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Samsung Galaxy Note20 4G 256GB $1199, Note20 5G 256GB $1349, Note20 Ultra 4G 256GB $1549, Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB $1699 @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi all,
Just came across this really good pricing on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series for those without access to Samsung EPP store. For comparison, the current EPP discount is only 20% bringing these to:
Note20 4G 256GB: $1199 (JB HiFi) vs. $1199.20 (Samsung EPP),
Note20 5G 256GB: $1349 (JB HiFi) vs. $1319.20 (Samsung EPP),
Note20 Ultra 4G 256GB: $1549 (JB HiFi) vs. $1479.20 (Samsung EPP), and,
Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB: $1699 (JB HiFi) vs. $1599.20 (Samsung EPP)

Another advantage of this deal is that you can put those $500 Telstra/JB gift cards from earlier this month to good use. Further, you can pay the difference using various discounted gift card options (e.g. 10% off using AGL Rewards), thereby making the deal even cheaper than the EPP pricing. I hope this helps some of you in the lookout for Note 20 series. Happy shopping!

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  • Waiting for those exynos comments…

    • well, they'd be valid comments :)

    • Here you go:
      Don't buy the phone with exynos crap. It will throttle and heat up quickly. Performance is not good compared to S865.
      Buy S20 FE 5G S865 is beast and way cheaper.

      • Only if you don't need a second SIM. Samsung Australia has confirmed ALL AU S20FE's are single SIM only. Why Samsung, why?..and they're selling dual (hybrid) SIM models, you've guessed it right….in other regions. Why isn't Australia for once that "other region" that always gets better SnapDragon CPU's and dual SIM phones?

    • I had the note10 5G which had Exynos chip. Never once did I think there was any problem with battery or power. Also we get 256GB as entry level rather than 128GB for the Snap Dragon phones. For me the extra storage is better.

      Don't mistake this post please, I think it is garbage and wrong that we get shipped an inferior product but for me, it is in no way a deal breaker.

      Also, new iPhone is doing something similar where USA phones are getting faster 5G hardware which they aren't putting on 'international' phones yet charging the same price.

      I think this is unethical in both cases.

      • Do we have faster 5g in Australia? Don't think Apple will release something without testing and say future ready unlike Samsung which still yet to release health features for its older watches

      • It's mmWave vs non mmWave. Why put the hardware for a standard that is still in trial in this country and the carriers haven't even payed for the spectrum yet?

        • Why not reduce the price of the phone that doesn’t have the mm hardware. I have read it adds us$100 to the phone.

      • It makes a big difference if you play games. Night and day. Otherwise not much difference other than your battery will die a bit sooner but most people would have changed phones by the time it makes a huge difference.

      • I have a note 10+ and i get 4.5 hours screen on time when snapdragon gets 6.5 to 7.

        • 10+ with exy, right? omg we should really avoid this exy

        • I have a two year old Exynos powered phone, get 6-8 hours screen on time. Battery is at 82% after two years of use. Tbh I don't see too much point in replacing it with the newest flagships, I doubt in real world use I would notice the .01 second faster speed at opening the majority of apps. Be worth it for a better camera but even there cameras haven't improved massively because we have hit a wall in what can be done with a tiny sensor. The higher refresh rate for a smoother experience might be nice, but that comes with battery drain and judging by the comment I'm replying to the battery will be considerably worse on a newer phone, let alone in a couple of years with wear. Then there's the losing of features in the newer phones I care about. Seems like better waiting for the 5nm chips in a few months, which even the mid tier chips even beat the 865+. By then refinement in screen tech, more efficient 5g modems etc might be an upgrade to my two year old current phone.

      • in other words, the whole world is subsidizing US phones. Let's make America great again….and the world will pay for it!

  • If it is snapdragon version . Exynos not worth this price

    • There is no local Snapdragon version of Note 20 series in Australia so the point is moot. With international imports there will be no 2 year local warranty, along with glitchy/non-working Samsung Pay, 5G network access issues etc. While not having Snapdragon is sort of an relative disadvantage, but to me having local version is clearly better among the two evils and is 'worth it'. Alternatively, there is option of going for S20 FE 5G if the specs fit the expectation of the individual. Overall, all of these options have their own pros and cons and it's all very subjective. There is no definite winners to be honest (until Samsung gives up on Exynos, which is at best unlikely if not impossible).

      • All Samsung needs to do is solve the overheating issue. The Exynos isn't a slow chip.

        If they move to a smaller node they should be fine.

  • The reason fir the price drop is not a lot are buying it. So they need to drop price. The more we don't buy it, tge more oressure for samsung to put snapdragon on all their devices if not, lower the price further for the exynos. Simple.

    If they can do it in the se why not for everything else

    • The reason for the price drop is iPhone release… Also, it's is a normal part of Samsung pricing strategy.

      • Its part of that, because if it was selling really good, they wouldn't budge on it and be confident. But sales are down per what is expected

        • Note 10 launch date: August 23
          iPhone 11 launch: September 12
          Note 10 discount of 30%: September 12 (20 days since the launch of note 10)

          Note 20 launch date: August 21
          iPhone 12 launch: October 14
          Note 20 discount of 20% is max discount offered on 22nd of October (62 days since the launch of note 20)

          So if your theory on them discounting is because of the product not selling, Samsung offering only 20% max discount at this stage rather than the 30% they were offering this time last year would indicate sales are good comparatively and you're completely wrong?

          Or maybe…… It's all part of their pricing strategy and their pricing cycle…

          In saying all of that, you're probably right and all of the above and the fact that they (and most phone makers) increase the discount of their product at time passes is irrelevant and they all base their pricing on your idea…

          • @MrFizz: and in saying all of that, with the actual launch of 2020 iPhones being tomorrow (22/10), I'm quite confident the discount on a number of Samsung phones will be 30-35%, not because they aren't selling well but because that is part of their pricing strategy to entice people to buy a heavily discounted Samsung rather than on one of the non discounted iPhones.

            It's the same thing they do every year…..

            • @MrFizz: It just means that its not selling that time every year. In any product, why would a company sell at a discount if it was already achieving the sales target or numbers. Makes no sense. I own a sales business, I only would put in a promo if a product needs boosting and actually increase the price when a product is selling really good. Basic man basic

  • JB staff advised me that they would match price with Samsung education portal.

  • Rumours say that next exynos chip is more powerful than snap dragon

  • Exynos 1000s series would be different though

  • i hears note 20 is not good and better get note 10+ ?
    what is the reasonable price for note 10+ snapdragon (yes grey import), second hand, with the screen has been repaired/replaced?

  • The issue with exonys vs snapdragon isn't actually with the performance difference. Yes if you are a heavy gamer then the difference can make a difference, but the vast majority of people will not notice a difference in real world usage.

    The difference matters in 1 key area and that is battery life. Often where exonys devices die, the snapdragon equivalent will have between 15-19% left. This obviously matters and can make a difference for quite a lot of people, but for people like me who work in IT, even then it doesn't really matter as I can charge my phone whenever I'd like.

    • not to mention the extra heat from Exynos CPU, especially noticeable when you play those same games.

  • There is so much hate for the Exynos. Samsung really need to let Australian buyers have options. Even if the next gen Ethos Exynos matches the next gen Snap dragon, there is so much pent up anger it will still get flamed. They really need to demonstrate a clear performance gain I order to attract people back to the name

    • see my comment above. Samsung will no longer "develop" their Exynos crap in-house!

  • This or wait for Black Friday 🤔

  • Pocof2 destroys Samsung on price
    The funny thing is, if in Australia you get exynos, but with pocof2 you get Snapdragon.

    Long live Samsung, and apple (who loves Google's $billions of Google search exploitations revenue. )

    • agree, and it has Snapdragon 865 instead of shitty exynos. I still don't understand why Samsung is so expensive and yet so popular.

      • I like the new Samsung fold, but that's it, Samsung needs to be dethroned, but innovation or hungry smaller companies would not care anymore and we would have stagnant innovation.

        So Samsung and Apple are Important, they feed competition, take that away and no pocof2 exists.

      • For me I use the s-pen for tasks every day. I'd love it if other companies made phones with something similar, but for me I need the note. As for the other Samsung range there's probably better value out there

  • Slower than the S20 5G FE

  • Note 20 ultra exynos chipset runs hot if you play games more than 30 mins.

  • I had the note 20 ultra snapdragon variant, and the battery life wasn't amazing. it was decent, but could definitely use more. Exynos is even worse. I wouldn't buy the exynos version, because samsung need to learn
    its a great phone though. speakers, display, construction, all top tier. the cameras are amazing too. must be some of the best out there

  • don't get the Note 20 (non Ultra). It's an inferior version of the S20 FE, more expensive, but you get a PEN :)

  • Please note that the note20 has a very dated 60hz 1080 display which is barely better than an iPhone.

  • Try to call Samsung Australia you will get extra $200 off on Note 20 range, $150 on S20 range (via voucher code given by CSR's)

    I hope this one helps, enjoy shopping guys.

  • Just call 1300 362 603 I think then ask for further discount. You will be given specific discount voucher by the Samsung Rep to be used on Samsung consumer website.

  • Lol. I’d be on the N20 ultra by now if they had a SD865+ variant. Eat poop Shamesung for releasing an SD855 exynos chip!!

  • Note 20 ultra 5 g and note 20 ultra 4g… is the only difference the 5 g capability? Meaning cameras battery screen etc are all the same? Colours available are the same?

    Thinking to be on Aldi or similar network so 5g does not interest me at all.

    Edit, just realised this is the same price that Samsung are selling for, not a discount at all. (Plus Officeworks is a few dollars cheaper again)

  • Deal has expired? Showing as $1999 for ultra