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Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) 40mm Blue Aluminium Case with Deep Navy Sport Band $574.99 (Save $5) @ Costco (Membership Required)


This is the $5 off from the website i found it at costco casula nsw but i think you can find it too

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale

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  • +65 votes

    $5? wowowewa

  • Less than 1% off…

    You might as well pick up some discounted gift cards and purchase the watch for 5% off elsewhere.

  • -$5 + Costco membership $60?

  • Hahaha what a post!

  • Amazing… deal of the year I think

  • 5 dollar saving?. Thanks for nothing aye

  • +16 votes

    OP I would pay you $5 just for your efforts posting this

    • Why dont you put neg ?

      • Not a good deal. If it was not for the Costco membership, then maybe if it's the same distance as any other store.

        Common 5% - 10% gift cards can be used at a multitude of retailers to save even more.

        • Solid reason for a neg, Not really a good deal,

          When you factor in membership, it's cheaper to get it via gift cards.

          • @dealman: That's not a valid reason. People buy memberships to use on other stuff not for a single purchase. Otherwise all the OB deals relying on EBay Plus, Amazon, Catch memberships would have been neg'ed when you factor in their membership costs. Or unionshopper membership in other OB deals which is $500-800 depending on your profession, would you factor that cost in those deals? :-p

  • To be fair to op, it’s $599 at Apple, JB Hifi etc. I think what he meant was $5 off Costco own online advertised price ($579.99 which is already lower than other stores), buying at Costco physical store. So it is really $25 off compare to other stores.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Actually cheaper to buy it with JB gift cards at 4% off (RACQ) or more (i think 7% off?) if you have union shopper access.

    • If you shop at Woolies you can effectively get 10% off with this deal

      • How so?

        • 2000 rewards points = $10 in store at Woolies, so assuming you're not going out of your way to spend that credit at Woolies you're effectively saving 10% on the face value of the cards.

          $600 of cards nets you 12000 points, 12000pts/2000(pts/$10) = $60 of credit to spend at Woolies.

          • @iMagoo: I wish I thought of that when I bought mine. lmao I just went with the gift cards at RACQ. oh well. missed out on an additional 6% discount.

          • @iMagoo: Wouldn't $600 of cards net you 6000 points?

            • @Daabido: 2000 Points per $100

              • @iMagoo: My maths must be really bad after a long day at work. Ignore my precious bad calculation. Don’t you earn 1 point per dollar spent in store, which gives a 0.5% return? Also supposedly gift cards don’t receive points. I don’t think Woolies would offer 10% off your groceries, except if you have a credit card with them, once a month, but I have doubts you could use that discount to buy gift cards. If you can make it work great. But I just can’t see it myself.

  • Pay $60 Costco membership to get $5 off.

    This sounds too good to be true

    • I know right! If only you could use that membership for a year and get the thousands of other items from Costco and Costco online.

      Also, retail is $600 so $25 off.

      • Oh my God!

        When you put it that way, it makes it even better!!

        I was undecided, but I’ve bought 13 of them based on your comment

        • Costco Petrol is always infinitely more cheaper for 98 premium than every single other petrol station.

          Filling up once a week/fortnight/3 weeks at Costco on its own over a year will pay for the membership itself in fuel savings not to mention having access to their store.

          Right this morning. Costco Marsden Park, NSW is 116.7 per litre for 98 premium unleaded.

          Compare that with other petrol stations around. 50c plus per litre difference. Over a year the savings add up.

          BP -168.9
          7/11 - 164.9
          Caltex/Woolworths - 166.9
          Coles - 170.9

          You can check prices yourself using NSW gov Fuel Check app

          • @emoticon: Who goes to these rippers when metro and speedway offer way cheaper fuel, as of this morning speedway South Granville is 116.9 per litre for 98 premium unleaded, no membership required.

            • @alext0413: When I was on a motorcycle and used some of those cheap places you could hear the difference in the engine. It S sounded like a knocking sound with about 30% of those stations. So now I won’t use them. To be fair I was only ever using E10 as that was recommended by manufacturer for car and bike.

            • @alext0413: I was just trying to show the value of what a Costco membership could be like but I think my point stands.

              If you live near a Costco that does Petrol, it’s great value and added perk. Most people would be saving a lot regularly.

              Plenty of people, I would even say majority of people would choose to go to a major petrol brand like BP,Shell,Caltex,7/11 (in Sydney) over other brands they might not have heard of. There’s a lot more of them around.

              Taking your example, the Speedway you quoted is that price but the Speedway a minute or two down the road is 147.9, where another a minute away from that is 123.9.

              Prices are inconsistent between branches you’d have to go to that specific location. Good if it’s on the way or local.

              Costco Auburn doesn’t sell petrol so membership won’t be beneficial day to day for lower petrol prices for people in that area but you still get access to their warehouse store.

  • So many negative/sarcastic comments but no negative votes. So many nice people :)

  • if $574.99 is not an issue then I think the $5 is really not a significant issue, considering the hassle of the membership and buying it in a warehouse setting.

  • It's better to buy an overseas model anyways, so you can get ECG functionality where here it is banned form selling, not that it won't work here and no one will be reporting it when you do your own ECG in bed.

    • It won’t work (I did not neg you).

      Apple restrict ECG activation in a number of ways, preventing it from being enabled unless the following 3 requirements are satisfied:

      1.Your iPhone paired with the Watch is set to a region in which ECG is currently available and does not have “Airplane mode” enabled
      2.Your Watch is physically in a region in which ECG is currently available (the Watch’s paired iPhone will check against the nearest cell tower’s country code)
      3.Your Watch was purchased in a country in which ECG is currently available (in practise, this means the Watch must have been manufactured under a region code that is valid for ECG)

      • (I did not neg you).

        You know a simple way to show this is the vote up or down and revoke the vote - that way it shows your name and doesnt affect the other vote total and they can see you havent voted negative. 😀

      • So a UK citizen who bought his watch in London on a holiday here died of heart attack because apple would not let him monitor his heart. Hogwash!

        As Selena Gomez once said

        The heart wants what it wants
        Eh eh eh eh eh
        The heart wants what it wants
        Eh eh eh eh eh eh

        And when the government approves ECG what happens then? Destroy all existing stock?

  • How does this compare in value with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm with functional ECG (banned on this watch because of false marketing)?
    Quick search shows down to $465 delivered (both are the same RRP).
    I like the bezel rotation feature, even though nothing beats the battery of Mi Band/Amazfit (I ordered both from AliExpress :)

  • By Grapthar's hammer, what a savings!

  • Thanks. Took 4 then put it back on display

  • I am gonna buy Taj Mahal with that $5.

  • I mean, its still better than ozrrp

  • Why is this still here?

  • cost me $50 of time to look at this