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[Refurb] Dell G3 15 i5-9300H/8GB/500GB/GTX1650 $849, G5 15 i7-9750H/8GB/500GB/GTX1660Ti/144Hz $1239 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


Dell is running 30-35% off on their stock at the dell outlet. Not a lot of stock (11 G3's and 16 G5's at time of posting) but enough to post a deal.
There also appears to be a few (less than 10) G3 15 with 1TB SSD and 144Hz display for $869.

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  • holy smoke the G5 with 1660ti for $1079 is a steal

    Wish I waited

    Edit: It's scratch and dent but


    • Yeah saw that, only one in stock. Not sure what kind of condition to expect for “scratch and dent”

    • I’ll pass on dent

      • Last 'scratch and dent' Dell i picked up was virtually mint, just the tiniest nick on one corner

        • Thanks good to know. I will keep a look out for "scratch and dent" dells. First time I've seen one on sale today.

    • nice, it is also 16gb ram too!

    • Looks like someone bought it.

      • Who wouldn't!! It was a steal. 2.84kg but so its not that portable

        • Solid deal, though I’m a little wary on what kind of condition “scratch and dent” is. I’ve purchased a “refurbished 2” before which was notably worse condition than refurbished. From the massive discount I’d be a bit hesitant to get it

      • +1

        That was me. Mint condition except for a scratch on the back on the case near one of the screws

        • Nice, sounds like a real steal you got there

    • How's your Vostro 14 with the MX250 going? thermal issues?

      • thermal issues still remains the same. Spikes up to 100 degrees everynow and then, it idles at 55 degrees on a normal day. Don't know what the idle temperatures will be when it is a 40 degrees day.

        Things I like about it is the portability from being lightweight (1.49kg) and small screen bezels, and the price I got it for $849.

        There's also reports saying that you can charge through USB-C but I haven't tried it yet.

  • +1

    Wow. You can buy these online now.

    I remember having to call Dell to buy refurbs. Such a painful experience.

    • +1

      That was absolute aids. They wouldn't update the list quickly either, so you'd call and something was already sold out

    • Yeah, it’s much better now. You had to call/chat to them and ask if it’s actually still available then they would spend a few minutes checking. If it was a good price then you’d find them more often than not saying it’s sold out.

  • +3

    $1509 for the G7/17.3/16GB/2070.

    • +1

      Yeh saw that, bargain for 2070.

      But I wonder how does someone use a 17.3 inch laptop? It's not portable enough to carry around all the time so you might aswell get a desktop?

      • It’s to large for everyday travel but it would ok to bring around the house or to a friends place.

        • who brings a laptop to a friends place these days?

          • @Homr: Occasionally I have a “lan session” playing some classic games over at a friends but yeah probably not very common anymore

            • +1

              @FireRunner: lol LAN, that's so 2000s

              Then Hamachi killed it

      • It's basically a desktop replacement. You'll hardly carry it around but it's nice to have the option.

        • People who rent a room.
        • Extroverts
        • Marie Kondo
        • Why would extroverts buy this laptop? Aren't they always out and about rather then stay at home on their PC all day?

          • @Homr: Out of the house with friends at the local community centre gaming all night.

  • +1

    Some great deals on XPS too. Buy them so I'm not tempted!

    • -1

      Let's all promise to wait for black friday.

      Surely a discount code or two will appear

      • This is a Black Friday sale

        • why so early? Official black friday sale is next week?

          • @Homr: No idea, even Dells main site is running “Black Friday” deals

  • +1

    My refurbished Dell Inspiron 7577 has been a nightmare of power throttling for over 2 years since i bought it. These might have been returned for a good reason.

    • That unfortunately sounds like all Dells recently. New or not.

  • +1


    this is probably best value among all? 6 core i7, G5 with better build quality and cooling, 1660Ti on board, 144Hz panel

    that's like gaming sorted. period

    • Not quite sorted, 8GB of RAM is on the low side, I’d definitely get upgrade it to 16GB which shouldn’t be too expensive to do yourself

      • yes 8gb sticks are $30+ these days

        that's what I meant, of course first thing to do would be to install more ram.

        one plank of 8gb ain't gonna cut it

        is there anyone who buys a laptop and doesn't open it up first to install best components including drives ram and WiFi

        • I never upgrade the wifi…

          • +1

            @FireRunner: I have seen too many lame 1x1 or Qualcomm WiFi cards in gaming laptops

            so I have my own 9260 that I put into every new laptop I guess (unless it already has AX200 or 9260/9560).

            killer wifi is sort of ok

    • I'm looking for a sub $1500 gamer for the last few weeks and this looks better than any I've seen so far and well under budget. Hmmmm.

      • +1


        if I had $1500 to spend, I would probably take this

        • I was too slow. Lol. Looking at 15inch rather than 17. 16gig ram would be nice but 8 will suffice I think. And most I'm looking at have 1650ti or similar so the 1660ti seems to be a decent step up. RTX2060/70 seems to push it well over budget.

          • +1

            @Fredorishi: another great option is what I ended up buying Inspiron 7590

            i5-9300H with 1650
            dual NVMe slots
            100% sRGB 60hz panel
            can be upgraded to 97wh battery
            light and slim
            looks like business laptop in magnesium alloy body

            I got mine from dell outlet for $900

            needs repasting and downvolting to be efficient, but excels in older titles without breaking a sweat

  • https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/refurbished-xps-13-7390-2-...

    thoughts on this one? want the XPS build quality but some light gaming on the side, will iris plus be good enough?

    • What kind of games are you wanting to play? I don’t think the Iris is very powerful

      • nothing too graphic intensive, titles within last 3 years, NFS/older CODS/SC2 etc

        • +1

          I don't think it will work with NFS. Probably will struggle with most games last 3 years. Probably looks into something with more powerful graphics

    • +1

      if you stick to things like Half Life 2, they are very much playable in 1080p in high settings on crappy built in graphics of 7th gen Intel

  • Is this okay for this price ? Or better wait for better deal next week ?

    • I think that's pretty hard to beat

      • -1

        I mean this deal is better or wait for other better laptop deal on black friday.

  • On the ebay Lenovo L340 $1040, Lenovo gaming 3 $1100, compare with this which one is better?I just play dota 2 only. Thanks

    • +1

      Pretty much majority of modern laptops can play Dota 2 max settings with no real issue. with GTX 1650, you'll have no issues at all

      Out of Lenovo L340 vs Lenovo Gaming 3, for a $60-100 difference I'd 100% go with the Lenovo Gaming 3.

      Better CPU, better GPU, more ram + 120hz screen vs only 60hz.

      In terms of compared to the Dell ones.

      So, I'm looking at $900-1.2k range.


      Higher refresh rate 144hz screen + 50nits brighter


      Less ram and 1650 instead of 1650ti like Lenovo Gaming 3

      No idea, which is better in terms of battery life and another important thing is that I know the G series Dell gaming laptops has a lot of heating issues. No idea if the same is true for Lenovo.

      Overall, go for Lenovo gaming 3.

      (If you want to use a laptop that you can you will mainly use for school or work, then I'd avoid gaming laptops because of the overall poor battery life)

      • Thank you very much for your professional advice, then I would like to ask the integrated graphics notebook can also play Dota 2?

        • Can it play it? Yes

          Will you need to lower your graphics settings a lot to play it? Yes

          It will probably not be a great gaming experience.

          I think it's still worth getting a laptop with a dedicated GPU

          • @BarginGrabber: Friend, may i ask a last question, now shop back have 10%cash back and 100 dollar discount at dell website. Dell inspiron 15 5000 model 5501 after all discount is price 800 dollar , it is worth?

            • @Peter Lim: for $800, it is a very good price.

              I'm actually considering it for a family member's birthday.


              Graphic card is obviously not the greatest, but can still play Dota.

              It will perform similar to this in terms of Dota.

              If that is good enough for you then I'd go ahead and get it.

              • @BarginGrabber: Thank you my friend.

                • @Peter Lim: https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/6icr

                  (Remember code: LOVEKEANU)

                  This one was posted recently.

                  This is pretty good and probably what you're looking for.

                  It has MX330, so it isn't going to drain your battery like crazy but it is good enough to play games like Dota with high FPS.

                  If you bought the other one, you can always ask them to cancel instead it isn't shipped yet.

                  All I'd add to it is buy 8gb RAM for like extra $50-60, look up a tutorial online on how to put it into the machine (very easy) and then that laptop will be almost perfect for what you want.

                  • @BarginGrabber: Hi friend i have also see this model, but this model no type c power delivery, is important of type c power delivery?

                    • @Peter Lim: I'll be honest, I'm not super familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of type c charging.

                      I think the charging is a bit faster though.

                      • @BarginGrabber: Thanks BarginGrabber. You are the best :p

                      • @BarginGrabber: Hi friend, could i try to ask jbhifi Dell G3 899 dollar and use the coles gift card after price 760 dollar. The Harvey norman acer nitro 5 997dollar. Which one is better? Thanks.

                        • @Peter Lim: Hmm for what you need, probably Dell G3.

                          So main difference is that

                          Dell has 1650 and acers 1650ti will be better performance.

                          Dell has 60hz screen whilst acer has 144hz.

                          Dell 256gb ssd ( you'll have to install a hard drive) and & g3 has 512gb ssd.

                          I'd also get 8gb ram and install it to make it 16 total

                          So it ultimately depends what you need.

                          For dota, dell is enough if u want to play a few higher end games, probably go acer.

                          Is it nearly $250 better? Hmm debatable maybe not

  • +3

    Referb posts are often way under rated. You often get better than 50% off a laptop that is indistinguishable from NEW. In fact I'm pretty sure it's mostly just a market segmentation tactic to sell more laptops to poor people without cannibalizing the rich people market. You'd think Ozbargainers would be well aware of this marketing tactic.

  • Has anyone had any experience buying a refurb from Dell? Any more problems compared to buying new?

    • +1

      Not sure who negged you for asking a legitimate question. I’ve purchased multiple times and no issues. It might have some minor marks or scratches to the lid but no hardware issues

      • +1

        Cheers mate. There's some ripper deals in there. Decisions decisions….

        • +1

          I'm at about 9 purchases through outlet and haven't had a single mark on any of them, I may have been extremely lucky though.

  • Does cash back work for dell outlet?

    • No it doesn’t

    • No coupons or cashback sadly

  • Trying to work out ports, would it be a safe bet to look at the listing of a new G3 3590 and expect it would be the same ports, etc?

    EDIT: realised that listing is no longer for sale. Question still remains if that would page would fill in the blanks from the refurb page?