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2 Years Free Adobe Creative Cloud for Students / Educators @ Adobe (Via Privo / Nat Geo)


Greetings everyone, Adobe is offering 2 years free of their creative cloud service via their partnership with National Geographic :)

We have partnered with Adobe, a champion for creativity and the power of storytelling. As part of this partnership, Adobe is providing all course participants and their students complimentary access to its Creative Cloud collection of apps and services – the same tools many National Geographic storytellers use to create their work.

To access this opportunity, continue to PRIVO, who will help you create a secure Adobe membership.


  1. Go to the linked page and go down to the "PRIVO" Blue Button and click through.
  2. Go through the prompts and sign up using your details and select the appropriate level of education. For those that have studied before, this can be "Higher Education". There is no verification on the uni/school.
  3. Sign up and verify the email, and it will redirect to Adobe to have access to creative cloud :)

Note, the Adobe access is through a Privo email and not a personal email.

Note, this offer is as part of a professional development training also, they may remove the license at any point so it could be worth doing some courses just in case.

Complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud though the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Offer is subject to active participation in the National Geographic Storytelling For Impact Program. Adobe reserves the right to cancel the License granted through this offer at any time should you become inactive in the Program or at the end of 24 months, whichever is sooner.

From the Signup Email:

NOTE: Your new account may take up to 5 minutes, from the time you completed registration, to be provisioned. Please give your account enough time to properly provision before attempting to login.

As always, enjoy!

Credit: MyDealz

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closed Comments

  • +1

    sites being ddosed by ozbargainers lol

  • I got the verification email. But everytime i go to click get started it shits itself. As too if i hit the privo link for account settings. I assume others getting that same problem?

    • Same, what the heck is wrong :(

      • Must be the traffic. Gonna give up tonight and try when others have finished punishing the site lol

        • -1

          Tell me how it goes. I'm going to sleep, I got work tomorrow :(

  • +5

    Struggling with the login inside creative cloud app but I'm sure it's just overloaded.

  • +1

    upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure

    • +1

      Use firefox

      • -1

        It's an error inside the creative cloud app.

  • If your getting upstream connect error, use firefox

    Its a problem with chrome browser

    Just finished my signup with no issues

    • won't load at all. even in firefox..

      • Yap, Tried Chrome, Edge (new one), Firefox but no luck

    • It's an error inside the creative cloud app.

  • I was getting timeouts on two Windows browsers when verifying the email, however when I clicked the verification link from the email using my phone, it went straight through and worked. Worth a shot if the same is happening to you.

    • I can't get any further then that though.

  • +8

    I successfully registered, but cannot login to Creative Cloud

  • Thanks OP! This is MAGIC!!

  • Downloaded Acrobat DC… 7 day trial after sign up. Is that right?

  • Thanks OP. Downloading LR Classic now…

  • Not working for me. Tried registering but kept timing out. Now i try to load page again and the register link is gone.

    • Same, gonna be really sad if I missed out

  • Http status 500 - internal server error??? Is anyone getting the same error? I got regustered but now privo website is not loading, any suggestions?

  • wow, this is huge savings for anyone that has gotten this to work

    Creative cloud cost $76.99 per month

  • +8

    The registration button is gone but you can use this link to go to the create account screen: https://privohub.privo.com/ag/lgs/home.html?siteId=18421&mod...

    • Haven't been able to get any of the fields to load for entry :(

    • Thank you. Without this link it was not possible for me.

  • Thanks OP…. However, I am a bit cynical whether Adobe will honour this in the long run.

    • Feeling the same, Adobe can retract the licence anytime…

  • +1

    Anyone got this error?

    SAML Response does not have Success status code. Please check the saml2p:Status element.

    • yeah just got this

    • Me too..

    • The same here, someone knows how to fix?

      • Yeah getting it too.

      • Got it working.

        Log into Privo account (was always broken until I checked today).

        Edit verification - used PayPal.

        Logged into Creative Cloud.

        One thing I noticed is that I used my personal email address that I used for registration, not any ngs.privo stuff.

  • +2

    This is the deal of the year if it works. Sorry NRMA 3rd Party but you're 2nd place now.

    • lol which deal was that?

      • +2

        Its expired now but it was NRMA 3rd party insurance for motor vehicles with unlimited drivers and no age restrictions. Slapped my entire family and my gf on the list and it cost $100 for a year

        • WOW!

  • It's worked for me now, I had to wait a couple of hours. Once you sign up and confirm, you'll get an email which will open up the web version of adobe creative cloud. Take the email address which was created for that account (click top right account icon) and paste it into the adobe creative cloud app on your device to access the portal page for logging in on the app. Then use the sign in details for the privo account.

  • Just got this to work after about 30 min of trying and re-trying the "Verify My Account" link in the first email from PRIVO. Got the second email from PRIVO about 10 min later, followed the link "Get started with Adobe Creative Cloud" and Bob's your Uncle, I can use all the Creative Cloud apps. Was a Lightroom user anyway, now downloading Photoshop.

  • +11

    For anyone having trouble clicking on the link after verification to find your login details, it is just :
    (Your Username) @ngs.privo.com
    Password is the one you signed up.

    After that just login to creative cloud with that.

    • Thanks for stepping out this part of the process.. this is what I needed to make it work.. amazing deal.. thanks so much… i have used the free 2 month option when you cancel an active subscription to give this a go and see if it works…

    • Thanks this worked for me :)

    • Worked great! Kept getting access denied until I tried this method!

  • +1

    can't press next button on registration

    • same. The NEXT button is muted

    • Deal DEAD

  • +1

    No option to sign up :(

  • It takes me to a Privo login page, but I'm not able to sign up for an account

  • +1

    Account verified 2 hours ago and still when I try logging in using privo credentials, it says access denied. Please help?
    Trying loggin toadobe directly too, won't budge.

  • +1

    "Registration is temporarily closed. Check back soon."

  • anyone wanting to share account? i dont have a school or uni email.

  • +1

    rip, looks like the party's over. For now atleast

  • +2

    Remember, VIC and NSW students and teachers can already access most Adobe apps for free without signing up for this.

    • Lightroom mobile isn’t included tho

    • This is only for secondary students though isn't it?

      • +1

        No, NSW primary schools too

        • I'm in Vic. I think it's only for secondary down here.

    • Yes, if you're in the public system in Vic, you have the access to AI, PS and PR on your BYOD, but it's not the creative cloud whole package.

  • +2

    Was going to comment earlier, but decided to wait a few hours to see how it went.

    It was hit and miss signing up but it eventually seemed to go through okay but I was unable to log in and never got a follow up email. I tried opening the site a few hours alter and I was automatically logged in. When trying to install things it would come up with the occasional error and say "denied" but it's all good now as it seems to have sorted itself out on it's own.

    I really wasn't expecting full access to all of these programs and apps. I was literally trialling some of these apps on my tablet last month and now I have full access to them aswell for free. Cheers for this.

  • back up I think

    • maybe not lol

      edit: going through the process now

      • Cheers, seems to work now.

        • still getting a SAML error when trying to log into creative cloud

  • +5

    "Creative Cloud registration for the National Geographic Storytelling for Impact Program is temporarily closed."

  • +1

    Worked after a dozen attempts through safari, through the Verify My Account email link (chrome seemed not to work at all). Although even after clicking finish on the landing page and being told it was done I had to Verify my account again through paypal.

    • Did everyone need to verify their identity?

  • Yep, doesn't appear to be a privo link now.

  • Only looking at this for the first time now. Not seeing any reference to Privo on the deal linked page whatsoever.

  • Sign in
    Creative Cloud registration for the National Geographic Storytelling for Impact Program is temporarily closed.

  • It is free for anyone with vic.edu.au address thats any victorian secondary students

    • +1

      Our school doesn’t use vic.edu.au so not any VIC secondary school.

  • +4

    Does this still work? I see no "Privo" blue button when clicked to the link? Thanks

  • Dammit

    Can primary school kids in nsw with det login access this for free?

    • +3

      Username checks out.

    • nsw students might have it from nesa already. I know high school students get it

    • Yes, all NSW public school children have free access to the full CC suite and more but private and religious schools miss out.

    • Adobe Lightroom mobile isn't included. not any cloud storage.

  • I don't see any Privo blue links here and there. Are we late?

  • Thanks OP. Finally got it working

  • Hi! I can’t see a blue Privo button but I did manage to sign up for the “Storytelling for Impact: Photography” course. Is this enough so that I can access the Creative Cloud promotion? I haven’t received any emails regarding downloading Adobe. Any help is appreciated

  • Complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud though the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Offer is subject to active participation in the National Geographic Storytelling For Impact Program. Adobe reserves the right to cancel the License granted through this offer at any time should you become inactive in the Program or at the end of 24 months, whichever is sooner.

    Has anyone done this? I assume you need to sign up using an ngs email to a nat geo course? Can't see how they track it otherwise…

  • +2

    Did registration last night woke up this morning with success. Thank you .

    • +1

      working online, on Android and iPad but can't sign in in creative cloud desktop app.

    • When I try to login using my [email protected], I get SAML Response does not have Success status code.

      • its installing app, hope it will work. First, download creative cloud extension and proceed from there, it will verify from the browser where I was already logged in.

  • anyone can kindly advise, please
    1) T & C stated that offer subject to active participation in the National Geographic Storytelling For Impact Program. Did anyone register for this? i assume this is the yellow buttons on the link ?
    2) Has anyone who succesfully registered, verified, and gain access to the software, experience ALL of the following … after login into your adobe account, when i click on
    - PLAN, it shows error "Unable to load plans"
    - PUBLIC PROFILE , unable to load data?
    - ADOBE SCREEN NAME, cannot be added ?

  • Can't believe I missed this :(

  • +2

    Thanks OP! The final steps worked this morning. Amazing find! :)

  • +1

    So how does Adobe track whether you've been active or not in the program..?

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know if you come across this issue.

    When loading into the creative cloud or even adobe, if it gives you "an error as occured" just get out of the app, then go back in maybe 5 or 10 minutes later and it will have you logged in.

  • +1

    I had half signed up…I got through the Privo step but then never rec'd a confirmation email, was able to write a username, password and my email but that was it.

    Now if I login with Privo it says Hmmm, Something doesn't seem right. Our big dog is on it. Please check back soon. If you continue to experience issues, please contact [email protected]

    Anyone else have this issue?

    • Yup got the same issue. Sub'd all my details, got to the end of the registration form with 'Confirmation email sent to (email address)' and haven't received the email since. Even after multiple refreshes of the page and clicked resend confirmation, and still nothing.

      Trying to login gives me the same message as you described.

  • Still get this:

    Access Denied

    You do not have access to this service.
    Contact your IT administrator to gain access, or sign in with an Adobe ID

    Tried every few hours or so :(

    • +2

      Use your username as the xxx and type in that [email protected] and your password you used to sign in.