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CTEK XS0.8 Battery Charger 12V 0.8amp $55 @ Repco (Ignition Club)


I realised over the weekend that I probably should invest in a smart battery charger for my motorbike and a smart battery maintainer for my weekend car. Based on the hype, I'd been looking at Cteks and happened to stumble across this deal at 5am which suits my needs perfectly.

Yes there are bigger, more expensive Cteks that have more features but I've gone years without one so I really don't know why I need to suddenly panic about the health of my battery and buy the best of the best..

  • Charges batteries up to 32Ah
  • Maintains batteries up to 100Ah
  • 6 step charging program
  • Suits lead acid batteries
  • Completely sealed unit to IP65
  • Spark proof and reverse-polarity protected
  • 5 year warranty

You will need to become an Ignition Club member, but it is free to join and has some great discounts.

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    0.8amp is pretty limited. Better off spending a few more bucks I reckon.

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      Agreed. I bought the 5.0 Amp one and that is sufficient. I got mine for $99 which and its infinitely better than this one. Just too slow.

      This is the one I bought from Edison's (looks like it is $99 again)


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      Absolutely, get the right tool for the job, but those extra bucks are wasted money if your application is for a motorbike or a weekend car maintainer where this unit would do just fine.. horses for courses

      • I'd agree if you've only got a motorbike or only have a weekender but the 5A version will be much more useful when you don't plan on needing it. For around $100 the MXS5 is great value.

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          I really can't see why I'd need it. My bike charged in about 6 hours after sitting idle for almost two months. I take my car out maybe 1 or 2 times every month. The charger will be connected to the car except for when I take it out for a drive at which point it will be connected to the bike. I have a fast connector for the car and bike so connection is quick and easy. Based on the time it took to charge the bike today, hooking up the bike 1 or 2 times a month will be sufficient to keep it ready to crank over whenever I need it and if there are any periods where I haven't taken my car out for a while, I can simply connect the bike for a few hours to get it back to a good charge.

          The MXS5 is definitely a great unit, but in my personal case I don't see what benefit it will bring to me…. and to be honest, I can't see what benefit it brings to someone that uses the smaller unit to keep their battery in good condition. Prevention is always better than the cure..

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    As above. The 5amp version also has a 0.8a charge function on it as well

    • Have u got more info

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        Has motorcycle selection. I regularly use this to charge/maintain my motorbike battery.
        Revived, what I thought was, a completely dead battery. My instrument cluster draws power even when switched off.
        Used on my ute as well, 5.0Ah. the slower the better, let it do it's 8 stages.
        I'd go the MXD5.0 at $99 and be even more versatile…
        … but, at $55, if your just doing a motorbike or purely maintaining a rarely used car battery, this is more than sufficient.

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    If you are only using it to maintain a battery (in a rarely used car for example) this is perfect.

  • Sparesbox have 20% off on Ebay so if you need a 5amp one, it'll cost around $105

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    LOL 0.8Amp to charge remote controlled toy car?

    • its a maintainer bud. Great for motos if you dont ride everyday.

  • I'm curious as to when would one use this? I understand a battery jump starter but when would one use this?

    • Just to top up a car or motorbike battery (i.e. most Victorian cars after 3+ months of lockdown).

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        That's not accurate. Its designed to charge a motorbike battery and top up a car battery to keep from going flat

        • Thats what i said. Its a charger for your car battery much like a phone charger for your phone.

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    0.8 is fine for motorbikes.

    Source: I have this exact model and used it almost daily with a dying battery for a few months.

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    There's a bit of misinformation here which I'll do my best to clear up..

    • this is a great battery CHARGER for motorbikes, jetskis, scooters etc
    • this is a great battery MAINTAINER for cars as it slowly tops up the battery preventing slow discharge which is the enemy of car batteries.
    • leaving a car battery hooked up to a standard fast battery charger will overcharge and kill it, this unit fulfils a purpose of keeping your car battery in good health, it is not designed to fast charge a dead car battery.
    • I believe it can slowly charge a dead car battery but I have no idea how long that would take and I will never find myself in that position with this unit keeping my battery topped up

    If you need a fast charger, look elsewhere. If you are fortunate to have a weekend car or motorbike that you'd like to keep running well, or if you just want to prevent your battery discharging overnight and having to invest in a more powerful charger, this is for you.

    I will be keeping this connected to my weekend car through the week and connected to my motorbike whilst I take the weekend car out for a spin. For reference, I connected my motorbike to this unit about 6 hours ago and it is now ready to use after having sat for almost two months without use.

    • I got one a while ago and it's absolutely perfect for my needs.

      I HAVE used it overnight on my car when it's struggling to turnover from neglect; this took about 24 hours to get to the final/7th stage. If I needed it started sooner then I would have used jumper leads and actually taken the car for a spin.

      The only time it's not worked is on batteries that are actually dead i.e. dropped a cell. I should get around to recycling those ones eventually…

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      Can't argue with most of what your wrote CTTB (horses for courses) and I'm not sure what you mean by "standard fast battery charger" but this is incorrect for any decent smart charger.

      leaving a car battery hooked up to a standard fast battery charger will overcharge and kill it

      Good smart chargers will charge using a tapered profile (high amps early, low amps when the battery is nearly charged) and then switch to maintenance mode if left connected. Some (like my Victron) have bluetooth so you can monitor your battery remotely if you're concerned about leaving it connected.

      • +1

        For clarification; standard (dumb / non-smart) fast charger will kill / overcharge batteries. I have a dumb charger that the little ctek is replacing which I doubt will see the light of day ever again

  • Not good for motorbikes doesnt even charge lithium batteries, regret buying my 5.0

    • A lot of lithium batteries need particular lithium charge units.

      Any multistage charger not designed for lithium batteries (especially chargers with pulse function) is inappropriate for lithium charging.

      • Yes, either a dedicated lithium charger or a smart charger with a lithium algorithm (unlikely to be found on cheap chargers - yet).

        "If you want to use a lead acid charger on a lithium battery you can, HOWEVER, you must NOT use a lead-acid charger if it has an automatic “equalisation mode”, which cannot be permanently turned off. A lead-acid charger that can be set to charge no higher than 14.6v can be used for regular charging and then MUST be disconnected after the battery is fully charged. DO NOT leave the lead-acid charger connected to maintain or store the battery, because most will NOT maintain the proper voltage charge algorithm for lithium batteries and damage will occur to the battery and this is not covered under battery warranty.

        Ultimately, using a battery charger with a specific Lithium charge algorithm is the best option for maximum performance and lifespan of any lithium battery."

        More here: https://enerdrive.com.au/2017/11/29/can-i-charge-my-lithium-...

    • You want the Lithium XS for lithium batteries.
      I don't think any lead acid chargers do both?

      The MXS 5.0 will do lead acid bike batteries fine though.

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        I don't think any lead acid chargers do both?

        Cheaper chargers probably not. My Victron Blue smart charger does.

  • CTEK is a great product that keeps battery maintained

  • Can I charge a 12v 7amp battery with the 5amps ctek charger or it will be too fast of a charge? Mainly use the battery for the fish finder.

    • -1

      Might depend on model/age of your charger but many have selectable settings for different battery sizes (and types). Check the manual or press the charger mode button and cycle through (unconnected).

    • 7Ah?
      The MXS5.0 can do anything from 1.2-110Ah charge (up to 160Ah maintenance). Put it on the small/motorbike battery setting and it will charge/recon at 0.8A.

  • I use one of these to maintain and charge small batteries (bikes included). I don't mind the slower charge rate as it's a weekender. If anything, a slower, longer charge is better for the battery as opposed to pumping a large amount through it.