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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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        • FTTN yes depending on how the copper routes could go all the way up the street and loop back to the other side of the street even if the Node is physically just across the street ..lol, FTTC is usually closest pit to the home.

  • $7905 fttn > fttp, the node about 20m from my front door.

    • +1

      Just because the node is outside your house doesnt mean the fibre run will be from there.

  • Was renting a house. One day, fibre came along, all the way into the hallway cupboard. I bought that house.

    • Did the NBN come along and replace that HFC with fibre to the curb? Thai is what happened with me!

  • Fixed Wireless -> FTTP $ 36,140 inc. GST

  • $ 37,045 inc. GST
    currently HFC

  • $ 7,460 inc. GST to switch FTTN to FTTP (regional VIC); node is about 100m from my pit.

  • ok whats going on here? why the high votes? someone please explain

    • just a little fun…

      • oh ok, mine come up at $13032

  • $10,725

  • -1

    9974 inc gst.

    I live in a metro area which is middle class but not overly dense.

    The whole NBN implementation has been terrible with major delays, poor performance and some people receiving FTTP while others haven't. It would be better if a fairer solution was offered for all and set up in a modular way to allow for upgrades to the infrastructure over time.

  • HFC to FTTP $12,095 inc GST

  • $ 21,620 inc. GST

  • Noice!!! $ 15,749 inc. GST…

  • +2

    The trick is to convince your neighbor to upgrade to FTTP. Once a multi-port is installed in the street it'll only cost you a fraction to upgrade

  • $17,088 inc gst. Anyone from st albans ViC 3021 interested in a groupie switch?

  • I wonder why is the cost very high. The infrastructure including cable is there. All they have to is tie a knot and pull a cable from the other side. I don’t believe finer optic cable would cost more than platinum.

    • +1

      Unless you’re talking about upgrading FTTC, this is simply not true.

      • I don’t see how would cost 50k for switching type of connection. The infrastructure which mainly is digging hole in ground for pipes etc is already there. If NBN is able to you a quote instantly then I sure if won’t require a NASA grade equipment. The comment below makes more sense to me - since no once is allowed to do it let’s charge whatever we like

    • Nbn charge a service fee labelled entitled monopoly rip off

  • $ 8,192 inc. GST

    • This means nothing without giving us some context.

      • FTTN to FTTP
        currently getting 91mbps down on FTTN so not that concerned.

  • FTTB to FTTP (2067)
    $ 10,810 inc. GST

  • $30,000 to change fixed wireless to FTTP despite having a couple of other homes on the street (maybe 200m-300m away) FTTP already :(

  • HFC to FTTP “cost - A quote cannot be generated at this time.“

  • FTTN to FTTP: $13210

  • FTTN to FTTP $8,938.00

    It did provide a notice that we may be upgraded free in the near future.

    We are almost accross the road from the node.
    Current throughput: ​↓ 119,9 Mbit/s ↑ 22,6 Mbit/s

    • No need to pay for the change by the sounds of it lol.

  • +1

    I’m $27k but said we could do a group buy?

  • $15603 :-)

  • FTTN > FTTP $ 33,684 inc. GST. We have a micro node at the bottom of our drive.

  • $3019 FTTC to FTP in Sydney. Funny though due to NBN design flaw I am connected to the 4th pit from my house and had recently speed and data flow issues. The issue is up to the dpu. From dpu to ncd the line is perfect.

    • So its an isp problem?

      • NBN issue… ISP opened numerous tickets

        • So your neighbours/whoever else is connected to the dpu are also facing the same issue?

          Fyi being connected to a dpu in the 4th pit from your house is not a design flaw.

          • @JungliChilli: I am not sure who else is connected to that dpu as they are not my next neighbours, the pit is 150m away from my house.
            When my area became RFS my house was missed out. After a month or so they found an available dpu port, that's why it is the 4th pit from my house.

  • Thanks OP, you save me $330 . That worked out to be $19,800/Hour for 1 minute.

    My quote was $9,320 from HFC. I still don't know where that HFC wall socket is. After 2 years, the building strata still hasn't gotten back to me with confirmation that the building is NBN ready and authorised for the installation.

    At the moment I am happily trucking along with Optus 4G set at 2300Mhz.

  • $17091 HFC —> FTTP.

  • 7386 for fttc to fttp for regional NSW. Is it worth it? Can I sell the house for 7k more with fttp as a gold standard feature?

  • $ 12,224 inc. GST for HFC —> FTTP.

  • $ 31,076 inc. GST
    HFC to FTTP

  • FTTN to FTTP
    $ 11,365 inc. GST

  • I got just under $49,000 - to move from HFC - currently on 50/20 plan - usually get around 48/18 - So dont think so….used to have 100/40 which averages around 98/38

  • Cost $ 7,998, Amazing considering how close i am to the node.

  • $2,730 for me in Melbourne. I wonder at what level it becomes worth doing?

    The curb spot is literally 5 metres from my front door. I don't have a fence or anything in my front yard. Would be the easiest install.

  • Singleton Heights NSW 2330. I will wait for the FREE Taxpayer Upgrade. Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 9,092 inc. GST

  • +2

    Wow only $ 32,590 for HFC upgrade.


    Thanx OP.

    • +1

      I understand how you're thinking 'i'm only one person, it's too much. …there's nothing I can do',
      but when you are getting those $4 coffees, know that for the cost of a cup of coffee an hour, 24/7, you could pay it off in 340 days.

  • +1

    FTTN to FTTP will cost me $13,389 inc. GST. I wonder if NBN accepts unidays coupon.

  • Only $2648 to upgrade from FTTC in Melbourne (3196)
    No thanks

  • 18k
    HFC to FTTP

  • $3258 hfc > fttp.

    We are moving in 5 months or so to an area with fttp so it dont matter

  • +2

    $2784 - can i zip pay?

  • +1

    $3090 - FTTC to FTTP. Not bad as we are on a battleaxe block & the install would be a big job. Getting 99/38 solidly anyway so wont do it now…

  • Quote was 13.5k the real quote from earlier this year I paid for was 24k

    • +1

      The quote is cheaper because you kindly paid for fibre to be laid in the street that can now be used by your neighbours to reduce their costs.

  • Hi all, if you work from home part time, can this cost be claimed as part of your tax return? My quote was $3k

  • I’m about to start a new home build and NBN is FTTP already I just checked my address before and on my land the pit is literally out the front of my home.

    • Yep - if it's a new development or a greenfields area, everyone tends to get FTTP.
      Interesting whether a property with FTTP would attract a premium over non FTTP ones.

      • It actually doesn’t, what I paid for my land had no premium attached to it, funny thing is the land on my same street where I’m building has gone up a further $25K since I purchased but I think that’s a supply/demand thing and now more buyers are out and a about due to covid calming down and restrictions easing in NSW

  • +1

    A quote cannot be generated at this time.

    NBN are so useless they can’t even quote me properly.

  • +1

    Officeworks price match

  • $13004 Uralla
    <400m from node

  • How NBNCo got away with charging $330 for this originally… what a joke

    $31k for HFC to FTTP in Doncaster
    $25k for HFC to FTTP in Box Hill
    $5k for HFC to FTTP in Brunswick

  • $12,500 for me to upgrade to fibre (FTTP). What a bargain!!!! Better get myself 2 lines….

  • Wow 8k upgrade fee and the node is in front of my neighbours yard. FFS NBN.

  • $ 32,263 inc. GST

  • Mine came out 2660 inc GST. FTTC to FTTP. As I am already getting 98-102mbps 24/7 I wont be upgrading. Will reconsider again once 8K streaming becomes widely available. May be by then the upgrade will be free or the cost will come down significantly.

    • Ur dpu will prob be enaed to give u atleast 500Mbps by then anyways or yes youll prob be upgraded to fibre.

  • I'm sure the upgrade will be free one day…. Typical political stuff ups, I can hang in there till then
    $48k to upgrade…. Yikes

    • Yeh that's the plan, doubt they've decided but FTTN is likely to be first to be "upgraded" to FTTP. It also mentions something along the line that an upgrade may be planned in the future when you do the quote.

    • Might not be in your lifetime though given the progress of the NBN to date

    • HFC will be last if ever.

      • I thought HFC will be upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1
        which is capable to delivery 1Gbps download speed

        • DOCSIS 3.1 might be capable of 1Gbps download, but Australia's current HFC network - unlikely.
          Also latency on HFC / DOCSIS 3.1 probably starts at 10ms , where as latency on FTTP Fibre around 1ms.

  • $17,045 inc. GST

    Such a bargain…

  • +3

    Isn't the govt spending $6 billion upgrading lots of NBN connections so much of this work will be done for free if you just wait a bit?

    • Yeah, I thought read that NBN/ScoMo had announced the next stage of NBN rollout would be upgrading all fixed connections to FTTP. Did I incorrectly assume that this would be done free?

      • half of fttn connections with regional/rural areas getting priority.

        • I'm pretty sure the allocated budget isn't anywhere near enough to upgrade half, they'll only upgrade those that request it so in reality it might not even be a quarter.

  • What a shambolic mess the NBN rollout has been. It's unbelievable that households are now facing up to $50,000 just to get a level of service that much of the western world (and many developing countries) gets my default.

    Upgrading individual premises is the very definition of inefficiency. This should be done at street level or suburb level.

    • It should be included in the quote how much it would cost each resident if the entire street upgraded.

      • Yep, but beyond that there's some outrageous price gouging going on here. Look at the price for a fibre-to-the-curb upgrade. In such cases the fibre is already at the front of the property it is just a matter of using the pull through to pull the fibre past the existing copper wire, connect it to the street fibre and mount the hardware next to the existing copper outlet.

        Potentially just a couple of hours of work. How did they arrive at 2,000 to $3,000.?

        • I dont think you understand how a project works..though i dont blame you doesn't seem like many people do based on the comments I'm reading. What you as the client may see is just 2 people at the front of your house doing what you've described.

          How about all the people in the middle?
          How about all the equipment?
          What if the theres a blockage in a pipe anywhere between your house including your leadin and where the upstream fibre taps into the existing fibre network?
          What if there is no pipe at all?
          How about if the pit anywhere along the path to get to you is broken or too small for the equipment required for your build?

          3k is a bargin to send out a crew to upgrade just one house let alone all the extra what ifs.

  • The house I've been renting has FTTP?! I've always had a garbage connection. 🤔

    • Could be a line fault that can be reported to the nbn or your co-sharing housemate has limited the internet at the router or the router is bad quality or theres bad wifi reception.

  • I though read that NBN/ScoMo had announced the next stage of NBN rollout would be upgrading all fixed connections to FTTP. Did I incorrectly assume that this would be done free?

    • Only the connections of those who are willing to pay for faster speeds will be upgraded.
      No point upgrading a FTTN connection if the person can only afford a 25Mbps plan.

    • I think if the economy tanks really bad he might do it as a nationwide project but otherwise he wont do anything because libs believe in user pays. Even scumo opening up fttp to anyone whos willing to pay only happened because covid showed how important the nbn is for wfh.

  • $14901 HFC to FTTP.

    Is there a huge advantage for HFC to upgrade?

  • Kidding?$17,258 to change to FTTP for my connection.

  • Why to get quote you need to pay price? anyways, it's validity is just 24 hrs.

    "This quote is based on your unique scenario and is valid only for the next 24-hours " :)

  • +2

    Just wondering if by making this available for free quote, are they essentially washing their hands from ever upgrading it for free in the future for citizens/home owners/taxpayers/council rate payers?

  • HFC to FTTP at Kelvin Grove QLD for the drive away price of 23,308 inc. GST

    • Still better value at the car yard cause you get some eye candy. lmao

  • I might check how much to get my FTTP changed to FTTN

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