 100

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    Great price. But the thing to remember is that Apple is now looking to improve its revenue from applications on its platforms.

    Apple has already announced the rollout of Apple One - a subscription service that will link Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud and other services under a single price plan.

    They have already announced that Apple One will rollout across Australia in November and will be $19.95 a month. That roll out will no doubt coincide with the release of a new Apple TV.

    So, while buying the current Apple TV (or any Apple Hardware) gives you one years free subscription to Apple TV+, my guess is that the new Apple TV will come bundled with the new Apple One service which is music, TV, iCloud etc all in one subscription service.

    So that to me is the downside of this great deal. And why the discount on the great Apple TV 4K is so deep today.

    My advice:

    Buy now knowing you get a great product at a great price.

    But buy now knowing the add ons with the new AppleTV are going to be substantially better, albeit at a much higher price.

    • +1

      I’m hopeful that the new model will be announced with the new Macs next month, but I don’t think it’s that likely they would throw in an Apple One sub. If they did maybe only three months, Apple are pretty tight.

      Having said that, the One subscription which includes Apple Arcade could make more sense if they end up selling a more powerful gaming variant.

      Edit: Sigh - I just read that leakers Jon Prosser and Mark Gurman agree that new Apple TV will be delayed to 2021:

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    Didn’t realise it could do this, pretty cool!

    Share audio: enjoy movies and TV shows with a friend without disturbing others around you. Connect two sets of AirPods or compatible Beats products to your Apple TV 4K to share a viewing experience with separate volume controls.

  • +2

    Nice, this'll hopefully be an easy claim with NAB price protection. Thanks

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got one with 5% suncorp GC. Been waiting for a while to see price drop with new version pending - hopefully the only main advantage with the next gen is gaming which i'm not fussed about (and maybe better remote)…. can't sweat thinking about it though…! Other possibilities are the broader subscription service, and iOS device proximity locating tech per homepod mini? HDMI 2.1 probably too

    • Not sure how can they improve the remote, as the one it has is the best of any remotes I've ever owned.

      • Not many people will agree with you on this one.

  • +3

    Cheers OP ;)

    Won't be replacing the Shields, but worth adding to the media player collection at this price.

  • +1

    Christmas sorted.

  • Just wondering what is the advantage getting the Apple TV over the Google TV? Most of the app (except Apple TV) can be played on the Google TV?

    • +1

      If you have iPhones /iPads let’s you stream very easily. But if you don’t want to do that no point

    • +1

      Why buy a car when you get can catch the bus? Both will get you there.

      • -1

        Yes apple is like being on a bus that takes the same boring route everyday that lasts 60 minutes, when a cartakes 15 to 20 minutes.

        • +1

          Quite the opposite

  • I was thinking of getting one but i have multiple xiaomi boxes which also let me airplay so I’ll pass.
    I have a Apple TV 3 as well.

    • Yeah, I have a Xiaomi box.

      it isn't amazing, but does the job.

      This is a great price, but ngl it being Apple is legitimately one of the main reasons why I'm not buying it.

      If it was Android with equivalent specs at this price then I'd likely get it.

      EDIT: Just to be clear, not shitting on Apple. I just have some apps I like to use that I couldn't on Apple TV and I just don't like the overall limitation. However, Apple definitely know how to make good hardware and software.

    • What app does Xiaomi use for airplay?

      • Well I was using airreceiver but not very good (just tested). I gave in and bought this apple tv for upstairs. I stream a lot from my phone and not worth the headaches for $150

  • +1

    How does it compare with Fetch?

    • One is a pvr, the other is not.

      One has thousands of apps, the other does not.

    • More apps and faster. I haven’t used fetch catch up much but I liked how it tracked what episode I was up to on the abc catch up, Apple app didn’t.

      Fetch does Tv well, and catch-up. Apple does streaming services well

  • Would Plex on this be better than Vodafone tv? My media server can't transcoded and some files don't play on vtv

  • +5

    Price-matched at Officeworks (open to 9pm in WA) successfully! $151. Thanks OP!

    • Totally forgot they open until 9pm, doh!!!

      How do you price match over the phone? Im guessing read out card details and email address?

      • +1

        You can PM over the phone.

    • Reckon that would work for the Eastern states people?? :D

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Got one from OW with price beat.

  • Hackable?

    • Only with a hardmod (there’s no USB port otherwise).

      • Shame. Softmod would be nice

        • If it comes on iOS 13 then you should be able to use unc0ver.

  • Thanks, time to use phone contract GC

  • What are the chances that this is a price error?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got the 64GB with Suncorp 5% discount.

  • Interesting with the larger size Apple TV - Anyone with the 64GB model want to weigh in on what they store locally on an apple tv? Other than having a heap of huge apps i cant see a huge demand for the larger models.

    Are people really needing more than 32gb of Apps at one time on an apple tv?

    • If you plan on playing games 32GB is not enough. My son plays games with Apple Arcade subscription ($7.99 per month) during school holidays and it always gets full. Have to remove some games to add more.

      • Yeah a think a number of large games is probably the only way you can fill up space on these things. I'd imagine the market for people wanting the larger size is pretty small

  • Goddammit I literally just bought this for $239 a week ago >:(

    • +1

      If it was from JbHiFi, they’ll refund you the difference in the price drop if you go to the store and speak to them. They typically give you a gift card with the difference in value.

      • It was from Catch 😭

        • +2

          Yep, 'never get a refund for price drop from Catch. In my case an appliance I bought had a price dropped one day after, from the very same market place seller, Catch said too bad (in a polite way).

    • Same here. Not sorry, though.

  • Thanks op bought. Will consider if I need to return later lol

  • +7

    thanks op, bought. Now need a 4K TV

    • wait for black friday sony deals

    • BJ HiFi - at least I don't need to wait for a 4K TV deal

  • +5

    Thanks op. Not sure I need it, but didn't want to get FOMO!!!

    • You bought because of FOMO!!!

      • You replied!!! FOMO

  • Can you cancel an order over the phone with JB Hi Fi?

  • Does it offer any advantages over an Android box?

    I have a few Apple devices and apart from Apple Music or Apple TV. I can’t see any other advantage? Surely a Xiaomi box for $99 is better value.

    • +2

      Much cleaner and faster interface, i find the apps a lot more stable. Lots more options and codecs with Plex - literally direct plays everything except lossless Audio codecs. Its really just a much more powerful device - if your Xiaomi box does the job for you then stick with it. With the apple tv at this price its better value than the Xiaomi.

      Its like comparing the Nvidia shield vs the cheaper Android boxes, its a Ferrari vs a Volvo

      • Wifi is really good on Apple TV. I have a new Sony Android TV. With Plex I have to connect via Ethernet to play the 4K files, where as Apple plays over wifi. If I didn’t have Ethernet near by I’d buy this and also my efforts to use the 1 Sony remote is stopping me.

        Someone I know has a Shield(not sure what version) and had to connect to Ethernet too to play 4K.

        Plex app is way more polished, pauses/ff/rw work way better.
        I really like the Apple remote as well.

  • Sweet! Never had one but managed to grab it for $148 with 6.5% corporate discount.

    Includes one year of AppleTV+ too: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/apple-tv-plus

    • Corporate discount?

      • +2

        Company has a benefits portal to make purchases with discounts. You buy a '$159' voucher at 6.5% off so essentially pay $148 and get a $159 voucher to use. Great when buying expensive items (iPhones, fridge, etc.)


        • That's mad! Nice work

          • @CereaL: Yea, it's pretty great. Has $12.50 Event Cinemas tickets, 2-for-1 dining out, travel discounts etc.

            I know our competitors have similar schemes too so thought it was pretty common here.

        • +1

          Wtf much better than my jbhifi corporate benefits.

  • We have a samsung 55 tv, and we ditched our apple tv. Then bought a 65 tv and have that to the kids and they have not used the apple tv since. In fact apple tv had never been activated on either tv.

    • +1

      Other than playing games on it, the apple tv isnt really aimed at kids, its for multimedia enthusiasts.

      • Plus as Apple Home Hub if you have Apple Home Kit devices - smart door bells, door locks, lights, cameras, water controllers etc.

    • As a streamer only, and if you have a TV that still has some years of updates, sure.
      But TV companies’ length of support and updates has been pretty ordinary in the past.

  • I cannot get Apple TV 4K YouTube app to do 4K yet!
    Dolby Atmos works fine on my soundbar, Dolby Vision and HDR are great on my TV too, only problem is I have to choose either DV or Dolby Atmos. Going through TV I lose Atmos (no eARC), going through soundbar (LG SN11RG) no DV only 4K SDR

    • Open YouTube app and then go into settings, then reset app.

    • 4K YouTube is limited to video that is 30fps and under on Apple TV (and there is no HDR).

  • -1

    Going to sound weird but can you get Chinese channels to run on apple tv?

    • By channels do you mean apps? It runs off the TVOS App Store

      • Yep. Anything off the Chinese App store because I have gotten some issues with geo-locked content. Want to find a better solution for my Dad to watch Chinese commentary for live sporting events - he really wants to watch CBA matches. I am satisfying him with NBA Chinese commentary for now.

        • I think I read earlier up that you can easily change country stores and download apps and easily
          Future update etc

  • I must say Apple TV 4K is a great device and it’s bargain at $159 for 32gb unit. On other hand if you are Tech Guru then you probably enjoy more spending little less money on Raspberry Pi 4 and getting more. You can do bit of everything as Apple TV , Google chrome cast , Roku , Fire TV or Nvidia Shield. But you have to do bit of hard work to configure your Raspberry as your requirement. You can install Kodi , Air play and Netflix and many more .

    • I could do all that but hard pass! 😀

  • Apart from more storage isn't the Chromecast with Google TV just as capable but still $50 cheaper? Unless of course you live in an Apple ecosystem?

  • Funny how 32GB one is $90 off and 64GB is $80 off.

    Wonder if these are the new prices, because normally Apple gear does not get discounted by much.

  • I reckon is a price error. On Apple is still full price

    • Direct from Apple is always the last the drop their prices, so not a good indicator

  • +2

    Apple TV + Infuse + Plex. Plays anything you throw at it without Plex needing to transcode audio or video. Buttery smooth playback with 4K HDR and all DTS and Dolby audio formats. I highly recommend it!

    • Yeah agreed, works a treat. To be fair, plex by itself with the ATV4K is great. Just need Infuse for lossless audio codecs.

      The only thing it can’t play is lossless Dolby Atmos :( need a Nvidia Shield for that

  • +2

    I am strongly considering purchasing one, Sold my 1080p Apple TV for $150 a couple months ago and I bought that a 4 years ago.

    • You totally should

  • Why not buy the Nvidia Shield TV

    • +3

      Because it’s double the price? And some people prefer the Apple ecosystem

  • do i need the 32gb or 64gb?

    just using Netflix lol, android netflix laggy.

    • 32GB is perfectly fine unless you want to load it up with games.

      • thanks for a 32gb.

        i've got 3 of the original apple tv when it first came out, had no idea this even existed lol. didn't realise there was limitations on resolution.

  • Should I buy one if I don't have a iPhone?

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