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Chromecast with Google TV $82 + $15 Shipping (RRP $99) @ Tecobuy (HK)


First post ;) I think it's a goody.

Just had Officeworks price match this. Stoked.

Going to do nicely as a replacement for the old Nexus player.

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  • I haven't been able to get Officeworks to price match anything tecobuy :(

    Which OW did you get this from?

    • Geelong

      • You're lucky you even got a price match as Tecobuy is not even an Australian store, it's not an Australian business. It's a business operating in Hong Kong and just shipping parallel import goods from overseas to Australian addresses.

        It's not Officeworks policy to price match an overseas business and also parallel imported stock.

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          There is nothing in their policy that says anything about being an Australian business or parallel imports:


          Also apparently an employee indicated that they would match grey imports in the past (the deal is expired though, not sure what that means):


          This post confirms that it will be price matched if the item is identical:


          • @bio: Officeworks Coordinator here. The price match policy has a lot of grey area. Issue with sites like Tecobuy and Tobydeals being international is more that they have been reported as often not coming with Australian peripherals (e.g. incorrect powerplugs, etc.). This means it often isn't an identical 'like for like' product, despite them always depicting it as such.

            Price match policy was indeed updated (6 months to a year ago?) to not care about grey imports or warranty from memory (don't quote me on this) but this has been poorly communicated to team so not everyone is aware of it.

            Overall the trend is to not price match sites like Tecobuy and Tobydeals any more but it's down to the judgement of the employee on the day. Ozbjd just got lucky. No harm in asking though!

            For what it's worth I personally avoid buying anything myself from Tecobuy/Tobydeals for these same reasons in addition to some of the horror stories I've heard re: return/warranty issues. There's a reason the price difference is often so large!

            • @Laisanalgaib1: Thanks for the clarification. I agree that Officeworks have all the rights to refuse to match/beat the price if the items are not identical (because of a different model number and/or missing peripherals). I was simply pointing out that there is no blanket rule against overseas retailers in the written policy.

        • I was told as long as the item is in stock and same and SKU, they would best price inclusive of any shipping.
          Australian business or not

    • Yeah me too. The issue I found was that the website doesn’t end with .au.

    • It's no wonder that your Officeworks store refused to price match. It's not even an Australian based business. Just look at the contact business address which is listed on the Contact Us page. It's a business operating in Hong Kong. No Australian presence what so ever.

      Admin Address & Phone Number:

      Address: Tecobuy, Holo Destined Services Room 004, Block C&D, 11/F, Tong Yuen Industrial Building, 505 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

      Phone: +852 81929367

      And no doubt that these goods are being shipped from Hong Kong or China. So Officeworks isn't going to price match parallel imported stock coming from overseas. There's nothing Australian about this store. And like the OP there's obviously people being fooled into thinking it's Australian.

  • Seems unlikely.

    Shipping to Metro Melbourne:

    • Standard Shipping A$15.00
    • Standard Shipping with Shipping Insurance A$16.64
    • Priority Shipping A$40.00
    • Priority Shipping with Shipping Insurance A$41.64

    Officeworks policy:

    Our Price Beat Guarantee includes products you find online - as long as the item is identical and in stock. When assessing the PBG from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

  • Work at Officeworks, we always factor in shipping. This ain’t a deal.

    • Then I got lucky with a mistake I guess.

      Also. Would still be $97 with shipping so $92.15. still a deal.

    • this plus they usually check the model number in the website to match what they have. Why i couldn't get them to pricebeat a Samsung microsd from shoppingsquare.

      • That's just a guy who didn't want to honour price match

        • I mean technically he isn’t wrong. Just depends how nice the worker is feeling that day.

          Same reason why BestBuy have products made specifically for them so they never have to price match other stores in the US.

      • Had this problem with Google Pixel last year but the third agent on the phone let it slide.

    • Tecobuy is blacklisted at my store anyway, never price match with them.

      • Yeah maybe because it's a foreign business located in Hong Kong. Not one bit to do with any thing Australian. Meaning no stock located in Australia.

    • what stops people creating their own ecommerce store with faking listings that match goods sold at officeworks. have a legit ABN
      then use it to pricematch

      • I've wondered this myself

        • I think I came across that before, there was a term for it but can't remember

          So there was a website with electronic products that always significantly lower prices than any other retails, but when you order something from their website, products would come from some big retails like Officeworks or Harvey. I believe they would call up like Officeworks to price match using their website then ship item to customer while making like 5%-10% profit

  • I just got it for $79 after using the $20 promo cashback deal with LatitudePay.

  • I think you got lucky OP. Sweet victory haha.

  • $2 saving vs buying it direct from google, rather buy it from google tbh.

  • The other deal with the Netlfix credit makes this one hard to swallow

  • Got a few for $44 after Netflix payed off for couple years

    • How does that work?

        • Thanks but your statement is a bit misleading.

          How can it cost only $44 and also have your Netflix paid off for a couple of years? I thought the chromecast only costs $44 after factoring in full cost of the Netflix of $15.99 per month over 6 months.

          • @Ebaygiftcards: To be fair, Dezeption wrote “$44 after Netflix payed off”, not “$44 and Netflix paid off”. It did not look misleading to me. I took that deal. Totally worth it.

            • @Buy2Much: No, Dezeption actually wrote “after Netflix payed off for couple years”.

              The couple of years part was what made it misleading.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: I think that’s because they

                Got a few

                • @Pricebeat: But if you treat the Chromecast as costing only $44, then the Netflix cost is $15.99 per month.

                  • @Ebaygiftcards: I wouldn’t count it like that. Because I don’t like paying full price. They however will be paying full price of Netflix for

                    couple years

                    • @Pricebeat: That’s what I mean! Even if Dezeption buys a few, each Chromecast would effectively be $44 in his eyes but the Netflix monthly cost would revert to full price at $15.99. Dezeption thinks his Netflix is paid off for a few years using this method but it’s not. It just depends where you attribute the full savings/credit towards.

              • @Ebaygiftcards: Ok I get what you are saying :-) I am guessing dezeption bought a few to use around the house but sharing the same account, and use the Netflix 6 months subs, one after the other to stretch it a few years…if that works, it is a great idea!

                • @Buy2Much: That’s my point. If he’s attributing the full savings towards the Netflix subscription, then it makes sense that he’s got his Netflix paid off for a few years (from buying a few).

                  But by doing that, the cost for each Chromecast would still be $99, not $44. It can’t be both $44 for the Chromecast and $6.83 per month for Netflix.

                  • @Ebaygiftcards: It is $95.94 in Netflix credit, worth over 8 months on basic plan. You can buy three per account @ $139, so 2 years covered.

                    If you split the bill with another, you get your netflix share covered for longer. Amusingly you can also return them after redeeming the Netflix for a credit of $99 each, ie $39 to get $95 credit on Netflix.

                    I have bought one and have ordered more. The remote works well with my older Sony tv, effectively replaces the old remote. Not so good with my older Bauhn TV (no sound control) and not really required for newer Samsung Tv's. The internet tv saves me the hassle of running antenna cables to kid's TVs.

                    I appreciate it may be possible to get Netflix cheaper via Argentina if you can get it to work but it is pretty cheap anyway, if you split it with a neighbor.

                    • @johno3456: Forgot about the $10.99 basic plan, thanks for the reminder.

                      However the effective price of chromecast would remain $99 right? Since the full credit/savings would be attributed to the Netflix subscription.

    • Interested to know how this is also. Got a family friend that had netflix for ages who might be eligible to get this.

      Might see if I can get one for $44.

      • It's not $44

        and you will be paying full price for Netflix instead of about $9 for top tier via Argentina, so the "savings" will negate themselves.

        • That’s what I thought. @Dezeption’s comment didn’t make sense.

          If you treat the Chromecast as effectively costing only $44, then the Netflix cost is $15.99 per month.

          If you treat the monthly Netflix subscription as $6.83 per month after applying the credit, then the cost of the Chromecast would be $99.

          It can’t be both $44 for the Chromecast and $6.83 per month for Netflix.

          • @Ebaygiftcards: Last I saw you can't get Netflix that cheap anymore via the vpn trick without a card issued from that country or a valid phone number. So yeh I pay for Australian Netflix and the units cost me $44 in the end

            • @Dezeption: Yeah effective cost of the unit is $44, after attributing the savings from the $139.99 deal to the unit only. Which leaves the Netflix monthly subscription still at full price.

              Anyway from what I have read, much of the Argentinian Netflix Catalog is in Spanish and is also missing a load of content from the US and other countries. Has a lot of local content though lol

        • u can just sell the credit but requires the other person to setup a dummy account and put theirs on hold or remove their payment details and use a temporary password

          or just be super trusting

          then its a genuine saving

          • @furythree: Actually all you would need tk do is forward them the email and they will just use their email attached to their Netflix account and it will get credited. So the credit can be applied to any Netflix account, it's not tied to the chromcast at all

          • @furythree:

            u can just sell the credit

            Not sure why would someone want it though. You can use discounted gift cards like iTunes to pay for Netflix.
            I have Argentinian Netflix and I pay $7.70/Month for top tier which is about $19 something in Australia

            • @Pricebeat: youre thinking like an ozbargainer. the people who buy this credit are ones who dont even know ozbargain exists and think anything off rrp is a bargain

  • With price-match I have duped Bunnings people, I have duped Office Works people. But I don't post to the masses like it's an everyday thing.

  • Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle

    6 months netflix credit

    cost $139


  • If you buy this. Enjoy the parallel imported Chromecast being shipped from Hong Kong or China. Most undoubtedly with no Australian warranty.

    Tecobuy is a Hong Kong located business.

    Also i doubt that Officeworks would price match a business which is located in Hong Kong. Unless the staff member makes a mistake.

  • Great for price match, but I'd recommend you stay away from Tecobuy.

  • Kogan has these for $98, and with either Plus Rewards or Amex ($20 off $100) & another item, comes out below this deal and is Aus stock, even factoring in shipping or one month's Kogan First.

    • Just use the Kogan First trial if you hadn't already done so for free shipping. It would be $98 delivered even if you don't have the reward card or amex. And yeah like you said official Aus stock with warranty.

      Or $99 at Officeworks with local over the counter warranty returns. Still that's only $2 more than this parallel import from Tecobuy when you factor in shipping into the total price from them. There's no way that i'm paying only $2 more for a parallel import when i can go straight down to a local store to get it and also with local warranty.

  • so $97 instead of $99? Wooooow.

    Why do so many people not include shipping as if it's somehow not part of the total cost?

  • +5 votes

    This is not a deal. For one posting price match as a deal initself goes against deal posting guidelines, secondly officeworks adds postage when matching online stores it's in their policy. OP got lucky by mistake.

  • Am I missing something? How is this a good deal?

  • Wow really? 2 whole dollars??? What a deal.

  • $2 less for a grey import (not AU stock or warranty and long shipping times). I can't believe it has so many upvotes…

  • Terrible deal. Import for basically the same price…

  • Sort of a deal if you price match with Officeworks, but the discount is so tiny you might as well pay the extra $2 once shipping is accounted for at Google Store and get to choose other colours than white

  • +3 votes

    How is this a deal? $2 less for a grey import without AU warranty? Is that really worth $2?

    I'm beginning to think some of plus votes are bots

  • As much as I hate my kogan tv, has anyone with a kogan tv found another brands remote programming in the chromecast tv to work with it? Have a tried a few of the chinese looking brands and no dice

    The CEC is able to turn the tv on, but needs the infrared to turn off

  • $2 saving for long delivery time and no AU warranty?

    Is this OzMeh?

  • Sorry for hijacking this thread, if anyone want to sell Google TV (with netfilx offer) or Chromecast3 (bundle with nest mini) offers and no longer needed? I am unable to post in classified so i thought to ask here.

  • Surprised nobody has raised any concerns about buying from tecobuy.com? Their reviews are terrible and Trustpilot score is 3.8. Not sure its worth even considering.