Owner Occupied P&I Var 2.29%, Investment P&I Var 2.54% @ Resimac, Annual Fee Rebate ($299) with Refinance @ Integral Loans


Resimac is a solid lender that has been around since 1985 - Rebranded now under the homeloans group


Sub 70% lvr

2.54% variable rate P&I with a lifetime discount 2.90% comparison rate lifetime discount product
2.64% variable rate P&I with a lifetime discount 3.00% comparison rate lifetime discount product

Owner Occupied

2.29% variable rate P&I 2.66% comparison rate up to 70% lvr lifetime discount product
2.39% variable rate P&I up to 80% lvr 2.76% comparison rate up to 80% lvr lifetime discount product

We cover the annual fees so nothing comes out of your pocket annually which normally comes in at 299 per year. Which means the comp rates are even sharper then quoted above.

Main benefits

1.They are on a 1-2 day sla & do fast refi - They will get everything done before Christmas when other lenders are taking 3-5 months to refinance ie Westpac / ANZ / Teachers mutual bank

  1. Great on borrowing power for investment portfolio's

  2. You get the discount up front with no chasing of cashbacks needed on a variable rate

A little bio about me:

I pick up the phone most nights and on weekends. My wife is fine with it. Lending is my life.

Ive been in lending now for 11 years. 6-7 of those years were spent on a margin lending desk and as an in branch lender for Commonwealth Bank. The last 3-4 years ive been a mortgage broker running my own sole trader company, ive got a loan support & just trying to keep the wheels turning during this corona virus.

Feel free to post a comment or contact me directly on the below details.

Kind Regards

Adrian Player | Director

M: 0416643638
E: [email protected]
W: www.integralloansolutions.com.au
Adrian Player is a credit representative (498364) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).

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  • ‘Resimac Is a solid lender’ yeah nah not according to product review. 1.8 out of 5.


    No wonder they rebranded.

    • Me personally ive never had a client issue with resimac. But im quite a high touch broker that likes solving issues for my clients no matter the lender. Id also like to highlight they used to do a lot of low doc loans. And we all know the lenders like bluestone / pepper / la trobe / better mortgage management. Any lender that does a lot of low doc have horrible reviews. Because clients take on the product then get trapped with the lender and complain.

      Not making any excuses. Just highlighting a few reasons why that rating is 1.8.

      Ive got a number of clients with investment portfolio's that managed to get their last few with the likes of first mac resimac and mid tiers that are better on servicing.

      • There is no excuse for 1.8 out of 5 that is acceptable. If they were a cafe they’d be out of business already. Just because you personally have not had a bad experience doesn’t counter that.

        They don’t even seem to care enough to respond.

        • Its all about who you are asking and what you need fixed. As ive suggested my bdm in resimac is amazing and has fixed quite a few items for my clients in the past with no issues.

          • @Adrian Player: I’d find them amazing too if I got paid by them. The true test of a product or service is when the your genuine customers (the people who pay for it) say it’s amazing. Clearly most don’t.

            I would not want to have to have any issues fixed by a broker, I’d rather just not have issues at all. I don’t know, maybe i just have unrealistic expectations for Financial products.

            • @ufoninja: I dont mind which bank a client selects. But of course i give my recommendation of 2 or 3 banks depending on the scenario. They all pay about the same. Im just here to help the client as much as possible through out the total process and give them the best service as possible.

              Seems like you have an axe to grind.

              I truly hope if you are having a bad day that it gets better for you. Im always here if you need anything.

              • @Adrian Player: Axe to grind? This is ozbargain, champ. Is this not the place to discuss the reviews and experiences of a product or service? Or have I been doing it all wrong?

                • @ufoninja: Just seemed like you made a derogatory statement about how i earn my money and which banks i recommend because of that.

                  Not really a nice thing to say or assume - """"I’d find them amazing too if I got paid by them. """""""""

            • @ufoninja: On your last point id have to agree with. Clients have problems at most banks for one reason or another. Banks love to tell you the process is easy while making it as complex as possible.

  • I'm on a Resimac 4.23% IO product for an investment property. I'm not too fussed about the high rate because I only have a balance of $3k (and $400k+ in redraw), but I would eventually like to get the rate lowered as I might re-deploy the redraw funds. Happy to switch to PI for this. I can't refinance at the moment as I'm on maternity leave. What are my options?

    FWIW I haven't had any issues with Resimac service.

    • yep ive never had a client have an issue with resimac.

    • Probably your best option is to wait draw out the money for another purpose. Then once its drawn out we start the refinance process. As many banks ahve great deals but the loan balance needs to be above 250k net of offset to qualify for those deals.

  • Did not you see the 1.99% offer listed last night from CITI?

    • Thats a 2 year fix. Bank first had a 3 year fix for the past 2 months issued at 1.99%. This resimac offer is for variable. Many people dont want to fix in the current environment.

      But yes that is a great deal.

      Only issue is that citibank posted a great fix rate late 2019. You know what happened? Their assessment queue blew out to 2 months and they were constantly declining deals. Ive remember this ever since it happened. So many unhappy customers.

  • Personally with Resimac as they were one of the only lenders that accepts foreign income for partner. They also gave me 6 months deferment on loan due to COVID pretty much no question asked and does not have crazy terms like NAB that you have to pay all your interest within 12 months of repayment after deferment which was a major trap.

    Pretty happy with them so far no issues.

  • does this come with offset and other perks ie free cc?

  • yes it does come with offset. No credit card though.

  • when other lenders are taking 3-5 months to refinance ie Westpac / ANZ / Teachers mutual bank

    Fwiw, I had ANZ provide unconditional approval within 6 business days and settlement is due ~ 4 weeks after approval (partially my fault - didnt provide a few documents). This is for a refinance.

  • Hi Adrian. I DM'd you my email a few days ago and waiting for your to respond. Thanks

  • Interesting, your comparison rate is worse than the rates as posted directly on homeloans.com.au, annual fees aren't charged at all (website says they never charge them) so not sure what you're on about with the "rebate" bit, and the variable rates themselves are the same as going direct.

  • homeloans.com.au is the parent. Resimac is a subsidiary. These are resimac rates and comp rates. And yes they charge a 299 fee which i would pay out of my comms from that lender.

  • Should send this to my broker…

  • They literally put $0 annual fee on their website, so I don't know what is $299 rebate is about.

  • This is resimac not homeloans.com.au and no my aggregator software says they charge 299 per year annual fee for the offset. I dont know why ozbargains has linked this to the homeloans.com.au offer.