This was posted 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Mechpro Blue 2219 PSI Electric Pressure Washer - $99 @ Repco


Introdutory price. Looks like very decent specs but unsure of the quality of Mechpro washers.

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  • Can did wash cars? Or do you still need to scrub?

  • I never used this before so this is a genuine question, how does it draw water? The electrical cord is 8m so do I have to connect 8m water hose to it?

  • just ordered. delivery $9.90

  • Thanks - Does anyone know if this is any better:

  • I bought the Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 last week for $199 HERE

    This $99 MechPro looks to be comparable in performance but only has 12 months warranty whereas the Bosch as 3 years.

    I'm somewhat bias with the Bosch brand and I'll be using it to clean concrete driveway, house facade, gutters and for washing the car.
    But for 1/2 the cost, it's worth the outlay.

    Bosch Universal Aquatak 135:

    Technical Details
    * Pressure: 1958 PSI / 135 bar
    * Max. flow rate: 410 l/h
    * Motor power: 1900 W
    * Max. flow temp: 40 °C
    * Overload / Thermal Stop: Yes
    * Hose: 7 m
    * Cable: 5 m
    * Weight: 7.9 kg

    Scope of supply
    * Bosch Universal Aquatak 135 High-Pressure Washer
    * Bosch high-pressure gun
    * Adapter for Kärcher Accessories
    * Lance
    * 3-in-1 nozzle
    * High-pressure detergent nozzle, 450 ml
    * 7 m high-pressure hose
    * Water filter

    • I wonder with that amount of water pressure, whether it will damage painted concrete driveway? Will the paint crack/peel off?

      • I use a Karcher K2 (~1400psi) to clean my exterior painted rendered walls and it holds up fine. Just don't get too close.

    • I purchased the Bosch from that deal as well. I got it to replace the $90 Ozito, its hose connectors did not match any other known brand on the market, so I couldn't find an extension hose or even a replacement one. At least with the Bosch, accessories and parts won't be a problem.

      The Mechpro is probably a bit cheap and nasty, but particularly good value with the 8m hose reel and a proper snow cannon. I would have got it if not for the Bosch deal.

  • I just bought Ferrex High Pressure Washer $99.99 @ ALDI Special Buys with 3 yrs warranty and more attachments(
    I haven't opened the box yet.
    This one has metal pump but with 1 yr warrant and no attachments.

    Should I return the Aldi one and get this one? not sure which one is better

    • Metal pump always wins over plastic.

      • I'm not too fussed. I had a metal pump unit years ago and the hose joint cracked in the handle. So the unit was broken because of that. Wasn't prepared to buy a new handle. Tried changing O ring to no avail.

        I'm happy with my ALDI Ferrex unit and glad it's got a 3 year warranty. Can take it back if anything breaks including plastic pump.

    • Edit: Woops, didn't mean this as a reply

      Good specs, inc metal pump, for a C note washer. Snow cannon alone is worth $30

    • 8m hose with reel and a proper snow cannon are a big plus if you are using this for washing your car.

  • I gave my Dad a Mechpro pressure washer from Repco a few years ago. It had to be returned because the hose started leaking.

    So i'm not so sure about the quality. You get what you pay for. $99 seems a bit way too cheap for a pressure washer around 2200PSI unless they cut corners when it comes to the build quality.

  • I find the length of the pressure gun hose is the most important when washing a car.

    I have the POS Ozito that only has a 3m hose. It’s a pain having to move the entire unit everytime you move to the other side of the car.

  • Interesting deal. Spec's look pretty good for the price. I just need something to wash the car with and maybe clean the windows.

    Does anyone know if its easy to get other accessories or replacement parts for these mechpro's?

    • I just picked one up with Paver attachment also. Item comes with Snow cannon so would be great for the car. Not tested yet but all looks good and a bargain for the price.

      • Thanks mate! I'll think i will give it a shot for the price.

        The car constantly gets dirty and shat on anyway from the local birds so it should pay itself off within the month compared to the normal car wash prices!

  • Is the price expected to go up? I couldn’t see on the website that this is introductory price?

  • we can all agree that pressure washer is only useful for 4x4s that go rock climbing or mudding and you want to clean all that dirt and grime off….. Otherwise normal scrubbing with sponge and bucket of soap is good enough….