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Oppo Find X2 Pro (Ceramic Black or Vegan Leather Orange) $1399 (Was $1599) @ JB Hi-Fi


Been keeping an eye out on this model… Not the cheapest its been, but if we take advantage of the recent JB/Telstra 12 months sim plans with bonus $600 or $400 gift cards (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573930 or https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574151) could possibly get it for $799.

Oppo Find X2 Pro (Ceramic Black)

120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen
Ultra Vision Camera System
65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge
Snapdragon 865 Processor

Extra savvy people can also utilise 10% JB gift cards from the following deals:
Bringing it down to around $720

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  • Seems so expensive given pixel 5 and s20 fe

    • I can't see why you are comparing with inferior spec phone models… of course its gonna be more expensive

      • Both the pixel 5 and fe have better battery life, faster updates and longer support, and wireless charging. Specs aren't everything.

        • Take Pixel 5 out, it's got inferior chipset.

          • @fidelio: yes, if you hardcore game I can see why that would matter. Otherwise you don't just take it out haha. If that's your attitude then just take the Oppo out as it's battery life is inferior.

            • @onlinepred: I didn't know "superior" phone means the longest battery life.

              You need to look at the target market for each phone, Oppo Find X2 Pro / Note 20 Ultra / Oneplus 8 Pro are all "flagship" phone. Pixel 5 is a mid-ranger, with mid-range chipset, medium screen size, 90hz screen, Most mid-range phones with SD765 have decent battery life.

              It's a given all Pixel phone have great camera quality, and that is the main selling point (plus stock android experience).

              • @fidelio: Well OP8 doesn't even have IP rating equiv. Oppo doesn't have wireless charging. Oppo has the least support and updates.

                So yes, if you need 120hz and huge screen and latest cpu for the latest mobile games, then you would be looking at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575264
                Problem solved.

                • @onlinepred: You are just being silly. Picking on things these phones don't have.

                  Look at spec by spec. Pixel 5 used inferior parts, period.

                  • @fidelio: I'm at a loss, you were literally being picky just above "mid-range chipset, medium screen size, 90hz screen"

                    If I'm paying close to $1500, I expect pretty much everything, like the note 20 ultra. All the specs, 3 years of updates, wireless charging. Basic things on premium flagships.

                    Anyway peace out.

                    • @onlinepred: Yes I am comparing "spec by spec", then its clear why Pixel 5 is not apples to apples with other phones I have mentioned.

                      There is no point in some "features" like IP68 or wireless which some of these phone don't have, to call them they are not good.

                      If you define a great phone based on how many hours your phone will last without a charge, then go for it.

    • This has better specs.

  • +12 votes

    You used to buy these phones because they were cheaper than the big names, but had similar/comparable specs. Given these are about the same price as other brands (Google, samsung etc), don’t see a reason to get of these anymore.

  • Preordered mine and got 300 gift card… Ended up only paid 1299 for its phone on June

  • Outstanding, powerful phone, the 12GB ram and 512GB storage puts it above a lot of comparable brands/models but having said all that, I wouldn't have wanted to pay $1599 for it when it first came out.

    I only purchased mine because of the excellent deal JB was running at the time - $800 off the phone ($799 up-front) on a 12 month Telstra $55 per month, 80GB data plan.

  • Ridiculous that a phone at this price point doesn't have wireless charging.

  • Besides the spec sheets, why would you get this over a Galaxy Note?

    Surely the UI of Samsung is leaps and bounds ahead of this?

    Quite a ridiculous price for a sub Android brand name.

    • Better cameras, Snapdragon, much faster charging, one of the only phones that can do both qhd and 120hz at the same time, this is for the 12gb RAM / 512 storage that you'd pay a premium for with other phones.

      • That's what I'm trying to say in my comment.

        Just because it's a spec monster, doesn't mean it's all optimised softwarewise.

        iPhones have inferior hardware in most instances but it works better in most cases as an example.

        Just seems way overpriced for an Oppo.

    • If you are taking Exynos version of Note 20 Ultra, that would be the main issue.

      Beside that, for an average user, Note 20 Ultra probs a better phone.

  • Is this dual sim?

  • It still suprises me when I put this phone on charge and do something else that's it's charged up to 90% or more if just a super short moment.

    Screen is so good. Camera always gets complements. Overall beast phone. Would highly recommend if the price is right🤠

  • Vegan leather must be better than fake leather

  • Missing dual sim. Too much $$ for an oppo.

  • For those who are interested. You can import Find X2 Pro from these 3 countries to get dual-sim global version (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) with exactly the same specs. Price is about $1250-$1400. From my research on this phone, ceramic version will perform better than vegan leather, the ceramic back will dissipate heat better and hence less throttling.

  • And on top of that, Find X2 Pro is covered under International Warranty Services (IWS) by Oppo.

  • Considering the newly released iphone and one plus 8 5G, I believe OPPO should decrease its price further on this flagship.

  • I love this phone. Great screen, charges for fast!!

  • I got one of these. Awesome phone.

  • I got this phone on one of the telstra deals. It is a good phone however I have been having non-stop issues with calls dropping out, people unable to hear me and me not being able to hear others. I have been onto support multiple times and they just run through a diagnostic tool on the phone which doesnt resolve anything.

  • I eventually got it for $330. Ported over two numbers to telstra and got $1000 worth of JB gift cards. Told the guy to make the phone cheaper and I'll buy it straight away. He brought it down to $1330… so minus the $1000 comes to $330… Also I used the 5% cashback for TCN gift cards (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575909) to pay that remainder.