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Samsung SmartThings: V3 Hub $35, Smart Plug $14 (OOS), E27 Smart Bulb $7 (OOS), Multi-Purpose Sensor $10 (OOS) @ JB Hi-Fi


Huge discount for all the Samsung Smartthings range. At JB HiFi

  • Each SmartThings compatible device (such as a smartphone, appliance, device and/or SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub (as applicable)) requires a network connection. Feature performance may vary based on distance and network quality. All devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account. Some SmartThings features are available with a compatible Samsung smartphone and compatible Samsung home appliance only. Others also require a SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub and other compatible devices (such as smart lights). Compatible devices and available features depend on country, region and carrier. Check compatible devices and available features at https://www.samsung.com/au/apps/smartthings/#search or in the SmartThings app.

Edit - as of 25/11/20 16:45 remaining stock is:
Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub $35 (was $119)
Samsung SmartThings Vision Sensor $44 (was $149)
Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor $11 (was $39)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Good price on the smart bulb for $7

  • Are these zigbee, and do they work with Hue bridges?

    • Interested in knowing that too.

    • Yes, Zigbee, not sure about whether they work directly with Hue though. I have the Hue hub registed with my SmartThings hub, so they're complementary

      • You can link Hue and SmartThings hubs together?

        • +2

          yeah. smart things works with all the big brand stuff. I have mine hooked up with tp link smart plugs, philips hue lights, arlo cameras, sensibo air con and google home voice control

          • @Dannyism: Does the SmartThings V3 hub also work with Tuya devices? Does the wifi hub work with Tuya devices?

            • @RangaWal: I don't know for certain.

              But in the SmartThings app I can go to add device and Tuya Smart comes up as an option. So I'd say so, but bdyor.

    • No, they don't work under same hub unless you use third party hub like hubitat or conbee and ditching both samsung and hue hub altogether.

      • +1

        just to clarify if you want to integrate hue and smartthings together you'll need to keep both the hub and add the hue into smartthings app and set up from there

    • +7

      Ooh The Zigbee!!

      • +4

        corporate greeeeeed!

  • +5

    Activate Cost_Price.exe

  • damn that's a deal

  • +3

    Pricing smell like discontinued product range?

  • +1

    Anyone know if the SmartThings sensors work with the Xiaomi / Aqara Hubs?

    • +1

      They do. You have to install some extensions t9 make it work. Also its cloud based. Meaning you need an internet connection to make the xiaomi sensor report movement to the smart things hub. This makes it suck.

  • Does the smart bulb require hub to be purchased?

    • yes the bulbs are zigbee not wifi/bluetooth

      • Does the powerplug needs a hub as well?

        • +2

          Yes… But I wanted to know if the Philips Hue hub will just work

          • @zbmat: To answer my own question I just bought the smart things plug and it is not working with the Philips Hue hub directly

          • +2

            @zbmat: To answer my own question I just bought the smart things plug and it is not working with the Philips Hue hub directly

        • I've read that it doesn't need hub just smartthings app

          • @Hvrd: Really? Do you know how to…? Have the smart things plug and hue hub in front of me

            • @zbmat: Hue hub ..which version? Mine is connected and you just need to add hue into the smart things app and login with hue account..

              • @jasontworld: Thanks.. Do you mean the plug will work without the smart things hub? I just have the hue bridge v2

                • @zbmat: I would love to know as well if it's possible to use the smartthings plug with the philips hue bridge only

            • @zbmat: sorry i was looking at a us version that uses wifi. You do need smartthings hub functionality for this.

              • @Hvrd: No worries… Thanks for clarifying

  • +3

    These bulbs are half the price of the ones i bought at HN.
    Perhaps should return em (good that the HN ones are natively supported by Tuya connect smart home
    cheapest isn't the best if it's a pita but these sound ok!

    Edit: the HN ones are RGB actually so std price of $15 pretty decent
    Need to stop looking at OzB for the rest of the year

  • Great prices, I loaded up.

  • Do these work with Alexa Echo (inbuild hub)

    • The bulb might, but not the rest.

  • Amazing prices! Ordered a bunch of items including the v3 hub. I know it is discontinued by Samsung, but they will keep the Smartthings system going. And at these prices, it's a no brainer.

  • Unbelievable pricing to go with the discounted hubitat.

    Loaded up too!

    • +1

      I will test out the Smartthings hub to see if smart home automation is for me. Will consider the more expensive hubitat at a later stage if I get hooked.

      • +1

        Go for it!

        I'm many thousands deep at this point and almost every light in the house is automated along with door/window sensors, temp sensors, smart plugs, smart displays and google home mini's dotted around.

        It's addictive, not sure of your situation but if you keep the WAF (wife acceptance factor) high then you can do mostly anything!

      • You can do a lot with the SmartThings hub and create some great automations, there is a bit of a learning curve but it's not overly difficult.

  • +1

    Don't forget to buy this with discounted giftcard

  • Any reason why you would buy smart devices which need a hub rather than one’s with built in wifi?

    • +2

      You can create way more complex automations with a SmartThings hub, plus it enables you to use Zigbee and Z-Wave devices which not only makes more devices available but allows devices from many different manufacturers to work together.

      • +1

        And zigbee or z-wave sensors and devices can run on batteries, which is not usually an option for wifi devices.

      • Thanks mate. Wouldnt wifi enabled devices from different manufacturers supporting homekit/google home/alexa too will work together?

      • I'm keen to get a hub not that the google home and basics are really limiting me at the moment, but sounds like there may be a bit more control and bring different brands together (I got a xiaomi mi home fan that isn't really accepted besides on/off.

        So is it best to get the v3 or wifi hub?


        • +1

          As far as i recall you cant turn the wifi off, and for me personally i already have a mesh wifi and didnt want another device transmitting a wifi signal. So i just got the V3 and plugged it in to the router.

      • The webCoRE plugin is great for really complex automations. Other plugins also add even more compatibility to Smartthings, eg i use a Xiaomi plugin to support Xiaomi sensors which aren't compatible with Smartthings out of the box.

    • +1

      You could control these without internet, and it's compatible with more accessories (light switch, sensors, etc etc) than wifi operating devices. Plus you could control everything with Smartthings app (and maybe some cool automation with hass.io) without 'cloud connection' bs.

  • Damn. Bought one last week for $119 with a gift card. I still have the receipt… I assume I can purchase another for $35 and then return it with the other receipt to get the $119 back?

    • +3

      I probably would at that much of a discount.

  • Does anyone know if the multi purpose sensor works with Zigbee or the Hue Hub?

    • They work with my Hubitat.

      They're great too, except they don't report battery life well..

    • Yes it's zigbee, but no it won't work with your hue hub.

      The hue hub pretty much only connects to hue end devices

      • You can connect Zigbee devices to hue. Same way you can connect IKEA Tradfri to Hue and expose them to HomeKit, using Home Assistant or Homebridge

        • Zigbee Light Link protocol devices yes.(so, lights)

          Other (non-Hue) devices ? Don't believe so - happy to be corrected

          • @DJ: Im probably wrong thanks for letting me know!

  • +2

    Noob here on these things. Why will anyone buy this if Samsung is discontinuing these products? Thanks in advance!

    • +4

      They will discontinue their hardware, but will continue the ecosystem for 3rd party manufacturers. Just like JBL and Lenovo etc make Google home assistant devices.

  • Thank you! More Wi-Fi hubs, sensors and plugs for me.

  • +1

    Awesome. Been after the hub and sensors for a while now!

  • Great pricing.
    Loaded again…

  • I’m assuming these Samsung globes are compatible with the IKEA TRADFRI hub and remotes? Also, are these just a single temperature? Like warm white 2700k? I couldn’t see in the ad description.

    • They are only 2700k, dimmable.

      I think you need smartthings hub between this bulb & tradfri remote. It may not pair directly.

      • tradfri remotes pair direct to Hue bulbs, but the Hue hub does not see them. (Nor does the Ikea hub!) Similar with Smarthings?

  • Thanks OP, bought 30 water leak sensors (in 6 orders because it capped it at 5?) and 3 wifi hubs
    Had a water leak last week and I’m now paranoid

    • +4

      That seems excessive…

      • +1

        Sounds like Broden's back

    • +3

      Does water leak sensor work in nappies?

    • +1

      Do you live at Underwater World? I would prob be paranoid too if I did.

  • +1

    Which hub to buy? v3 hub or wifi hub?

    • yeah I am confused also with that and whether to spend the extra money?

      • The hub is just that, a hub to connect your zigbee and zwave devices. The wifi hub is both a zigbee /zwave hub and a WiFi router. The wifi is mesh capable.

        • Thx Alaric If I already have an Orbi mesh system is the wifi hub pointless for me then?

          • @KingVenus: I would say the wifi hub would be of limited use to you. The memory and CPU bump would be useful if you are planning to have a lot of zigbee devices.

            Sigh…I was interested in bluetooth connectivity but it only works through the phone.

            • +2

              @alaric: I was thinking to use the wifi as as a separate AP for IoT devices for capacity handling

              • @gabsch: I have tried this using Google Wifi Mesh as my signal for main devices, and ST Hub Wifi for IOT devices. The problem I have: Google Home/Assistant (app on device on Google Wifi Mesh) does not seem to see those IOT devices on the ST Hub Wifi. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a limite of such approach.

                • @MerlinKlendatu: yeah.. I think your Google Home/Assistant needs to be on the same network as the ST Hub Wifi.

    • V3 hub = 528mhz cpu, 256mb ram
      WIFI hub = 716mhz cpu, 512mb ram

      Rest of the differences as stated by user alaric above

  • Still no motion sensors :(

    But loaded up on a few sensors I didn't think of buying. Water sensors and vibration etc just for kicks

    • Wouldnt' the multipurpose sensor be alright for when you get home, assume you put it across a doorway or something?
      Got all these shitty downlights that are the old type that keep blowing, smart/leds prob use 1/3 the energy. the lights are split up in a strange way so don't really use any besides the kitchen.

      • I've got 40+ philip hues linked to their own hue sensor (quicker) but there are other areas I want cheap motion sensors like toilets and bathrooms that dont work when doors open/close

        • sounds good, not keen to get into this too much besides the few smart plugs i got and some bedside lighting, got e14 lamps the adapters with e27 make them less than ideal so may have to get some of those ikea Fado lamps but preferred these cheap rectangular opaque ones (nfi why e14 smart rgb bulbs so expensive.

          It's pretty new to me but also noticed the control using the individual apps is better than google home but like how that pulls it together and enables routines and voice control (the Google home colours aren't accurate or as responsive as the app etc).
          Guess I just want the flipping bedside lights to be morning / sunrise ones going from Orange to yellow etc, in not sure if need a hub for that automation

          • @G-rig: Google home does wake up routines now for lights so might not. Samsung or hue gives you better control but if you're not into it that's excess.

            I have the hue hub talk to my smartthings hub and thats connected to Google home and also Google hubs. Hue switches/sensors speak to hue lights directly but third party sensors can also trigger hue and other things via smartthings. It's addictive so…don't get into it too much. Eg..blinds, vacuum, Aircon, led strip lights..

            • @jasontworld: ta, just testing the bulbs with google home to 'wake up slowly', doesn't seem to work but can voice control on/off and adjust brightness/colour in the home app.

              Seems to be a bit odd having to reconnect linked services everytime you click on it to add devices (connect smart home, and Mi-home doesn't show up for routines), and not even sure about scenes yet doesn't really allow or do much. Just wanted to know if it's worth getting the wifi hub if it pulls everything together? The Mi fan only has basic on/off control with voice etc can't add to routines.

              Would be a lot easier with all phillips hue or something and not cheaping out, but don't need to get too overboard with it yet (my brother has a raspberry pie and everything for automation). The e14-e27 adapters work well but too/tall for the small lamps so guess will look at some ikea Fado 25cm lamps (bit on the big side for bedsides but alright). Prob should just get some e14 bulbs but $$.


        • Ikea motion sensors are OK for toilets and bathrooms.

          • @manic: thanks will look into it, a simple all in one night sensor light that you can stick on the wall at knee level would be handy.

            Btw, think the lighting works ok, just realised HN sell the e14 of the same bulbs i got for $15.
            Don't know why i got the E27, may try and return the e14 adapters to amazon !

            • +1

              @G-rig: BTW, Ikea sensors are supported by Smartthings, as is the Hue hub.

              So you can program ST to take actions from Ikea sensors.

    • Vision Sensor is a more much more sophisticated motion sensor, which is now only $5 more than the regular price of a conventional SmartThings Motion Sensor.

  • Are Samsung smart plugs any good?

    • They are not wifi plugs. These are zigbee plugs and need zigbee hub to work with.

    • I find zigbee plugs respond a fraction faster than wifi ones. Not sure about reliability. I have a xiaomi one and it works great.

  • From what I can read, the Smartthings wifi-hub is essentially half way between the TP-LINK Deco M5 and M9 mesh routers (lacks tri-band on M9 but has zigbee). Would there be any reason to avoid this setup (2 smartthings hubs) compared to the M5 or M9 which seem very popular with ozbargainers?

    • Between the M5 and ST wifi hub, I'd probably pick the ST hub because of the price, zigbee and smartthings integration. But M9 is clearly a better choice as a mesh router, especially if you are not going to use a wired backhaul, because M9's dedicated wireless backhaul can lead to significantly faster wifi speeds.

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