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[VIC] Free BBQ Safety Pack from Energysafe Victoria


Its BBQ season and SAFETY first. Was looking at recommendations for a new BBQ user and found this from Energysafe Victoria. Good guidelines for safety.

  • 1 Gas leak detection bottle

  • 1 Fridge magnet with notepad (not pictured)

Mod: Do not request the pack if you are outside VIC, as they will not be sent. From vendor: "While we are happy to provide these freely to the people of Victoria to test the connections of their BBQ to their gas bottle, it is not our intent to provide them interstate or merely to people who want something for free"

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  • +4

    Nice one! Can order up to 3 packs.

    EDIT: Surprisingly it also lets you order negative amounts… -10 added to my cart… :)

    • +10

      Does that mean you get paid?

      • +4

        Nah no cashrewards on this site

    • -3

      Someone forgot an AND condition in there if statement oof

      • It's HTML, has the attribute max=3 set though min isn't set.

        There's NO if statement.

        (not going to explain how to do this… Please people, don't do it lol)

  • +3


    They sent me an email saying they won't be sending this to me in NSW.

  • +1

    Not sure if this is Vic only - Live in QLD, order went through - we'll see if it shows up

    • They won't send.


      They really should make it clear on the website!

      • +3

        Lets hope I dont blow myself up then this summer haha

        • +2

          "A summer like no other"

  • +1

    how the hell do you buy it? i click "Add to Order" and it does nothing..

    edit - nevermind, finally loaded a checkout page

  • +1

    Thanks OP grabbed 2

    • hwy 2?

      • +1

        I ordered 2 as well. One for parents and one for me.
        Just enough for us and you all can have the rest.

  • +4

    No longer works.


    Now says:

    Error establishing a database connection

    • +1

      Getting the same, I think we broke it..

    • +1

      its back now.

    • +1

      I got the same but did receive a confirmation email

  • +2

    Ozbargained? Showing Database Error.

    • +1

      refreshing the page solved the issue, ordered 2 just now.

  • +2

    When checking out it has a box asking for any additional info - I put that I will use this for my "Get back on the beers event to hail Premier Dan"

    • Don't forget to compliment him on getting away with killing all those seniors.

      • You are mixing him up with ScoMo

  • +8

    So what is in the Gas leak detection bottle? Soapy water?

    • +1

      order first , figure out later :) when its free.

      • limited to 3 now too :'(

        • Why would you need more than 3? Let alone 1?

    • +1


    • +2

      Air, until you BYO your own soap and water :)

      (they were giving these away at the Royal Melbourne Show a few years back)

  • +11

    Looks like it’s an empty bottle that you put soap and water into.

    • Your merchandise order was successful

      Thank you for ordering ESV merchandise using our online form.

      You will shortly receive an email confirming your address details and the items you ordered.

      If you have any issues, or the details of your order are not correct, please call ESV on 03 9203 9700 asking for the Communications and Marketing Team or email us at [email protected].


      Communications and Marketing Team

  • +1

    Good timing as been meaning to check my rusty exchange bottle from Bunnings that's been sitting outside all year.

  • +11

    Soapy water test says "fill bottle with water and dishwashing liquid"
    So… We get free empty bottles. What a bargain!!

    • +10

      Cheaper than a box of matches and a fire extinguisher.

      • hahahah I actually laughed loudly when I read this !

      • I assumed they were giving extinguisher, fire blanket, and maybe a first aid kit. This would be a let down even if I did live in Vic.

        Is a leaky gas bottle more of a safety concern than the bbqer going on a rampage when there's no gas next bbq? Serious question - I thought the gas would be gone within a few hours (the more minor the leak the less exposed gas to be concerned about, the bigger the leak the faster the risk is dissipated??)
        Am I a wreckless bbqer? (I have never checked for leaks, other than questioning "should I have run out so quickly?")

  • +6

    I won't get it, as it will just add to the waste in my house. But you can check leaks with detergent and water.

    • This is just a bottle to put detergent and water in so you can squirt it on the connectors.

  • +6

    Great initiative anyway, hope it doesn't cost them too much

  • +1

    Ordered and confirmed. Thanks OP.

  • Shame this is not happening in NSW.

  • Ordered, thanks Op!

  • thanks Op, very useful!

  • +3

    Spray bottle + slightly soapy water is what my gasfitter friend uses.

  • Thanks OP ☺️

  • Looks to me like some close shifty Buddy of Vic Gov Minister got something through to be giving out free empty bottles lol .
    I guarantee I could beat the tender :)

    I could start with everyone has a plastic empty bottle and it only needs a brochure :)

  • Thank you!

  • Much appreciated OP. THANKS!

  • People are really ordering this to get an empty plastic bottle sent to them??

  • Using the link from the picture didn't work for me. I just searched for, "BBQ Safety Pack from Energysafe Victoria", and it was the top link (which is: https://esv.vic.gov.au/merchandise/bbq-safety-pack/). I wonder if they are somehow blocking traffic from OzB.

    They also have some other interesting FREE brochures, magnets, and stickers (all health and safety related generally).

  • Hmm….Forbidden!

  • Did anyone end up receiving theirs?

  • Nothing received yet.

  • I also have not received mine since; wanted to share each to friends and fam

    • No worries just finish drinking from any plastic bottle and you have the product express post :)

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