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Samsung Galaxy Note20 256GB $999 @ JB Hi-Fi


Heavily advertised on the radio, amazed it hasn't been posted yet. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 $500 off, tomorrow only. Brings it down to $999

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  • any good Telstra deal(s)?

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    bUt iT's nOT sNapdRagOn

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      a valid point

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        Dam he was quick, what do we all comment now?

        • Phone is fine

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          I'll get a few out of the way:
          - HOT DEAL (HA HA)
          - No 5G makes this phone pointless like 4G will be turned off in 6 months or something
          - Does Samsung still load their phone with bloatware
          - cAn i UsE mY AiRpOdS WitH gALaxY

          Oh I forgot one:
          - New phone coming next year, wait for the price to drop!!

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            @pennypincher98: Will keep these in the clipboard for the next deal, thank you penny!

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            @pennypincher98: "4G will be turned off in 6 months or something" is shocking news to me.


            Telstra announced last year that the 3G network will be switched off in June 2024. So you tell us that 4G will be turned off before 3G?

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              @hluu0111: Whooooosh

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              @hluu0111: Woosh

            • @hluu0111: Didn't the fact that this user seriously said…:
              cAn i UsE mY AiRpOdS WitH gALaxY

              …and ended up getting almost 20 upvotes ring a bell that MAYBE… This was a joke facepalm

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            @pennypincher98: Uh it's 3g that's being turned off in like 2024 not 4G; 5G is only just rolling out in major cities

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          No LED notification light

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          does it run IOS ??

    • And i did see that its not 5G too.

    • Is it? If it's not than its not

    • What's the problem mate, Samsung has been using exynos for ages and no one complaining about it.only recently I see some nutso complain about this thinking they'll need their latest phone for mining or some sort.

      • The problem is that you missed the joke

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        Actually they have. Would you pay the same price for a phone if yours lasts 10-15% less and is 10-15% slower?

      • First of all, this is a joke… But I must say, Exynos was always superior to Snapdragon for many years, and beat the Snapdragon in speed tests by quite a margin

        However, recently (I haven't been keeping track so idk the exact phone) the new Samsung phones with the Exynos chip are quite inferior to the Snapdragon variant.

        And to this

        thinking they'll need their latest phone for mining or some sort

        ^^ I don't know if you've heard of it, but playing games on a phone is a thing… Everyone obviously wants to play at higher framerates, and higher quality settings. PLUS, buying a phone with 120Hz and a powerful processor basically future proofs yourself for future games which support 120hz :)

        • The thing that turns me off current Exynos phones is the battery life compared to similarly priced phones with SD. I don't care about the performance but if it's a slower phone I'm damn well expecting the battery to last longer, not the opposite.

          • @Diji: Exactly. They are kinda interrelated since the Exynos chip is nowhere near as efficient as the Snapdragon. This efficiency can be seen in both the performance itself and the battery life

            but if it's a slower phone I'm damn well expecting the battery to last longer, not the opposite

            And yea that's exactly right, you notice that with the mid-range Snapdragon chips found in cheaper Samsung phones. They, along with the larger battery capacity, perform AMAZINGLY on battery life :)

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    wish its ULTRA

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      Got note 20 ultra with price beat from office works for $1519

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    There isn't much love for Note 20 compared to the big brother ultra.

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      My thoughts exactly, worth waiting for price drops on the ultra this time next year I think.

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      I personally wouldn't buy it but I still think it's a decent price

    • Is this the last Samsung Note series?

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    Note 20 line is probably going to be the last Note that Samsung releases before the Note line disappears next year.

    Buy this now and wait a few years to sell for stonks?

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      Phones are the last thing you would want to invest in.

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        True, especially non-iphones too

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        Bu shares in ITM semiconductors in Korea. They have been making components for Samsung and Apple for years. They took a dive when CV19 hit and went to $31USD, then went to $68USD in June. Currently sitting at $48USD. SourceBloomberg

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        Only BMWs are good to invest in….

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          Depends which bank you work for.

  • This or note 10 plus?

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      Neither as the s21 ultra is coming next month. Reportly rumour say it s pen compatible

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        And the S22 ultra is coming 12 months after that… Doing it your way means you will never purchase anything as something better is ALWAYS on the horizon.

        You can never "wait" for technology, You buy what you can comfortably afford without going into financial hardship.
        Buying "previous" models usually yield a better "value" proposition.

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          dont forget the s23 ultra which will be better than the s22 ultra….

        • You can wait if your current phone is still in operable condition and you can still hold on for that sweet upgrade. I had a cracked screen note 10 plus for months and "waited" more than 60 days for the iPhone 12 pro max hence my advice. YOLO so do your own thing.

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      I bought a note 9+ a few days ago and I think it will be a very good phone for quite a few years. After all, I just retired my Galaxy S5. Just go with what you can afford.

  • Is the photos quality the same as Ultra

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    missing TRS :) oh well…

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    I’m just here for the snapdragon comments.

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    Nooooo! I just bought the S20 FE 5G with the $300 off sale a few days ago!

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    Samsung put a bounty onto Marques

    • Wut ?

      • learn from youtube,

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    It has pencil hole, worms might go inside

    • lol, okrrrrrrrrrrrrr "there's a … in the phone" lol

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    Wicked Wednesday, should be another 5% off with email code + 10% off TCN gift cards = significant savings

  • not ultra

    • Yes and it's not an iPhone either

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      What gave it away?

    • Ultra note 20 with price beat from office works for $1519

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    This phone is NOT worth even $1000. Plastic body, missing features etc. The only reason it exists is to make the Ultra look like a more attractive purchase. Refer to Poundstone's study on the prices of beer. Don't buy the cheaper beer (Note 20)

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      A very interesting study. Thank you.

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      Would buy it for $700 or so.

    • Which missing features in particular though? The ultra is $350 more (specials considered), are those extra features worth that?

      Personally, there's one feature the note 20 has which makes it worth it over the ultra, and that's a flat screen. Curved screens need to die.

    • Samsung is using deceptive conduct and should be fined by the ACCC. When Apple sold the 4th generation of pads as 4G they got finde because the pads were only 3G.

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    next Samsung phones to follow Apple suit of no charger. funny how they made jokes and now following trend.

    best to get the ultra version, here's a comparison

    that [email protected]/[email protected] refresh rate on the ultra

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      I think this is a good thing, how many chargers does a person need?

      Just my thoughts

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        say you have a charger from 3 years ago, it might not necessarily be able to fast charge your latest phone.

        apple included a 5w charger before most phones with fast charge/VOOC ship with 18W charger. so you would need to buy a charger either from 3rd party or brand itself.

        and apple's move to include lightning to usb c but no apple included adapter previously supported that, so you would have to buy a new adaptor anyway, so they earn and harm environment anyway. The old adaptors become useless for the new phone because it does not support lightning to usb-c, instead it supports usb-a.

    • next gen will be portless.

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        after that, batteryless

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    Note 20 Ultra is on sale too:

    And with 5% coupon comes down to $1281.55

    • Probably deserves its own post. Ripper deal

    • 5G version would be much better as it has extra 4GB RAM but unfortunately it is not on sale. Still EPP or education has best pricing.

      • Epp and education prices are 200 bucks more expensive at the moment. So this is a good deal

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    Waiting for the NOTE 30 bahahhah

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    No deal guys, I walked into JB yesterday and picked up my new Note 20 5G for $946. They price matched from Amazon for me…. no point in paying more for the 4G.

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      I can only see it with Amazon AU for $1081. Do you have the Amazon link you used to price match?

    • too sad ozb doesnt like people post price matching as deal i dont get it. let people post as long it is genuine …

      • Too many trollers these days who post fake price match.

      • Could have posted the amazon deal though since its just a price match

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    Dosada……Think you'll find the price you quoted is incorrect. Yes, the phone has been reduced by $500 from the original price of $1,649. Total cost will be $1,149….not $999.

  • Went to JB and they didn't have this deal as far as I could see.

    They had similar but it was $500 off the 5g model making it $1150 or something. Got them to price match the Amazon note20 5g for $999 as I needed it asap.