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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X $669.53 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Good price for local stock, still selling elsewhere for over $700.

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  • Cheapest!

  • 3600xt for $339 also, is that a good deal?

  • Good deal if you do rendering or something else that uses the 12 cores.
    Personally I'd wait for the 5800x with 8 faster cores which should be close to this price but much better for gaming.

  • I wonder how much the 5900x will be. Actually my wallet doesn't want to know.

  • I got this for the same price off Amazon 2 months ago. Awesome for parallel processing, perfectly good for games. The GPU becomes the bottleneck once you move up from 1080 gaming for most titles anyway (unless you want > 200hz refresh rates).

    With COVID and huge demand for the new CPUs, I'd wager you'll be waiting until December - late Jan for 5xxx Ryzens and they be limited stock. Will also have to wait for BIOS updates, then deal with any teething problems.

    I'd be surprised if in Oz the 5800x sell for less than $800 at the beginning.

    • That's a bit much isn't it? I was thinking more like $700, maybe $750

      • $450 usd coverts to $630 aud + 10% gst will be around $700. Add shipping and australian markup $750 will probably be minimum launch price. $800 seems likely.

        • Damn, im building a system and was thinking about getting a zen 3 cpu. But seems to me like a 3900x for $659 is better than a 5800x for $800. Though the 5800x would be better at gaming

          • @Lance Miranda: Unless you're doing significant amounts of multi-threaded productivity work (not just occasional video editing for fun), the 5600X will be a fantastic gaming CPU. It should comfortably outperform the 3900X in games and the expected launch price is $499 AUD or thereabouts.

    • Yeah I did a similar thing, but used the recent Ebay 20% off sale to get it for about the same price.
      I had originally intended to wait for the 5 Series but came to many of the same conclusions as you did and think longer term the extra cores is a better option.

      I'm pretty happy I did, I don't see this processor being a bottleneck for any games ( or anything else) for a long while to come.

      • Yeah, I went for the 3900xt on the eBay 20% off sale. Should work out as just under $600 once factoring in the bonus cashback deals that were going.

        I figured the 5900x would probably be closer to $900 and will likely sell out/be on back-order for ages.

        • Should I grab the 3900x for $659 or wait and get the 5800x, though the 5800x is probs gonna cost a decent bit more

          • @Lance Miranda: Depends what you are using it for, if gaming, what resolution? Any video editing, virtual machines etc.

            For me, I'm building a machine for 4K gaming, so the 5xxx series processors will likely have no advantage, and I had all the other components ready to go, so wasn't waiting any longer. I also use VMs for work, so the extra cores are quite valuable to me of the 3900 vs the 3800/5800 CPUs.

  • I reckon if you are buying for gaming and are upgrading/already have a pc, makes sense to wait given how promising zen 3 looks in single core: link

    • If it's high resolution it doesn't really matter what these days. Anything half decent will work the same at 4k.

      I think the non gaming benchmarks are overrated for the average consumer but that's my opinion

      But yeah if 1080p high res is important….

      • 100% agree re. non-gaming benchmarks. For some reason everyone on OzB and Reddit is suddenly a hardcore multimedia content creator who needs 12C/24T when a new CPU launches. The reality is that for people who muck around with a bit of photo/video editing but mostly play games, a 6C/12T CPU like the 3600 or upcoming 5600X is perfect. Dump all leftover money into a higher GPU tier.

        • Yeah I've yet to meet these people who really need that level of CPU cores to get by…. Not like a 6c 12t Ryzen won't suffice anyway.

          • @scuderiarmani: On the contrary, everyone on here seems to be obsessed with gaming performance with zero consideration given to those who might use the processor for something else.

            • @9839002: A multi core modern CPU is daylight ahead of previous generations.

              For most it's irrelevant.

              • @scuderiarmani: When time is money and it's a business expense, it's very relevant.

                • @9839002: How many people here are buying for that, minimal.

                  Especially when they are combining it with RTX Video Cards and high refresh monitors.

                  • @scuderiarmani: That's my point. This is a very gaming focussed forum. Go spend some time on d preview and see pro photographers who see real productivity gains in light room and photos op with the likes of the 3900x.
                    You said you're yet to meet people who need those high core count CPUs. I'm telling you they exist and where to find them, outside of ozbargain.

                    • @9839002: Not denying there's not gains. But it's a niche market for a niche need.

                      They are grossly overkill for the overwhelming number of people who use computers.

                      People that need such hardware, likely should have it already.

  • these are really trying to hold onto their price right up to 5000 series launch.

    Look forward to grabbing a cheaper 3950x

    • 3950x was 855 bucks on prime day after 5% cash back and 20% off discount

      • yeah I completely missed the 20% off thing and a lot of prime day.

        Still have hopes we'll see it get down low again though before years end. 3950x + liquid cooling will keep me going till next socket with ddr5 comes along

      • Oh damn I didn't even see that on sale for that price. Would have bought one.

  • Think these will drop more after 5000 series release or nah?

    • I expect once 5000 series has been out for a few months and any immediate stock shortages have been resolved, you should be able to take a good 20% off 3000 series prices. I recall not too long after 3000 series launch you could get a 2700X for only a little bit more than a 3600.

  • Intel Core vs AMD Ryzen progression:
    (USD $, cinebench r20, overall value)

    i7-4970k: $330, 440s, 2100m, 33.0V* —vs— FX-9590: $800, 220s, 1700m, 7.6V*
    i7-5820k: $400, 400s, 2800m, 27.0V —vs— FX-8370: $200, 200s, 1300m, 26.5V
    i7-5960x: $999, 390s, 3900m, 11.7V —vs— FX-8100: $170, 160s, 800m, 23.5V

    i7-6700k: $340, 480s, 2400m, 35.3V —vs— r5-1400: $170, 350s, 1800m, 51.8V
    i7-6800k: $440, 460s, 3100m, 28.0V —vs— r5-1600: $220, 380s, 2700m, 46.8V
    i7-6900k: $1100, 450s, 4500m, 12.3V —vs— r7-1700: $320, 390s, 3500m, 35.3V
    i9-6950x: $1700, 420s, 5000m, 7.9V —vs— rT-1920x: $800, 410s, 5400m, 17.0V
    qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm123456 —vs— rT-1950x: $999, 410s, 6800m, 15.0V

    i7-7740x: $340, 510s, 2600m, 37.6V —vs— r5-2400G: $170, 390s, 2000m, 57.6V
    i7-7800x: $390, 490s, 3000m, 32.8V —vs— r5-2600: $200, 410s, 3000m, 56.0V
    i7-7820x: $600, 490s, 5300m, 25.2V —vs— r7-2700: $300, 410s, 3900m, 40.3V
    i9-7920x: $1200, 470s?, 6900m?, 13.6V? —vs— rT-2920x: $650, 440s, 5900m, 22.6V
    i9-7960x: $1700, 470s, 7700m, 10.0V —vs— rT-2950x: $900, 450s, 7000m, 17.8V

    i3-9350k: $160, 480s, 1900m, 71.9V —vs— r3-3300X: $120, 500s, 2400m, 103.3V
    i5-9600k: $260, 500s, 2600m, 48.5V —vs— r5-3600: $200, 480s, 3700m, 66.5V
    i9-9900k: $490, 530s, 4900m, 31.6V —vs— r7-3700: $300, 490s, 4800m, 48.7V
    i9-9920x: $1100, 460s, 6200m, 14.0V —vs— r9-3900: $400, 510s, 7200m, 43.5V
    i9-9960x: $1600, 460s, 7900m, 10.7V —vs— r9-3950X: $750, 520s, 9300m, 26.3V

    i3-10320: $160, 470s, 2500m, 72.0V —vs— r3-5300: $200 ?, 570s?, 2800m?, 74.4 V?
    i5-10600k: $260, 500s, 3700m, 52.7V —vs— r5-5600X: $300, 600s, 4300m, 54.3V
    i7-10700k: $380, 520s, 5200m, 40.2V —vs— r7-5800X: $450, 620s, 5700m, 41.1V
    i9-10900k: $490, 540s, 6500m, 35.3V —vs— r9-5900X: $550, 630s, 8200m, 37.8V
    i9-10940x: $800, 450s, 7300m, 20.4V —vs— r9-5950X: $800, 640s, 11,000m, 29.8V

    *V score stands for Value Overall = (20 x single-core / price) + (1 x multi-core / price)
    **scores for performance mode (mild OC is fine, no Liquid Nitrogen hacks)
    ? = unknown value, thus estimated values

  • Intel's releasing their 3070 equivalent gpu between December and February.

    Wonder if that will make a difference.