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HP OMEN Obelisk Desktop $1500 (was $3,079) (i7 9700k, RTX 2080ti, 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM) @ HP Education Portal


This deal requires a student account, verified with a .edu e-mail adress. You will need to go to the footer and enter the HP student store and verify your account if you have not already. The desktop should then appear as $1,500.


NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080Ti

Intel® Core™ i7-9700K

HyperX® 32 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (2 x 16 GB)

2 x 1 TB PCIe® NVMe™ TLC SSD

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                @GreyMann: Price VS performance, this is a better deal. Only question is if the out of stock orders will be fulfilled where as you know you'll recieve the techfast system. Bit of a gamble really.

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    Contacted Sales services to confirm if it's 1TB x2 or x1.
    They'll get back to me.

    Wanting to push my luck a little to see if they'll honour the advertised 2TB ahah.

    • yeah i contacted them and was told 2TB. keen to hear what they say

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        Yep I was told it should come with 2X1TB, otherwise they will escalate the issue as it was advertised as coming with 2 drives on the product page.

  • Order is empty now - guys pls check and confirm. I do not see my order. guess would be some website glitch

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    Damn such a good deal, I would've been long asleep by the time this popped up tho lol

  • I’m sure this is not gonna be honored, but hopeful.🤞 Lesser speced omens are there for higher prices. Smile at me santa. I’ve been a good boy!

  • Great deal for people who do need these specs & don't mind the form factor. Fairly certain they'll be honoured as well based on how HP support has been treating these orders.

    I just cancelled my order with support, after initially ordering with the intention of parting it out. Even after taking into account of keeping some parts I want and selling everything I don't need, I only end up with these parts effectively free: case (probably never gonna get used), motherboard (non-branded generic mATX Z390, not too useful), and the power supply (only worthwhile part since it's platinum rated). Some other parts may be worth more than what I'm giving them credit for, but it'd still take time and effort to get the full value out of them on the secondhand market. Decided it's not worth the effort in the end.

    Not sure if orders have closed for these systems yet, if they have, maybe one will pop up soon from my cancellation?

    • Definitely not worth the effort to part out seperately, but you may do well by selling it as the package as is.

    • Damn, could have bought from you!

    • I'm thinking of doing that myself, I could just sell the case, the motherboard, and the power supply for the price of getting myself a better Z390 MOBO

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      I've no idea how you figure that out…
      2nd hand prices of these parts based on recent OCAU sales tells me this is worth between $1900 - $2250 depending on what's actually in there.

      Means you get to keep for "free" between $400 - $750 worth of stuff if you part and sell based on OCAU prices, more if ebay/gumtree/facebook is used as the selling platform.

      Also, I don't know if you can say the MB is a generic mATX… seems to have 3 x m.2. slots - so I'd assume it's ATX (no idea how they will fit 3 x m.2 slots on an mATX.

    • motherboard (non-branded generic mATX Z390, not too useful)

      Just because this is a prebuilt PC doesn't mean it's a generic bottom tier mATX motherboard. It's using a what HP calls, The Shire motherboard

      Likely custom built by a board partner for HP. Interactive System Board Viewer. Only the engineers who designed it would know for sure.

      • Value of the mobo and psu depend on whether the 24 pin is standard or custom. If it requires pin remapping then they can only be flogged off as a package or to someone who is willing to figure it out i valued these at 200 - 400 depending on the 24pin configuration. The rest of the parts can be valued at 70 - 80% of "ozbargain new" prices… hence my 1900 - 2250 valuation.

  • i think am happy to pay 2k for this machine instead of the dell one. but how do people work during the day and stay until 2 am qld time to check ozbargain. i wonder if those who got one in the first few mins of this deal are from wa.

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    edit: disregard

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    They checked with the product manager. Took a while. 2x 1TB. Have it in writing.

    • Awesome! Can u share

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        Yeah. I'm share if it comes down to it. Let's try and actually get stock first.

    • Wow if true!

  • A friend ordered one of these when it was out of stock at approx 10am Sydney Time, (6:47am AWST). He got charged and got an order confirmation but hasn't heard anything yet as at 10pm AWST 26/11. Time will tell if they have it in stock.

  • is this still able to be ordered?

    • Not currently, no.

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    can anyone recommend a good deal for monitors? thanks

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    Is there no fan/cooler?

  • The student special seems to be gone now

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    Received my Omen at 9.11am in Sydney.

    Ordered 12.34am on 26 November 2020.

    Will confirm specs later.

    • Can you please confirm if you got 2x 1tb SSDs?

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        Can confirm the following:

        • CPU Cooler: AIO water-cooling for CPU. Looks to be 140mm.
        • SSD: Two 1TB Western Digital SN720 NVMe drives for a total of 2TB of storage.
        • PSU: HP part number L36918-003, 80+ Platinum certified.
        • GPU: Blower-style RTX 2080 Ti.

        My Omen looks like the Omen in this this video, including the GPU.

    • 1 day turn around? That's wicked! I'm spewing I missed out, I wanted to upgrade from my 2070s and I reckon this was a decent pathway with a part out.

      Couldnt get my wife's edu mail verified quick enough.


  • Just got a call, no more supply ;(

    • so did it get cancelled or just wait for more supply?

    • F

      What time did you order?

      • around 5:40am

        • Well the party is over then

  • got a call, 25% voucher

    • when did you make the payment?

      • 6.20am yesterday

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      So stupid that they can't keep track their own inventory and allow order to be made and paid for with no stock. And taking over 24 hours to realise there is no stock. You would think that is quite a basic thing to get right when running a business.

  • I wonder if it matters whether you ordered via the education portal or the corporate portal (probably not).

    If it gets cancelled then oh well, time to consider the Dell https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584484

  • Also just received a call, 25% off voucher for non-promotional items, order cancelled and refunded. Ordered at 12:40am QLD time

    • That just dashed my hopes :( I ordered at 2am, still haven't received a cancellation, but not looking good.

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    I had my hopes up because early people were receiving theirs :( …

    I ordered just before 1AM and have had mine canceled.

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    Someone called me from HP said they can't fullfil this order and will cancel it.
    The lady gave me an useless 25% off voucher.

    I got confirmation letter at , 1:49 AM yesterday.

    • What is the mobile number to call you?

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        • Ta, Now I can be sure that the call I missed this morning is indeed from Spain. LOL

    • If you find the voucher to be useless, do you mind sending it to me in a private message?

  • is everyones orders still coming up as processing or cancelled?

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      processing, waiting to be called

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    Wonder what the actual stock level was? Think it might've been very low like <10.

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    HP just phoned me from a Spanish number at 11.40am and advised they'd cancelled my order which was placed yesterday morning around 7am and confirmed by HP's email. Reason for cancellation is they're out of stock and won't not be resupplying. HP said they would provide a 25% discount voucher off my next purchase. Was really looking forward to getting this machine but not unexpected that it's been cancelled.

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      Same here. I placed my order at around 7:20 am yesterday.

    • The call I missed this morning was from Spain, I thought it was a wrong call

  • HP won't be able to call me because it wouldn't let me put my phone number in when I signed up (said it was the wrong number of digits, so I just left a digit off).

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    Status: processing
    Waiting for shipment.

    Is this what you guys saw before you got cancelled?

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      Yes exactly that

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    Got called from some lady at hp. Order is cancelled too. Gave me 25% off useless voucher..

  • Still hate that I didn't get this. Needed a PC too.

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    maybe its correct there were only two available at the time of posting.

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      Likely, HP customer service agents are probably calling back 7000+ customers to cancel orders

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      17 units total

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    Hmmm, mine is still processing but i placed it at like 2 am. Praying to god.

    • They just called and cancelled it. ffs :(

  • Anything worth using the 25% off voucher on?

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      It's highly unlikely there's anything worth using the 25% off voucher for. The 25% off applies to non-promotional items I believe, and HP stuff I looked at has regular pricing well above 25% overpriced compared to other brands…so the voucher is mostly a useless con from HP who don't honour their sales…mind you they took the money, cancelled the order and haven't yet refunded…and to think the first HP product I ever bought had the transaction cancelled by HP…can't see myself trying HP again…

      • 25% off applies to all items including promo items, but will be issued in 24 - 48 hours (i.e. when BF sale is over).

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    I received a call from +34965309081 Repuestos Elche Autoparts from Spain which was listed as a vehicle supplier on Google… I wonder if that's the call from HP

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    Just got a call as well about cancellation. Placed order around 9am.
    HP seems to be run by morons, why take the order and charge the customer if you have no stock

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      Well you bought it knowing it was out of stock lol

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        Not really, it said delivery within 14-28 days. Not the same as sold out

    • Dell does this as well, it's beyond stupid

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    Nope cancelling and refunding all orders. Move this to forums. No deal. Now they have my personal data for spam

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    Do they update order status to 'cancelled' after the call?

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      Mine hasn't. I assume will take a week or 2 to process the cancel/refunds.

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        Sad. Black Friday ruined!

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          Christmas ruined! >9000 clicks. Prob had 10 in stock if that. I have no idea why they are bothering to call each person 1 by 1. Just do a mass cancel/refund email.

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            @2pro4sho: It would cause mass hysteria

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              @fireforce: As opposed to them getting abused on the phone by 5000+ people? Yeah nah.

  • edit

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    Got the phone call :( asked me to login to my account and look for other things I can buy with the 25% voucher code. um, no.

    • Do you mind sending it to me in a private message if you won't be using the voucher?

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