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EKO 70" 4K UHD Android TV with Google Assistant $795 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ BIG W


Not on the website yet, but is on the catalogue, which is out today.

Runs Android TV OS and looks like decent image quality from previous posts.

Product Features:
4K Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Google Play Store - With the Google Play Store for Android TV, whatever you're into, there's an app you're sure to love.
Android TV comes with your Google Assistant built in. Just press the Google Assist button on your remote control to quickly find the latest blockbuster or check the score of the big game
Chromecast Built-In - With Android TV, you can quickly cast photos, videos, music and other content that you love from your favourite device straight to your TV.
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube pre-installed for your viewing pleasure.
Netflix and YouTube buttons on remote for easy access.
1.07 Billion Colours

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        • Thats the tuner, not the speed of Android which is slick and fast on these.

  • 55" version for $699 in case anyone is looking for the smaller size: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/eko-55-4k-ultra-hd-android-t...

    • Only $100 less for 15" smaller and still no stock in WA makes me sad.

      • Yeah, I agree. I've been keeping an eye out for a cheap 55" Android TV recently but there hasn't been many deals I've seen.

  • +4

    Specs from website, assuming its the k70usg:

    4K - 3840 x 2160
    Display Colours
    1.07 Billion
    Contrast Ratio
    4000 : 1
    Refresh Rate
    60Hz - in 2020? disappointed..
    Aspect Radio
    16 : 9
    Yes, 802.11 b/g/n/ac
    Power Source
    100-240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption
    Multimedia Playback Format (USB)
    With Stand
    1563 (w) × 317 (d) × 974 (h) mm
    Without Stand
    1563 (w) × 69 (d) × 899 (h) mm
    20.5 kg
    29.5 kg


    no clear warranty duration

    • -3

      60Hz - in 2020? disappointed..

      Good pickup I've lost interest .

      • +2

        Very bottom of the market, you expected otherwise?

      • +17

        I was expecting 120hz OLED at least for this money.

        • 144Hz for this money or no deal.

      • +1

        60Hz - in 2020? disappointed..

        Are movies 120fps nowadays?
        Or even 60fps?

      • +1

        other than gaming, there is really no other TV function that requires / benefits from >60Hz refresh rate.

        • +1

          Sport, high refresh rate videos (e.g 60fps on Youtube or Twitch), video editing/production and just general browsing/moving the cursor around if you use it as a monitor connected to a PC are a few things off the top of my head will benefit greatly by having a higher refresh rate besides the obvious gaming.

          • +3


            high refresh rate videos (e.g 60fps on Youtube or Twitch)

            How would 60fps video benefit from a >60Hz screen?

            video editing/production

            I don't really see how a high-refresh rate monitor would help a video editor editing 24/25/29.97/50/60fps videos apart from mouse movements looking nicer. It'd also be a big pain in the neck (literally) editing on a 70" screen, and the massive pixel pitch would be annoying.

            and just general browsing/moving the cursor around if you use it as a monitor connected to a PC

            That's true, once you've experienced the smoothness of high-refresh rate PC monitors (and phones), it's hard to go back.

            That said, not many people are buying a 70" TV to use as a primary computer monitor.

            • @eug: True for some reason I was thinking 30hz idk why but many people do use big TVs as monitors, myself included. Either way, gaming and/or ever wanting to connect a PC to the TV alone is enough to warrant 120hz for me.

              • +1

                @s1Lence: One of my main desktop monitors is 43" and I find that just at my limit of usability for video editing as having to constantly look around the screen at different panels gets a bit tiring for my neck. But I still like it as I can put the less-used panels at the fringes.

                I definitely can't imagine using a 70" TV as a monitor though - that's 63ppi which would look terrible on a desk. Plenty of people find 27" FHD monitors too rough, and that's 81.6ppi. Even an 8K 70" screen (126ppi) won't look as smooth as a 32" 4K monitor (138ppi).

                I do long for the day where 120Hz is standard though! Movements just look so smooth, even if there's no actual benefit to whatever non-gaming task you're doing. :)

          • @s1Lence: No one is using a 70" TV as a monitor.

            • @Mickice: You can't tell me what to do.

            • @Mickice: Lmao I literally have a PC connected to my 75" in the theatre room and one connected to my 50" in the bedroom, so you're wrong.

          • @s1Lence: I did say "no other TV function" :-)

            Obviously a PC can be connected to a TV to run some kind of Media Centre software, but there is still no benefit to >60Hz for watching video (which is is almost certainly 60fps or less).

            I would argue that the video production/browsing/etc usage you're describing falls more under the category of "a computer monitor" than a "TV function" and yes of course >60Hz refresh is of benefit.

            There's lots of marketing FUD to try and fool people into thinking you need a >60Hz panel. Walk into JB Hifi and you'll see things with "200Hz motionflow" and nonsense like that. While there is some logical basis to the idea that a panel is better if it, for example, uses controller circuitry that optimises G2G transitions and other features to make motion look better, there's no real basis for the idea that adding in frames of information is of any benefit. You've listed sports in your list of functions that benefit from a >60Hz panel, but I do not believe any sport is broadcast or streamed in a format exceeding 30p/60i (perhaps some are 60p?) - either way, sports won't benefit from a >60Hz refresh rate. They'll benefit from a panel with good driver circuitry that optimises transition times, but there's no relationship between a panel's native refresh rate and its transition time. It's theoretically possible for a panel to take 1 second to transition from grey to grey, but to function at a 60Hz refresh rate.

            For 95% of people buying this, or any other TV, and who are not gamers, the display panel's refresh rate should be of no concern as it's irrelevant.

      • What exactly are you watching on a TV that needs more than 60hz? This would be a terrible gaming PC screen even with > 60hz, and apart from that you won't be watching anything in > 60fps anyway.

        • +1

          I believe people are confusing 60Hz with slow blurry pixel change time. If this TV is anything like my model EKO, sports and fast motion are perfectly clear. As for 120fps only high end PC and select PS4 Series X games at 1080P will run that fast.

    • Is 60Hz enough for TV and streaming services?

      • +1

        Sounds like you already know your answer lol

      • This would be sufficient :)

      • IMO, enough for daily streaming but could sometimes feel the white frame flashing at edges with a large TV.

        • That would almost certainly be a function of the PWM circuitry to control backlight brightness, and nothing to do with the 60Hz signal refresh rate that this TV (and almost all others below $1k) support.

      • As far as I'm aware, no signals are broadcast that exceed 60Hz (broadcast in Australia is usually 50Hz, either as 25p or 50i). Streaming services would not have any content that exceeds 30p so again 60Hz will be perfectly fine.

        • Streaming services would not have any content that exceeds 30p so again 60Hz will be perfectly fine.

          Ahh, maybe some people really like the soap opera effect… 🤔

          • +1

            @eug: and those people are welcome to watch the Hobbit on endless repeat

            probably the same people who enable the "MOTION ENHANCE!!1!" function on their expensive screen, thinking that "200Hz Sport Mode!" will actually do something useful (hint: adding picture elements that weren't in the broadcast signal is generally a bad thing)

      • +1

        I guess its fine for gaming too since those new consoles will struggle to hit 60fps at 4k

    • Ethernet and AC wifi is nice.
      What about brightness? Since it's not even listed in the specs I'd guess 200 nits.

    • Thanks for the info. Doesn't seem like it has Bluetooth connectivity. Darn.

  • +6

    I got the frameless 75 inch Android TV version for around $799 after using a friend's employee discount and 5% off wish gift cards.

    Originally the TV had some problems but its managed to work flawlessly the past month or so. Obviously CPU and RAM struggle at times with Android OS but can't complain.

    Honestly the only bad thing is the remote, it's flat out terrible. The range is super short and it must be pointed directly at the sensor (bottom left of the tv) for it to work out. I have been using my Samsung phone as a remote to fix this up, thought I would just mention it though.

    • I have two of those and yes can't complain one bit about it for the price

    • Is it possible to disable the OS? I've got an Nvidia Shield I want to power through it instead.

      • +1

        no, but can just use the Shield as an input and ignore the built-in OS for the most part

    • how do you use samsung remote control to work as a remote?

      • He was using a samsung smart phone. Likely an Android app using the infrared. I use my LG v20 smart phone to turn on and change channel or input in the TV at work.

  • +12

    I've got the 55" version and honestly does not deserve the crap they get on here. Still runs really quick and boot time is very quick (TV goes into sleep mode not a complete shutdown when you press the power button which probably uses more power but haven't noticed a difference in the power bill). Panel is decent, definitely not on the same level as an expensive 4k TV. But as a student who doesn't have the money sitting around to spend on an amazing name brand TV think it's great.

  • +2

    No stock anywhere

  • Bummer that it's out of stock, was looking for something big/cheap to wall mount outside in the entertaining area.

    • +1

      Probably not in stock yet. New model?

  • +4

    Got 5, can't wait to throw them up on gumtree lol thanks OP

    • +5

      The legend himself!

    • +3

      Thanks Broden! Love your work

  • They'll come into stock in 2 weeks at the after promotion price :P

  • -2

    garbage tv

  • One of the photos shows it mounted on the wall with stand attached!

  • Has it been OzBargained? Showing OOS for me (tried a few postcodes across Sydney and Central Coast).

    • No. I don’t think it has been in stock yet.

    • When I bought my 55" EKO QLED it took half a day to show up properly on the website.

  • I think I saw lots in boxes at Capalaba, Qld

  • -2


    • These TV's are decent, 720P 32" TV's are landfill though.

  • (Off topic) has anyone heard anything about a 2020 version of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/500912 coming along for Black Friday deals? There haven't been many good deals on Samsung's 75" TVs this year yet.

  • +1

    Brilliant thanks. I need a cheap large screen to replace the 75 hisense with a cracked screen (out of warranty and during covid couldn't even get their phones to be answered).

    No frisbees in the house I said. Sure said my 7yr old…

  • They are in store….. Website stock value isn't updated
    I have bought 1 but haven't picked up yet.
    Anyone have the box height…. Not sure if it will fit in my car. Length shouldn't be an issue

  • I would think this would be reasonably good TV if combined with Chromecast with Google TV

    When is the EKO 2020 models coming out?

    Might have more RAM and new version of Android

  • +4

    Was showing no stock online from my local, but called them and they had them in stock.

    Picked it up (fit in the back of an Outlander), and it's working great. Starts up from standby in 2-3 seconds.

    Programmed it into the Harmony remote.. picture is light years ahead of our mid-range Hisense 55" from back when 3D TV's were a thing.

    Would recommend at this price for sure.

    • Any chance you have the dimensions of the box? Just trying to figure out if I can fit it in our car.

  • +2
  • +1

    wish they delivered

  • A review of the 65" model from Techguide (posted on 29 May): https://www.techguide.com.au/news/televisions-news/eko-andro...

  • Just saw 2 of these available in Big W Ellenbrook, WA

  • I am after a good Smart Tv for my living room at least 65 Inch but and was after either LG, Samsung or Sony(all over $1k) so far but this one tempted me now. How to check if there is any issue with this TV after one bought this? pls help me in deciding.


  • TV box dimensions are apparently 1563 x 974.
    It's catching a lot of customers out I'm sure, wish they'd just deliver.

  • +3

    We just got one of these in our boardroom at work. For the price the screen is AMAZING. I am seriously impressed with how good the picture is. Plays 4K youtube well and the interface is not too clunky. Remote is straight up useless though, has to be pointed directly at the sensor to even register you are using it. For $800 though and 70" you could do a lot worse.

  • We still have a working Sony Bravia KDL-60R550A. Is this a worthy replacement for it for general Netflix and some light gaming?

  • I just bought one, pick up tomorrow…..

  • Does anyone have the width between the feet on the stand? Can't find anything in my Googling. Cheers

    • +2

      1480mm outside of the foot to outside of foot. About1470mm from centre to centre (of the rubber knobs they rest on. Roughly 1460 in between the feet. Need any other dimensions, let me know.
      Not sure if i should put it on my 1490 entertainment unit while I figure out where I want the wall bracket haha

      • I made this mistake- tv unit is only about 1400!! wall bracket time.

  • Got mine today. Things a beast. beautiful vivid hdr, and the game mode makes the input lag really good, far better than my 7 yr old Sharp 1080p. No ragrets.
    As people have said the remote has short range

  • +3

    for those having issues with the range of the remote

    Go to the settings and add the remote as a Bluetooth device. I waited too long (trying to put the batteries in the bastard) on the first boot and it skipped the option to add it. Once connected you don't need to point it at the TV at all while the TV is on

  • +3

    got it today at 10% off. very nice. the tv itself is great for the price, but a little blurry. youtube looks fine. twitch appears to have some bug where the video stutters after a short time. the OS is very fast and remote is fine. sound is ok if youre not too picky. worth the huge savings unless you really want qled or oled

  • 2 left at Sunshine, VIC. None on display but i think the size is good.

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