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Get $20 Voucher With No Min Spend When You Register / Update Existing Profile @ Decathlon


Decathlon online store voucher!Regardless of whether you are a member or not, you can get a $20 voucher with just one registration, and there is no minimum consumption.

Please go to: https://decathlon.com.au/pages/decathlon-membership?

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    Got a hat, 2x tshirt, and shorts for $3 pickup at Box Hill. I'm expecting the quality to be equal to Kmart at best…

  • +1

    I like Decathlon. I pop in every now and then. I just don't feel like they get enough business to be sustainable…in a bricks and mortar form anyways

    • +1

      They'e small in Australia, but it's a huge business:

      "Decathlon S.A. is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1,500 stores in 57 countries, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world."

      I think they'll be fine. Their Australian presence is still pretty new.

  • Who negged this?

  • +1

    What is required when claiming your item from Click and Collect?

  • Thanks OP. Signed up . Voucher was instant.Got 4 x board shorts delivered for $9.20

  • +1

    Pain in the ass. Whatever I want to order is unavailable for pickup. Just bought socks.

  • +1

    Just realised they offer 2year warranty on most of thier items

  • Voucher does not come out automatically.

    It seems a human-being sits at Decathlon HQ and allows some vouchers through, and not others.

    I tried via Trial and error to see why some vouchers came out and not others.

    Definitely a human involved, sitting issuing $20 vouchers. It's not an automated system.

    • Pretty sure its automated. Mine came through near instantly after updating the details on an existing account

  • +1

    I am not liking this 1 bit, I have tried numerous times to log out it wont let me, so I went and deleted auto log in details for pw manager, it still signs me in on their site, how in the F?

    • They track IP address.

      Try a different IP.

      • +1

        I am on static due to Floptus.

      • Are you sure? Me and another household member sharing the same internet signed up and got vouchers. Orders placed and confirmed, pick-up ready.

    • Clear your cache or try a different browser. Static IP has no bearing on your issue.

  • +1

    It's been over 2 hours and yet to receive pick up ready notification.

  • +1

    No password reset link for an existing account and no coupon for the new account I created with another mail id; waiting for more than an hour.

    • I signed up last night but still haven't received
      But when I relogged back in it asked me to complete the final step of updating my details to receive the voucher. So maybe try that.

      Having said that… Have updated but no voucher yet (only couple mins ago)

  • OP, recommend you mark this as expired if you've genuinely been ozb

  • +1

    I just signed up and got the voucher quickly….

  • Same, voucher did not appear on me

  • +1

    Same issue here Not receiving voucher

  • It is still working. just did it and got the voucher as well.

  • +1

    Created account around 9am and also updated my profile. No voucher still.

  • still working, got voucher instantly

  • hmmm…was able to register and get the coupon in my name…no luck on my wife's id:

    Trying to login gives
    {"message": "Internal server error"}

  • Still active on updating existing account

  • It worked for me 10 mins back

  • Do the codes stack?

  • got the voucher just now, check your promotion email, spam folder etc..

    • +11

      Why are people greedy? Was it a single person collecting 200+ items today (now that indeed would be greedy) OR 200+ individuals (not greedy) as just doing what is offered here!

      Oh……and you are one of them i.e. calling to ask when "your click and collect" will be ready. That slows everything down as staff have to answer your call. Seriously!

      • It just got Ozbargained.
        Like most of the sweet deals here.

      • -1

        No but people put on multiple order for $20. No wonder why many business go bankrupt!! At least pay for something instead of wanting it free!

      • -3

        @borg : i use a $20 voucher for a discount ! Not for a free things like some people ! And yes, i will call because i paid for something and didn't expect it to be free! And nope i didn t see this before i actually put my order through as i did my purchase last night expecting it to be ready this morning at 10 when the store to be open to find out it wasn t ready !! So yes i m quite angry! And on 200 orders, not many have paid for it that s why they got hard time to process it!!

        • @fier2: How do you know what others may or may not of have done?
          I like many others (that I know) put the Vchr towards something. Regardless, so what if people used it for an item that was $20 or less. This is what they offered and in fact could even be considered the Ozb thing to do :-)

          I think the issue you here is that you "expected" your item to be ready at 10am. Why should it be as you only just ordered it at night.
          Click and collect clearly starts:
          We are committed to having your order ready for collection at your chosen store within 2 hours* if you place your order before 4pm!
          *On weekends the waiting period maybe longer than 2 hours.

  • +3

    I just picked up my order from the store today. So it definitely works

    • Cool, did you get email or text confirmation that your order is ready for pickup?

  • Thanks Op for sharing this.

    I use my existing account to login, but the website straightaway sent me a Password Reset code to reset my password.
    This looks odd to me. Am I the only one to see this?

    It looks like to me that Decathlon probably lost partial users' information and thus use this approach to find back their information.
    Good try.

    I still remember that there was forum which used to be the top Diablo 2 forum and out of sudden it lost most of its users, because its database was hacked and deleted.

    • Yes, probably why they also gave $20 for existing (it's a good thing to reduce the influx for "new users" too actually :)

  • +2

    Not sure why this is stated as out of stock. Just re logged into my account and updated details. Received instant voucher code

  • I just logged back into the account that I created this morning, updated my phone number and got an email with the voucher right after that. Thanks OP

  • Got it ! Thank you OP

  • Just collected my click and collect after applying the voucher. Worked fine. If it does not work then there is a large QR code in the car park at Decathlon Moorabbin and probably other stores you can scan for the voucher also

  • Ordered Click and Collect at 1 pm, just got a confirmation it’s ready to be picked

  • My partner and I just picked up order from Auburn store. I didn't receive any notification since morning, so they processed it when I told I am here to pick up my order.

    Staff said there were over 300 orders for this store and therefore they were unable to get it processed before.

  • I tried to buy a Helmet but this is the only shipping option for Perth. Rep can you use Australia Post?

    Standard Shipping

    Delivered by Allied Express Overnight $24.85

  • When you go to pick up the item, do you just show the order confirmation email or d o you need to show ID as well ?

    • +1

      In my experience just tell them your name and order number.

  • Tried to do this last night via mobile and the site was trash, just did it now via web and it didn't give me any voucher..
    Edit: Took awhile and went to my junk folder still good.

  • They had this big posters everywhere in store advertising the $20 voucher. Every customer seemed to be taking advantage of it. There were so many click and collect orders. Couldn't bother waiting for the confirmation so I pick up the item from the shelf myself and they processed the order for me.

  • +4

    Just signed up and the email that came through said $50 minimum order. Looks like this got Ozbargained.

  • Ordered this morning for click and collect at the Auburn store - hadn't received order ready email but decided to drop in anyway, they were happy to process the order then and there, but the process was really slow so it's understandable how they haven't got through the hundreds of orders yet. A couple things ordered weren't actually in stock.

  • +1

    why everyone need to order and then go to click and collect today? can we just wait to put order like next week? omg…..

    • +1

      Because with the offer, things can sell out by the time everyone here has finished "licking their lips"
      Best grab while available. There is no guarantee items will be back in stock within the 30 days (use by period).

  • -3

    Old Discount code works anymore

    The one with FREE, UNCONDITIONAL $20

    Now, ALL codes MUST SPEND $50 to get $20 back.


    • Huh?

      • Alll codes need minimum of $50 spend now.

        Watch this:


        Be quick or be dead!

        • +3

          My "huh" related to:
          "Old Discount code works anymore…..The one with FREE, UNCONDITIONAL $20"
          whatever that statement is meant to mean?

          If however you are noting that current deal has expired and has changed to $50 spend required to get the $20 discount, then perhaps just say this :-)
          Sidenote: those with existing code can still spend with no conditions.

          • @Borg: Yep, I meant what you said.

            System won't let me change my OP anymore :(

  • so old codes still no min spend by the sounds of it
    Anyone know when old codes expire?

    • +1

      The email with the code says:
      T&Cs apply. Valid for 30 days from issue. Excludes shipping. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher. One time use only.

  • +2

    Was just in Auburn store at opening time today and the team were doing a pep talk in the middle. Overheard the guy say they were smashed with online orders yesterday, but thanked god that head office changed the conditions to minimum $50 spend so that they would get some relief lol. #ozbargained

  • It's still working.

  • Store is a bit dodgy.

    I check each item and the items were confirmed deliverable to my address. But any time I would get to the $90 free shipping threshold, suddenly items were undeliverable lol.

    I checked with around 10 different items, same deal. Perfectly deliverable until it reach the $90 threshold. I ended up just sucking it up and accepting the shipping charges.

    but very suspicious website. Never seen anything like that before.

  • I still havent received confirmation of my click and collect after 24+ hours. Im just hoping they have stock (it was in stock at the time) and its just a picking delay.

    • Best call them and check as I got notified the next mid-morning after I ordered (Tempe Store).

    • Same here too from the Box Hill store…about 36 hours now…will call them in the morning

    • Checked with online chat. Sounds like they were swamped but confirmed that my item has been picked.

  • +1

    I ordered a beach shelter two days ago and was planning to pick it up yesterday and have a beach day today, cup day here in Melbourne. Unfortunately, my order is still unfulfilled and it's a $20 trap for me now.

  • +2

    cheating.just getting my email after 3days

  • Only now that the deal has expired do I receive the sign up email - with no coupon.

  • It just popped up for me when doing an order, update your details for $20 voucher. I did it, voucher arrived immediately.

    We're thrilled you've decided to join us!

    Here's your code for $20 off for your next order. Minimum purchase $50.

    T&Cs apply. Valid for 30 days from issue. Excludes shipping. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher. One time use only.

  • +2

    Has anyone had their order fulfilled and shipped yet?

    Ordered straight away and nothing thus far.

    • +2

      Same here.

      • +1

        Yep, I ordered on the first and still unfulfilled…

    • My click and collect went through fine. Took a couple of days (outside their standard 24 hours c&c policy).

      • Interesting, maybe an issue with getting stock to post out given those orders would be given less priority…

    • Any luck? I emailed and they said they were busy and to wait. It's been ten days and they haven't shipped it..

      • +1

        They’ve been swamped. I used my voucher a few days prior to this deal being posted and it was ready for collection within an hour, I placed a second order after this deal was posted and it took nearly six hours for c&c.
        The staff member I spoke to said the combo of Melbourne lifting restrictions and the voucher has made for some of the busiest days he has seen.

      • Yeah I contacted too, and looking at next week just to fill it and ship it out…

        • +1

          I don't want to sound negative but I half feel like they are planning on not fulfilling orders. It doesn't take 2 weeks to ship out a tiny one item order that I placed even if they were "swamped". They have been ignoring my emails too.

          • @Yeahyeahok: You’re free to be as negative as you want. I think it would hurt their brand image too much to cancel hundreds of orders, but at the same time they weren’t prepared for the uptake and now are being really slow to get everything sorted.
            Have you tried live chat? Pre-covid I live chatted with them a couple of times and they were good.

            • @mapax: Nearly 2 weeks later and still unfulfilled… Has anyone received the shipment? Mine was a more expensive item so not just a 'free' purchase with the original code.

              Was told my order would be prioritised with intention to ship this week but this hasn't occurred.

              • @somethingguy: Yeah that sucks and it sounds like they’ve really dropped the ball.

  • +1

    Here is my code - E0FFF36D. Would have used if it discounted the delivery too.

  • I know this is expired but this is utter garbage. Just went to use my voucher to buy a basketball for my nephew and they won’t ship to an inner SA suburb. A freaking basketball! F#*! Decathlon!

  • Ordered 31 Oct. As at 15 Nov, order status has now changed to "Unfulfilled" with payment status of "Paid". Logging in brings up a red error message stating there is no account associated with my email address. Order history is still showing somehow. Looks like they are just keeping the payment and not shipping the order and have cancelled the user account somehow, but they are happy to keep sending me spam emails every day or few.

    • I had my email about late delivery responded to about a week later…item ordered out of stock and refunded.

      I suspect if you haven't sent them an email yet asking about the order you aren't in the scope of any refund.

      • No progress after more than 2 weeks, no answer to email.

        Pretty bad, would not shop with this mob again.