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Xbox Series X $749 In-Store @ JB Hi-Fi (Selected Locations)


Get in quickly - I was in store inquiring about stock and Broadmeadows, VIC have just received 24 today, with 4 already gone. Managed to pick one up!!

Update Dec 8 10:12am: Reported to be available at these NSW stores:

  • World Square, Sydney
  • Chatswood

Update Dec 9 2:02pm: Reported to be available at:

  • Maribyrnong, VIC

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JB Hi-Fi

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    Why are people negging these deals for?

    • A very small percentage believe its not a deal as its RRP vs the rest of us that agree it's not a deal but we also appreciate the OP posting it as the consoles near impossible to get except from eBay at 2 to 3 times the price so RRP is a bargain. Sure it could go in the forums however it would likely get missed by those that want it.

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        Yes a "minority" of people come to a bargain site for bargains and then don't like being alerted to rrp being passed off as a bargain. You want stock alerts go to the forums, reddit or discord, the purpose of the site is pretty clear, its even spelt out in the title and the url.

        • I think it depends on the importance of a product. I get that this is RRP but it is really hard to get without paying a premium. Considering the wait time for preorders, or even the limited ability to put your name down for a preorder. Letting people know it’s in stock at a price cheaper than you could normally find it I think should be allowed.

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            @username1: I'm not saying there's not value in some system of alerting people of stock for hard to get items. I just don't think it should be called a deal and part of things that people who are after deals, have subscribed to and come to the this site for.

            In the absence of the site admins doing something to address this (which they could and incorporate into this awesome site properly) my view is that there are better places for stock alerts, that being forums (where there are already dedicated threads), reddit or discord. The last two of which have helped more people get new gen graphics cards for example, then OzBargain has so those other sources are also better at it.

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    I don't understand buying the console the minute it comes out because from past experience it usually takes months for updates to come to fix all the bugs from day 1 as everyone knows all new console and phones etc will have bugs that need to be fixed

    • because cyberpunk 2077 in HDR ray tracing thats why lol

    • In my experience buying products on release is 99% fine. Sometimes there might be some minor annoyances or bugs but anything major gets fixed quickly anyway.

      Nothing ever bad or annoying that it would deter me from getting it over waiting.

      • Have they fixed the Bricking of them with Cold War yet?

  • god dammit

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    Thanks to OP for providing the stock alert. Whatever about the Ozbargain vs OzRRP debate, there's value in these alerts for the community and not all value is measured in $$$. It personally meant I could pick up an Xbox for my kids' present that otherwise I wouldn't have known was now (briefly) available. Happy Christmas one and all.

  • Thx Op, managed to still grab one at 5:30pm.

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    so much interest in chinese products

  • -1


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    Merged from [NSW] Microsoft Xbox Series X in Stock JB Hi-Fi World Square @ $749
    Go to Deal

    This is not a price 'deal', but to notify others that there is stock today in Sydney CBD for Series X.

    Source: just walked out with one.

    • Here we go again

    • They are in stock at chatswood JBHIFI too

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    South Morang, Vic said they had quite a few left in stock yesterday.

    • Went to south Morang and picked one up around 1pm today.

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    I just got mine from JB Prahran VIC, they have 3 more in stock as well (as of 12pm).

  • Just got one from JB on Bell St in Preston
    They took my name from over the phone and called me to tell me that had one for me, so it's worth doing a ring around

  • Preston has 6, Doncaster has 1 as of this posting

    • How do you get to know how many they have? Do the staff there give you inside Info as well?

      • +2

        No, I called every store in se melb lol.
        Daughters 16th in 2 days so ran around like a headless chook chasing 1 down.
        OzB has helped me out many times over the years so Thoughr I'd pay it back with the info on the spare consoles i had found.
        Quite a few stores were also expecting further deliveries this week but were unsure on exact days.

        • Glad you got one, cheers

    • Thanks for this, I picked up the one in Doncaster last night

      • No prob, i grabbed the second last 1.
        Glad I could help

  • JB Camberwell guy said some stores got more than what they preordered so they are selling them off.
    Some stores, including Camberwell, got less than what they preordered :/

    Anyway, called pretty much all the eastern suburb branches but no dice. told they might get something before christmas

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    Legend!! picked one up at top ryde using 7x HIM/HER giftcards (15%)… now to cancel my Telstra order

  • Thanks Op appreciated I wouldn't have known without this post… I scored a pre ordered console that wasn't picked up by the customer …

    Via a waiting list call back at Fountain Gate, the last one on site atm…

    I also Tried Dandenong.. Knox .. the Glen.. narre Warren yesterday with no luck…

    Until Fountain Gate took my name down … Keep calling around there's nothing to lose..

  • +1

    Knox were showing 46 in stock this morning
    Doncaster were showing 25
    Forest Hill were showing 20

    No holds, managed to pick one up from Doncaster early today, and canceled my Telstra pre order.

    Thanks for posting.

    • +1

      TA. Picked up one from Doncaster. looks like they are instructed not to respond for any stock questions due to scalpers.

  • -2

    Did somebody say PS5 for the same price??

  • My local store had PS5 Digital edition in stock too. Didn't sound like a huge amount but a few. Might be worth checking with your local stores.

  • +1

    I picked up a Xbox Series X from JB Hi-Fi in Westfields, Bondi Junction this morning. Just enquired as I was there to pick up Cyberpunk 2077 and they said they had some in stock, not sure on how many though.

  • Just got the last one yesterday arvo from jb 🤘🤘

  • JB Hi-Fi World Square & Leichhardt sold out. I was however lucky enough to get a cancelled order.

    • Anyone found any in Qld?

      • +1

        plenty of stock call around they should be able to get you one

        i rang this morning and lots stores that had stock including but not limited to

        mt gravvatt
        garden city
        albert st

  • IF anyone knows if there's anything around Knox/Glen Waverley area please let me know. Called up Knox however No Deal apparently

    • Doncaster l managed to grab one yesterday, chirnside park might have a few spares

  • +2

    JB Chadstone has a few in stock

    • Walked in and picked one up from JB Holmesglen just up the road from Chaddie today. Not sure how many units left.

  • Picked up an Xbox series x this afternoon at Jb hi-fi Booragoon, said they had received stock today.

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    Thank you very much OP, managed to pick one up from JB Hi-fi Chermside, Brisbane today. thank you.

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    Hi guys, I just made the original post, but please thanks the mods / people behind the scene who work hard to continue to update the title and post with information :)

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    Now CEX has a trade value of $850 cash for these… should I???

  • +1

    JB Hi-fi Kedron in Brisbane has stock today, just picked one up. Indooroopilly said they weren't aware of any stock coming in.

  • Anyone found stock in SA? Thinking of making a switch from PS4 to X.

    I spose I can wait

    • Any updates on this? I keep looking also but I keep finding inflexible people on gumtree.

  • 3 JB stores in WA had stock of Xbox series X as of this moment. Joondalup, Clarkson(Ocean Keys) and Malaga. Call your local to check. I know each store had around 10 but it isn't common knowledge…
    Sorry I know most people won't see this here and I hope somebody gets one to make their Christmas special…but I just can't be bothered with the haters crying "this isn't a deal" etc

  • Thanks for this post legends. Had given up on finding one and this one prodded me to ask my local JB Hifi Kedron and yep, you beauty they had some in stock.

  • Thanks heaps for the post, going to try to find one today.

  • +1

    Got one at Chadstone JB Hifi last night

  • +1

    Forrest Hill Chase had 1 in stock at 3:00PM
    Knox - didn't tell me count but had few in stock

  • About 8 left in stock at jbhifi camberwell.
    Picked one up on closing today.
    No holds, one per person.

    • I picked the last one yesterday

  • 5 left in Mt Druitt. Only for walk in.

  • Hey y'all, for anyone in WA and keen to do a trip, jbhifi Bunbury have spare stock. Was in the region for work and called them off chance.

    They won't hold or lay by, first come first served. They wouldn't disclose how many they had spare but seemed to infer they had a couple spare at least.

  • The COC in Fyshwick ACT had some in stock this weekend (one less now) - the sales guy confided that they had received 50 in total, for only 20 pre-orders.

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