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[eBay Plus] 10% eBay Cashback with 20% off Selected Items Code (Was up to 2%) @ ShopBack (Starts 25/11 6pm)


Nice cashback upsize to stack with the ebay plus 20% off selected items promo - promo code PLUSBF20.

You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only. If you transact without this code during the flash sale, you'll receive 1% cashback. There is no cap, plus if you buy an eBay gift card on ShopBack at 3% cashback you can stack! - Rep

All PLUSBF20 deals

No mention of any capping the promo banner- confirmed by rep.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further discounts.

Other flash cashbacks today -

PS - I suggest you use the ShopBack app. I haven’t had any issues with eBay tracking through the app.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3855)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Oh man I needed this the other day - ah well, great deal

  • No way, bought stuff just yesterday at 2% cb.

  • +6

    is this only for ebay plus, or site wide ebay

    • +6

      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only. If you transact without this code during the flash sale, you'll receive 1% cashback. There is no cap, plus if you buy an eBay gift card on ShopBack at 3% cashback you can stack!

  • Where is the CAP $$$

    • +3

      They tell you that there's a cap while the deal is running and you already bought. That's what they did last year.

    • +2

      No cap, so long as you use PLUSBF20 only, you'll get 10% Cashback uncapped. Don't forget to get your eBay gift card too at 3% cashback!

      • Sucks to have bought something just before midnight when this deal was posted… Its already shipped :<

  • +7

    How long before Uncle Jack makes an appearance?

    • +16

      Rumors are that he now works at Futu_online as a full time eBay Price Adjustment Officer.

    • +2

      that son of a ** is omnipresent

    • Whos uncle jack?

      • +4

        Uncle (price) Jack

  • What's the interaction of cashback with eBay's best price guarantee? Looking at buying something that comes out more expensive BEFORE cashback and hoping for cashback and the 5% price beat.

    • Cashback is paid by the cashback company, the price beat should work.
      To be clear you'll pay the price beatand cashback will be based on the price beat price (I.e. Your cashback is determined by how much money you give Ebay)

      • What I was formulating is as follows:
        Looking at a Ryzen 5 5600x ($599x0.8=$479.2) at an effective spend of $456.70 ($450 gift cards at 5% off, $450x0.95 + $29.20), $33.65 eBay credit back (price beat with $469 delivered at CentreCom, $479.2-$469 + $469x0.05)and $47.92 cashback.

        But you're saying the cashback is based upon CentreCom's $469 price beat price?

        • +2

          Oh eBay's price beat is in the form of credit back? Then no. Cashback is based on how much you give Ebay in the transaction. If later on you get money/credit back from eBay, that doesn't affect cashback (unless it's a refund obviously.)

          • +1

            @MatrixM: My understanding is it's a generated coupon that gives you the difference + 5%. T&C's seem to suggest it gets treated as a voucher and thus can't stack with other deals when used.

            • @iMagoo: Oh a coupon to be used on that same purchase? Then it'd invalidate cashback completely.

        • Nope. There are no 5000 series cpus eligible for this coupon

          Edit: I'm wrong. Or rather the ebay sale search function is because it doesn't find tonnes of items.

          • +1

            @justtoreply: Notoriously hard to find anything in these sales, only foolproof way I've found is to toggle on eBay plus items and manually check the listings for mention of a discount.
            Sort by price descending is normally a good measure too, given how much these arse wipes price jack.

    • You will get cashback on the FULL price paid.

      It's a nice little double dip

      • Did someone try to double dip on Price Guarantee and Credit card Price Protection?

        • Yes - invoice does no show the price guarantee so price protection claim can be against the paid price

  • +1

    6pm… by that time the thing I want would all be out of stock haha…. :S

  • So promo code PLUSBF20 is ok for cashback…. is there like a section to check which codes are eligible like cashrewards?

    Just want to make sure as there are so many rules…

    • Pretty sure the code is in Shopback app. So yes, it'll work.

    • Only PLUSBF20 is okay for cashback

  • Staying hopeful it's a good thing without exceptions. Love a good bargain

  • Does it includes all categories as of now only certain categories are 2percent rest are 1 percent

    • It's 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 during the flash sale only. The code is eligible for cashback all day (as it has been), so you could transact now and get the 20% off (with the code) + either 1 or 2% cashback depending on the category of purchase

      • +1

        So may I ask it is 10% cashback during the flash sales for all categories?

        • +1

          If I correctly understood, then as long as you use the code PLUSBF20 with the order, you will get 10% cashback. Or if your item is eligible for the discount of the code PLUSBF20, you will get 10% cashback. I might be wrong.

  • Hopefully there's an amazon equivalent by SB or CR!

  • I hope there is no cap

    • No cap so long as you use PLUSBF20 during the flash sale :)

  • +1

    Can it be stacked with the PAY4A ? Afterpay discount?

    • It cannot :(

  • Any ebay plus rejoining deals?

  • -3

    10% eBay Cashback expired already :(
    Expiry time in the title would've avoided some disappointment

    • Hasn't started yet

      • +2

        I stand corrected. Cheers.
        Time for bed. Bleary eyed bargain hunting…

  • I’m a bit new to shopback but can this only be used once / one transaction or can you use it multiple times?

    • +1

      use it hundreds of times - this will be their rate for every ebay purchase during the promotion period (I assume - rep can correct me if there are any limits or purchases than wont qualify)

      • +1

        You're correct - can use this as many times as you like during the promotional period :)

  • +3

    Shopback forcing a passwords change now (why if there is a mandatory 2 factor authentication?) , while a popup banner to install their extension is jumping out on every page. It is getting worse and worse.

    • +1

      They want you to trust them again after their security breach and keeping quiet on what measure they took to improve security.
      Glad they are trusted again/s

  • +2

    Very handy to stack with the (effectively) 10% off ebay gift cards at woolies via this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583545

    • I thought Cashback is not eligible when item is paid by gift cards.

  • What discounted gift cards can you use?

  • Doesn’t seem to stack with items from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582220

  • Does cashback work for auction wins from private sellers? Or just stores on eBay?

  • +1

    Can i buy gift cards?

  • hoping they do the same on black Friday

  • Is this site wide?

    • No.

  • +1

    Shopback fails to track during this kind of sale.

  • Do you guys know how long the eBay gift card arrives after purchase on ShopBack?

    • Giftcard delivery and cashback notification are immediate!

      • Hi op. I don’t know why it keeps on saying my credit card identification is failed, I tried multiple times still not working now it won’t let me try :(

  • Do I have to be an eBay plus member to get the Cashback ?

    • Yes as the 10% is only on the 20% off items

  • hmm not sure if I'm willing to risk buying a $1000 graphics card and possibly not getting the cashback.

    • In that case only purchase the eBay plus item, worst case if cash back is not tracked then you can return the unopened item for a full refund

      • Ah good point, will give it a shot. Had a $500 order not track through Aliexpress with Shopback. Don't want that again,

  • guys is there any offer to join ebayplus? my yearly subscription finished one months ago and i didn't renew it! :(

    • +1

      Check your emails, mine ended at the start of the month and 2 weeks later they sent me a resign up and get $50 voucher

      • wow, may I know what was the title of email?

  • Hi @gotyourback
    Does it start 5pm AEDT?

  • sigh… made a purchase two days ago and it has already shipped….. good deal tho…

  • Cancelled order and will reorder tonight - thanks Shopback!

  • Does it stack with the 15% off code?


    • +1


  • Do you have to use the 20% code or is it 10% cashback on anything on eBay ?

  • +1

    Flash sale starts at 6pm… What time does it end?

    • -2


    • +1

      6pm - 10pm according to the banner

  • +3

    That's unfortunate it only applies to PLUSBF20 deals =S

  • +4

    Why not site wide :(

  • Graphics card all up, even 30% off still no value to buy any of them, a 3070 is $1,300. OMG

  • Hi op, can you buy two identical items and get the cash back twice? Thanks

  • Will this stack with PLUS3?

    • Sorry, can't seem to delete this comment, just read I need to use the code

  • Is PTETE15 eligible for Cashback?

    • +4

      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only.
      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only.
      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only.
      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only.
      You'll receive 10% Cashback when you use PLUSBF20 only.

      • +1

        Hahaha. Thank you. It’s clear now.

  • Can we make multiple transactions? Or is it only one transaction?

  • can you use existing gift cards to pay for it and still get cashback?

  • has anyone spotted any discounted graphics cards 2070S or better?

  • I guess it's time. It better track.