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[Back Order] Sony 75" KD-75X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV (+Bonus $200 Digital Gift Card) - $2999 Delivered @ Sony


Was waiting for the JB Hi-Fi Singles Day with 11% off on the $3295.00 price on this exact model, checked sony's website then found this deal.

Back Order: Expected in-stock date is Tue Nov 17 2020.

5% off with SONYFRENZY & 5% Shopback

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • +3

    55 for $1599 and a $100 GC is not bad too.

    Note that there is an issue with blur on 4K @120hz that may put people off:

    I bought the TV with this in mind and am not regretting it.

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    5% off with SONYFRENZY & 5% Cashrewards

  • +8

    Dam the 75 and 55 is on sale but not the 65 which is the one i want.

    • +2

      Yeah same…stupid, when it was recently down to $1995 at various places..Not to mention the 4k/120hz issue we didn't even know about then. Hopefully something comes Black Friday

      • For sure, its one thing i have noticed with TV's. Instead of having a sale on all sizes within a model, they decide to run sales on certain sizes within the models. PIA.

        With the 5% and 5% it brings down the 65" X9500 to $2,516, then a $200 Digital Gift card ontop of that. I havent looked into the 9500 though to know if it being on special is worth paying more then the X9000

        • -1


  • +3

    Damn it, waiting on the 85” to go on sale

    • +1

      You can get this for $4000 at JB now using the one day promo code.

      • Yeah I know but I’m waiting for it to be a lower.
        Black Friday should do the trick

  • Have been waiting for the 65” to come on sale since I missed out at $1995 and of course they aren’t included. Fingers crossed for Black Friday.

    • Haven't seen a decent 65" deal all year.

  • Does cashback work after the 5% sony coupon is added?

    • +2

      As in, will it come down to ~$2500 with the 5% coupon, 5% cash back and $200 gift card?

  • +2

    Do these still have the issues with HDMI 2.1 blurring 4k120hz on PC? Or has Sony fixed this?

    • +1

      Not fixed yet.

  • is this good as a pc display?

    • Extremely low input lag, and as long as your video card supports HDMI 2.1, to support 4k 120h, it'll be great.

      • It isn't atm..

        The 4k 120hz mode is broken and blurry..

        I wouldn't buy this TV until they actually fix the issue (if it's even fixable)

  • +2

    You might be able to pricematch the 75" TV X9000H from Jb hifi for $2698 inc free delivery, and using 7% off gift cards from JB Hifi. (AGL Regards via HIM/HOME etc) It would seem gift cards can now be used over the phone.

    (Bought mine from Jbhifi over the phone sale, from a salesman called Joseph from the Jbhifi Thomastown store).


    • +2

      Better ordering from Sony. With cashrewards, SONYFRENZY and gift card it's coming down to $2507

      • +1

        True, but 7% off 2698 = $2509.

        and you don't need to pray your cashrewards tracks (in 90 days), and be forced to spend the extra $200 gift card on something else (you may not need). It's an alternative anyway.

        • +2

          Gift card is MasterCard, you can spend it anywhere and cashrewards… Yea that's a tricky one unfortunately.

        • +1

          cash backs generally work fine but yes its another thing to wait for. Also the gift card is a MasterCard so you can spend it on anything. Treat it like a normal credit card use to fill up petrol or something

  • -1

    If you sitting less than 3-4 meters from it - NO!

  • +1

    Just ordered the X9500H 65" for $2251.50 off Sony's website
    Priced matched price of $2370 in addition to sonyfrenzy code.
    Bonus $200 giftcard with this model too. Was looking for the x9000h, however, the saving on this model was too good to pass up!

    • +4

      I think you win. Video Pro is showing $2770 for me for the 65x9500h

    • How did you get $2370 from VideoPro

      • They literally just updated their price. It was 2370 an hour ago when I made the price match.

    • +3

      Sure you didn't get the x9500g ?

      If it was 9500h and they have since increased price, you grabbed a bargain!

      • +1

        I think videopro must've made an error when updating their prices, either way, Sony adhered to the request

    • The X9500G is $2370 so I think they made a mistake price matching…

      EDIT: Someone above already pointed this out but I can't delete my comment.

    • Can you please upload Sony receipt? Might be able to get it the same price?!?!

  • +2

    Does anyone know if you can negotiate a price in store at JB HIFI and then use this code at the counter?

    • Highly unlikely

  • +3

    Should list the deal as $2849.05 as the code SONYFRENZY can be used in cart. I know you have it in the details but price in heading will look better.

  • +10

    Good price for a Sony 75" KD-75X9000H. I purchased hoping I got the calcs right:
    -Sony website RRP $3295
    -Sony website discounted to $2999
    -Sony coupon 'SONYFRENZY' takes payment to $2849.05 (bye bye money)

    *Then the waiting part begins…:
    -CashReward 5% off (its a cash back, not a true discount) $2849.05 = $2706.60
    -Sony bonus gift card (which is a MasterCard one) $200 = $2506.60

    So Sony 75" KD-75X9000H TV ultimately costs $2506.60..

  • +2

    I see a deal for Sony, I give +

  • Anyone having problem purchasing? Im having some technical problems error.

  • +1

    Do you guys reckon the price will come down on the 75" during black friday?

  • +1

    Damnit was coming round to pulling the trigger on this tomorrow but do people realise that it says the gift card part of the promotion expires at 7am this morning?? ("BONUS $200 DIGITAL GIFT CARD WILL BE SENT VIA SMS TO ELIGIBLE ORDERS 4-6 WEEKS FROM SHIPMENT. OFFER ENDS 7AM 11/11/20. WHILE STOCKS LAST.") Weird time, and in spite of the deal continuing otherwise, far as I can tell. I dunno if I wanna do it right now at 2:40am right before bed/being rushed into the decision and esp after the last comment from toddstar about technical problems error; not something you want when depending on almost 150 bucks cashback, ugh..

  • +1

    $2507 has to be the best price to date on this. I cannot see it getting any cheaper for Black Friday either.
    Sony's eBay store has box damaged for $3145.
    Go figure..

  • +3

    Back up to $3,295. Glad I pulled the trigger <7am.

    • +1

      I decided to as well; set alarm cos cldn't decide at like 3am, had less than three hours sleep but oh well hah. THINK I'm glad I did! Cashrewards hasn't sent email confirmation yet and doesn't show in my account (though shows the click-through), hope they don't try (or especially succeed) in screwing me on this one. You received anything yet?

      • +2

        I haven't received confirmation from CR yet either.. But what I now do is film the screen so if there are any issues they can clearly see what I have clicked and that I went thru their website..
        P.S as I was writing the above, CR email came through as tracked!

        • +1

          lol yeh I was just replying to someone below about it and saw it come through for me too then saw your reply alert. Awesome! We all win! heh

  • +1

    I forgot to add the 5% off SONYFRENZY code in the rush (might go on chat support later see if they can do anything), but managed to purchase before 7am to get the GC and did CR correctly, which tracked so that's sweet.

    • Have you received confirmation of your cashrewards yet? cos I haven't. Did it all correctly. website shows the 'click', but no confirmation email or showing up in CR transaction history (yet…)

      • nevermind just got alert on phone bent over to look and that was it hah, nice. 142.45

      edit: ps good luck re the code that's some crappy luck; really sucks to be making purchases like these in a rush and middle of the night or early morning, and alllll of the hoops we havta jump through the caveats n waiting times, I swear buying things didn't useda be this hard.. but you still got a great deal and hopefully they'll do somehing for you

      • +1

        Yeah mine popped up like 5 minutes ago, pretty fast tracking compared to other sites honestly. Thanks! If they do something with the code then I'll be happy, but in my mind, as long as I get the GC, I got a great deal. I noticed that the deal was only til 7am, at 6:55 and was checked out by 6:57, if only I took an extra 30 seconds

      • Just some update; got the code retroactively applied so I got the discount refunded to me from the original price, and the cash rewards tracked properly even with the discount. Still no gift card yet, but i think they have a week or two to get that out to us.

  • +1

    Damn. Once again, I ummed at ahhed, as nearly 3k was making me hesitate.
    Thought I'd sleep on it, then it's gone/expired.

    Now imt kicking myself. Again.

  • I was too late =)

  • The additional cashback is back on,


    • +1

      But price has gone up, also. Now 3299

  • Now 3499, I wish I bought it 2 days ago……………

  • Mine turned up today, purchased 11/11. Shipped 12/11. Received 13/11.
    It said on the listing that it was OOS until 17/11 so pretty surprised tbh.

    • What time did you buy on 11th? Mine isn't coming until Monday and I live in Sydney Metro :(

      • 6:57am. Super surprised it’s already rocked up. Even Sony’s website now says it’s unavailable.

        • Somewhat annoying. I ordered 10th at 11pm and waiting till Monday.

          Either way is earlier than I anticipated so can't be too sad but before weekend would have been great. Especially as my ps5 turned up today too.

          But enjoy mate !! Hope it's as good as the reviews.

  • Anyone got contact number to inquire about shipping. I think I missed the shipment and apparently DHL cannot track with the information provided in tracking email. I think it's a different company that's looking after it.

    • +1

      Try calling DHL supply chain 1300362194 for Sydney.

      • Sorted out. Thanks..

  • How the hell did I miss this? Damn.

  • Hey guys - got mine delivered coupla days ago (was 'estimated ETA last fri the 13th according to DHL but didn't come which apparently is how it usually goes hah then DHL called tues and delivered Wednesday. Delivery drivers refused to carry it up to my third-floor flat due to Covid concerns n it wasn't easy to get it up here but managed with my dad and brother helping hah. I dunno what I would've done if nobody could help me on arrival, and they didn't forewarn me about it…but anyway

    TV is awesome in most ways but have a couple of issues; running my PC through it, I had/have what seems like some chromatic aberration only on Windows/OS text - I wondered if it was my PC esp cos I only have windows 7 still (about to finally upgrade!) but tried my dad's PC and it had the same issue. However, redoing Cleartype setup seemed to make it a lot better/almost disappear, on his, but not on mine - however upping the text size on mine to a custom 200% seems to maybe have fixed it; I'm not consciously noticing it now at least, although I wonder if it's still slightly there, and whether it indicates some issue.. could it have to do with the fact that the TV has a BGR subpixel layout as opposed to RGB? Rtings have a page about how that can affect text:

    But doesn't specifically mention my issue which is that some letters seem are wrong coloured or have a coloured edge, like lowercase Ls almost always being blue, and other letters being magenta. My dad also noticed it on a UHD rip of Deadpool, which could be the source but it doesn't seem to have the same issue on his Hisense (R7 I think.) The issue only otherwise seems to appear on OS text, or in a program like the MPC playlist, never on text online etc.

    Anyone else with a PC hooked up had or not had the issue? Or if anyone could maybe try replicating it by reducing text size and see if it shows up?

    also - and not to make it seem like the TV is all dramas hah, it's great I think - not much DSE, no jailbars, even very little vignetting (less than I saw on one in JB Hifi, anyway) - but the on-axis viewing angle is REALLY tight; in fact when sitting about 7-8 foot maybe from it, even sitting dead center, if there's a very dark scene in a movie then the far sides/corners will look slightly washed out; sitting on the side seat of my three-seater couch (ie so directly in front of one side of the tele) the other side will appear paler than the one in front. I knew off-axis viewing would be compromised but didn't know it'd be THIS important to be right in front of it, I thought it'd only affect picture when literally sitting, well, off-axis hah. Am I just too close? (not that I can do much about it…)

    Anyway, hope everyone has got or is getting their's and enjoying it!

    EDIT: OH and PS - is the tv sposed to come with film on the screen? mine had film around the edges etc and the cardboard, but nothing on the majority of the screen itself, and there were (are, actually; i just forgot to buy new microfibre cloths) marks on the screen, right outta the box…

  • +1

    Anyone got their $200 gift cards yet? Is there a way to find out when are they coming thanks

    • +1

      I haven't. It said 4-6 weeks which i believe gives until the end of next week. If i havent heard anything by then i will follow up.

      • +1

        Ok I’ll wait one more week too and if not here shall enquire

    • +1

      Nice to know I'm not the only one waiting

    • +1

      I'm also still waiting

    • +1

      Still waiting, hope it comes as I think this makes it comfortably the best deal.

    • Got mine this morning, plus cashback confirmed and withdrawn. Excellent deal

      • +1

        Mine also came through.

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