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Ryzen 5 3600 $310.53 Delivered ($279.48 after Zip Pay Credit) @ Amazon AU


Close to as low as it has been reported on Ozbargain if you haven't already redeemed your Zip pay 10% cashback!

Buying it for $254 through Harris Technology gives you ESET Internet Security Software (3 User 1 Year) for Free [Out of Stock]:

Zippay 10% Cashback through Amazon:

12% Cashrewards cashback, max $25 from 4-6pm:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • I'm planning to put together a PC early next year, would it be a good idea to buy this now given this price? Or can the price get even more cheaper?

    • This price is a deal if you havent used / dont have other uses for the zip/cash back but it should be this price before the cash back and zip. If that was the case it would be amazing deal.

    • Thats a tough call as its hard to predict what Boxing Day/future sales could look like. But since it was around the lowest its been reported and that is semi-rare, i decided to pull the trigger and not risk missing the sale and getting a worse sale later
      Hopefully someone else can provide some helpful insider information

    • This is actually not that a great of a deal.

      It will be ~$280 AUD delivered for sure in the future after this deal.

      It was as low as $256.02 AUD delivered in July 2020.


      So that is the new price to beat as far as I personally know.

      Yeah so

      TL;DR there will definitely 100% be better deals between now and 12 months from now so I highly suggest to wait.

      • Ok thanks mate

      • Black Friday and Cyber monday for CPUs, ram etc have all be a big let down this year. Wait if you can, prices have been far better

        • Yeah nothing really stuck out as major bargains and discounts.

          Not bad just not amazing great.

          No harm in waiting really unless the build is gonna net you extra money in the short term.

          The games will always be there no matter what mostly so no rush.

          And most games go down in price over time just like most pc hardware with a few plateau exceptions.

      • Given the current state of the market and depending on how desperate you are to snag a deal, this price is okay. Definitely not a bargain.

        I had some parts left over from an upgrade 6 months ago and decided to build a cheap, second PC using the best bang for buck components that I could scrounge around for. I waited patiently for each bargain component to rear its head and after bagging some dirt cheap RAM, mobo and storage, I thought I was on a roll.. until I hit a snag with the upward trend of Ryzen and GPU prices.

        I missed the boat with the last Ryzen 5 3600 low point @ ~$260 back in June thinking that it had a bit more room to move when the 5000 series arrived. Ditto with the GPU. Eager to finish this build off, I just had to bite the bullet and gave up on trying to hit every low point on every component. Eh! You win some, you lose some.

  • For all that work with cashbacks, this is a bang average sales price.

    FYI, you can't list it like that in the description (or at all really).

  • how to get the price?

  • This isn't really a deal on the 3600, it's just an application of the zip and cashreward bargains

  • You can save yourself couple cents if you buy from Harris Technology instead ($310.00), plus they throw in ESET Internet Security Software for free


  • Cyber Monday has been more of a let down than Black Friday.

    • It was so bad I honestly forgot it was Cyber Monday until now.

      At least it was cool today in Sydney at least tomorrow is gonna be a hot day again.



    • Yup it was mainly cash backs and zip/after/lattitude/whatever pays making the deals.

  • Cashback isn't a deal

    • yeah it seems this is a common sentiment in the comments - should i take the listing down?
      This might be my 4th deal i've posted so mind me if I done incorrectly

      • Nah don't take the listing down. Cashback or not, I'm taking advantage of this deal, it's $60 cheaper than the next best price for a highly sought after processor on a good platform.
        Edit: I think I got the last once that was at $310, so ~$260, thanks OP!

      • Nah, just leave it for those who don't mind taking a lucky dip. Zip Pay will still net them a decent price at $279 if even the CR bonus doesn't bring home the bacon

      • All intel is good intel.

        What I mean is this is a good deal for some people out there so for those people leave it up imho.

        Thanks for contributing to this awesome community and site.

  • I'm not sure about the cash back in this case. If someone can help that'd be really appreciated!

    I bought four items with zippay from Amazon on Friday night. They still haven't been shipped so I haven't paid for the items yet.

    The zippay 10% deal ends tonight so if my payment doesn't go through until tomorrow does that mean I won't get the cash back? Or it'll still come through eventually as I placed the order before the deal ended?

    • If you don't want the items without the discount, as long as they are from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon, generally it's very easy to return the items.

      • Yeah they're definitely easy to return! Thanks for the response.

        I found some info; the ZIP rep in the deal stated that the deal is eligible and should go through anyway, but if not, just to contact them with the confirmation and they'll send the cash back through.

  • Price has now dropped to $294.24. Available 7th of January though.