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$10 Amazon Gift Card with $39+ Spend (New Prime Users, Pay with Mastercard) @ Amazon AU


Noticed this deal mentioned in dealbot's recent post. Don't think anyone has posted it before.

The offer entitles any Amazon Australia Prime Member (free trial or paid) (Eligible Customer) to receive one $10 amazon.com.au gift card when they (in a single order) spend $39 or more on eligible items in their first purchase as a prime member on amazon.com.au using a Mastercard card issued in Australia.

"eligible items" refers to any item purchased on Amazon.com.au (via desktop, mobile browser or the Amazon Shopping App) but excludes digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime video and audible, gift wrapping and postage or delivery rates.

Eligible Customers who successfully redeem the offer will receive a confirmation email within 5 working days of their order being processed.

Gift Card will automatically be added to your account within 60 days after the promotion ends.

Offer is valid until 11:59PM (AEDT) on 25th November 2020.

As usual, click through Shopback (higher rates) or Cashrewards for further savings

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  • first order as a Prime member

    seems like it would rule most existing members out.

  • Wonder what the chance is that this deal will be repeated at Coles/Woolies
    Will then net a 2000 points ($10) + a $10 gift card for a $5.95 outlay.

    Of course you can buy a prepaid MasterCard with a $5.95 fee, sign up with a new account and a free trial, purchase something $39+ and still be $4.05 in the green.

    within 60 days after the promotion ends

    That's a very long time to wait. 2 months with a prepaid MasterCard, throwaway email and account. Do you still have to be a prime member after those 60 days to get the card?

    • That's a very long time to wait.

      It's usually much faster than that. The 60 day is there just in case sellers take a long time to process or ship the order. As per their FAQ:

      Eligible Customers who successfully redeem the offer will receive a confirmation email within 5 working days of their order being processed. This email will be sent to their registered email address.

      • Allow me to compare it to getting cashback.
        It sounds like the confirmation email appearing within 5 business days is like a transaction getting tracked, but it's not available to withdraw for up to 60 days. Happy to be proven wrong though.

        • oh yeh true. I guess its there to ensure people don't cancel their order, as it would void eligibility for the $10 gift card.

          Btw, 60 days is the maximum time, so it possibly can arrive earlier than that

  • "any Amazon Australia Prime Member"

    This deal is basically useless to 90% of existing prime subscribers

    • Sentence doesn’t stop there…

      when they (in a single order) spend $39 or more on eligible items in their first purchase

      • first purchase using a Mastercard though? So if you've previously purchased using a visa or gc then you're elligble?

        • Don’t think it works like that. As per their phrasing on their website, it’s first order as a Prime member.

          Prime members who spend $39 or more on eligible items in a single transaction on Amazon.com.au using an Australian issued Mastercard on their first order as a Prime member will receive a $10 Amazon.com.au gift card.

  • I wonder if I stopped my membership a couple of months ago and I rejoin now, will my new purchase be still counted as "first purchase", hence making me eligible for this promotion.

    Would anyone know please?

    • Did you make any purchases while you were on the Prime membership? If yes, then you won’t be eligible. If not, best to verify with live chat before purchasing

  • I recently changed the payment method for one of my existing amazon pre-orders (which hasn't shipped yet). The card I changed to was a Mastercard. As soon as I changed it, I noticed that I was given a $10 discount. Might be because of this promotion. But I am not a new user. I don't even have an existing prime membership.

  • These are confusing.

    Awhile ago tried with the APPONLY10 code.

    I signed up to Amazon AU through the app (yes first genuine account), added $39+ item “Shipped & Sold by Amazon”, tried the code, failed to apply.

    I clicked the redeem offer link from the deal, failed again.

    Ok, so I am on Free Prime Trial now for the first time but already made a purchase since it has been awhile since then.

    So I understand now the first deal was “Targeted” but it seems they manage to trick you into signing up.
    (Since new users are excluded, they expect people to have made a account long time ago with zero purchases, then target them I guess)

    • Always disliked deals that require you to sign up for a prime subscription before you can even tell if you're eligible or not.

      • If your cancel your prime membership and haven't used it Amazon refunds you

      • Actually the APPONLY10 code is for standard Amazon accounts, just had to be Shipped & Sold by Amazon item and the first ever purchase

        Sounded simple like this deal.

  • Time to create a new account.

  • when this has started? bought something last night and need to get more Xmas gifts over next days