25% off Optus SIM Only Plans (12M / 24M Contracts) + Bonus flybuys Points


Flybuys x Optus have 25% off until 31 January 2021 for some of the best priced SIM only plans available, coupled with some great bonus Flybuys point rewards!

Valid to Flybuys members and new Optus members plans and prices include:

12 Month SIM Only Plans:
- 20GB Data, 25% Off Price $26.25 (Old Price $35.00), with 1,000 Flybuys Points
- 40GB Data, 25% Off Price $33.75 (Old Price $45.00), with 5,000 Flybuys Points
- 80GB Data, 25% Off Price $48.75 (Old Price $65.00), with 10,000 Flybuys Points

24 Month SIM Only Plans:
- 20GB Data, 25% Off Price $26.25 (Old Price $35.00) with 5,000 Flybuys Points
- 40GB Data, 25% Off Price $33.75 (Old Price $45.00), with 20,000 Flybuys Points
- 80GB Data, 25% Off Price $48.75 (Old Price $65.00), with 40,000 Flybuys Points

Postpaid Mobile and Data offer:
Flybuys points Offer available for approved consumer and SMB (excl. TechFund and Fleet) customers, residing in Australia, who are current Flybuys members, who sign up to one of the following, via the Flybuys/Optus portal, as a new service (Sign Up) to the $35 12 Month SIM Plan (1,000 points). Points will be applied to Flybuys account 90 days from activation (points are forfeited if you cancel your plan before this). Offers not available with any other offers, unless specified. Members are subject to the Flybuys Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time. For more see https://www.flybuys.com.au/about/#/flybuys-terms-and-conditi.... Plan cancellation fees apply. Points offer available until Sun 31 Jan 2021. Flybuys points and Flybuys dollars have no cash or monetary value.

25% off plan fees Flybuys offer:
25% discount on monthly plan fees for 24 months. Available to approved Consumer and SMB (excl. TechFund and Fleet) customers residing in Australia, who are current Flybuys members, sign up to an eligible Optus SIM Plan or Data Plan via the Flybuys portal as a new service. Offer not available with other discount offers. Discount applies to plan fees only (excludes all other charges including additional usage or any device costs) and is forfeited if you cancel or recontract your service. Plan cancellation fees apply. Max 5 discounted services per account. Ends Sun 31 Jan 2021.

If you cancel your plan early, your cancellation fee will be $17.50 x months remaining in your minimum term for $35 SIM plan. If you cancel your mobile plan, you'll also have to pay all charges up until the date of cancellation.

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  • +24 votes

    I miss the days when Optus offered an 80gb plan for $40 which included 5gb of international roaming data….

    • It's even worth to stay on after the plan reverts to $50 per month when that promotion is over.

    • Agreed - I'm still on a $41.25 / month for 80Gb offer, which just got extended to Nov 2021.

    • that plan came with unlimited spotify streaming and i think netflix streaming. bloody shattered that i didnt upgrade to that.

      • They ditched spotify and turned it into apple music even for existing customers.

        • I’ve been on the $40 for 80GB for almost two years now and it’s still free steaming for Spotify and google play music. No Apple Music in sight.

        • i've been on a 15gb plan for the past 3 or 4 yrs. still have free netflix and spotify streaming. only reasons im still on 15gb plans

    • Im still on the amaysim $30 pm / 100gb with international calls promo no contract. (using optus network)

    • I have this plan, and somehow got Optus to upgrade the data to 100gb/month. Got a 10gb sim plan to data share so my laptop has internet access without tether, comes to ~52 dollars/month for 110gb plus all the roaming inclusions etc. Incredible value!

    • I'm still currently holding that deal but with 4gb roaming

    • CID 16026095 for the win

    • I am on one of those plans. I had signed up for a 12 month $45 plan with 80gig data-free Netflix, Spotify stream, Optus sports, etc. I added a 2nd sim for $15 with 3 gigs of data. After student discounts, now i pay $52 monthly for 2 sims with 83 gigs of data.

      I don't think I will be able to get a better deal today with any other provider.

    • I’m still on this plan at $40 for 80GB and 4GB roaming data (not like we’re going to be travelling much any time soon).

      It’s still the best plan out there even with these discounts and flybuy offers.

      Their eSIM is also super easy to use and transfer between phones.

    • Mrs and I are both still on that one….great plan… at least it was when you could travel overseas.

  • Desperate Moments!!!

  • With JB HiFi/GoodGuys offering $500 gift card which you can sell pretty easily for $450 for their $59 per month 80gb plan for 12 months it's hard to see this as a good deal anymore. C'mon Optus Telstra got you beat on network coverage but you always had them beat on value. Let's see some real 'ozbargain' offers on 12 month plans

  • That's good timing was about to leave optus those rates are actually competitive

    • 20GB Data, 25% Off Price $26.25 (Old Price $35.00), with 1,000 Flybuys Points

    1000 FBs = $5 so total cost over 12 months = $310 and 240GB

    Probably rather spend somewhere between $245, $250 or $270 for 300GB with Boost and access the full Telstra network…$300 full price…

  • I need eSim and Optus Sports, so signed up this deal

  • I was on this plan with Optus for 2 years and recently switched to Telstra on $44/80gig per month. Network coverage and speeds are amazing! Never going back to Optus.

    • I'm very similar I switched to Telstra on $59 plan but I got a $500 JB HiFi gift card and sold it in classifieds here for $460 so I've now got 12 months Telstra 5g 80gb (technically unlimited because once days is used you are speed limited to 1.5mbps) $59*12=$708 - $460 is $248 so tiny bit over $20 per month. If you don't need international calls I think it's a great option. It pops up pretty regularly.
      BTW for me Telstra coverage indoors is way better in inner west Melbourne and very similar to Optus outdoors but I don't have a 5g device
      This was the last time but seems to pop up every couple weeks

  • Why bother I get 50gb for $30 with Vodafone month to month

  • man I Remember their system stuffed up and gave me $20 dollar credit instead of 20% off for 2 years 😀😅

  • Hey Op!
    Can you apply the 10% student discount as well?

  • Im on a $35 BYO plan for 30GB of data each month. The big thing for me is Spotify doesn't count towards my data usage I feel for this reason alone I shouldn't jump plans :S Optus doesnt seem to offer this anymore?

    • Bro Spotify uses like no data. Almost zero if you download your most listened songs. I would not stay on your plan for solely this reason.

      • I'm not on Spotify premium so don't download; on my 'data breakdown' Spotify uses always >10% of my data allowance, so that's 3gb at a minimum and I'm not even going to work at the moment :S

    • I've been on this plan as well for the past 3 years or more. As much as I'd like to lower my monthly spend, there haven't been any other offerings as good as this (with any provider) to justify a change, especially with the free Spotify that I rely on. Looks like that won't be changing any time soon, either.

  • Do these plans still have free Optus Sport as well as Free Music streaming?

  • How this can be a good deal? When over data limits will charge $10/GB, maybe only suitable for someone using small data/month. Read the fine print Carefully before join it.

  • Vodafone $48.75 p/m for 200gb data and unlimited zone 1 international calls as an existing customer bundled with NBN plans. Call them to see if you are eligible.

    • Is this vodaphone website deal or a call up deal?

      • You need to call up and see if you are eligible. I would never have known that plan even existed if I did not call them. Give them a call you might be surprised xD

  • Surprised at the lack of international minutes anymore.

  • Don't be confused, this is Flybuys optus plan, it's totally different with Optus normal plan, optus normal plan still has unlimited international call and roaming data, and you can even build your plan.

  • telstra $500 gc $59 still feels cheaper if you can use the gc.

  • Does anyone know which plan to go on to get Optus Sport for free?.

  • Thinking of switching to Optus. Can I get sim only and data plan for 25% off and flybuys points?

  • best iphone 12 pro max plan ?

  • Are you able to include google phones?

  • Not sure if the plan still there but they had a 65 dollar plan for 12 month with 500gb data

  • Only iPhones and Samsung phone can be paired with these plans. Samsung A51 is $7.50pm on a 24M plan.

  • Roaming has been taken off…

  • I think going with the Aldi $25 month to month plan which includes international calls and data rollover is a better deal, unless you really need Optus Sports over international calls:


    • "We use parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G network to deliver ALDImobile coverage to over 23 million Australians." That doesn't sound great. I think I remember my mum being on Aldi and she had terrible service.

  • I asked for the 80gb plan for $40 last year and they agreed. This year when it ended I asked for it again and they gave it to me again. No bonus fly buys though.

    • How? They just cut me over from a $36 30GB month black to $45 30GB and I've been looking to switch up.

      • Send them a message on Facebook and say you know if other customers who get 80gb for $40 a month and you want that too.

      • Yeah! They did this to me recently too kind of ticked me off as no notification / update either just here's a bill for more $$$ you figure out why.

  • Optus has not been competitive for a long time. Ironically they also become sort of the fastest network at the moment, at least that is the case in Sydney CBD where Telstra is just not happening. I have a nighthawk, at peak time I get about 20 down 5 up max with the Telstra sim, swap my Optus sim I am constantly hitting hitting 50 down and 20 up. its a shame that out that Optus sim back into my P30 and you are seeing at least a 30% drop in performance.

    In terms of customer services Telstra still edge out a bit but not as good as before. Optus is still garbage with customer services unless you are on the Optus One plan.

    Vodafone is a dark horse here. with its new plan it is very good value especially the $55 one with user reporting the 10mps sharp is still very useable.

    As for this deal, you are better off getting the Optus One deal and add what ever accounts needed in the pool. You can then cancel your NBN. That way you actually saving real money and not tide down to a contract with some sting flybuy point offer.

  • Wasn't eligible for this since I'm a current customer, but did try to haggle a little with Optus' Retention Team.

    Got the $149 Family Plan (250GB shared amongst four SIMs) discounted by 20%, taking it to around $120 per month only.

  • considering this deal.. currently on Telstra $65 (80GB) sim only plan and contract ended 2 months ago.. i see no deals for existing customers w/ Telstra so this seems like a good deal to jump on.

    How is the Optus network nowadays in terms of coverage and performance? (I'm in Melbourne metro). I haven't been on the Optus network for about 7 years now.

    Also how does international roaming work? I think both Vodafone and Telstra have a daily cost for daily roaming.

    • If you are already spending $65 a month, why not just get the Optus One plan. 500G data. Get a data sim for $15 (possibly $12 according to some OZBs) and put the data sim in an old phone to use as a router at home. All up $80 and you can kiss your NBN goodbye!!

      As for signal, if your are in metro it seems Optus is doing very well now. I can say that is sure the case in Sydney in Sydney. From what is reported no WP, the same for Melbourne. The best part of the Optus One (and the data pan) is month by month. Doesn't work for you? Leave and jump one one of those JB HiFI deals.

      The Flybuys plans this round is really garbage, small amount of points and contract binding. Dont fall for it.

      • using a phone as a WIFI router is not very efficient.. streaming data to a smart tv, 3 laptops, 2 ipads and 3 mobile phones, that puts HUGE strain on the mobile itself. Mobile phones were not meant to be used as an access point of that capacity.

        • I have laptops, tablets, switch….. no less than 5 devices connected at one time and has been working for me for years.

          You can always buys a third party or second hand modem to house the data sim.

    • For data roaming this plan has 10 gigs a month but you pay for calls and text.

  • Is there 5G on these plans?