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JBL TUNE110 in-Ear Headphones Black/Blue/White $17 Delivered (Free with Little Birdie $20 Coupon) @ Appliances Online


Sign up for $20 Coupon (no minimum spend) for Appliances Online on Little Birdie from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584603
Might take up to 48 hours to receive code ( code is unique)

Go to Appliances Online website and add JBL TUNE110 in-Ear Headphones Black/Blue/White ($17) to cart ( make sure to select standard warrant under Customer Protection Plan) and apply your Coupon at checkout no payment required.

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The delivery for me was 16 march 2021.

My order Summary https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/199347/85019/1_png.png

I am not sure if this is going to be delivered but free is free. Please please don't hate me for this.

Credits: brendanq , distoria85

Mod note: Stock levels are state based, some states (WA, SA) are still showing stock for immediate delivery.

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  • +34 votes

    Hi all,

    Please note we updated the minimum spend to $200 and asked the littlebirdie to also update their T&Cs to reflect this minimum spend.

    I do not expect to get this delivered though.

    We WILL be honouring the purchases made by all 530 OzBargainers who bought before we updated these coupon codes with a minimum limit of $200.

    What happened here?

    Long story short, because the majority of our deliveries are done by our own trucks and vans (i.e. Winning Services), we lose a boatload of money per delivery on a $0 item. Years ago, we had trucks delivering single $5 vacuum bags to customers, which was a surefire way to quickly go out of business.

    We made some changes to our website so it doesn't normally promote sub-20 dollar products (they are usually part of packages/bundles/cross-sells) but some clever OzBargainers were able to find some sub-20 dollar items on our site that the voucher campaign coordinator wasn't aware of.

    I ended up ordering even though it showed OOS

    My prediction is Appliances Online will be wiped out of anything around $20 and below by the end of the day.

    If you were able to place an order even though we are out of stock, that means we'll most likely be ordering from the manufacturer. If you can wait, you'll get your item eventually. If you can't wait, please call up our customer support team and quote your sales order # and we can help you try to find an alternate - just note that we don't have many sub-20 dollar items to begin with and certainly not many left after today!

    TL:DR - We will honor "the 530" that purchased before we could update the codes with a minimum spend
    • Wow class act. good job!

      Can you hmm explain the March 2021 delivery though?

      • +5 votes

        If you see a super long delivery date like that it is usually because of a specific product status we have set on that item. e.g.

        1) out of stock in our local warehouse but available at the manufacturer's warehouse AND;
        2) we either don't have a direct feed to the manufacturer's stock on hand, the manufacturer hasn't been reliable in the past or the average delivery time from manufacturer to our warehouse is more than a few weeks

        That covers the majority of the reasons why you see a super-far estimated delivery.

        Please feel free to call us on 1300 369 265 if you any questions about your existing delivery or order.

    • I've ordered from you guys before, a few times actually (for much larger items of course) - this attitude pretty much ensures you'll remain my store of choice for any and all appliances I order in future (and will recommend to F&F). You're well within your right to cancel, but an attitude like this goes a long way.

    • Ive heard good things about your company before and now I believe them.
      That was a stand up move, respect.

    • People never forget excellent customer service.

      Appliances Online have an excellent track record of delivering at such a high level, see

    • This comment has 'Good Human Being' vibes all over it.

      Very well structured comment, with an absolute perfect situation explaination, congrats on being so literate lol

    • $10,600 in lost revenue… Damn! But take it out of the marketing budget after that comment

    • I have a question… the email I received from Little Birde mentions “ $20 Credit. No minimum spend. Code expires 1/7/2021.” but when I apply the code during checkout I get the $200 minimum spend message.
      So I am not one of the 530?


      • You had to use the code during the time this post was up. Once they realised the mistake, they changed the codes conditions but allowed the already current orders to go through.

    • I didn't do this. But I bought a dryer off you guys on the weekend when ours broke.

      You continue to offer fantastic prices and service. Please keep up the good work!

    • Kudos for honoring this! Received my power screwdriver this morning. Like many others I recently bought a new washer from AO and received great service with that as well.

    • Delivery guy was friendly both times he called to confirm delivery (once in the morning, once mid-arvo)

      Happy to provide his mobile number if you have a way of giving thanks to good workers?

      • +2 votes

        Thank you, we really appreciate your feedback!
        There's two ways to give thanks to the delivery guy, the official way and the unofficial way :)

        i) In a few weeks, you'll get an email from us asking for your feedback and whatever score you assign us, will be tagged back to every team that worked on your order - from customer support staff to the delivery team and any one in-between. That's one way for us to see which drivers or which CS consistently have the best performance.

        ii) You can DM me here and I can try find who it was from your order number or their mobile number (might be using company phone which could make it harder to narrow down), but that way I can pass on your kudos directly to the delivery team and their manager :)