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ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card - 100,000 Reward Pts with $1,500 Spend in 3 Months, $95 Fee ($50 Cashback 1st Year)


Nice little churner for those between Qantas cards.

Note that the ANZ Qantas Frequent Flyer cards are on a different reward system and therefore it doesn't matter if you have held one of those cards in the last 12 months. Just have to make sure that you haven't held an ANZ Rewards card in the last 12 months. It used to be the case that the ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card was treated separately as well, but I note that this is now specifically included in the 12 months exclusion clause as well.

$50 back makes the annual fee of $95 effectively only $45 in the first year.

Spend requirement is only $1,500 in first 3 months, which is lower than it usually is for this card.

100k ANZ Reward points can be converted to 50k velocity points or 33.3k Krisflyer points.

22.2k ANZ Reward points can also be converted to $100 Coles or WISH eGift Cards, which makes this bonus worth around $450 total. You can also use the 100k ANZ Rewards points for straight cashback of $400.

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  • +1

    Thanks Op! That's an attractive deal. Though I'm contemplating if i should.

    I'll be more interested if anyone here has had any negative impact in their ability to get loan because of credit card churning?
    I already applied on the Citibank $500 voucher deal earlier on, and while this deal seems attractive. I feel it may impact the ability to get loans due to the credit card enquiries on your file and potentially seeing that as a risk, opening an account and the account being closed sooner. Keen to hear what others thing about this.

    • You can see what others think in literally every decent card deal with a lot of comments as it's asked all the time.

    • I've churned 34 cards in 3 years and my credit score has barely moved. Got my home loan prior to that but I did get preapproval for a second mortgage recently, no issue. They were more concerned that I didn't have too many cards still open (only had 2 open but they wanted to see the account closure letters of the recent closures).

      • Wow you must be on like 1 billion points now. I've started credit card churning but do not have as much as you. May I ask how you manage to average about 11 credit cart per year and are these a combination of high end and low end cc?

      • +2

        What sort of shitty cards are you churning if you're going through more than 10 cards a year? There isn't even that many banks with decent cards. WTF is this

        • +1

          Agree. Must be getting those amex cards with like 150k points and $1500 annual fee.

        • +13

          Sorry it is 31 cards since October 2017. I had counted three others from the year prior (2016) in that last post.

          If you are curious (and I was myself), below is the breakdown. Note that net fees (net of cashback and selling lounge passes) across all 31 cards has been $828.

          Qantas earning cards
          19 cards which have earnt a total of 1,530,000 QFF
          3 x Qantas Premier, 3 x NAB, 3 x St George, 3 x AMEX, 2 x Westpac, 2 x ANZ, 1 x Citibank, 1 x Bendigo, 1 x Macquarie

          Velocity earning cards
          6 cards which have earnt a total of 325,000 VFF
          3 x ANZ, 1 x Citibank, 1 x AMEX (Westpac), 1 x Virgin Flyer

          Other rewards points earning cards which I have converted to Coles or WISH
          6 cards which have earnt $2,644 in gift cards
          2 x Citibank, 1 x Westpac, 1 x ANZ, 1 x Coles, 1 x Virgin Flyer

          • @endolphin: You must earn quite high, everyone situation is different.

            My friends a bank manager and let me tell you, that many cards is a red flag for 99% of people.

            Let's take into account, with 30 cards and a min spend of $3,000 for most you've spent $90,000 to hit min spends in 3 years.(Some are lower, but many are $4,000 too)

            • @Adelv: Yeah I’m thinking he’s high income earner to qualify for all those cc.

            • +1

              @Adelv: Total minimum spend has been $95k, so about $3k average per card. Some minimum spends are $5k, some $1.5k.

              I have spent more than half of that minimum spend on child support.

              • @endolphin: Hahaha
                Well I spose it makes it easier to flip that way

                My biggest issue is hitting those minimum spends, otherwise I'd possibly consider flipping more

          • @endolphin: With that much experience can you advise whether you've ever been able to get pro rata annual fee refunds when you cancel the cards? And if so which banks?

            • @spiff: Would like to know this as well.

            • +1

              @spiff: I recently got a pro rata card fee refund through a NAB black card. I was very very surprised when they mentioned the refund as I was not expecting one at all.

              • @Smol Cat: So you didn't ask for it? Did they just say they would refund it when you were closing it? I assume you called to close it?

                • @spiff: I used their in app messaging/chat box for the closure. I didn't ask for a refund at all as I didn't think that was even an option and it's never happened before. Pleasant surprise.

                  • @Smol Cat: Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

                    • +1

                      @spiff: No worries. Love the Calvin and Hobbes reference btw, brilliant.

            • @spiff: Ha! That's actually one area where I have potentially missed a few opportunities. I've never even tried (silly me). Having said that most cards that I have held have not had big annual fees.

          • +4

            @endolphin: I was calling bullshit at first but you've backed up your claims with a solid response so respect to that. I'm just sitting here amazed at how you were approved for so many cards in a such a short time line. Did your credit rating take a hit at all? Did you just cancel cards as soon as you got the points?

            So many questions. I'm churning cards as well but I only go through about 3 a year max. Seems like nothing compared to what you've managed now. Do the banks red flag you at all after all this?

            • @Smol Cat: As I mentioned, my credit rating has barely moved over the years. Always high 600s, low 700s. It hasn't moved AT ALL this calendar year, despite 8 new cards.

              Yes I close as soon as points land. Often the very same day.

              Probably get some initial red flags but basing everything on a credit report is stupid. It is a potential red flag because it could show that someone is struggling to get approved for credit.

              In my case it doesn't take much digging to see that I'm not doing it because I'm in dire straights, I always pay closing balances in full, and have never incurred interest.

              I'm actually more surprised that banks don't decline me when they realise from the above that I am worthless to them.

      • Right. which bank gave you the pre-approval recently? just curious.

        • They might have a mortgage already.

      • +1

        Wow that’s impressive. So correct me if I’m wrong, so while churning the 34 cards, you only had 2 cards open at any given time?

        How many business days did you wait between closing an existing card and opening a new credit card? 34 is an insane number but very impressive!

    • Will be fine as long as limit not too high when applying homeloan .

    • Found some info here from finder.com.au about potential impacts with credit card churning. I don't have personal experience with what's written on this article..Guess just an FYI. (https://www.finder.com.au/what-is-credit-card-churning)

  • I'm planning on signing up for Qantas frequent flyer card in the near future (pending a good deal)

    Will this rewards card prohibit my ability to get bonus Qantas points?

  • +3

    If I have the ANZ Breakfree package does my $95 fee get waived?

    If so, do I get the following?
    A) 100,000 points
    B) $50 credit back

    Edit: Live chat says if I link it to Breakfree package I won’t get the points.

    So my next question:

    If I don’t link, I claim my bonus points and the $50 credit, can I later link it and ask the operator to waive the $95 fee? Has anyone does this?

    • +2

      Great question..I want to know this too.

      • Personally i doubt it. from THEIR view point, you either get a plain card with annual fee waived or you get your first yr benefit with annual fee imposed, you can't have it both ways.

        very happy to be proven wrong though.

    • You rarely get ahead vsing banks.
      Unless you have enough money with them to bend over backwards for you.

    • I find that weird. My home loan is with NAB and every year (4 years in a row now) I apply for the signature card, get the bonus and close within the month, then repeat after 12 months. No annual fee given that I am on the home load package.

      • Wow, nice to know. I'm also with NAB and currently looking to lock in 2 years on fixed rate and this could be a nice bonus.

        Do you deal with a mortgage manager or just cancel the card each year and re-apply?

        • Just cancel each year and re-apply. NAB is actually one of the fastest to pay bonuses so I usually only hold the card for 2 months max. Effectively means bonus points every 14 months.

          • @endolphin: Oh so you still have to wait the 12 months. I thought you could bypass that.

    • +1

      I spoke to ANZ rep this morning as i have ANZ Qantas Black card that is linked to loan account and was told that i am eligible as long as i spend $3k within 3 months. I got charged the full annual fee in my first statement so i dont think they will not give my points even if its linked. Rule may apply if you link and ask for annual fee waive off before points gets credited.

      • I just called ANZ to try get the same offer as you. The rep on the phone was confused and has no idea what I was talking about

        I asked him if I could avail this offer (the deal that's been posted), but link it to my BreakFree, and I'd be happy with minimum spend of $3k. But didn't work.

        Any ideas?

        • Spoke to rep again to reconfirm… Annual Fee will be waived off if you link card to your BreakFree account and you wont be able to get the points. Once you link your card to BreakFree, you wont be charged annual fee for the time you hold the card. So its either fee waive off or the points.
          What i noticed is dont speak to the person who takes your call first, ask them to transfer your call to the dept who manages the card… that way you have correct information

      • So I take it you didn't link it to the breakfree package then? Did you have to close the Qantas Black Card to get this card approved?

        • i had activated the card through my loan account and i thot it might have got linked. But i was wrong and the rep informed that request has to be placed to link the card. I havent applied for Rewards Platinum card yet as i am waiting to meet spending criteria for Qantas Black Card.

          • @desparito: The fine print says you don't get the points if you've had an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card - be aware.

            • +1

              @dinglejerry: thanks… can you point me where it says so… I checked the fine print and all i could find is:

              Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Rewards Classic, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Black or ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Reward Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Rewards credit cards within the previous 12 months

              • @desparito: Sorry, I misunderstood and thought you held one of these, not the FF black card. Let me know if you get approved, I'm in the same bucket

  • is this a good deal solely for Krisflyer or asiamiles?

    • I use Krisflyer, however I already got 350k points.

      Theres normally more flights available with Singapore. However, let's be honest in the near future everything could change and people with millions of points could find those points worth alot less.

  • Hi there is also this ANZ Qantas card deal, just wondering which one is more worthwhile $ wise, (given the state of international travel )

    Earn 120,000 bonus Qantas Points and $200 back ($425/yr annual fee)
    to your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card
    When you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval

    • Well i guess i am asking how much is qantas ff points worth now with all the things going on at the moment.

      • +1

        They did a better deal earlier this year with $275 back instead of $200, effectively reducing the annual fee to $150. I find more value in qff than vff/kf especially after covid. Will be banking them for a couple of years though to save them for international flights.

        • I'm sitting on over a million QFF. Not as many Velocity but not looking to build up a big balance there as who knows what will happen with those, so this sort of deal is attractive to me. Straight cashback value (or close to equivalent to cash given that we all need to go grocery shopping).

    • This is a better card, however it's a different program so you could actually apply for both :)

  • +1

    Can someone who applied for this card and got approved advise what all documents are requested as part of application process?

    • +1
      1. Payslip(s) covering 3 months of income
      2. Statements showing 3 months of income

      Rental Income (if any) I guess.

    • +2

      The application is a lot of more detailed than other banks. There's a breakdown of various types of expenses.
      The ones I've applied for before just asked for total month expenses.

      • Thanks @yuvchhetri and @pufff

  • Applied, thanks.

  • +1

    Anyone know if the complementary travel insurance is the same as the FF Qantas platinum?

  • +1

    Applied and said We've sent an email but nothing yet. Will wait to see if I get an email tomorrow like others have mentioned.

  • Are you eligible if you had ANZ Black card in the last 12 months?

    • +2

      If it's Qantas then your eligible. If rewards, then I don't think you're eligible

  • +1

    Is there a minimum income for this?

    • +1

      I think 35k

  • +4

    Thanks op. Would rather spend 20 mins applying for this than hours running around trying to hunt for discounted Him and Her cards at Coles and Big W.

  • Perfect timing. Just cancelled ANZ Frequent Fly.

  • +1

    Just a word of advice i applied for this and decided to let the limit be set automatically.
    It was set at 50k via a credit reporting website and my application got declined. As i already have 100k in credit card limits plus a >500k mortgage.
    It might be better if you decide the lowest limit first and then change it ,if you need the limit increased.

    • 100k in credit card limits


      better if you decide the lowest limit first

      I always choose the lowest limit.

      • Forgot about their credit targets which is incentive to hit you up for high credit limits
        Plus didn't think I was going to get 50k limit.
        My bad. Plus I wanted the free money

    • I chose the minimum 6k and approved.

      • I should have applied for the 6k as well. Waiting for the next credit card deal that pops up

        • I always leave the credit limit blank automatically set by the bank hoping my application is more preferable to approve and never had any issue in getting cards approved. I later adjust down to $5-6k which is no problem.

          • @Unacceptable: I would assume I am a liability. Plus my credit card limit is only marginally lower than my salary. My credit score is 840.

  • Just got it approved. Happy days.

    • when did you apply?

      • +1

        Yesterday morning. I already have ANZ Qantas FF black card though, got an email requesting payslips yesterday late afternoon.

        • I also have ANZ Qantas FF Black - did you have any issues getting approval while keeping that card open?

          • @dinglejerry: I remember calling them to manually process it as it was 3 days and I didn't hear from them.

            • @whatif: Hi mate, so you were able to keep the FF Black open as well?

              • @dinglejerry: Yes, I have another St. George 15k limit and Amex 4k too. So now have 4 in total but I am going to cancel Black FF once this one arrives.

                • @whatif: Ok thanks for that. It was a bit of an ordeal for me to get ANZ FF Black so I was worried about getting approved for this

  • +1

    Just applied. Took 15 mins to apply. ( I timed myself)
    3 months payslips
    RElatively painless

    Asked basic questions as expected about assets, adn employment duration and how long you've been in current house etc.

    Plan is to make the minimum spend ASAP. Sell the points once I receive the points and the cashback.
    As soon as I sell my points ill close my card.
    End to end, is probably a 6 month process :)

  • You can sell rewards points? Was only aware of the Qantas FF black market

    • Unless black market has really come up in value for points, wouldn't the better idea be to just cash out to gift cards, or even just do a straight $400 credit

  • Thanks op.
    Applied last night.
    Good to have an option where amex is not accepted to get some points.

  • dang alot of breakdown in expenses lol

  • Will apply for the sh1ts and g1ggles.
    It's not like we need the credit, only want the points.

  • +1

    For me, they want copies of 7 of my payslips and my full signed employment contract.

    Sounds legit. /s

  • so if my monthly income is lower then 6k does that mean my application will get rejected anyway?

    • Huh? Your annual income is higher than the minimum requirement (~$35K). You should be ok.

      • oh i thought that minimum credit (6k) was referring to need at least 6k income everything month… where did you see the annual income minimum of 35k? couldnt find it on the website

  • Got rejected after quite a bit of back and forth. Have to give credit to the ANZ guy who rung me, he tried his best to push me through, but their requirements are unreasonable. They probably asked too many questions in the first place and then added the numbers in such a fashion that even someone safely employed on a decent salary, with demonstrable savings, no mortgage - a very safe bet all around - does not look safe enough.

    • What was the reason for the rejection?

    • When did you applied? Was credit check done before the rejection?

    • Income over 60k, very long term stable employment, no loans, have credit cards each over 10k (always have zero balance as paid as debt racked up), no mortgage.

      Asked for $6000.

      Denied lmfao

      • +2

        Already holding $20k of credit and having only a moderate income was never going to work.

        I earn multiples of that and I keep my current credit limit total to under that (usually).

      • Holding $20k of existing credit cards and applying for another is a major red flag to a lender

  • Rejected as well.

    retarded citibank still wont update my credit file and it shows 2 credit cards with 6k each

    they asked me for citibanks closure letter which i sent and still rejected idk why.

    my first ever credit card (coles free one) gave me a $27,000 limit. idk whats up now. credit score is good too.

    i hate using my latitude card as an everyday credit card because it locks payment for 5 days once you use it (ie cant pay the credit card anymore)

    • to those that got rejected. did you have to call the bank? or did you receive an email?

      • got email.

        Hi kehuehue ,

        We’re writing to confirm that we’re unable to offer you an ANZ Rewards Platinum card at this time, based on the information you provided.

        You should receive a letter explaining this decision in more detail in the coming days. If it still hasn’t arrived after 7 business days, please email us at [email protected] and quote your application reference number in the subject line.

        Thanks for considering ANZ.

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