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Luxury Office Workstation- G-Dragon $16464, Veyron 7965, Coding Pod $5829, Owlet $3826 after Discount + Free Shipping @ BOOSTER


We're joining in for the ride for the single day sales and click frenzy to offer 11% off all product on site. Also, introducing our great range of workstation for those who are single and ready to mingle or just solely pursuit your career and gaming! Please visit the site and each individual product had their detailed specification on it.

Our workstation range are definitely a babe for those dan shen gou(single dogs in chinese, no offense tho) and those expert Ozbargainer which saves a fortunes from years of savings throughout all deals, it combines ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, office workstation and massage chair into one. Comes with 3 year warranty for the product and 1 year of warranty for the PU materials.

Although the price might be steep for majority of Ozbargainers, we are happy to arrange for a installment plans/split payment. Also can be 100% rebate for for business 150k tax deduction as fixed assets(for those smart ABN and business out there ;p). Do look out for some corporate business that already had our workstation in their office for trading and in their sales showroom throughout Australia!

Product are individually designed and made from scratch as it is fully customizable on your needs and requirement, although it is stupidly heavy and oversize, we still offer Australia Wide shipping for free via sea cargo with turnover time around 28 business day + 2 weeks of manufacture to your needs. Or by air cargo with extra cost depend on your area for 10 business day + 2 weeks of manufacture.

Product has a restriction of 80cm door width in order for us to deliver the fully pre-assembled product straight into your home. Or we could try separate the product into different segment in order for it to fit thru your door, then you can get you hands on to built it yourself by just assembling them(how fun!).

PS: Doesn't come with monitor or computer

Our apologies for the error on our end which shows the blackfriday promo code on the homepage. Promo code has been taken off as it was an internal error for pre-releasing it, all order of G-Dragon workstation and Massage Gun are getting a price match and refund for the variance as the code is intended for G-Dragon and Massage Gun only

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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    • Play by the rules please!

  • if only this had machine guns at the front then I could be D.Va

  • +1

    I want Veyron, I want cosplay e-gril. I can't afford both, sad UwU


    • +1

      We offer split payment, for a lifetime job contract maybe?

  • If it only came with a foldout bed, I might be tempted!

    • +2

      Flat down the chair and there you go!

  • "PS: Doesn't not come with monitor or computer"

    Woohoo free monitor and computer.

    • Nothing like Ozbargainers to proof read your website

    • Fun fun!

  • +1

    Excellent deal bought 3 thanks op

    • +2

      Knock Knock ATO OPEN THE DOOR!

  • Will buy one, just waiting for stakeholders to offer me a 6 figure salary.

    • Would be faster to push them to buy it for the company

  • Can it run Crysis Remastered?

    • Depend on your gaming rigs ;)

  • Don’t forget, free shipping!

    • Australia wide!

    • +4

      Elon Musk disliked this comment.

  • Owning one of these is a great way to stay single at least.

    • Or always had mate hang around at your place

  • +1

    This could be one of the those high up voted posts where not a single sale will be made from here.(no offense to ppl who bought 3 or more)

    • +1

      Could be, or could be not. Still great fun to do so!

    • They'd only need one sale to outo the others anyway…

  • +1

    OP. I have just informed the significant other that we have sold the just completed unit that we haven't moved into yet in order to look for a proper house with space for this…..
    She has now threatened call her solicitors, what should I do?

    • +3

      Tell her with this badboy could even fit in the garage and you won't mind sleeping in the garage

      • …………I have advised her that I will be buying two, one for her, one for me. What paint/options do you recommend for that scorned woman in your life?

        • +6

          Bloody period red.

          • +1

            @BoosterAU: funny you say that actually ;)
            Maybe that's why I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. I knew, my life decision was sound from the beginning.

            • +5

              @he11bent: Better move on to a spot where you can actually made decision yourself, not by instructed

  • Can you build one for traders, I need about six 4k monitors? I will get one after I pass my CFA level 3 exam.

    • +1

      Definitely, we do had built several for ANZ and CBA for their trading department. Not sure about six monitors tho, as all our standard fit is up to 3 monitor.

  • I gotta say tho, the marketing is so Chinese! I'm Chinese by the way.

    • +2

      Not sure how chinese do their marketing. Example please?

  • +1

    Do I have to dress in cosplay to use it, or is that just an added bonus?

    • +10

      Goes best when naked

      • OP seems to be on the wrong job.Could be a successful comedian with such outstanding sense of humor.

        • +1

          why be a comedian when you can sell this workstation

        • I get paid for being a clown at work

  • Any chance of telling us how many you’ve sold since posting this bargain?

    • +2

      Would lose the job if do so.

  • Would really like to try one out first before buying. You should consider display booths in shopping malls to raise awareness.

    • Definitely should. Unfortunately display booth in shopping centre is usually a lost leader

  • Holy Guacamole!

  • +1

    Meh, I could make a Green Dragon for way less… it might not look as pretty bcos I don't have injection molding… but the hydraulic monitor arms, kb mechanism, relays, electronics and the lights would set me back ~$2.5k, getting the steel cut and bent ~$1k, for the chair I'd go La-z-boy and with some drop down casters for the whole enclosure. So >$7k all up + 1year to design and build.

    • +5

      You forgot the shipping fees, storage fees, GST and import taxes, staff wages and marketing fees. Plus the order are usually built in a week

      • you forgot warranty and build quality (i hope…)

        • Ahhh there goes another hidden factory overheads!

  • 30 Days easy returns. Can definitely give it a try :D

    • +2

      Go ahead and try us!

  • Can this product be made in carbon fibre frame to reduce the weight? My apartment floor may not be able to hold the weight in its current form.
    What will the cost be?

    • Would be risky to made in carbon fible frame as it needs to handle the monitor. But definitely could look into the option! I'll pass the information to the R&D department to see the possibility and associate cost. Just to let you know it won't be cheap for carbon fibre, as it is on sports car that used the exact materials

  • Damn this is so cool. Wondering what the going rate for a kidney?

    • +8

      Not 100% sure about the rate for kidney, but we could source you a buyer, you just need to find your own surgeon!

  • How many likes for a free one?

    • 100k share maybe?

  • PU leather, will only last two or three years…

    • +5

      It's DXRacer gaming chair, they usually last longer. Unless you sweat a lot and do kinky stuff on them..

      • So 4 months for most then…

        • Depend on how often you do kinky stuff

  • +2

    Sales rep of the year goes to @BoosterAU

    Keep up the comments, love it

    • +3

      Imma sit over here till christmas and wait for my award from Ozbargain

    • +1

      The responsive reps around here are really under appreciated sometimes!

  • Need to know the address of the warehouse you store these. For research purposes…

    • +2

      Was bout to send you, until I read the second sentence….

  • Looking at that chair makes me see why a pc with vr and a chair found on the street seems much more viable candidate to replace that product listed above.

    • Not sure why ozbargain system pick this picture as main image tho..

  • Came here to see the product/price, stayed for the popcorn/comments.

    On a side note though: The grim prediction of the movie Wall-E is becoming a reality

    • +1

      Stay tuned on our future post and deals! Probably could start a Netflix series over here!

  • "workstation"

    • Gotta came out with appropriate reason for this bad boy right?

  • Unbelievable. It costs as much as a cheap brand new car. And you can't even drive it down the road.

    • +1

      You can, if you had a longass extension cord and ways to avoid cops after you on the road

      • If it only had a set of wheels and an engine, I might be tempted

        • They do have wheels underneath them

  • Lol more for leisure than gaming.

    Love it when they use anime cos play girl in it!?

    If the price comes her bundled perhaps…..

    • True, also eye catching when place in office and salesroom!

  • Great, can use this when WFH from my suite in Maldives from this deal

    • +3

      Pretty sure you wouldn't mind WFH every day with this girl I mean machine…. No I mean workstation!!!

    • Imagine the shipping cost to sent it all the way to the Maldives. :)

      • +1

        Free sea shipping. Worldwide. Even putin won't be able to stop us to import it into mother russsiiaa

  • How does the mouse not fall off when you are at zero g?

    • The keyboard panel move along with it to maintain position

  • Damn, if only the pc was included, do you think it would work well with

    [Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF i5-3470 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Win10Pro $189 Delivered @ eBay Melbourne-eStore


    or do you think the styling will clash?

    • +1

      My work pc specs is better than that LOL

  • OMG, this is sooooooo cheap?!!

    • +1

      You must be the guy whom drop cash everywhere or the one that ATO is after…

  • +1

    Got 1. But only because of the free shipping.

    • Ozbargain spirit over there

  • +1

    Look like just those stations from the Wall-e cartoon are becoming real.

    • +1

      The matrix is coming soon

  • +1

    I have no idea what this is, nor can I afford it, but upvoted the deal because of OP's responses. 😂

    • +1

      Welcome to Ozcomedian

  • bought 5, thanks

    • +6

      Paid by thoughts and prayer, hopefully received it by next week. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

  • There's no desk real estate. I have shit all over my desk. Where would I put it?!

    • Next to your toilet

      • does it have build in toilet? I mean that's a lot of effort getting out of this seat every time I have to take a piss.

        • Definitely would invest in it

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